Breaking: Missouri Legalizes Constitutional Carry

Just this past Wednesday, Missouri legalized concealed carry without requiring a license. This grants concealed carry citizens the freedom to go where open carry is allowed. They join 10 other states that recognize constitutional carry. They also changed a few other laws.

Missouri has added Stand Your Ground laws as well as broadened Castle Doctrine. Castle Doctrine will no encompass baby sitters and allow them to protect lives in someone else’s home.

You can read more about this on Fox News.

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  • Major Tom

    And now to get this for the rest of the states and territories. Constitutional carry is a right, not a privilege. To think that a right requires a “Mother may I?” and thus licensing and permits is just asking for problems.

    • Andrew Miller

      More than half of The Supreme Court somehow reads “shall not be Infringed” a little different.

      • Henry Reed

        And everyone else seems to forget about the “well-regulated” part

        • Bill

          It isn’t a firearms law interweb post until someone whips out the “shall not be infringed” trope.

          • Andrew Miller

            That’s what it says, and that’s what it meant.

            I’ll file your comment under “trope”.

        • Andrew Miller

          Because in 1789 “Well Regulated” meant “In Good Working Order” and not “Only With The Appropriate Permissions Granted”.

          • Anon

            Honest question here: What does in ‘Good Working Order’ mean then?

          • KestrelBike

            Well-Regulated (Good Working Order) meant that when it’s time to show up because business needs to be done, that you show up with your s*** in gear and that you’re ready to go. I.e. you don’t forget your powder, wads, bullets, etc. Your sling is not rotted and ready to fail. You’ve been practising marksmanship and reloading your musket/rifle.

            Well-Regulated means that the farmers, clerks, laborers, etc, who made up the ENTIRE population of men *able* to fight (and this was referred to as the militia) and their personally-owned equipment were in good working order to be able to fight to the best of their non-professional-soldier abilities.

          • Wolff

            Hear, hear! He speaks the truth!

          • AirborneSoldier

            Regulated meant well trained
            Same way commerce clause has been prostituted. The purpose of that was to Promote interstate commerce, not to regulate it to death.

        • Jason Wallentine

          Why would “well-regulated” ever have meant “government- limited”? The 2A was placed as a safeguard against domestic abuse of power, not foreign invasion, a military responsibility. The fact that a land invasion of America would redefine “resistance” in the war lexicon is just a pleasant side-effect. In it’s essence, the 2A was to help us protect ourselves when our protectors (legislature, prez., etc) decide their own needs are more important…starting to wonder if we missed the turnoff…

          • AirborneSoldier

            It was always understood asa promotion of 2a until relatively recent times.

          • Matheus Grunt

            The enemies of our country, of the Constitution, has been, and still is, the American government. It is a not a legitimate government of course, it hasn’t been in decades. Everyone from the local cops to the bureaucrats up to the president, they’re all part of that system. And we’re supposed to resist it all & fight against it when it’s the enemy. Unfortunately, using the 2nd Amendment is impossible without spilling blood on both ends, which I suspect many patriots know but refuse to admit. At least some of us will & we’re okay with it because without men like that willing to fight & die for what’s right, then we wouldn’t have ever had the Constitution created or anything else relating to liberty for so long.

        • AirborneSoldier

          Regulation back then meant training, well trained, not regulated as the marxists have taught you

        • Matheus Grunt

          Well regulated as you leftists want it to mean is NOT what it really means! Fool.

      • john huscio

        Half the supreme court is tainted by progressive ideology that colors their opinions on things like the 2A. They aren’t the unbiased arbiters they are supposed to be.

      • BLK RFL DIV

        The irony that SCOTUS issued themselves the power to rule (Marbury v Madison, 1803) on such issues, when that was never their intended role and should never have been “granted” by the people. Lest we forget:

        “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men and not more so. They have with others the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps. Their maxim is boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem [good justice is broad jurisdiction], and their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots. It has more wisely made all the departments co-equal and co-sovereign within themselves.” – Thomas Jefferson

        Preserving such limited powers is but a dream at this point. The SCOTUS has no right to rule on such issues.

        • Andrew Miller

          This is true, but the ship sailed on that one with Miller in 1939 and a few other cases long ago.

      • Matheus Grunt

        They’re wrong & what they think is irrelevant. The LAW says we can be armed, period, without infringements, you dolt.

        • Andrew Miller


          If you read my previous comments, you’d understand.

          The Second Amendment should mean what it says, but “infringements” have been upheld as Constitutional.

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      100 fee and auto rubber stamp class to carry a weapon in public: tyranny in action

      cops blowing away black kids for scratching their ass in public: shoulda followed the law, obeyed your superiors, etc

      you all are so full of it

  • Guns from scrap


    • SerArthurDayne

      I cannot help but beebop due to this picture. One must beebop when beebopping is being bopped.

    • USMC03Vet

      lol @ posting a dancing felon, which was also convicted of illegal possession of a firearm, in a firearm article about gun rights.

      • Disarmed in CA

        He isn’t in jail, should have every right to keep and bear arms.

      • Guns from scrap

        Sorry, post because happy dance, it’s a well known meme

        • USMC03Vet

          I know, but knowing who these people are matters, because you promote them when post that stuff. He’s a terrible human being and is the opposite image of what most legal gun owners want.

  • RaunchyDawg

    What are the other 10 states?

    • john huscio

      West Virginia

      • George W the other 1

        What the hell is Texas waiting for…??

        • Sgt. Stedenko

          Texas is a bad joke.
          Freedumbies and wetbacks galore.

        • Levi Silveira

          Big government Republicans

        • Andrew Miller

          Well, Texas just “granted” the “privilege” of “openly carrying a pistol” but only to people “with a concealed pistol permit”.

  • Martin M

    It’s a good thing when Gov. Jay Nixon’s vetoes get overturned. That one was #80.

  • DanGoodShot

    All states are supposed to allow “Constitutional Carry”. It’s in the Constitution. Anything else is unconstitutional.

    • Andrew Miller

      Tell it to the two guys up above.

      Evidently reading isn’t their strong suit.

      • DanGoodShot

        Wow. Clearly. Sad. My 8 yr old daughter came in from school and told me I should vote for Hillary. My snapped around like on a swivel as I asked why she said that. Her answer, “My teacher said so.” Let that sink in for a min… 8 year old. Saying, “Vote for Hillary”. MY 8 year old! Her Teacher told her to. Guess who I’m making a call to tomorrow.

        • Smedley54

          Interesting problem, since I’m prohibited from expressing a political opinion on campus unless it is somehow relevant to instruction, and these are college students. In practice, I mute my politics in public – even though off campus and on personal time it would be my right – precisely to avoid trouble like this. Be kind – teachers have a tough job – but remind her that, on the clock, teachers have no political opinions.

          • James Young

            Hah, I dont think I ever had a teacher that didnt go off on their political opinions or spend a class bashing religion. I wish teachers were prohibited and just focused on teaching their subject…what a concept

          • Smedley54

            It’s impossible to hide your feelings and beliefs from students, but a trusted teacher can assert undue influence. Besides, political (or religious) debates in the classroom are a distraction that can lead to serious friction. Honestly, I want to avoid trouble if possible.

          • DanGoodShot

            This is now the second time that she came home and told me something of this nature. 2 years ago it was that Obama was a great President. I wish I was joking. The funny thing is, though I live in a Liberal lala land of marry ol CT. My town is not. At all. The Democrat running for Mayor got 6 votes. 6. Love this town and their schools are a huge reason I’m scraping every penny to live in it. At this point all I plan on doing is politely speaking with the principal and politely asking if this teacher could keep their politics out of the classroom. I’m certain if a teacher told their kids “Vote for Trump” they’d catch hell for it.

          • AirborneSoldier

            Wrong. They pressure and threaten you, but you still have a 1sta right. Push back, get your union involved, be creative, ive encountered this before, having a sizable amount of students on your side at public meetings helps.

          • Smedley54

            There is no union, tenure was abolished a decade ago, and this is an “at will” state, so there’s no employment protection for me beyond administration’s fear of losing another lawsuit. I’m very open about my beliefs, but I also believe that proselytizing, religiously or politically, is entirely inappropriate on campus. Students are there to learn, and going that far off topic is a distraction.

        • Realist

          Thnk about this…

          Today’s Liberal Elites were the ’60s Hippie/Student protesters…who were the “Anti-Gov’t” Establishment protesting anything Gov’t.

          Fast Forward to Today…those same people are now the very ones embedded in Academia (Elem. Secondary, College) and Gov’t.(Local/State/Fed) who are now trying to force Gov’t. on everyone by regulating every facet of American lives…even if it infringes on our God Given Rights.

          What a juxtaposition….wouldn’t you agree?

          • DanGoodShot


          • Matheus Grunt

            And those who vote Republican are just as bad because they support the same form of govt that the leftists support, just in different ways. Rep’s support constant warfare while the leftists support huge govt & lawlessness at home. Constant warfare has made us poor, deep into debt (not forgetting the welfare either which leftists support) & has made the cops an unlawful standing army acting like a para-military which our Founders & those patriots back then had fought against. Also, Republican voters support cops shooting everyone & using violence against people, as long as it’s not them of course, but the leftists don’t. It’s not really funny either, but those are some fast, cynical but true examples of what is the case.

        • George W. The other 1 from TX

          No you need to see the principal and bring it up to the superintendent and school board.

        • Kill Quint: Volume 1

          That teacher needs some free dental work.

        • I’d be calling as well!

  • Martin Grønsdal

    can someone do me a favor and draw up a map of Spriengfield, Missouri, where a cc-permit holder would be allowed to walk with his/her CC gun?

    • RSG

      If I’m not mistaken, state law preempts regional/local legislation. Of course federal facilities, as well as hospitals and other “special” locations are still prohibited.

      • Martin Grønsdal

        So I am walking down the street, becoming a criminal because I don’t know there is a school on the next block?

        • Navy Davy

          In the house I own it is literally impossible to go to/from the range with a gun legally, neither by car, public/private, taxi/ helicopter nor tunnel borer.
          Laws are made to be broken. Yet if the awesome power of the State comes down on you, good luck brother, welcome to your new cellmate Bubba. Glad I have 3 personal lawyers.

        • Pretty much

    • I wouldn’t advise walking around Battlefield Mall with one showing.

  • Andrew Miller

    Based on how long it took Ohio to even get Permission Slips, I assume it’ll be my Grand Kids either marveling about how people used to have to ask to carry a Blaster…or that people were ever allowed to own them at all.

  • RSG

    Missouri is now state 11 and doing what the constitution compels. All gun control laws EVER, are an infringement on the RTKBA. In the meantime, as we try to claw back our inalienable rights, we all have to support National Reciprocity.

    • gunsandrockets

      Only 9 States still have May-Issue CCW policies.

      • Andrew Miller

        In most of those places, “May Issue” means “May Not”.
        Look at NY, CA, MD, MA, for example.
        And supposedly, HI, being “May Issue”, has issued “One”.

        To the PD’s Armorer.

  • Bill

    Wait, I thought we were at the brink of the Gunpocalypse Skyfallation.

    • gunsandrockets

      You are if you live in the wrong State.

      Missouri on the other hand is a Free State.

    • Kill Quint: Volume 1

      Wait until November 8th, and we’ll get back to you on that….

      • Bill

        They said exactly the same thing about November 8 eight years ago, and lo and behold ANOTHER state just reduced restrictions. But there’s always a looming threat, isn’t there? Even when the evidence indicates just the opposite.

  • tinacn

    This page is a great summary of 2A debate since the 1960s. The phrase “well regulated” meant “well trained” as in “regulated troops” or “regulars”, it most emphatically did NOT mean “legally restricted by law” at the time of writing. To claim otherwise is historically dishonest. The phrase “shall not be infriged” meant and still means “shall not be interfered with”, a much stronger prohibition of “common sense gun laws” or other such dangerous silliness the disarmament promotors would propose. Sadly, there are way too many people in the USA that think their personal opinions, wishes, biases, and bigotry carry the same “weight” as the Constitution, largely because they have never been taught the Classical concept of “critical thinking”. My observation is that most of such-minded people think we live in a Democracy, which we DO NOT. The USA is a democratic Republic, which is a nation RULED BY LAWS (i.e. a Republic) in which those who formulate, propose, and implement those laws (as well as the laws themselves) are chosen by THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS (i.e. a majority vote by the electorate, which the Constitution defines as “the People”), not a difficult concept, unless you’ve been brainwashed to think otherwise.

  • CW McKitt

    I’m sorry, what was the article about? I have gotten lost in reading the comments.

  • Will

    These veto over rides do not become law, in Missouri, until Jan. 01, 2017.
    Please note the complete lack of personal opinion here.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    While Constitutional Carry is kinda convenient, what I really want is the deregulation of suppressors and short barreled rifles. Why hasn’t there been any progress on this front? People shouldn’t have to worry about permanent hearing damage if they ever need to defend themselves.

    • Would you be willing to work on one topic at a time for the Suppressor / Short barrels?

      I genuinely belive this would be the best way despite it potentially being seen as a compromise.

    • Budogunner

      Contact and support the American Silencer Association. They have been lobbying to deregulate suppressors.

  • Treyh007

    So basically you don’t have to have a CCL in Missouri anymore? Anybody (that’s legal) can carry a pistol?

    • Yep——-

    • tmf_x

      To carry within the state, correct. Still need the permit to carry in a state with reciprocity though.

    • Aaron E

      Effective January 1, 2017 that is correct. Missouri will still issue permits for the purpose of those who desire reciprocity in other States.

  • MrEllis

    Finally, TTABG 2.0 has been born! This comment thread finally got you to your goal, good job.


    I thought they joined 11 states, making them the twelfth state?

  • Andrew Fowler

    I live in Canaduh and only wish we had half the rights that law abiding folks in the US have. When it comes to firearms of any kind we have no rights. Pity our forefathers didn’t write a constitution and give us the right to protect ourselves like the forefathers south of us had the brains to do.

  • brainy37

    Who the hell came up with the term “Constitutional Carry” for open carry? All forms of firearm carry would be a constitutional carry.

    It would be more apt to call it Cheaperthandirt Crappy holster carry.

  • tmf_x

    As a CCL holder in Missouri,, I was on the fence regarding this change. My one and only real argument against this was at least the CCL requirements had some training involved. Granted the majority of the training, in my case, was “what to do to not get in trouble if you kill someone in self defense. However there was a practical safety and usage handgun training aspect. And in the course I took, many people had just purchased their first firearm and were clueless about it.

    If we had some sort of required firearms safety course in MO, in the Jr High or High School level, combined with the Eddie the Eagle NRA training already in some elementary schools, my one reservation would be moot.

    Missouri was already an open carry state, and you could conceal carry in your vehicle already, as it is an extension of your private property. So MO residents always had the opportunity to carry without a permit.


    You won’t like this, but because of the FIRST amendment I can say… To me it is about safety. Just because you and I know how to carry, how to shoot, how to maintain our firearms and are world class marksman, it doesn’t mean my next door neighbor knows what the hell to do with the thing. I don’t want to get shot by my neighbor because he was pointing the muzzle in the wrong direction or just had his finger on the trigger when he shouldn’t have. You have to have a license to drive; I think you should have a permit to carry, a permit obtained only after you have demonstrated a proficiency in use of that firearm. I also think you should be allowed to carry (with a permit) that firearm anywhere, anyhow and anytime you wish. The other side of that coin is that licenses to drive have not eliminated accidental vehicle deaths any more than carry permits would prevent accidental shooting deaths… but I am now safer driving on the road.

  • Matheus Grunt

    I live in MO & have been carrying my weapons concealed for years without incident. I don’t open carry simply because it’s tactically void of reasoning & makes me a target to the cops who would shoot you for doing so, at the very least, make you a target for harassment. I don’t care what some criminals wearing suits say or some jack-off’s in robes say we can or can’t do when in regards to my 2A rights. The 2A is the law on this issue & I/we never needed their permission to be armed without no licenses or permits! The 2A isn’t just about being armed either, it’s so we’re armed to use our weapons AGAINST THESE very people who would rule over us with indifference to our rights!