Chad Enos of Kel-Tec is posing with his Gen 2 Sub2000. It has a red dot and Kel-Tec flashlight attached to the side. I like the framing of the side view mirror so you can see what he is aiming at. It is clever mise-en-scène.


  • John Yossarian

    You had me at “clever mise-en-scène”

    • Bill

      First, and last, time that phrase has ever appeared in a firearms context.

      • Nicholas C

        You need to spend more time with film makers.

    • Nicholas C

      I’m glad someone else appreciates my useless knowledge of Film Studies vocabulary.

    • LetsTryLibertyAgain

      The tag line for The Firearm Blog should be “Firearms Not French”.

      I love the Gen 2 SUB-2000. It’s awesome. Also, Chad is The Man.

  • RocketScientist

    Keltec blah blah “plastic crap” blah blah “vaporware” blah blah “R&D for ruger” blah blah blah “I’ve never actually shot one” blah blah blah.

    There… that should cover it.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      You forgot “ugly”.

      • iksnilol

        I thought we weren’t supposed to mention your mother?

        I know, being a comedian isn’t easy.

      • Anonymoose

        But everyone likes waffles!

        • Swarf

          I know what you did there and it makes me feel blue.

      • John Yossarian

        Also – “screws and glue”

    • Kevin Riley

      Just jealous.

      • RocketScientist

        Of? Not sure I get your comment…

        • John Yossarian

          Jealousy arising from the relative inability to obtain Kel-Tec’s ingenious RFB, RDB and Sub-2000 on the primary market?

          • RocketScientist

            Again, not clear what you’re saying (honestly, not trying to be obtuse). I feel like maybe we’re talking around each other. Just to clarify, my original post was sarcasm, parodying the typical Kel-Tec hate any post about them inspires, especially the fact that most of the accusations are untrue, and most of the people making them haven’t ever fired or owned a Kel-Tec. As for being jealous (of whom or what I’m not sure) because of not having Kel-Tecs, that’s not the case. I have several (including “impossible to find” models like the SU16C, a Sub2k, and an RFB). I see Sub2ks in pretty much every local gun shop, gun show, and I can find dozens for sale on the internet right now. I know of at least 2 shops around with RFBs as well. So no, I’m not jealous of someone or something because Kel-Tecs are hard to find, or because I don’t have one, because neither of those things are true.

          • Thomas

            No dealer has a9 mm carbine that uses Glock mags

    • jonp

      Lol. I bought kel tec 380’s for both me and the wife. Neither worked despite going back to them. Sold one to a friend who wanted to mess with it making sure he knew it wouldn’t fire and the other one sits in the safe as I wont sell a non-working gun Both are junk. Not interested in anything from them again

    • Wolff


  • HealthyCuriosity

    Looks like he’s lining up to sink the 8-ball in the corner pocket.

  • roguetechie

    I’m also a little unsure of all these “new” shooting stances and grip positions we see. Then again it could probably be argued that I am well into OCD territory with my carefully wrapping reflective heat tape around the wiring of my tape switches then routing them through the bottom of my rifle handguards UNDER the sometimes DIY heat shield installations and just putting the switch where it belongs.

    While there is likely to be a fair bit of insanity involved in the endeavor, snag free rifles make my heart happy.

    • Risky

      You should see the back of my entertainment center… you might have a stroke.

      • roguetechie

        Nah my media stuff is a mess too, but I can’t remember the last time I trained to wield my blu-ray player in mortal combat.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Sounds like a mindset problem 🙂

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Not much “new” here, he’s just making use of available support to steady his aim. Granted the distance looks pretty close to necessitate external support, but the concept is sound.

      • roguetechie

        Yeah I get that whole when needs must the devil drives thing. It just kinda looks silly.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          It may look silly…

          • roguetechie

            I’m all for stupid looking stuff as long as it works.

            That said I can also think of about 10 ways to kill an intruder with a blu-ray player in a pinch, but 9 and a half of them would damage the player or the movie in the player.

            Seems much more logical to me to salt the gaps between sofa cushions with hi points and lorcin’s like the drug dealers on cops seem to do frequently…

            Disclaimer: people please don’t stash 12 $70 pistols throughout your living room furniture! It’s dangerous and has the potential to ruin surprise couch sex too!

            Disclaimer 2: Really guys don’t do this… Also please don’t respond freaking out because you think I actually do this. I don’t.

          • Ricky Lorcin

            I can give you a few reasons why you shouldn’t trust hipoints or lorcins… unless you are a drug dealer, than by all means make those your weapons of choice!

          • roguetechie


            When I decided I didn’t like the retail price of good commercial firearms I bought tools and started building my own, I’m much happier with these than I’d ever be with a lorcin or hi point.

      • iksnilol

        Yeah, but why finger over the handguard?

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Different strokes, man. I’m not going to question an entire body position because a single digit is one inch from where I’d place it.

          • iksnilol

            Well, my problem is that the entire support hand is way too far forward.


          • Nicholas C

            Think of physics. If you hold a broom stick parallel to the ground and close to your chest, which is easier to control the ends of the broom stick? Holding it at the center or out at the ends? For rapid shots and movement it is easier to control the movement of the muzzle by reaching further out. Now for precision shots that is not necessary since you arent swinging and shooting.

          • iksnilol

            I know, but becomes silly when the front of the rifle is supported already.

          • Nicholas C

            Support and control are two different things.

          • Swarf

            You sound like my ex wife.

    • Bill

      I don’t believe that the Keltec light has a tape switch, or the ability to install one, but requires pressure from the rear to activate it, hence a forward push. I have no idea of why he has a finger over the foreend. All I know is it isn’t how I do it.

    • B Hawk

      My Lt. once told me…Hold it however you can hit it!

      • roguetechie

        Probably a good overall strategy, however I’ve found that focusing on a few correct shooting positions per range trip has made my improvised and hasty shooting skills improve greatly.

        I think this is more to do with just establishing consistency in fundamentals like sight alignment and etc.

        Sorta like the difference between playing jazz and just making noise with an instrument is in having an understanding of the fundamentals and using it to know when you can break the rules and still make beautiful music.

        Personally most jazz just sounds like noise to me, but even my little brother the marine grudgingly admits that some of my ugly shots seem to have freakishly good results.

        As always your milage may vary.

  • Joel

    Trash Kel Tec and the Sub 2K Gen2 all you want. I’ve had mine in 9mm Glock for less than a year. I have fired about 1200 rounds of various brands of 115gr & 124gr fmj & jhp ammo through it with not one single ftf, fte, ft anything. Every time I pull the trigger it goes bang and a bullet flies straight to where I aimed it. It is accurate as all hell and I regularly blow out the entire center section of the target at every range session. It’s so easy to take down and clean even you could do it. When I unfold it for use it locks open with a very satisfying and solid click and there is no play anywhere. For my money, as a completely reliable home defense weapon I feel very confident in my choice. My other choice for a defensive weapon, my S&W Shield 9 is currently enroute back to me from the factory after being serviced for multiple FTEs. Too bad I can’t concealed carry my Sub 2K.

    • MyFifteenthAccount

      “Too bad I can’t concealed carry my Sub 2K.”

      Not with that attitude, you can’t.

    • YZAS

      yeah, same here. Love my Gen 2. I’m at about half of your round count and no issues at all here either. Accurate as hell. Fun as hell at the range. And didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    • Blackhawk

      I carried one around in a paintball marker bag for several years. I think people today would think it’s a laptop computer. I sold mine because I didn’t like the trigger and the gen 1 front sight was unsatisfactory (and it broke on me). Not sure I wouldn’t get a Gen 2 if it would take G23 mags.

  • Jeff Smith

    I have a Gen 2 and the only complaint I have is that it isn’t the most comfortable gun to shoot (probably because of the weight). It’s not horrible, but definitely not as comfortable to shoot as a 5.56 AR. After 50ish rounds of 115 grain ammo, my shoulder slightly sore. Not horribly so, but it was similar to shooting my AK underfolder with its metal stock.

    Has anyone tried a buffer or cocking tube cover? I’ve heard it makes it considerably more comfortable to shoot.

    • Nicholas C

      Nah dont bother. Go get the Sumo Handle. there is a drop down menu. Choose the Sumo handle. It is a big heavy charging handle. It cuts down the recoil.

    • tjtex47

      Done both and yes it makes it more comfortable. I didn’t think it was so bad as it came out of the box. Mine is a Gen 1 and I’m a happy camper.
      It is what it is. It’s not an AR but the AR isn’t my ’03 either – just say’n

  • noob

    treat every firearm as loaded, unless you’re making movies and commercials.

  • gordon

    It bothers me that, at best, you are not gaining any velocity the last 4″ or so of the barrel. I understand that it is not much a of a problem, but it is the principle of the matter that gets me.

  • gordon

    It bothers me that, at best, you are not gaining any velocity the last
    4″ or so of the barrel. I understand that it is not much a of a problem,
    but it is the principle of the matter.

  • SteveK

    I won’t believe they exist until I see one.

  • JJ

    Had mine for several months. Goes bang every time. Shakes fillings loose on each shot. Its consistent. Puts all rounds 8″ high and 6″ right. After sight adjustment to full, it’s still 2″ high and 3″ to the right. Better to remove them and use a red dot. After a decade trying to find one, I’m less than impressed. Sits in the rack now until I figure if I want to try and get it to hit where the sights point. Does fit in laptop bag very nicely. Best part of design. Fake collar is a joke. Forearm is the biggest improvement. I really wanted to like this and paid a premium. Could have bought 2 at wholesale for same price if they’re ever in stock. Ymmv.

  • Brad Ferguson

    I’m sure the Kel-Tech factory, will ramp up production. To match the production numbers of the PMR-30. lol…lol…lol…

  • Wolff

    You guys are brutal!

  • jay

    So, unless the fore end twists, you cannot fold the carbine. Useless, in my opinion.