Carolina Arms Group Adds The Veteran Carry To Their Lineup

Last month our own Phil White reviewed the Carolina Arms Group’s Trenton pistol and found it to be beautifully crafted, justifying the rather high buy in. Phil got the chance to run the 1911 through its paces and was able to spend an afternoon staring at the Trenton perched in a tree. Now Carolina Arms Group has come out with a commander sized gun that they have dubbed the Veteran Carry that will feature the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that the Trenton brings to the table.

Phil did a pretty wonderful job of highlighting the finer points of the masterful work put into each one of their 1911 pistols; it is probably one of the finer articles that Phil has written. The new Veteran Carry will no doubt be just as good. Sadly the press release didn’t contain much hard information on the gun other than it will feature a 4.25″ barrel, a forged full-size frame with a bob tail butt, a National Match crowned barrel, Chain Link texturing on the front strap and some nice VZ grips to finish it off.

No word on price as of the time this post was being written, I imagine it will be in the area of what the Trenton base model, $3800. Yikes. It is pretty, though. Click HERE to check out the Carolina Arms Group website for more information on their product lineup.

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  • iksnilol

    Hey, just long enough barrel to be Canada legal. Not bad.

    I’m not even in Canada, why should I care?

    • Anonymoose

      The law in Canadia was made so as not to prevent people from buying Colt Commanders, but to hell with 4″ revolvers, G19s, P229s, and everyone else.

    • I don’t know—:-)

  • I was in the CAG shop when they were building the first one. This one is extremely nice! Out of the CAG line, this is the one I’d take hands down.

  • i wish manufacturers would figure out that they don’t need to use Ed Brown’s Bobtail MSH contour. Brown’s profile was meant to remove the existing MSH pin hole on pre-existing pistols. The downside is that many Bobtail installations look like the gunsmith simply cropped the corner of the frame on a bandsaw, without any attempt to radius the cut.

    If you were manufacturing your own frames, you could just start with the MSH pin hole in the OACP position. Kimber, SIG-Sauer, S&W, Dasan, and others have figured this out.