Cabot Guns Starts Making Wrong Handed 1911s!

I jest of course, but Cabot Guns really is building left-handed 1911s for you southpaws! The world rejoices now that the other 10% of the population can enjoy the historic and elegant design just as John Moses Browning intended. The new pistol is dubbed the South Paw S-100 Edition and will feature a fully inverted design that Ned Flanders would kill to own.

Rob Bianchin, the CEO of Cabot Guns, has decided that the left-handed market has been ignored by 1911 manufacturers for far too long stating “Lefties deserve specially-made pistols. For most of their entire lives, they’ve settled for the ‘right’ way of doing things. No More.” Under Rob’s direction, Cabot guns went well beyond the current industry mindset of adding ambi controls to an existing pistol to create something special.

When Cabot Guns says that the S-100 is a fully inverted design, they mean it. Not only is the ejection port flipped, but the mag release, slide release, and even the thumb safety is built for lefties. The pistol is finished made from 416 stainless and offers an optional black nitride finish to add to the durability of the pistol. Cabot Guns includes a 5 inch, match grade barrel that is hand fit as well as exotic wood grips that are nothing short of stunning.

The price for such craftsmanship? $4045. It appears that being a lefty is expensive. You can learn more about the left handed 1911 on Cabot Guns website HERE.

CabotGuns__S100_LH_0126-South-Paw-1024x768 CabotGuns__S100_LH_0143-South-Paw CabotGuns__S100_LH_0156-South-Paw-1024x744 CabotGuns__S100_LH_0366-South-Paw-1024x1024 CabotGuns_LeftHand_1911_Pair_0068-1-1024x819

Patrick R

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  • BattleshipGrey

    Those slide serrations are not doing it for me, but I’m not a lefty and I don’t have $4000 laying around so I guess I won’t worry about it.

  • Nebelwerfer

    I’m totally opposed to giving freaks (aka. the wrong handed) access to firearms. Next they’ll be demanding the right to vote.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Wouldn’t they demand the left to vote?

      • Anonymoose

        Hopefully they don’t this November, or at least quibble among themselves and vote 3rd party.

  • dP

    Is the rifling cut in the opposite direction in order to work better with left-handed ammo?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      If I remember the website correctly, yes. A literal mirror image, including the rifling.

  • gusto

    meh, never been much of an issue for me even thou I am a lefty
    prefer revolvers anyway
    us lefties are smarter anyway so we can learn and adopt easily
    but fvck scissors

    • iksnilol

      That’ll be the bane of your kind, comrade.

      To protect my guns and cars from the devil handed folks, I’ve installed scissor handles on everything.

  • Justin

    As a Lefty I’m wondering what exactly this does that my Springfield 1911 doesn’t do? I have to admit it’s a fine looking piece of hardware and I’m sure it runs like a champ. I’m just not a collector or someone who has $4,000 to drop on a pistol. Also what is up with almost $80 dollar magazines?

    About the only type of firearm I look for in specifically left handed is bolt actions, everything else so long as I can reach the controls I’m good.

    • Richard

      It’s a niche gun with a limited market. The majority of the disease ridden people would just deal with getting a normal gun but some just want someone to cater to them and can drop $4,000 on a pistol. I would imagine that the expensive magazines are because of whatever Cabot puts in them including having to make them special for the left handed gun.

  • I seem to remember that Cabot introduced a left-hand mirror model several years ago, the South Paw. The difference here is that they have moved it to their S-Class line. Truthfully, I find the aesthetics of the Cabot to be an absolute eyesore. It is a parody of what a custom M1911 should look like. They have so much potential, and they have thoroughly wasted it.

    Big Horn Armory has a patent application in the works for a hybrid left-hand M1911. The magazine release and slide stop are retained in the traditional location so that standard M1911 magazines can be used. However, the extractor, ejector and ejection port positions have been flipped.

  • Blackhawk

    We southpaws have spent years (in some cases, MANY years) learning how to manipulate handguns designed for the majority of the population with our left hands instead of our right hands. Why would we want to have to start all over again with a totally left-hand-centric firearm?

    • gusto

      I could see it for ultracompetative shooters, race guns type stuff to have everything in the optimal place

    • Scott Tuttle

      just what I was going to say. even on guns with ambi features I still work them right handed style.

  • michael franklin

    I guarantee you that lefties do not have a problem with the “right handed 1911”

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    The only way to properly dual wield is with an overly decorated $8000 matching but mirrored pair of 1911s

    • AD

      Heh, that’s just what I was thinking: finally, we can dual-wield properly!

  • Edeco

    I’m disappointed, the ones with totally interchangeable parts cost more. Not that any are within my price range/priorities but the precision is what I admire about Cabot. It’s gratifying to me because I’m unsentimental, nigh iconoclastic, about old-world-craftsmanship. Guess they gotta pay the bills, snipe the $3-4K market.

    I wish they’d just sell that trigger so I could put it on an RIA.

  • RocketScientist

    So how much extra do you have to pay to get it to actually work out of the box? And is there some middle ground price where maybe I only have to send it back to the shop once to get it to work (instead of 2 or 3 times)?

  • SPQR9

    Well, that’s nice but Cabot is not the first company to make left handed 1911’s. Randall made some in the early ’80’s for instance and others have since. Randall was also the first to make 1911’s in stainless steel if memory serves.

  • Anonymoose

    I’ve never had real problems shooting a 1911 lefthanded, provided there is an ambi safety.

  • jerry young

    Being right handed and shooting most of my life I never really gave any thought to the left handed shooter even though my brother was left handed, after taking my CCW some years ago I realized just how hard it is for the south paw when my instructor said now take your gun in your off hand and shoot that way, the shooting part was easy but the controls were hard to operate having to adjust my grip or switch hands just to release the safety or drop a mag, I now have a couple of guns that are ambidextrous just in case, you never know when you may have to use your off hand!

  • Paul White

    Looks sinister. My dad would love one

    • AD

      I see what you did there.

  • Darren Hruska

    Considering how many people admit to being left-handed (myself included), especially among the gun community, I always have the feeling that the extremely common “10%” statistic is quite an underestimate.

  • claymore

    We may be wrong handed but we lefties are the only ones in the RIGHT mind

  • Cm

    both the article and a good portion of the comments are patronizing to left handed shooters (myself included). do you guys also feel women should stay in the kitchen and the disabled aren’t equal? get a new calendar, this is the US and it is the 21st Century.

  • George Smythson

    Sounds as if something sinister is at hand (ok, didn’t read the rest of the posts, I’m sure this is not the first, but I couldn’t resist…)