SureFire Releases FirePak – Mobile Phone Illuminator

SureFire, LLC known for their world-class lights, suppressors, and various accessories, has announced the release of their latest lighting product, the FirePak. The FirePak is designed to pair with one’s cell phone and provide illumination to “…shoot vibrant, high-definition video with your smart phone in low-light situations, something never before possible.”

For those who are major fans of their tactical lights, the FirePak is a bit of a departure. Instead of a tube, the FirePak is shaped similar to a mobile phone. In fact, the FirePak can directly attach to the cell phone via SureFire’s various cell phone cases for the iPhone 6/6s and Galaxy S5. (SureFire will need to update their cases, we’re already on the iPhone 7 and Galaxy 7 series).

firepak-horizontal firepak-profile

The FirePak uses two LED lights to create an effective 16:9 illumination area (convenient for those cell phones which typically record in 16:9. The LEDs can output up to 1500 lumens and are fully adjustable across four output levels which are manually selected on the side of the FirePak or via Bluetooth through a downloadable app.


The FirePak is set a $299 retail, which means it will likely appeal only to mobile phone video enthusiasts. Compatible phone cases are $29.99. 


Output / Runtime — White Light
High 1,500 Lumens / 0.25 Hours*
Low 100 Lumens / 5 Hours*
Length 4 .6 inches
Weight 4 .5 oz

Nathan S

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  • Ambassador Vader

    Idk maybe there’s a larger market for this than my feeble mind can comprehend, but I look at this product and my first thought is “my god is that useless”. My phone does that now with out being twice the size.

    • Brian

      There is definitely a market for it. Cellphone video industry is growing and a need for better lighting is becoming a must. My issue is the price and the limited use/function. I also don’t think surefire needs to be jumping into the professional video market.

      • TVOrZ6dw

        You nailed it- Lots of video made straight from cell phones, this is perfect for them. For the rest of us, not needed so much.

      • Bill

        I’m guessing that we’ll see more and more journalists shooting phone video as the quality and capability of the phones improves – for them this could have a place.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Your phone is able to output 1500 lumens of white light?


      • flyingburgers

        Why does your phone need 1500 lm of light? Why should sticking a light as big as the phone be the solution over, for example, new image sensor technologies, faster lenses, improved noise reduction algorithms, multiple cameras and apertures? With a big LED, you now have concerns about color temperature, CRI, being too bright, shadows, and more.

        • In my experience, when it comes to video more light almost always equals better results.

          Is the Surefire Firepak the best solution for this, I don’t know I’ve never handled one and the test footage looks ok.

  • Black Dots

    I can finally start my “Fireside Thoughts With Black Dots” Vine channel! I’m giving my employer notice today.

  • Edeco

    Well, small price to take my selfie game to the next level.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    $300….for a phone light……

    • Treyh007

      It’s Surefire, what do you expect……. Something Affordable??

    • Longhaired Redneck

      What gives, is it a purple light?

  • c4v3man

    At $300 I’d expect it to come with a crap-ton of accessories, like a suction/magnetic mount to use as a worklight, a hot-shoe mount with swappable shoes for Nikon/Sony/Canon, along with the coupon for a compatible free phone case. I’m not saying you couldn’t make this worth $300, but holy cow that’s pricey.

    • Micro USB isn’t going away anytime soon. Heck I am only now seeing Mini USB starting to fall out of favor with the few camps that still use it (I am looking at you GoPro).

      Either way it is just a cheap cable adapter as USB-C though not physically compatible with Micro-USB or standard, the base standard is, so all you need is an adapter (which are already on the market for a few dollars). USB-A to USB-C cables are already on the market.

      • c4v3man

        “USB-A to USB-C cables are already on the market.”
        Exactly my point. There is no reason they couldn’t include a USB-C port instead of USB Micro, along with a USB-A to USB-C cable, to stay ahead of the curve.
        Would you rather use an adapter for the next year at most with your existing USB-Micro chargers, then native for the next 5 years, or native USB-Micro today, then fiddly, easily lost adapters for the next 5 years? Something this expensive MUST be made future-proof, not behind the times at the time of it’s release.

        • Except you aren’t considering the fact that a vast majority of the phones on the market presently are Micro USB, or Lightning.

          • c4v3man

            But the overwhelming majority of phones that are going to be paired with a $300 light are going to use lightning or usb-c. You need to be a special kind of stupid/rich to pair a $300 light with a 2 year old $200 phone and not a top spec phone… All of which have been usb-c or lightning for some time now.

  • LazyReader

    necessity is the mother of invention
    narcissism is it’s deadbeat father

  • MadMonkey


    Now with LIGHTED vertical video!

    • Swarf


      Imma write an app and the only thing it will do is engage an auto-landscape feature when Siri hears “World Star!!”

  • John

    The amateur porn industry is doing the happy dance!

    • Swarf

      Siri, open RedTube. Search for happy dance.