Magpul PMAG 21 GL9 9mm Glock Mags Now Shipping

Last year Magpul debuted their budget priced Glock GL9 PMAGs. Earlier this year at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas Magpul showed off some new PMAGs for Glocks in higher mag capacities, well they’ve finally released their new PMAG 21 GL9 magazines. They currently already offer PMAGs for the Glock 17, 19 and 26 in standard capacity. Their newest mag the 21 GL9 holds 21 rounds and features a new durable and lightweight proprietary full polymer construction. One big plus is that they meet the 140mm overall length requirements for competitions, no mag extension add-ons needed.

They feature a high visibility controlled-tilt follower, and long life stainless steel corrosion resistant spring, flared and removable floor plate, a dot matrix panel for markings and identification and indicator windows on both sides of the mag at 10, 15 and 21 rounds. Magpul’s new PMAG 21 GL9 is compatible with all double stack Glock handguns from sub-compact, compact to full-size models. They’re available in black and are made in the USA, they retail for $19.95 over at as well as Magpul’s dealers and distributors.

Also listed on Magpul’s site is their new PMAG 27 GL9, similar to the 21 GL9 but it holds 27 rounds. It will retail for $21.95 and will be expected to be available later this year. No word on Magpul PMAGs for Glocks in other calibers.


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  • A

    Why these odd capacitie? Why not PMAG 30 GL9, PMAG25 GL9 or PMAG20 GL)?

    • Badwolf

      My guess is…to meet 140mm overall length required for competition.

    • Ebby123

      Oh how I wish these questions would be answered in the text of the article… maybe a sentence that says something like “One big plus is that they meet the 140mm overall length requirements for competitions, no mag extension add-ons needed.”


      • Friendly Man

        Not really- that sentence should read something like “…they fit within the 140mm overall length requirements for competitions, giving the maximum allowable capacity _without tweaking standard magazines with mag extension addons_.”..

        There might be a competition that requires mags be within135-140mm, or 165-170mm AND NO SHORTER. But.. that wouldn’t make any sense. Like that sentence in the article.

        • Ebby123

          Funny, no one else had trouble understanding it. 😛

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Cool but the 27 rounders are what we all really want!

  • PeterK

    I’m stoked. Need to pick some up.

  • Ruiner

    But my ETS’s hold 22 rounds…

    • SGT Fish

      mine barely hold 22rds. but hold 20 and 21 really really well. I love my ETS mags and all the shittalkers who complained about non-metal followers have so far been completely wrong after a lot of competition and real world useage

      • Cymond

        I’m thrilled to hear that ETS mags are doing well. I appreciate almost anything that’s inexpensive, effective, reliable, and durable (bonus points for looking cool, too).

        I have 4 OEM happy sticks, but prefer to preserve and protect those in the current climate (election), so I love the idea of picking up some mags just for fun at half the cost.

  • Hoplopfheil

    The 15 and 17 rounders are great.

    Might as well get these too right?

  • Andrew Miller

    I might have to try and get some before November.

  • The price they won’t be bad, but they aren’t going to eat much of the mag extension market. As the goal for 141.25mm magazines is 23 non-reloadable and 22 reloadable. So I would only use something like this for my third magazine.

  • Dickie

    Actually the glock 26 mags are not yet out