Relocating A Hornets Nest With a Shotgun

Wranglerstar has a video documenting his removal of a decent sized wasp nest from his property.  He uses a Remington 870 12 ga shotgun. He does not mention what specific round he used but I suspect it is a generic bird shot round. Can anyone ID the specific make and model from the video?


I do have issue with the fact that he is not using any form of eye protection even though he clearly cares about his hearing to use hearing protection. I do like the use of a drone to capture some of the video. However I cannot tell if the noise is from the drone or the wasps. I suspect it is the drone making the buzzing sound.

Nicholas C

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  • Lance

    Better learn to run fast!!!

    • Gary Kirk

      Nah, just to run faster than those with you..

      • glenn cheney

        They turn into heat seeking missiles if they get the equivalent of a radar lock on you….visual, movement, multiple targets, no problem. They come out looking for color and movement, mostly movement.

        I faced red hornets face to face literally, floating down Arbuckle Creek in Florida, near Sebring. I inhaled slowly as I floated under the nest, face inches from a nest over a foot wide…CARBON DIOXIDE TRIGGERS A STRIKE! I w/have died had I exhaled, there were many more inches from me than needed to get the job done.
        Some scary chit….much more terrifying than say, walking down a North Florida management area fire brake in palmettos, quietly slipping thru the woods and you suddenly freeze, as you hear the rattle….eyes only, scanning…where the #$%^&^%$ is that sound coming from? You bouncing betty your boogie, and just say, “Oh, Well, here goes”…I’m still around.
        Always hunt with someone whenever possible. It is never good being found the next day.
        Time for grandpa’s Ensure, we get cookies tonight….Did I tell ya’ bout tha’ time….snort, snort, …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…zzzz

        • jcitizen


  • Gary Kirk

    Yeeeahh.. That’s definitely one way to exceed at pissing wasps off

  • Anomanom

    That calls for dragon’s breath rounds. Hornets must be killed with fire.

    • Darren Hruska

      Or Frag-12…

    • Bill

      Nuke them from orbit – it’s the only way to be sure.

  • Martin M

    Seemed pretty effective to me. Loved the Post Script warning all the animal ‘lovers’ that wasps are not bees! LOL What can I say. Zealots go crazy over anything. Sort of like hornets.

    • You’d be amazed at how many people cannot differentiate between wasps and bees.

      • Sounds like a demonstration is in order! Tell ’em to stay right there, you’ll be back in a minute.

      • Tassiebush

        I’m always being confused with bees! See what I did there?!
        But in all seriousness I’m regularly astounded by urbanite conceptions of things!

    • Cymond

      I like bees slightly more than mosquitos, but I’m not a fan.

      However, as I understand it, we have a bit of a problem with bee underpopulation right now. I’ve heard some talk concerning how important bees are to pollination and the impact it could have on agriculture, the food supply, and the economy.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Bees = Good, treat with respect and distance
        Mud dobbers = Good, treat with respect and distance
        wasps & hornets = Evil, eliminate with extreme prejudice

        • Cymond

          Oh absolutely, and I never meant to imply that woods & hornets were new, or deserved the slightest mercy. At least mosquitos play some role in the food chain (although idk how much).

      • Tassiebush

        Yeah they’re (bees) definitely a pretty important component of food production and my understanding is the genetic diversity is diminishing and between mites hitting north america and europe (we export queen bees from here Tasmania btw) and unintended pesticide impacts they’re in a fair bit of trouble. My father in law has a market garden and decided to host some hives in recent years. It made a pretty big difference compared to the previous reliance on random local bees.

  • tt_ttf

    We had a nest of similar size and I can tell you there are HUNDREDS of very pissed wasps if you do anything to the nest or even get anywhere near it and they are aggressive as hell. Like this guy, there is NO coexisting with them once there are that many in one nest.

    We didn’t shoot it but sprayed it at night with some serious stuff – they are tough bugs – and they swarmed and attacked a light near the next for a couple of hours – the noise was simply amazing!

    For nearly a week afterwards we had new wasps hatching out of the next and dropping down on ground ready to bite even as they died from the poison on the nest.

    • Bigbigpoopi

      This is vicious on their nerves.

      2 minutes later and they’re on the ground.

      • Gary Kirk

        Brakleen.. Cheep and effective, just have to get the real deal stuff, not the cali compliant crap..

  • J.T.

    I have done it before. #7 birdshot and a full choke will get the job done. I waited until winter though to do it.

    • Sasquatch

      Next time try #9

  • gunsandrockets

    Dude! You missed the perfect excuse to buy the perfect tool for that job! Flamethrower.

    • jcitizen

      Only $1600 – that’s a steal!! 😉

  • The_Champ

    Used a similar method to remove some Magpie nests from a friends property.

  • Reef Blastbody

    LOL. no pyrotechnics allowed, it’s still the height of fire season wherever he is. I’m guessing somewhere right near the US/Canadian border, since he says in other videos that he’s a Canuck, and he mentions visiting Cabela’s and Wal Mart, and driving down to Portland to visit one of Gerber’s factories.

    • 13thwarrior

      He’s not Canadian, he is from Oregon, and its on his property, he stated that he doesn’t want to use fire as it is the height of fire season and he is a firefighter as well.

      • Hell, if he’s a firefighter he shoulda brought the brush truck and a load of foam.

  • EzGoingKev

    Wow, my hero.

  • So… What about the hiker that doesn’t know what happened that comes walking through that area? Is this clown going to just leave all those pissed wasps there?

    • 13thwarrior

      the wasp nest was on his own property

  • Gary Kirk

    If there was ever a use for the M-203 Beehive Heheh..

    • wetcorps

      Yeah but does it come in .22 Hornet?

      • Sasquatch

        Ba da ting

    • RobertNorwood

      Loving that.

  • Rainy season? Dragon’s Breath. Dry season? Dual-wielded cans of wasp & hornet spray with a range bag full of reloads; one to hose the nest and one to sweep the air around it. Then you can shoot it.

  • Edeco

    But wasps are nature’s bees!

    • Sasquatch

      You are joking???… Right?

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Wranglerstar has really upgraded his production quality. I still remember the video he made back in like 2009 where he showed off the mountain of gear that he bought based on Nutnfancy’s videos.

  • Kurt Eskildsen

    I used to blow them things out of the trees every time I came across one when I was hunting as a kid. We even jammed an M-80 in the hole of a bald faced hornet’s nest on the awning of a friend’s camp once. That, I must confess, wasn’t one of the best idea us kids ever came up with. But hey…. kids.

  • iksnilol

    I feel that shooting at a hornet nest is sorta a bad idea.

    • Edeco

      Only if you don’t get someone to hold your beer and observe while you’re doing it.

  • Tassiebush

    All my stinging insect nest experience is ground based but I’ve learned that the quickest way to kill em all and have none return is to pour in old 2stroke, kerosene or turpentine into and onto the nest and then to resist the urge to ignite it thus letting the fumes and being in contact with it do the killing. Although you miss out on the fun of burning them they still put on a dramatic display of running out and dying.
    Burning the fuel reduces the amount of damage to them and the ones further in tend to survive and rebuild.

    • Bill

      …and burning the fuel rapidly leads to pasture and meadow fires when some crawl out ablaze, or the nest extends farther than expected, or there’s another exit…not that Ive ever done it, of course…

      • Tassiebush

        Haha the sore spots on my hands have only just healed from a bonfire lighting that also ignited bird netting around one of my fruit trees. Had to pull it off quickly. Ouchy hot plastic!

  • codfilet

    As high up as that nest appeared to be, it would have been better to simply leave them alone. I’ve mowed around trees with big nests like that, much lower, and never been bothered at all (I didn’t see the nests at the time). Sometimes they are too low, and in those cases, I wrap an old rag to the end of a broomstick, and secure it with wire. I tape the broomstick to a 16-foot telescoping painters pole, and soak the rag in kerosene. Once it’s dark, I light the rag, and hold the torch right under the opening to the nest. The wasps can’t come out through the fire, and the nest, being paper, is soon blazing. This obviously wouldn’t be too good for a forested area,though. I have found that those wasp sprays just aren’t too effective-it takes multiple hits before the nest is really wiped out. The sprays that foam are better, because the wasps have to try to escape from their nest through the foam, which kills them.

  • Frederick Drury

    Are hornets supposed to be removed from existence? They don’t bother me.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    When I lived in Georgia a few years ago our landlord did exactly this in our front yard. We had pissed off hornets everywhere for 2 days. They did relocate to parts unknown though.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      So it worked?

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        Yes it did.

  • Pete Sheppard

    To be a bit pedantic, that was a hornet’s nest, not wasp. Hornets are crazy aggressive; wasps are positively gentle in comparison.

  • DanGoodShot

    Does anyone else find it ridiculous that this man
    felt the need(and rightfully so) to defend himself for shooting a hornet’s nest?

    • Bill

      That’s the normal response from people doing ridiculousness: rationalization and justification, just like I did when I broke bones trying to flip a skateboard at age 48.

      • DanGoodShot

        Not what I was talking about. I was talking about the need to defend yourself from animal rights people because you shot a wasps nest. But thats pretty funny Bill! Lol

        • Bill

          Oh, I thought it was like the time I tried to explain my need to do an electrical repair without turning off the circuit breaker first so I could be sure I was working on the right wires.

          • Gary Kirk

            Have had that experience more than once with badly labeled panels.. And once was working on a light fixture at night so just turned the switch off so I still had other lights. And while up on the ladder my dad walks in and flips the damned switch on.. But once you’re a welder that works out in the rain and everything else.. 120v at 15-20 amps isn’t really concerning anymore..

          • jcitizen

            I don’t know, I always though the house current hurt worse than 440 industrial. I was a CNC robot repairman, and it is inevitable you’ll get bit once and a while.

          • mbrd

            i was on an “a” frame ladder, all the way up the stick, working on some lights in a community college theater, when my pager on vibe alert went off (this was a long time ago). for a split second i thought i was either coming off the ladder or welded to the ceiling.

            i’ve also been drunk messing around with my girlfriend’s keys, and have maced the bar… twice (the second time i actually mace my buddy right in the face. he was very kind not to take up my offer of punching my undefended face a few times).

            more recently, at 48, i aerially barrel vaulted my 4runner 270º onto the driver’s side. not a scratch on me (bit of a dent in my head, but that passed).

            the lesson(s)? damned if i know… i keep finding new mistakes to make.

          • Tassiebush

            At about 21 as a tired new father I had a wasp flying around the house one night. I didn’t have any flyspray to hand but thought maybe trying capsicum spray would be a good idea.

          • iksnilol

            It wasn’t?

          • Tassiebush

            Haha yeah it strangely enough caused irritation beyond just the intended target!…

          • iksnilol

            I can not fathom how that would happen.

          • Tassiebush

            Haha I know! It was completely unforeseeable…

          • mbrd

            no problem, just don’t touch both at once, unless they are already touching. a lesson my dad demonstrated when i was a kid… in retrospect probably not the best lesson to demonstrate, or in any other way teach a kid.

  • Bill

    This must be a firearms blog: best shotgun for stupid hornet nest tricks. And we’ll worry about eye pro when they start attacking the eyeballs.

  • Pedenzo

    I don’t see what the big deal is….I taught my Wife how to fish with 12 gauge slugs….why not hunt hornets with a 12ga ?

  • jay

    You kill, or remove the wasps after sunset, when it’s dark, so you catch all of them inside. They don’t fly around at night. I used to get a plastic bag over the nest, really slow, then cut the nest off the branch, It would drop in the bag, together with all the wasps. then just burn the whole thing.
    If they had nest in a hole in the ground, i’d pour gasoline and straws allover the hole, then set it on fire and hit the ground hard to make them get out. They’d burn at least the wings trying to take off. They are not that scary without wings. hahaha.

    • uisconfruzed

      We’ve got large aggressive, 2″ +’ hornets that are coming out at night.
      I’ll find the nest when the leaves fall off the trees.

  • Edeco

    I’d like to see it with an H&R 10 gauge with 2 ounces of coarse iron filings. Like extremely small, low-SD shot for maximum energy transfer to a delicate target at close range. One would need more hull tube to fit all of the filings, maybe greasy ones so they stay pressed together ’till fired.

    Which, to be clear, is not to say I recommend anyone try it. It might not be safe.

  • Sasquatch

    I want to see Jerry Miculek with his 930 do this!

  • DIR911911 .

    what? no dragonsbreath? that would have done the job nicely and help actually kill a lot of those wasps. here at the house it’s good to have a can of brake cleaner around .

  • Billy

    Clever way to get rid of a hornet’s nest. Not sure if I would ever be up to the task.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    When I heard the music…

  • RobertNorwood

    And when they get pissed and swarm you? Unless they’re a threat to folks, to close to home, etc. leave them alone – they have a role to play.

  • uisconfruzed

    I want one!

  • Bill P

    Nest on his own property…right by his wifes jogging path and she’s highly allergic.

    He had to shut down comments for a time on YouTube due to thousands of animal lovers screaming.

    • mbrd

      i consider myself something of a “nature lover”; i appreciate that wasps have a predatory role in their ecosystem, and i’m fortunate to not have problems with stinging insects. i would never do this on my own behalf, but if there were any issue for my loved ones, sorry wasps, i’m leaving the 870 at home and calling in the flamethrower squad.

  • Mitch Rapp

    Dumb liberals? You don’t know the half of it. The Trump brothers were recently accused of and berated for hunting down and killing a Triceratops dinosaur.

  • airchinapilot

    Holy potato cam

  • airchinapilot

    I was more interested in the use of the drone. Apart from getting a nice view of it, why weren’t the wasps attacking that huge noisy flying thing? Maybe it would have been more fun to use the drone to provoke an attack and then let the rotors do the work?

    • Yellow jackets and wasps generally attack dark ground based objects that get too close and “vibrate” the nest. Not too many air borne things mess with them, so, they probably do not see it as a threat (something new).

      I have watched the red (orange)/black hornets take big bubble bees out mid-air and fly them away to their nest after stinging them. Not a creature to trifle with …

      If you move fast or squish one, that is where the fun starts. I have been able to get within two feet of a red/black hornet’s nest to nuke them with Raid by moving slowly (while wearing a dark blue EMT uniform …) without getting stung. My customer that got stung finding the nest, under his pool chest, got stung once in the hand and it swelled up like a mickey mouse cartoon hand.

      I have been stung in the crease of the elbow and it stung, but, looked like a small hive vs. swell.

      Like I tell my kids, if you disturb the nest, just stop moving and be a statue unless you are standing directly on the (yellow jacket) nest. Many times they will fly right by you looking for something to punish. They will even land on you and take off again if you do not move.

      Once the stinging starts, you probably should move as quick as possible from the area.

  • tarnishedcopper

    Those were not wasps, they were HORNETS! They are much more aggressive and mean than wasps. Avoid those and yellowjackets like the plague…

    • glenn cheney

      Negatory, Deemz iz paper wasps…de’ bez da’ baddest, chasin’ yo’ butt the farthest’ sun’s a’ guns yu’r gonna run into.
      Yu be true on dem’ yellow ground nesterz….

  • glenn cheney

    Where to begin? OK, workin’ 60 plus years here messin’ in the Carolina woods and others, finding YELLOW JACKETS, nesting in the ground. they call em’ meat bees in Alabama, as you work around them skinning out a hanging deer.
    We’d run “across” of, or most likely, a fowl of those ground nesting yellow jackets. We relished the challenge. You had to be fast. We’d beat feet to the house, grab the nearest pop bottle, likely a 6 oz. Coke (5.56), but plenty of Nehi’s (7.62×51) were used, filled with gasoline at 19 cents per gallon or less, and we’d run by the nest, sticking the bottle nose into the hole…jousting….lol.
    Those big red hornets are bad to the bone in Florida, we’d wade with big gators, banded water snakes fell as we sneaked thru the cypress in brilliant florescent green in spring as we pried the bedding bass from stumps, but your fear was the unseen, those nesting red hornets, they are the big ones referred to by posters in this article and they are aggressive….but, the baddest of the bad azz, the “are you this stupid to mess with something that will chase your butt for a quarter mile through the woods,” then mess with PAPER WASPS, cause, this person is learning, he got lucky this time.

    • Bob

      I had paper wasps with their nest hanging on the eve of my house about 25 feet above the ground.
      I waiting till about 5 AM (in Minnesota) and the DEW was on the grass. I got out my “snow rake” and knocked the nest down, as soon as it hit the ground, I hosed about 1/2 can of engine start ether (starting fluid) on it. then a match and “woof” they were gone. That nest sure STUNK when it burned. Smelled sort of like cow manure. This was a house in the city (not in farm country).

      I had KILLER bees start to set up house keeping in my pool equipment box here in Arizona. I called a bee guy. ($140 bucks). He put on his suit, taped shut the gaps where the zippers meet, on his gloves and on his ankles. then, he had what looked like a slice of cheese in a jar. He reached into the jar with a forceps and pulled this out and jammed it into the hive. The bees buzzed him, but they DIED.
      Some serious poison.

  • jcitizen

    Oh Yeah! They got it right!

  • Gunner4guy

    Not sure I’d want to be the grunt supporting the barrel though…….

  • Gunner4guy

    Fun part is after you vaporize the nest(s) in the early evening and they seem to head for the UV bug light which sucks them in and sort of slices and dices them as they go thru the fan blades or they’re attracted to the electronic bug-zapper….. No idea why but they make a really neat but weird sounding zaaaaaaap! when they hit the grid.

  • scaatylobo

    Did this more than a few times on the property that I had with ex – wife.
    I used 12 gauge blank field poppers and they worked PERFECTLY.
    I did this in a shed and the walls did get a few holes,but it was an old shed.

  • jonp

    You notice Mrs. Wranglestar is too smart to be in on this. Cody has a great channel on youtube with lots of usefull info