This is a rather rare AK74 magazine that is a quad stack. Similar in concept to the SureFire 60rd quad stack magazines. I am told it holds 60 rounds of 5.45x39mm.

AK74_50rd_mag_545_30rd_back AK74_50rd_mag_545_-30rd_left AK74_50rd_mag_545_SGL31_Front


  • Sasquatch

    Hey Magpul! You reading this!?!

    • MattCFII

      Magpul like US Palm had a quad stack design too and shelved it in 2012 as well.

      • Gus Butts

        Is it because they faced a lot of problems with the designs? That’s really a shame.

        • MattCFII

          Not sure if it was problems or patent issues with Surefire, but in general even this Unicorn AK (which I did see once on Gunbroker) does not meet the normal AK magazine reliability standard.

        • NG

          I actually handled Rob’s 3D printed prototype quad stack AK mag around 2012. White plastic, the whole nine yards. To his credit the reason it was shelved was they were having misfeed issues much like the Surefire 60 rounders and he preferred to keep Palm’s reliability reputation instead of releasing a dodgy mag.

          • NG

            Oh and he had a quadstack mag brought over from Russia to work off, the same one pictured here. They’re incredibly hard to come by apparently.

      • Retriever222

        With the quality of magpul’s double stack mags, I would hate to see a quad stacks, unless they can make a working metal reinforced ak mag.

        • MattCFII

          This was for ARs, not AKs. I agree, I prefer the US Palms and ((10)) polymers for AKs.

        • Sasquatch

          Quality? Did you get some lemons?

  • bob boff

    Izhmash downgraded to 55 rounds for increased reliability. Also US PALM tried to replicate the design, but they tanked the project 2 years ago.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      It’s 50 rounds.

  • Gus Butts

    These magazines are really old but also very rare. I wonder why nobody else tried to make any? With the number of AKs in the USA I’m pretty sure they would be a big hit. In related news: Quad-stack magazine? Pfft! Try a helical AK magazine, buddy.

    • Retriever222

      US PALM did in 2014.

      • Gus Butts

        Are they pretty good/still available?

        • iksnilol

          Never were available.

          Just like their takedown AK.

    • Stan

      I want to know more about the stocks they have on those 74’s. It looks like the fold over the top of the rifle. Anyone know more?

      • PK

        They do. Think PPs-43 or KP M/44.

    • Alex Mason


      • Blue Centurion

        And here I thought they were only interested in making nukes.

        • Billy Jack

          They also are interested in finding new ways to feed hungry dogs and repurposing anti-aircraft guns. I don’t think there is a Korean word for overkill.

      • Giolli Joker

        That’s the best picture I’ve seen so far, I’m really curious if they actually work or they’re just attempts to show some sort of military superiority…

  • ReadyorNot

    That’s an odd, but neat looking magazine! Personally I prefer their 45 rounders for added capacity.

  • BenJamin

    Still waiting on the double stack Saiga 12 mags. Any day now…

    • Retriever222

      Still waiting for double stack vepr 54r mags.

      • Larry

        They made double stack vepr mag’s SGM 20rd only place I ever see them is on gun broker for 100 each

  • Jim N Jenna SK

    Believe it or not these go for about $1000 usd here in the states.

  • PK

    You have it backwards. The Surefire quadstack mags are similar in concept to these, as they were first by decades.

    • Marvin

      Thank you!

    • Juanito Ibañez


      Look up “coffin magazines”.

      • PK

        Don’t need to, I have a few for my KP M31 and M44. Useful, I just wish they were more available.

        • Reef Blastbody

          I’m pretty sure the Soviets cribbed the idea from the Finns and the Suomi SMGs.

  • Lance

    Still wished they get the RPK-74 drum mag imported!

  • John Yossarian

    FYI, the SureFire quad-stacks – for the AR-15 – can also accommodate 60 rounds of 5.45x39mm.

    • Gus Butts

      Ah yes! Now to use the SureFires in my AK-74! Oh wait…

  • Marvin

    I still want to know if these originators of the Qaud stack have the same unreliability the Surefire mags do? I use to have a really neat schematic from (small arms review??) from the guy that invented these ERRR!! Why can’t everything be digital with a back up thumb drive???

  • roguetechie

    The way the Russians do it is very interesting and examples exist here. Buddy Hinton has a few and very extensive pictures of it in his AK album.

    As far as the surefire (really ArmWest and Leroy James Sullivan’s concept) are concerned I’m fairly sure I know what the issue is.

    If you watch the video on full30 of Ian out test firing the ArmWest AR and LMG, and you know the general characteristics of the Ultimax lmg Sullivan built first and you know the original way Sullivan was going about getting the lower fire rate in M4 type carbines, then you’ll pretty instantly see what the issue is when translated to guns that don’t have these fire rates.

    FWIW I just recently managed to find how Sullivan was doing the M4 thing as of 15 years ago, but I have no idea if it’s how he’s doing it now but there’s a good article you can access from the small arms review website detailing his counterpoise system and the way it’s designed to drop fire rate even though it has an enlarged gas port.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    They made the 60 and then went down to a 50 before dropping the project. The smoked version is way cool.