Battle Rifle Company Moves To A Larger Facility

Battle Rifle Company has announced that they have outgrown their old facility and have made the move to a larger facility that is more in line with the long-term goals of the company this past August. The new location will allow Battle Rifle Company to expand its manufacturing capacity substantially thanks to added space for machinery. In addition to the larger manufacturing capacity, Battle Rifle Company will also have a much larger Pro Shop that will stock a full range of firearms, ammunition, tactical supplies, optics and accessories.

Battle Rifle Company will be offering some premium services out of the new location like gunsmithing and custom coatings, as well as some specialized products in personal protection armor, safes, and other security items.

The new facility will be fully equipped to handle the personalized needs of professional shooters in law enforcement, government agencies and all other types of tactical shooters.

It appears that business has been good to the Houston-based company in spite of a few bumps during their run building rifles. Battle Rifle Company has always been quick to call on bloggers that have pointed out a deficiency and worked hard to correct it, no doubt playing a part in their continued success.

You can learn more about Battle Rifle Company’s product lineup and services by visiting their website HERE.

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Update: Battle Rifle Company has contacted me directly with a note regarding the company and their move.

Thank you Patrick- I appreciate the article.
Let me extend a personal invitation to anyone in the Houston area to come visit our new location. Get a chance to see the rifles, to shoot the rifles, to talk to the people behind the wrenches and I think you will find not only a better rifle, but a better company and a better product overall. We listened to the critics and have devoted our hearts and souls into creating a great product. It certainly is not fair of anyone to make comments without at least coming by any seeing for yourself. Battle Rifle Company has come a long way since 2013- and we have proven the product. we did a second test, 30 days after the first one with great results- here is the video:

or the articles that have been written about our 10,000 round torture test:

10,000 Battle Rifle Company Test

10,000 Battle Rifle Company Test 2

there are a dozens more articles like this out since then, which show our product works- and works well.

Our Shop is open Monday Through Saturday, from 10am to 5pm. stop by, enjoy a cup of Black Rifle Company Coffee, talk with our staff of Veterans, take a tour of the facilities- even get a chance to shoot our rifles.

we are at 17313 El Camino Real, Houston Texas 77058
on El Camino between Nasa Rd 1 and Bay Area Blvd.

we look forward to seeing you and showing you that we have indeed learned from history- and are moving forward

Patrick R

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Looks like somebody forgot to put the new address on their site.
    Or any address.

    • Zachary marrs

      I was looking for their new adress.

      I didn’t find it, but i did find heavy 6!

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Your average Houston gunfighter.

        • Gus Butts

          Me in the center.

        • Zachary marrs

          We’re not all THAT heavy

          Some of us even have better taste in firearms!

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Yeah I’m in Houston too and manage to keep it below 400.

          • steveday72

            Let’s see how many Houston area people can we get in here.

            Perhaps this blog just a government sting site, injected into Houston area networks?

  • ostiariusalpha

    How does this company make any money churning out such embarrassingly bad firearms? Remington can barely keep their head above water using the exact same strategy, and they at least have a 200 year long rep that they can coast off of. What is BRC’s secret?

    • cwp

      Well, it *has* been almost two years since Andrew Tuohy visited them for the infamous 10,000 round test. It isn’t out of the question that their rifles have improved since then. While I’d want to see another test with substantially better results before I considered their products, it’s *possible* that people who buy their stuff today are getting about what they’d get from any other company in the same price range.

      I’m not saying I recommend them, I’m just saying it’s possible. I do think the way they responded to the test results at the time suggests they are genuinely interested in improving their rifles; whether or not they’ve succeeded in doing so is a question still to be answered.

      • mk18

        With SO many other vendors (and many of KNOWN quality), why would anyone even bother with these guys? From the start, they proved that they don’t even understand the platform. Why would you give them any chance after the first several reviews? Why not buy from say, BCM or even PSA instead??

        • cwp

          I don’t think the vast majority of people considering buying an AR-type rifle even know who Andrew Tuohy is. That’s not a slight on him, just that the internet, and the world, are big places, and what regular TFB readers consider common knowledge may not be so common outside our own little bubble.

          • mk18

            Well I guess if people aren’t even willing to spend a few minutes doing some research on the internet, they deserve what they get. Maybe it’s just me but when I’m considering dropping a decent amount of money on anything, I do some research. Hell, even on a $50 router I did some cursory internet research to make sure it wasn’t a complete POS.

  • Garmanarnar

    Are they still making garbage tier rifles that even ATI wouldn’t condescend to sell?

  • Renov8

    …crap in, crap out..

  • mk18

    Why do you guys still report on this company? They make junk products and have been since their inception. Patrick, are you getting paid??