Nikon Monarch Field Scopes

Nikon Monarch field scope spotting

In time for hunting season, Nikon announced it is now shipping a number of new field scopes in its Monarch line of optics. The Monarch line is the company’s top tier sporting optic family, and these scopes are the first field scopes to bear the Monarch name.

Nikon promises these scopes offer extreme durability for hunters and long distance shooters that take on more “adventurous” outdoor challenges. Yet, the company also offers a “first-rate optical system” that is “offered at a price point that is virtually unrivaled for this level of optical quality.”

Like you, I’ve heard the old saying of “Price, quality, speed. Pick any two.” With optics, I’m always thinking “Price, quality optics, durability. Pick any two.” In this case, the company’s pricing starts at $1,400, so I’m fairly comfortable in thinking that the optics and durability of these units is probably pretty good.

Nikon Monarch field scope spotting

Nikon is well known for professional optics in the photography world, and much of what they learn there translates over to their Monarch line. For example, in addition to the multi coating processes used, the lenses are made with extra-low dispersion glass to minimize color fringing and maximize light transmission.

The company also uses something they call a Field Flattener Lens System that brings more of the sight picture into sharp focus at distances where the center of the scope shows as being more sharp that the edges.

Straight and angled bodies are available in both magnification models: 16-48×60 and 20-60×82.

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  • gusto

    I had the money set aside for a rifle and scope, about 15-20gs each
    this was going to be my heirloom rifle, my pretty days hunting rifle
    upgraded wood, switch barrel and cased

    I was looking at Zeiss’, swarowski etc, thinking a great nice rifle deserves an equal scope.

    the nikon monarch 7 was on par with those that cost twice so I got two nikons instead (: one for each barrel/use