Brigand Arms Carbon Fiber Handguard

At the 2016 FN 3Gun Championships you get to see a lot of interesting gear and accessories. Anything to get an advantage in racing with firearms. One item caught my eye. A carbon fiber handguard. I have seen carbon fiber tube handguards before. Lancer and Troy make some. However this one was wildly different from anything I have seen before. It looks like carbon fiber chicken wire wrapped into a tube. It is made by Brigand Arms.

IMG_5525 IMG_5526

The handguard above is their 15″ Edge. It weighs only 5.0 oz and that includes the barrel nut and jam nut.

Here are some pics I grabbed from Brigand Arms’ website.

ava_FSD_armatacCLdrum_D6A3172hires-Close-Up DSC_0018



We can hang 40 pound dumbbells from the end of it and swing them around with no signs of bending. Under controlled laboratory tests the handguards can support a force of 100 pounds in any direction, and 400 pounds along their length – more than even extreme users require. We field test every handguard configuration, firing thousands of rounds in tortuous conditions, then bring them back to the lab and inspect there are no flaws nor slowly developing cracks. Dozens of iterations have led to the current braid that we use. The resulting high-strength design is unique enough that it’s covered by a US patent!

The carbon fiber handguards are a bit pricey. Their 7″ handguard starts at $259. Check out their website for more information.

Nicholas C

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  • Small Loan of a Million Dallor

    Have you ever wanted to give your hands “fresh off the grill” burn scars? Well, do we have a product for you.

    • Don

      And those skinny, really small diameter handgaurds that are the rage now are any different? My Proof Research carbon fiber .308 barrel dissipates heat really quickly, so why wouldn’t a carbon fiber handguard with little material on it do the same?

  • Big Daddy

    I see a lot of stars of David in the first picture. Just sayin’…

  • That looks ugly as hell.

  • Giolli Joker

    In the AR tacticool accessory crowd, I think this was one of the most interesting products from Shot 2016, I’m quite surprised it didn’t reach TFB earlier.
    Apparently the technology already has some application in (high end) bicycle manufacturing.
    I like it.

    • PK

      For that exact need as far as strength, it’s a clever solution for extreme lightweight.

      • raz-0

        Maybe iut is maybe it isn’t. I have a carbon fiber fore end form ap custom (now defunct). It’s 5.6 oz with barrel nut. It’s onlyso rigid though, it is unclear if this beats it in that regard.

        The thing is when bracing up against a prop or whatever, you can exert a decent amount of force. 100lbs might not be enough.

        • Don

          A dealer here in Knoxville has had them for quite some time. He took one and beat it on the sharp corner of a countertop several times and it didn’t flex, bend or break. I was impressed but they’re not my taste.

          • raz-0

            Well short of a high speed camera, a sharp whack isn’t going to display the kind of flex I’m talking about.

            I’m not sure I’d give up the protection form heat to save a few thenths of an ounce.

  • Black Dots


  • Henry Reed

    Does it come with oven mitts

  • Joseph Goins

    I’d like to see my BCM KMR do that. It couldn’t take a simple beating in a Recoil video.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      I put a dent in mine with a beat up rubber mallet.

  • nova3930

    It uses the new P-cord attachment system. Can also be supplemented with the D-tape system for things like lights.

  • Sasquatch

    Now introducing the B.G.R. The Bacon Grilling Rifle is easy to use. Just wrap your bacon around the forearm, have fun shooting some ammo and enjoy a tasty snack after the fun! Hurry wholes supplies last!

  • Disarmed in CA

    Those holes look just big enough to rip the ends of your fingers off.

    • Don

      Fighting Sheep Dog here in Knoxville have had these for about a year now. I got a chance to play with a rifle they had one on, it’s very smooth feeling and it is definitely strong. The owner actually took one and kept hitting it on the sharp edge of a countertop with no deflection or bending at all. Not my style though.

    • Mmmtacos

      I suppose you could just as easily put some sort of wrap on there and call it a day then if you’re worried about it snagging on something. Wouldn’t really add any weight, while it would obviously do less for heat dissipation I couldn’t imagine it’d be any worse than tubular hand guards you see on the market today.

      Actually, now that I think about doing something like that I kind of like the idea…

  • therealgreenplease

    There’s a lot of hate out there for this product but I could actually see it working quite well. With a fluted barrel I’d imagine the whole thing would stay fairly cool even under extended fire.

  • John

    TFB should test it. And really test it, with full mag dumps, dumping it in mud and everything.

    If it survives, they’ll get a boost in sales.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I feel like this looks much better or insanely worse in person. Looks cool in the pics but I can’t see buying one with the size of my collection of ARs.

  • This would be cool an a Robar Polymar 15 build.

  • Kalder

    This is not something I would recommend for a duty rifle, but if youre a 3 gunner and you want the lightest weight you can get, this is a good option. To hell with appearances, if it can shave time its worth it

  • James Young

    Brigand Arms…define brigand – “A member of a gang that ambushes and robs people in forests and mountains.”

    Yeah, that was a good choice for a name.

    • Laserbait

      Or it could be the owners last name…

      • Don

        Owned by two guys, neither of their names… From their website… “A “brigand” is a rebel. As such, you may run with a band of like-minded brothers, or you may prefer to go it alone… but one thing is certain: you don’t FOLLOW the rules – you MAKE the rules. This mentality is what gets us out of bed in the…”

        • James Young

          Ross Wesson is the name listed on the Alabama Business search. For some reason they didn’t think “Wesson” would work. Too bad, sounds like it would make a great name for a firearms company!

          • Dan

            Wesson is a decent name for a firearms company, but it is missing something. I just don’t know what

          • Nicholas C

            Do you think they would get in trouble if they called themselves Wesson & Smith? LOL

  • Kurt Eskildsen

    I’m a big fan of carbon fiber but this hand guard looks like someone got carried away in arts and crafts basket weaving.

  • Anomanom

    Looks like its made of a chain link fence.

  • Sasquatch

    About the most American thing I have ever seen!