BREAKING: Kalashnikov Concern releases precision rifles at ARMY 2016

This coverage of Army 2016 will be covering some of the precision rifles that are being introduced, apart from the SVK, which Nathaniel F. is writing about. If you aren’t tracking, Kalashnikov Concern is introducing a number of precision rifles at the expo, the first time many of these designs have been unveiled in public. The company released this press release about the VSV-338 precision rifle-

Its design is based on an aluminum alloy chassis and permits the rapid change of barrels.

The VSV-338 long range sniper rifle is designed for 338 Lapua Magnum ammunition, and can be used in all environmental conditions at ranges of up to 1 500 meters. Kalashnikov Group developed this new platform under their own initiative.

VSV-338 sniper rifle is of a modular design. It features a manual operated, rotary bolt action with three radial lugs that engage the barrel extension. Its two-stage trigger is adjustable for pull and position. The ambidextrous safety blocks the bolt, sear and trigger when engaged. The forend of the rifle features the Key-MOD system to attach accessories such as sling loops, bipods, and detachable Picatinny rails. The top of the receiver and forend have Picatinny rais that allow the user to mount iron and optical or night vision sights.

The rifle is equipped with a side-folding buttstock with an adjustable length of pull and cheek riser, and with height-adjustable rear support. The furniture (forend cover, pistol grip, and stock) is made from a high strength polymer and are ergonomically shaped, and well suited for right- or left-handed shooters.

It appears that the company copied almost every feature about the PSR program that it could, from the quick change barrels (I am almost positive this is a multi caliber design as well. Precision rifles are not machine guns that require quick change barrels from overheating, the company just doesn’t want to come out with the multi-caliber brand yet), the modular Key-Mod attachment systems, folding stock, and external magazine. I like the PSG1 inspired pistol grip though, have to keep those German roots in the family. The bolt handle appears to have some Accuracy International with the angle. Also, the barrel itself has a picatinny segment where a possible front sight would be, if you put it near the muzzle. The folding stock has a traditional AK folding switch on the right side, with the stock folded to the left (unlike many PSR rifles where the stock is protecting the bolt when folded)WJA9tG1


In addition to this seemingly flagship designs, we have what appears to be a redesign of a McMillian stock, in a caliber larger than .338 Lapua. Someone at the booth must be scope illiterate or else they would have realized that the ocular lens piece on the night sight is perhaps detrimental to peering through it because of the elastic eyepiece.


Then a modernization to a classical historical favorite, the Draganov. The modification here is a bolted rail/forend system that includes a mount for the scope, in addition to a forward mount for night vision devices. I can’t help but notice a bit of Manticore inspiration here as well, with the cuts and bolts in the forend. The neat part about this product is that I could see it coming to the United States as an aftermarket improvement for the SVD platform.



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  • Henrik Bergdahl

    The SVDS handguard gives me questions. Would it keep zero on the scope when you have to dismantle it to clean the gas system or do they have some nice solution for that? Would love to see more of that before I upgrade my SVDS.

    • Giolli Joker

      It may be bolted only on the trunnion area leaving the handguard free to be removed allowing access to barrel and gas system.

  • mechamaster

    Doing some research about “Modernized SVD” or SVD-M in the original Kalashnikov website.
    And found this beautiful rifle.

    • Tzefa

      Seriously, I really think Kalshnikov Concern should make a new fancy polymer magazine for this beautiful gun 😉

    • Jerry

      These SVK prototypes in 6mm from eighties are also nice…

  • Giolli Joker

    The bolt actions remind me of some ORSIS models.

    • Tritro29

      It’s made to go after the T5000T/E/S models with a lot of parts lifted from other designs.

  • Anonymoose

    That folding mechanism looks like the one on every AK since the AKS74…I wonder if you could pop that stock on a regular 74M?

    • mechamaster

      The folding stock maybe compatible, but the adaptor is different.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Looks very accuracy international inspired to me.