NEW: Traditions Performance Firearms Mountain Rifle

Traditions Performance Firearms is known for their muzzleloader line and authentic reproductions such as their Kentucky Pistol and flintlock Trapper Pistol. The Connecticut-based company offers a variety of firearms from black powder rifles to cannons. Now they’re adding to their existing firearms with the Mountain Rifle, a muzzleloader being offered in one of my favorite calibers – .50.

From Traditions Performance Firearms:

“Based off of a Jacob and Samuel Hawken design, the Mountain Rifle was the inseparable companion of fur trappers and American explorers alike. Part of the “plains rifle” family, the Mountain Rifle could be found on the horsebacks of fur trappers looking for beaver and other pelts thanks to its long barrel which enabled this rifle to take targets at longer distances. American explorers also were partial to this rifle due to the longer barrel.”

The Mountain Rifle is designed to be aesthetically similar to the long guns carried by fur trappers and American explorers of the past. Features include a brown Cerakote finished barrel chosen specifically for how it closely replicates the rust-brown appearance of the original, a 32″ octagonal barrel, custom scrolled trigger guard, and hexagonal thimbles, among others. The rifle has a 1:48 twist, a front blade sight, and adjustable rear sight. Weight is 8.15 pounds. The gun will be offered in percussion or flintlock.

In addition to the complete model, Traditions Performance Firearms is offering the Mountain Rifle as a Build-It-Yourself Kit. In order to allow for full customization the barrel and stock included in the kit are unfinished.

MSRP is not listed but the Mountain Rifle is listed for sale on firearms sites for $488.00-538.00.

You can view the entire Traditions lineup on their website at

A dealer locator can be viewed at

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  • Anonymoose

    Needs moar .54.

    • Martin M

      It’d be great in .58.

      • discopolo

        Nah, with this curved buttplate it would not, at least not for long. Better have some mercy for your own shoulders.

        • Martin M

          Super fine in .69?

  • John

    Awesome. My brother is fascinated with muzzleloaders, and a reproduction Hawken might be a good holiday present.

  • codfilet

    It “resembles” a Hawkin in the same way Hillary “resembles” Taylor Swift….

  • Jim

    I noticed that the rate-of-twist is 1:48, which is optimal for shooting conical or saboted bullets (modern projectiles). The original rifles shot patched round balls with a longer rate-of-twist, usually 1:66. Back in the 1970’s, Conneticut Valley Arms made a ‘Mountain Rifle’ that duplicated the originals. It was .50 cal. and had a 32″, 1:66 barrel with brown hardware in both flintlock and percussion. I built one from a kit and still hunt with it. I like the feel of the longer barrel and it’s balance is weight forward. Makes me feel like one of the old Mountain Men when I hunt with it.