Suppressor Transfers Made Easy – Silencer Shop Kiosk

With ATF Rule 41P now in effect, there has been some confusion within the market about how to go about satisfying the new CLEO notification and transfer rules. We have covered much of this in detail, but the private sector has stepped it up a bit. SilencerShop, the largest suppressor seller in the country, has implemented their new kiosks, which seek to simplify the transfer of NFA items.

The kiosk is set up to handle all of the back-end paperwork for a transfer including the now required fingerprinting. The system is account-based, which allows the user to network between the multiple kiosks to get various trust members fingerprinted without all having “to go down to the station”, a major inconvenience. Kiosks are set up to capture fingerprints, create a trust, and complete a transaction all at the single point of sale.

It should be noted that the ATF has not yet formally ruled that the kiosk will satisfy the NFA’s legal requirements and the ATF’s bureaucratic processes. Lawyers from SilencerShop and SilencerCo have differing opinions.

Interestingly, the kiosk pairs with a mobile application, all in the name of speeding up the purchasing process and removing headaches from suppressor purchases.

Those interested can see additional details courtesy of TheBulletPoints below:


Nathan S

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  • Budogunner

    I will be very surprised if the ATF doesn’t insist that you have to be printed by a LEO on the standard FBI cards.

    • datimes

      It’s the standard blue applicant card with the originating agency as the ATF.

      • KestrelBike

        When I went down to the local PD, they had me fill out my 2 cards with a pen, then took my fingerprints via digital scanner on the little glass screen, then popped the cards into a printer and printed the fingerprints on the cards. $15 for the privilege (F you btw atf).

        My friend (trustee) went to his sheriff, and they took down his info and printed Everything on the cards. His was like $3 or something.

      • Budogunner

        I’ll have to look, but I’m pretty sure they say FBI on the back.

        • datimes

          This is a standardized finger print card. The red ones go to the FBI as the result of a criminal arrest. Blue are applicant cards and go to the frequently to the FBI but in this case ATF wants them in W Virginia for some reason. They may have there own people to classify prints or they may send them on to the FBI for classification and criminal record check.

        • datimes

          This is a standardized federal finger print card format. Red cards originate as the result of a criminal arrest from the arresting agency. Blue cards are for applicants only. Applicant cards are frequently sent to the FBI by various agencies for background checks. These particular cards are returned to ATF in W. Virginia for some reason. I can’t imagine why they would need their own people to classify prints. Likely they end up in DC.

    • Holdfast_II

      FWIW, the law requires that the prints “must be taken by someone properly equipped to take them”. That’s pretty broad.

      • PK

        Have an official print card and some ink? You’re properly equipped. I roll my own prints for NFA paperwork.

        The ATF even provides the print cards, you can request them from a part of their website.

    • Bill

      Even the most backwoods agencies have access to digital printing systems, so of course the feds will want paper cards filled out with a typewriter in black ink with rolled impressions done in ink squeezed from a tube and rolled onto a glass or marble slab, just like in 1932.

      • Budogunner

        My CLEO still prints with ink… two sheriff’s ago they were still carrying revolvers, too. Hell, last time I went in and explained what I needed for a Form 1 the Sheriff himself came out thinking I actually WAS an ATF agent to shake my hand. The officer printing me asked what an SBR was. The NFA was a mystery to them. They worked with me politely and swiftly, though, so I won’t complain.

        If you think you’ve seen backwoods, maybe you haven’t seen Appalachian backwoods…

  • I simply don’t understand how any of this is confusing. I must be a f***ing genius. Pff.

    • Cymond

      Confusing? Not to me.
      Inconvenient? Certainly.

      Maybe it’s just me, but anything that simplifies the NFA process seems like a good thing.

  • CS

    I pray to god and hope that Silencer shop put the highest levels of secuirty in those machines and that they were not manufactured by DIEBOLD. Cause those things will be a prime target for ID theft.

    • Bill

      “Networked between multiple kiosks” = you’re screwed.

  • Holdfast_II

    Assuming you already have a Trust set up by an actual lawyer, not a non-lawyer corporation engaged in the practice of law, can you just get the kiosk to do fingerprints? Also, how about photos?

    My town is a pain in the butt about prints – it’s not a gun thing, they are equally annoying if you’re getting prints to apply for an insurance license or start a daycare.

    • Bill

      I can’t speak to your agency, but odds are the insurance and daycare licensing boards have made the printing requirements as clear as fingerprinting ink. We have one guy who does nothing but prints and background checks and everybody has different requirements and standards. It’s nutty.

      I forgot, he registers sex offenders also.

      • Gus Butts

        They fingerprint people who are offended by sex nowadays? I mean, we are in current year 2016, but people are still entitled to their opinions…

  • Longslide7

    Great! I can see it now.
    1. We get the kiosk on line with CLEO & Fed Law Enforcement Agencies. that way we can do all of the Class 3 paperwork on-line and at once, no month long waits.
    2. We hook a 3-D printer up next to to the kiosk and SHAZAM we walk out with our new suppressor. It’s all good.

  • Treyh007

    I can’t find their app in the apple App Store, anybody know what’s it called?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      The iOS version isn’t out yet… Very soon.

  • Gus Butts

    Why is their logo a pokéball?

  • Emperius

    So these stupid laws go in effect easily, yet ANY attempt to repeal the ’34, ’68, or ’86 laws are impossible to get going. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT NEED PERSONAL IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION TO DATABASE GUN OWNERS FOR FUTURE CONFISCATION.
    Ban the NFA. If a citizen wants to own, purchase and manufacturer under the 4th amendment, then he or she shall be able to, period.

  • klapa

    It is my understanding if the trust is made properly other trustees can be added after the fact – it is not necessary to do all at once.