This photo was posted from a Minnesota gun buy back. I have to hand it to the person that created this masterpiece. The serial number is particularly amusing. Looks like a creation by Royal Nonesuch. According to the article, one person they interviewed is using his $200 in gift cards to go buy another gun.


  • Al Wise

    The camo tape surely indicates this is a hunting shotgun.

    • iksnilol

      That doubles as a boat paddle.

      • oldman

        A survival gun for sure.

        • PK

          Might be based on the Mosin, going by looks. Multi-functional firearm/oar, just needs a bayonet half as long as the barrel.

          • CupAJoe

            No, it’s a refinement of the mosin.

          • Charles

            Many of europe’s early military long arms were intended as bayonet handles

        • iksnilol

          Doesn’t even need ammo, I’m pretty sure you could bludgeon a grizzly with that club.

          • Bill G

            I know I could bludgeon a grizzly with mine. Thing is heavy, even for a carbine.

          • oldman

            A multi purpose survival tool indeed all it is missing is a cutting edge so you can also use it as an ax.

          • Clyde Zackery

            perhaps if it was takendown and end cap removed, one may be able to use the threads for minor cutting

          • oldman

            You may be correct their maybe a missing shovel head or pick ax head like the British ww1 trenching tool. it may lock on to the breach.

          • mbrd

            you guys are missing the trapdoor in the “stock”, wherein all of those accessories are contained. i like the raw bark camo on the bottom of the continuous stock/forend…

          • Edeco

            One can dig a survival latrine with the pipe

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      Does it take glock mags?

      • Sure, just tape a couple right on there!

        • A bearded being from beyond ti

          I hope it comes in 10mm…

          • Sure! 10mm, 3/8, 7/16– whatever kind of socket you wanna use!

      • George Smythson

        hey, it’s clearly labeled as a 12 gauge shot-gun… so, no it shouldn’t…

        • A bearded being from beyond ti

          Do you understand jokes?

          • George Smythson

            Of course, that’s my point–if it’s clearly labeled as a 12 gauge shot-gun, it wouldn’t accept glock magazines–maybe siaga…, but not glock… sheesh…

    • 11b

      No, the camo tape makes it a 30 second ghost gun assault clipazine. That is 1 feature out of 3 in NY, along with the tactical wooden stock and threaded barrel that allows for a 3db silencer to eliminate sentries.

      • B-Sabre

        And it has a thing in the back that goes up.

    • Laionidas

      Looking at it on a small phone screen, I thought it was papier mache.

    • Chuck

      I notice that the camo is pink. Was it a woman who created this superb shot shell cannon?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    So in Minnesota you can tape a pipe to a 2 x 4 and the cops will give you a $200 gift card?

    I dont have extreme confidence in their detective skills.

    • iksnilol

      It is more advanced than that… you also need an endcap and nail.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Im scared.

        • iksnilol

          Comrade, this is *ADVANCED* DIY crafting after all.

      • ostiariusalpha

        So it’s hammer-fired? *Ba-dumpsh*

        • I Am Who I Am

          “Striker” fired, I’m sure

          • Kivaari

            Slam fired

    • JoelC

      If you read the comments of the people that were there, the police were happy to give the guy the money and joke around for a bit. They thought the gun buyback was just as ridiculous as those that took advantage of it. It was donated money from some anti-gunners for a buyback, and the locals actually bought any guns worth anything.

      • I remain forever irritated that the one time in recent memory they had one of these idiotic displays of ninnyism in Austin, I was out of town for the weekend. I would abso-tootly have showed up with large money and filled up the bed of the truck with FTF bargains in the parking lot.

        • RSG

          That was done at this buy back as well.

        • Cory C

          Man, you’re not kidding. I’d be right there with you. It’d be like an episode of Storage Wars. Haha.

        • ckeltz3

          Oooooooooo-k…..I get your 1st sentence, but did the pot smoke wafting by from Austin throw you for a loop when you were writing the 2nd???

    • Jamie Clemons

      It is a slamfire shotgun. It may look ugly but it will actually fire.

  • Anomanom

    Police should have taken it away and beaten him about the head with it. OTOH, bloke is probably on a watch list now, so there’s that.

    • DataMatters

      Whose side are you on? If the government is stupid enough to do these “buybacks” which is just about the greatest oxymoron of a term in history, and people can non-violently protest this nonsense in such a clever manner, why should the police be assaulting people who committed no crime?

      Also, some guys rescued various decent guns during that event using legal, face-to-face private transactions.

      I think every one of us should mail a 30-round AR mag to a random address in NY State. Flood the damn state with these things.

      Also, MA is trying to make every gun owner a felon RIGHT NOW. It needs everybody’s attention unless you want to be fighting a bloody civil war at some point. There’s still time to stop them.

      • nicholsda

        Not random addresses, addresses of politicians who are anti firearms. Then call the cops on them as soon as the package is delivered. 😀 Make sure there is a phony receipt in there too with their name on it just for good measure. He He He!

    • Eric

      Ahh yes, the token British/Australian with no discernible sense of humor whatsoever. Thank you for reminding us once again why we broke away from your empire and have overshadowed you in every way.

      • Anomanom

        Actually, I’m American (but yes, I get mistaken for british from time to time, I ain’t bovvered). But I really hate it when fellow gun owners act like twats very publicly. It’s hard enough when a lot of people think that gun owners are all crazy or criminals, and then you have a guy like this with his “Herp derp, i’m gonna rip off the cops with mah phony gun” and it just reinforces the negative stereotypes.

        • Matthew Cole Canil

          If you can be in violation of the law for manufacturing these outside regulations established allowing a person to make one, then you sure as hell should have the right to turn it in like any other. There are rules as to what constitutes a firearm and also allowing them to be built(but also restricting how many per year, and stating what licenses you need to make more than that, and they would cover this.) Also this design while crude is basically included among other in the at least 1 US army manual as improvised weapon, so its clearly lethal enough to be considered, so yeah it not pretty gun, but its a gun and so those who live by the rule book and operate unjustly can screw themselves in effect, and a lot harder than that end-cap was probably screwed on. Also its as advanced in effect as some revolutionary war gun, we forget that guns have long history and that at one time the Bolt action was revolutionary tech.

        • If the cops are going to conduct trite political theater, they can bloody well be part of somebody else’s act at the same time.

          Gun ~~buybacks~~ are intrinsically ridiculous endeavors, and by their very nature are perfectly ripe for exactly this sort of mockery and political counter-stunt.

          • Sulaco2

            Having been on on these the cops have little to no say in these buy backs. The politicians set the rules and use the cops to run them wheither they want to or not.

        • Swarf

          He didn’t rip off the cops, he ripped off the nincompoops who put up the money for the gun exchange, and more power to him.

          The cops knew exactly what he was doing and thought it was funny, from all I’ve read of the story.

    • Bill

      I think the programs are stupid, but as a cop, this stuff is just juvenile and irritating. I’d thank the guy for wasting my time and the taxpayer’s money.

      • ostiariusalpha

        It wasn’t taxpayer money, it was donated by anti-gunners. No sensible people were harmed in the transaction.

        • Bill

          My mistake, except for the cop’s time. I just see too much stupid-on-stupid shenanigans on a daily basis to do anything but more eye-rolling at stuff like this, to the point I’m nearing disability.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Eh, the cops got paid to chat with the local firearms community. That has to be more fun than trying to find a cooperative witness for any crime in the projects, though neither is particularly productive.

      • Matthew Cole Canil

        Thank you for being a cop and doing the duties such as responding to genuine crimes and protecting the innocent. If you enforce crap like this, that you don’t support, well then ‘less’ thanks, he’s not the only one in that equation “wasting the taxpayers(or donors) money”(two to tango). Keep safe out there and please focus on crime as we got as much of that as humor, but nobody is laughing.

      • It isn’t taxpayers who approve the officer overtime for silly grandstanding political stunts like this. Somebody with an office and a personal staff was pandering to some organization with deep campaign donation pockets, and nevermind the actual crimes those officers might have been preventing on the clock otherwise.

    • gunsandrockets

      bloke is on a watch list? Don’t you know how these things work? Don’t you know how they entice people to give those guns up?

      It’s no questions asked. Turn the gun over and get your prize.

      Do you think anyone would ever turn up to one of these events if the cops were recording names and taking pictures?

      • I hate to break it to the criminals of the world who might be listening in, but 5-0 is abso-honkin’-lutely conducting surreptitious recordings at these doofy events, and I wouldn’t believe them for a moment if they say they aren’t immediately trotting any likely prospects down to the testing lab for bullet comparisons with any unidentified murder weapons on file.

        • Pastor Dan

          Danny Reagan’s team, maybe. When I hear straight from some real cops doing that, I will be surprised.

  • Martin M

    This needs to happen more often. Besides, it’s already our money. We should get some of it back and put it to good use. Like buying new firearms that keep people employed. You could even bill it as a job creating activity.

    • jeff

      The problem is you need a manufacturers license to manufacture guns for sale like that. Now you probably would not get in any trouble if you did it a few times, but if you turn in a lot of pipe guns that you made in your garage for $10 and you want to make a profit, it will raise some flags. You may need an FFL aswell, not quite sure

      • I sincerely hope someone goes through the paperwork to set up an actual business doing this. The world needs more satirical political performance art to highlight just how asinine and ridiculous things like “buybacks” are.

        • Cymond

          Honestly, I have a few junk guns I’d like to be rid of, but have never been able to locate a buyback in my area. At most, Google finds a news story from a few years earlier.

          • mstrmstr

            Is there a limit to the number of guns to buyback? At 200.00 I can profit since there is still an imported pistol for about 125.

          • Cymond

            I’m sure there’s some limit, but I have read stories of buys who have manufactured a dozen of these short barreled pipe shotguns and sold them off. Of course, other buybacks have limits. I’ve never actually managed to find one happening in any of the areas that I’ve lived.

            And sure, it’s “no questions asked” at the buyback, but you’re still technically violating the NFA, and it would suck to be caught with them en route to the buyback.

        • mbrd

          wow… absolutely!

      • tonyton

        A form 1 and $200 dollars, you can be the manufacturer.! You’re right. A private party can manufacture (after form 1 approval) but can’t sell item(s) without a Manufacturers license and an FFL. A private party needs a form 1 for each piece, so it’s more feasible (safer?) to buy a $200 shotgun. I THINK a buyback is no questions asked, and they’ll take anything that shoots.

      • BigR

        It’s just a joke, jeff! Lay back, relax and enjoy the scenery. The guy got paid good money that was put up by some libturd that knows nothing about nothing! I’ll take that libturd’s money any day!

      • Kivaari

        That gun is legal to make for personal use. You can’t go into production for sale. You can make what ever firearm you like that meets the standards of length and rifling.

      • Gunner4guy

        Ummm, maybe not. If you ‘donate’ the gun to the buy-back and they, in turn, ‘donate’ the money to you for your assistance and community service……. Yeah, kind of a gray area but if you look at it as a kind of C&R type transaction……..

    • Martin M

      The amazing thing about this shotgun is it’s 100% completely compliant in states with stubborn rules. NO bayonet lug. NO detachable magazine. NO pistol grip. NO scary black stock. NO semi or full auto capability. NO scary stuff.
      What’s not to love!?

    • Jon Seaver

      Given the amount of, well, manure involved in this event, could we term it “shovel ready”?

  • stephen

    “one person they interviewed is using his $200 in gift cards to go buy another gun”

    Time to buy stock in HighPoint.


  • karmicforce01

    High capacity death club for sure.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    Should have put the shoulder-thing-that-goes-up on it and tried to score the 300 bucks.

    • gunsandrockets
      • BigR

        Now, I’ll buy that for a dollar!

    • Has anyone ever managed to figure exactly what the butt that dingus was trying to describe? The folding shoulder rest from a light machine gun, maybe? Folding stocks in general? That goofy shoulder hook thing that was only ever on the SPAS-12?

      • Cymond

        When asked what a barrel shrouds is during an interview, Carolyn McCarthy replied “a shoulder thing that goes up”, thus proving that she didn’t even understand her own legislation.

        • That… was what I was referencing, yes; I was asking if anyone ever figured out what the heck she thought she was talking about.

          • iksnilol

            Maybe stocks in general? because it is a shoulder thing that you bring up (IE “goes up”).

          • ostiariusalpha

            I bet it was an underfolder, those are scary because then you can fit the whole rifle in your pocket.

          • iksnilol

            When you say it like that… I should really donate some money to Everytown for Gun Safety.

          • RSG

            Sorry, but I really did laugh as I read that. Bwahahaha POCKET!!!!!!

          • nicholsda

            Some people have deep pockets. ;^)

          • Maybe one of those overfolding machine pistol wire stocks that I only ever remember seeing on the original Skorpion and a popular brand of cap gun from the ’80s? It really is hard to figure out what the heck people who have actual negative amounts of clue are thinking when they say dumb stuff.

        • Voice_of_Reason

          they do NOT CARE what their legislation actually says, as long as it incrementally makes guns “more harder” to get.

          The vast majority of gun laws have had zero positive impact on crime. Maybe the NICS system deters some folks, I don’t know. But arbitrarily banning stuff just doesn’t work.

          What does seem to work is strict sentences for committing crimes with guns.

          • Cymond

            I assume you mean violent crimes, or crimes with victims.

            I am sick & tired of non-violent, victimless “gun crimes” like simply passing through the wrong state. It adds 2 hours to my drive each to avoid Maryland while visiting my parents (and adds about $30 in tolls, too).

          • Voice_of_Reason

            Yes, exactly. It’s obscene that some states ruin people’s lives who have harmed no one and who are doing something perfectly lawful right across a state border. The constitution should be interpreted so capriciously.

        • mbrd

          oh hell, that was carolyn mcarthy? i somehow had been attributing this to feinstein all of these years… for the vastness of my gun nerdity i’ve still had the wrong culprit this whole time; farshootin’out!

          • Cymond

            Me too, I was surprised when I googled it.

      • John Yossarian

        That “terrifying” flip-up buttplate from an M14?

      • georgesteele

        I know EXACTLY what she was trying to describe – it’s obvious; there’s only one thing that goes up from a shoulder, and that’s a head. And in her case, it’s made out of wood – and is proof positive that our voting process is broken into pieces, when a pine board substitutes for the brain of a legislator. A barrel shroud makes a gun safer, because it stops a hot barrel from setting her head on fire. What a waste of protoplasm . . .

  • Don Ward

    I like how the creator makes sure that this is ATF legal with the barrel length of 23 inches. That’s understanding your enemy right there.

    • Cory C


  • Brian Peterson

    Tactical as duck.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      Needs more slide cuts

  • Swarf

    This project has better welds on it than any of Royal’s.

    • mbrd


  • Bill

    So a juvenile stunt like a buyback program gets a juvenile stunt like a toy shotgun. I’d be inclined to give him his 200 beans of taxpayer’s money in pennies.

    • crackedlenses

      Lol, if a government program insists on being a juvenile stunt I don’t see why we have to treat it with any kind of respect.

    • MrEllis

      Have him prove it works first.

      • Bill

        Yeah, that, and I’d be standing back a hundred feet or so, with an ambulance on standby.

    • If they’re going to put on a stunt that runs counter to intelligence, I’d totally be willing to use COINstar to process a sack full of pennies.

  • gunsandrockets

    The no-questions asked buyback. A great tool for a murderer to dispose of incriminating evidence.

    • mbrd

      wow, yeah right- do they even screen these things for having been potentially involved in criminal events? seems like that would be cost prohibitive, and therefore exactly the criminally attractive “field of disposal” you describe.

  • Evan

    Hahaha I’d be that guy.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Next gun buyback I’m bringing a piece of wood with a paperclip and plastic straw buy the trailer load.

    That should fire a 22 right?

    • iksnilol

      A plastic straw can fire .22 lr if you get the right size. I mean, it will go banana shaped but it will fire it.

      • Bob

        I watched a video one time of a guy who was shoving .22 cartridges into the end of straws and throwing them up in the air. The straw acted as a drag and ensured the cartridge hit bottom first. On pavement it would go bang. Might be useful for a James Bond/Jason Bourne type who needs a quick distraction, otherwise just a “You’ll put your eye out” party trick.

        • iksnilol

          Use a rubber band, a piece of wood for a grip and a nail and you could build a firearm. Maybe put the straw in a cartridge case (to somewhat hold it together).

          Y’know, good for those gun buybacks. I think straws and nails are cheaper than pipes and planks.

        • Gary Kirk

          Demolition ranch

  • Mattie Dimes

    If you just added a utility knife and a spare roll of tape it’d be a take-down model.

    • Matthew Cole Canil

      Utility knife could be set up as SKS STYLE folding bayonet.

  • Kivaari

    The first time I saw these was in Wendell Fertig’s book, “We Fought Alone”, about the WW2 Philippine fighters that made such shotguns. Kill an enemy and take his better gun, than pass on your homemade shotgun so the next guy can get his Japanese rifle.

  • Badwolf

    Needs rails

    • If he’d attached a short length of warehouse shelving, he could-a made it a Keymod shotgun!

  • slow


  • Tim

    Holy smokes, it’s even got a threaded muzzle!!
    Anyone know where I can get a silencer with NPT?

    • Gunner4guy

      7-Up™ or Pepsi™ or Coke™……?

  • Tim

    What’s irritating about some of these buy backs is the guns get melted down, destroyed or “decommissioned and used in an artwork project.”
    It’s sad when the gun is a nice piece or collectible. It’s illegal to destroy the guns in a buyback here in sandland; they must be resold…

  • John

    HEY! I owned that same gun in college! I think it’s made by Hi-Point!

  • zardoz711

    nothing will ever beat this one

  • Nathan Means

    Ahhhhh!! its a high capacity fully automatic clip fed sawed off shotgun that was bought with a gun show loophole. Noooooooo it will kill us all!

  • BobFromPineCreek

    I might be the only one but I think gun buybacks do serve some purpose. I have a few old guns that are just taking up space in my gun safe that I tried to give away for free to friends but nobody wanted and multiple pawn shops and gun stores said it would cost them more money to take them in than it would to sell them (they’re all single shot break-action .22s or 12 gauges I bought for $75 each when I first got into shooting) I’d gladly give them up even for a $20 gift card just so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

  • Realist

    More liberal idiocy…

  • datimes

    Chicago had a buy back about 20 years ago. People were driving to the suburban gun shops and buying as many as a dozen new cheap .25’s for $70-80 and driving immediately back selling them to the buy back for $200-250.

    • Great_Baldung


    • Gunner4guy

      Remember sitting in the squadroom watching the news about that, laughing our heads off and glad the politicians stayed next door over in Chicago….LOL!

  • Budogunner

    I wish there was a buy back near me. I’ve got a rusty, shot-out sks I purchased for spare parts. They can have the barreled action for $200, no problem.

  • mazkact

    This is great. How about we stop using the erroneous term “buy back”, it just infuriates me . The new world order is not interested in proper terms only terms that somehow sound appealing to the masses. The only entity who can buy back anything is the same who sold it. Not slamming the author as “Buy back” is what these stupid libtard cities call them.

    • J.E.Walker

      The term is meant to infuriate you. It’s part of their gig.

  • Bob

    back in 04 when I lived in MN, they used to do this CRAP all the time.
    I knew guys who would bring CRAP down there and get money. I also knew guys who would stand near the “turn in site” and inspect the guns and some were a good buy and the guy would buy it for more then the city or state was offering them.
    Gov’t officials are so smart!! har har

  • sb

    Questions…..could a private citizen institute a buy back program?

    • DIR911911 .

      yep , it’s called craigslist 🙂

  • Sasquatch

    Oh the ignorance…..

  • J.E.Walker

    I am all in favor of taking advantage of any loony liberal who wants to pay me good money for a worthless piece of pipe and wood. I’d like to see this happening everywhere.

    Liberals are soooooo stupid.

  • Jones2112

    Suckers…I need to get some pipe, duct tape and an old beat up piece of wood, slap it all together then pass it off as a “firearm” and make some money selling at the next gun back in our area…LOL

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    One of the few disadvantages of living in a free state is that I’m not able to participate in these fun gun buy-back programs. A hat tip to The Firearms Blog for sharing the pictures so I can still enjoy them from afar.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Pro Tip: It looks like the stock is partially free floated to improve the accuracy. I really appreciate it when a firearms manufacturer goes that extra distance, particularly on their lower priced models.

  • Hugo Dewitt

    Thank goodness that was Minnesota!

    I think that gun would be illegal in California and New York. Looks like an AR (alternative rifle) to me.

  • Chuck Burns

    That ingenious design perfectly met it’s intended purpose as a trade item. Market value is $200 in gift cards.

  • kcshooter

    No safety?

  • Don’t Lug It Around

    It’s only legal cuz my bud Sketter told this dude to chisel off the bayonet lug before “selling” it to an…entity…that…didn’t…sell…it…in…the…first…place…so…how…could…they…buy…it…back? Balsa wood be good like dat!

    FYI: The yellow “indicator” on the barrel is where you (i.e. the “customer”) J-B Weld the scout scope.

    P.S. An Airsoft version IS in the works!

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Looks like an assault cricket bat to me…..

  • Dirty_Old_Madman

    Do you gotta unravel the tape to reload?

  • Imelda

    Beautiful hardwood grain. That’s nicer than my finest tomato plant stakes.

  • disqus_XlYouOiadt

    Are you sure it was Minnesota?… looks like it was plucked from the bloody streets of gun-free Toronto.

  • Hank Seiter

    What I don’t understand is why there isn’t a kitchen knife duct taped to the end of the barrel in case a wounded goose needs a coup de grace.

  • steve

    how is the guy who said he’s going use his gift card to buy a new gun going to do that? does he mean he’s going to sell it? since I highly doubt they gave out gift certificates to places that sell guns.

  • will_ford

    HEY! A gun is a gun. JUST ask a liberal. SMH @ the stupid.

  • James Matters

    OMG!!! Its a destructive device; not a rifle! You could drop a cherry BOMB down the muzzle and it would be a MORTAR! The horror…

  • WRBuchanan

    This person needs to be appointed head of the ATF!

  • SheriffJon

    Good thing he turned it in. Just think what could have happened if he walked past a school with this thing in hand. It’s obviously disguised to prevent police from recognizing it for the mass shooting potential it represents.

  • David169

    Actually during WW-2 the guerilla fighters in Philippines made guns like this. They used a 3/4″ pipe with an end cap that had a hole for a nail (firing pin). They loaded this with a 12 gauge shell. Once it was loaded the pipe was carefully wrapped with wire at the breach end to increase the strength. The idea was to bushwack a lone soldier and take his rifle and ammunition. I’m sure they were as dangerous to the user as the target.

  • cageordie

    The barrel has a gas port and a threaded muzzle so the ignorance just gets greater. That’s an M4 profile barrel with the narrow part covered in tape. A crime in itself since it was a compromised design with that ‘tactical’ narrow part ahead of the gas block so an M203 grenade launcher would still fit. The cheap option instead of changing the M203 barrel clamp.

  • kogk1943

    You can NOT make this up if you tried.

  • Robert4709

    Where’s the infamous Feinstein bullet button?

  • Charlie

    Nice way to trade up!

  • Lawrence Pirkl

    This shows the stupidity of gun grabbers. I could put together a useless gun from junk parts and make some money on them.

  • Jamie Clemons

    I built a slamfire shotgun. They actually work fairly well.

  • Mark Bertolet

    The lack of an extended hi-cap mag. or two handgrips, and the fact that it is not painted black for sure eliminates any possibility of it being labeled an assault weapon

  • I always marked under the grip panel with a sticky note hanging out to indicate where the mark was.

  • Chuck

    I’m a born and raised MINNESOTAN.

    Please accept my sincere apology for what happened in Minneapolis . Of course our dutiful media happily reported on the buyback with only a passing comment that one gift card recipient didn’t think buybacks work & that they are only meant as “feel-good” activities but he thanked them for the $200.
    I only wish I had some old pipe laying around and I could have had a great shopping spree on the city, also.
    Again, I apologize on behalf of all of the good gun owners in Minnesota for having idiots for police chiefs and non-profits like Pillsbury United Communities who sponsored the event.

  • BR549

    If you hold it vertically, you can use it as a survival antennae ……. you know, for those times when you’re outrunning those douchebags in the blue helmets trespassing on US soil, and shear you regular antenna off at the base.

  • Gunner4guy

    LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

  • Gunner4guy

    Many of these are the same ones who ‘p’ and moan about having to qual all the time for the job and just barely score enough to get by. My comment that if it was such a ‘chore’ then maybe they needed to find a new line of work wasn’t appreciated too much. Wasn’t happy having one of these officers riding with me cause I knew I might not get backed up. Soooo glad I hit 63 & retired.

  • Stephen Maro

    Been waiting for one near NoVA (DC or Baltimore). I have a couple that look nice, but would cost more to fix than replace. I couple use some $200 gift cards 🙂

  • Wirth Road

    Scamming Uncle Scam at his own game…