NEW: Halo XL450 Laser Rangefinder

Just in time for the fall hunting season a new laser rangefinder is being added to the HALO lineup. Knowing how far away game really is has far more to do with a successful hunt than bragging rights of the “he was *this* far away…” variety. Being aware of distance means a greater ability to calculate drift and drop, meaning you as the hunter are able to make a clean kill. When it comes to choosing a rangefinder, you need one that’s both accurate and capable of calculating more than just a single distance over a flat surface. The new Halo XL450 promises all that and more.

The Halo XL450 delivers the accuracy hunters need within +/- one yard out to distances up to 450 yards. That means this new laser rangefinder covers plenty of distance for the majority of hunters. In addition to ranging single objects while in standard mode the XL450 can also be used in Scan Mode to range multiple targets back to back. In Scan Mode there’s no need to reactivate the laser; readings are simply taken consecutively. Perhaps the rangefinder’s greatest feature is its AITM – Angle Intelligence Technology – which not only detects slopes but compensates for them for a truly accurate reading. The final “shoots like” AITM readout is provided in both modes. Other features include 6X magnification and an internal LCD display for the reticle, numerical display, battery level, and unit of measure.

Pete Angle, Plano Synergy Vice President of Marketing, had the following to say about the new Halo XL450 laser rangefinder: “A quality laser rangefinder is one of the most important conservation tools hunters can carry into the field. We have a responsibility to the animals we pursue to make a clean shot, and that responsibility begins with knowing the true range of any animal we set our sights on.”

The Halo XL450 comes with a one-year warranty and is powered by one CR2 lithium ion battery, which is included. MSRP $99.99.

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  • Xtorin O’hern

    i think i know what video game inspired the looks and name…..

  • JumpIf NotZero

    450 yards? LOL.

    My 300y zero gives me a center hold on an 8″ target out to 425-450.

    This is a bad product.

    • Marcus D.

      Why does the fact that a 300 yard zero on your (unspecified caliber) particular rifle is GTG for longer ranges make this a bad product? Not everyone has a flat shooting long range rifle, ya know. I shoot out on BLM land where there are no marked distances, and a cheap range finder that allows me to set up targets at determinate distances is a very useful product. By comparison, most range finders are in the many hundreds of dollars, pricing them out of the range of a casual intermediate distance shooter.

    • treebasher

      Maybe not a bad product but an unnecessary product. 165 Sierra Game king at 2600 fps has an 8″ target max point blank range of 318 yards. Spend your money on improving your marksmanship skills.

  • Blake

    I’ve been wanting to add a laser rangefinder to my bag of gear, thinking it could be incredibly useful in certain scenarios.

    I’m not a game hunter though, and after purchasing a scope with the PA ACSS reticle any real-world rangefinding need I might have is covered. I love that freaking reticle.