Serbian AKs Get Modern with the B 15

A design out of Serbia, from a company named NB International New Arms Technologies, is incorporating a number of features from around the market onto the Kalashnikov platform, in what they call the “Assault Rifle, B 15”. The rifle takes inspiration from the folding stock of the G36, what looks to be a CAA AK grip, possibly the selector switch from a Czech Vz 58, and Diamond Head BUIS sights mounted on a full length picatinny rail. In fact I think the only feature that seems to be original on the rifle is the design of the receiver, which is very clean sided compared to your traditional Kalashnikov rivet and dimple sides. However I might even be wrong with this as it may just be some sort of tight fitting sheath on top of it.

Assault Rifle BАК47, in calibre 7.62 x 39 mm I 7.62 x 51mm, was modernized gun on the basis of Kalashnikov system.

It is a gas operated rifle, and locking system is rotating bolt.

Reliability of its functioning in various climates and terrains was confirmed by strict testing methods, in accordance with military standards. Due to this, the rifle was included in the armament of the Serbian Military.

The barrel is cold forged with chrome plated interior. This provides durability and exquisite precision of the asault rifle.

Good solutions for ergonomy and excellently balanced weight provide mild recoil and easy control of fire.

Flash hider covers the position of the shooter.

Applied materials, handguards and folding stock made of polymer, and finish on the metal parts provide simple maintenance.

Type of fire is selected by an lever, which has three positions: single shot, burst, safety on.

The caliber of this rifle is listed as 7.62x39mm but interestingly also 7.62x51mm NATO. Which apart from the early Galils and today’s commercial VEPRs and Saigas, there are very few chamberings for the 7.62x51mm NATO round in the Kalashnikov platform. The specifications list the magazine capacity at 20 rounds for the NATO chambering and 30 for the M43 chambering, in addition to the barrel being longer with the NATO. If the company is making this rifle from their own machinery and tools, then this shouldn’t be a problem. However if they are relaying on imported or bought Kalashnikov parts kits or receivers, then I assume supply will become an issue, and with that questions of quality.


I do like how the receiver cover seems to seamlessly fit into place, where you almost can’t tell where it comes off the rifle. It looks like the rifle borrows an H&K sort of disassembly, wherein a user pokes out the two side pins that hold the stock in place, while also holding the operating components within the receiver in place as well. Judging from the selector switch between Semi and Burst, it looks like this is rifle destined for the military contract market as opposed to the civilian one. The majority of the companies products are made for the civilian one, with Sig 226 copies, hunting rifles, and traditional AK versions.


Much Thanks to Hrachya H. for the tip!


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  • Kyle

    That is one ugly AK.

  • andrey kireev

    They managed to make gun uglier than an AK…. At least they got that going for them !

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    An AK with a tight fitting sheath, eh?

    Sounds adequate for protection.

  • AK

    This is just putting lipstick on a pig. If they really wanted to reinvent the AK, I would have modded the safety to an AR-type, and the moving parts could have been made to be removable en bloc with the top cover with an integral gas tube, which would also create a monolithic rail. Also, they could have put a non-reciprocating handle on the side of the top assembly, a little further out (like HK). Now that would be reinventing the AK.

  • Ak picasso

    Ak’s are not ugly. They r a portrait of beautiful simplicity.

    • Doom

      I agree, people hate on AK’s and Glocks. I like how they look and how incredibly simple they are in operation and maintenance.

  • Henrik Bergdahl

    Oh no! It got tacticancer!

  • Ben Loong

    You’d think after all these years the Serbs could do more than just make cosmetic changes to an AK.

    • Tritro29

      This is not Zastava, it’s private company with dubious ideas. Zastava has its own views on the matter and they don’t include AC/DC cancer for ears.

      • Ben Loong

        Oh yeah, what was that new rifle they came up with? The M21?

        • Tritro29

          Yeah the M21, cheap upgrade with decent appeal for defenses on a budget.

  • Tritro29

    INAT meaning hate/rancor/bravado all in one, one can only approve the way the Serbians roll.

    • iksnilol

      I’d more accurately translate it as defiance for the sake of defiance.

  • Amplified Heat

    Heckler & Kalashnikov

    • SP mclaughlin

      Kebab & Remover

  • ABeiruty

    What wrong with SIG 762R?

  • DanGoodShot

    I’ve noticed a “touch” of western influence within the militaries of those areas fairly recently. Heck, Russia has adopted multicam although they call it something else. I forget what at the moment. But it’s clearly multicam. Also, if you watch the videos put out by Larry Vickers when he went over there you’ll see heavy western influences on the rifles but with some really sweet features all of their own. I gotta say, west meets east makes for some really kick as equipment.

    • Friend of Tibet

      Samething happenning in China.

      • DanGoodShot

        Ha! I guess so huh. Lol. That kind of figures seeing that we send them all our blueprints to build the crap for us cheaper than it can be built here in America thanks to all the tax laws. We do all the research, development and specs for them. They don’t have to “capture” something. We freely send everything they need. Once again, Thanks US Gov! Way to go!

        • AK

          Yeah, then on top of that the Pentagon spends 20 bucks on those mechanix gloves per pair, when the Chinese get them for 1/10 the price or less. I wouldn’t be surprised if they intentionally overproduced foreign military orders and pocketed the stock overrun for domestic use. That would be smart.

  • kregano

    This looks like something a small time US manufacturer would do to make a cheap modernized/tacticool AK.

    Also, this thing could use an FNC style dust cover and at least AR safety placement.

  • Elvis

    Sweet! They’ve copied an obsolete gun almost in its entirety, making a much newer, obsolete gun.

    Long stroke piston. The way forward, since 1947…or at least until 1947.

  • ReadyorNot


  • SLi-Fox

    I had to mute the video. I normally like AC/DC, but it just didn’t seem right paired with this junk.

    • Anonymoose

      Back in Black would have made more sense.

  • Anonymoose

    No mention of the M77, Miles?

    • wysoft

      Yeah since it’s Serbian and appears to be based on M70 series components, I would guess that the 7.62 NATO version is a retooled M77.

  • Agitator

    Dat height over bore…

  • iksnilol

    If it is a Serbian AK variant you can expect it to not have a chrome lined bore and that it’ll weigh about 0.5 kg more than it has to.

    • john huscio

      Except they specifically said it has a chrome lined bore….

  • john huscio

    Looks like a zahal pistol grip

  • steve

    9 lbs though?

  • M

    That receiver is way too smooth for AK