The New Vortex/Cabela’s Intrepid Series of Optics

Vortex Optics announced the company was working with outdoor retailer Cabela’s on a new product line called the Intrepid Optics Series. The new line consists of three products currently: a rifle scope, a spotting scope and a binocular.

Intrepid Rifle Scope

This scope is a variable power optic with a fairly wide range: 4.5-22x with a 50mm objective lens. The scope has many of the features one would expect from a good quality hunting optic including a sealed and argon purged body to help prevent fogging and water intrusion. The body is machined from a single piece of aluminum and has a 30mm tube diameter.

Vortex uses multi coated lenses and applies a proprietary anti-reflecting coat. The usesĀ a hashmark style, MOA based reticle. These scopes are available in the Cabela’s stores and online. It looks like the online price is $799.99.

Intrepid Spotting Scope

To go with the rifle scope above, Cabela’s and Vortex are also offering a 20-60x spotting scope. This spotter uses an 80mm objective lens and has the same multi coating applied to the lenses. The exterior of the scope has a rubber coating. As with the rifle scope, this is available in stores and online. It carries a MSRP of $799.99.

Intrepid Binocular

The Intrepid Binocular follows the same general build as the previously described optics: multi coated lenses, sealed body, etc. The binoculars offer a fixed 10x magnification (42mm objective). The price will also sound familiar: $799.99.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Frank Grimes

    A chicom POS scope made by Vortex?

    Wow, what an original and innovative company.

    • JMR

      Probably made by LOW.

      Since when is Japan Chicom?

      • Frank Grimes

        Oh wow, so different.

        A bunch of cannibals that bombed Pearl Harbor is so much better.

        • JMR

          I don’t think Japan has any history of Cannibalism, at least not wide spread.

          And Japan (and LOW) is extremely different then ChiCom, Japan is making some of the best glass in the industry right now (not just scopes camera lenses as well) and make many of the high end scopes for a lot of companies. Including the High end Vortex Gen II.

          IIRC. Vortex doesnt make anything in China, it’s all Japan, Philippines, or the USA.

          In fact Vortex is the Only scope manufacturer that makes a scope 100% in the USA. The only one. US optics and even Luepold do not.

          • Frank Grimes

            I don’t care

          • JMR

            You obviously care enough to make completely false and libelous statements.

          • Mrninjatoes

            You don’t care and you are wrong. Sad existence.

          • Frank the comment you made earlier was deleted. Racism will get you gone about as fast as anything on TFB. It’s not relevant to the topic to say the least.

          • Frank Grimes

            So “cannibals” is a race now?

            Where did they find you, Tumblr?

        • Mrninjatoes

          Hey Frank. It’s 2016. The American/Chinese and Japanese economies are intertwined and that is a good thing. Countries that trade, don’t trade lead.

          LOW makes great products. Ever heard of Nightforce? Those are made at LOW. High end Bushnell? LOW EoTech’s new scope? LOW.

          • Frank Grimes

            And the queers can get married in 2016 too, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

            Unless you wanna marry a dude I guess.

          • Mrninjatoes

            It is a human rights thing. If you study history, you will realize that this is a great time in human history. Not sure how dudes who want to marry dudes pertain to Japanese optics.

          • Frank Grimes

            And I’m not sure about what year it is has to do with scope quality.

            But you still felt the need to bring it up, didn’t you?

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            Hey Frank. It’s a long weekend.
            Try not to kick the dog and beat your wife too much.
            You need a hug?

          • Frank Grimes

            Not sure what my comments on an article about chicom airsoft scopes has to do with kicking a dog, but you have a good weekend.

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            Those pesky commies.
            Better lock and load

          • iksnilol

            Well, scope quality has drastically improved. So it is kinda relevant.

          • It doesn’t—

          • iksnilol

            Hey! I am not giving up on James, okay!?

            Even if it weren’t legal, I’d still not give up! YOU HEAR ME!?

      • iksnilol

        Well, they got slanted eyes, that’s gotta count for something.

  • Ernie

    I actually work for them and hadn’t seen this on sale yet, interesting.

    It’s amazing how much the company coaches it’s employees to buy Vortex over all else. Essentially trash talk everyone else.

    • Mrninjatoes

      So you don’t like to support your company? Are Vortex scopes that bad?

    • FightFireJay

      That coaching isnt coming from corporate, were pretty nuetral at my store.

      We have two of the new scopes in stock. JUST came in.

    • Cabelas Frequent Flier

      Ernie, do you work for Cabelas or for Vortex? I assume Cabelas.

      If so, that makes sense if they are tied up with Vortex now, but it is sad to see Cabelas struggling these days.

      Also sad to see how much low quality gear (I’m not saying anything bad about Vortex specifically, no experience with their stuff) they over-hype as good gear, when it is in fact cheap junk. Reminds me a bit of what happened to LL Bean 20-odd years ago when they moved their manufacturing to China too. I have spent a ton of money at Cabelas over the last decade. Probably like $100k. But I have learned not to trust their house brands and “bargain basement” approach to off-brand stuff, and just use them to buy gear from brands you already know you can trust, and can buy elsewhere too.

  • DrewN

    Who cares where it’s made? Today’s mid priced scopes (no matter where they are made) are just as good, if not better, than 99% of premium glass over 10 or 15 years old. This seems like a good deal to me and I even like the reticle. Even in second focal plane this seems like a nice scope for a magnum class rifle (like the 700 Sendero in .264 I just picked up for near nothing) and at $800 you aren’t carrying 3 house payments on top of your rig.

  • Beauhooligan

    I still have faith in Cabela’s brand products. If I was going to buy a Vortek scope the challenge would be not buying a choice Nikon or Leupold instead, even if it is a bit more dinero. I recently bought two of their budget scopes, both intended for lever action rifles; one for a Marlin 1894 .44 Mag and another for a same brand .45-70. Both scopes look good, and shoot even better. When I consider that the .44 Mag will most likely be used under 100 yards, and the .45-70 under 150, I think they will do the assigned jobs well. Both scopes mounted easily. I used Warne quick detach bases and rings on the .44 Mag as I also want to use it with factory equivalent semi-jacketed 240 grain HP or SP loads on hogs, and with a previously mounted Lyman tang sight for lead bullet .45 Colt equivalent loads for Cowboy Action Shooting. That’s a serious amount of multi-tasking for one little lever gun, but I really like the Marlin and have it in a seriously stout lock box in the back of my van, with a much used Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk in the same caliber with a cartridge belt and KA-BAR knife to keep it company. There is a used Marlin in the same caliber in great shape at a very good price a local gun shop, and I think I’ll go down and buy it. The only thing that will change my mind is the possibility of finding a Marlin 1894 Cowboy in the same caliber with the longer barrel and Ballard cut rifling. The trick will be deciding to set the rifle up the same as the other, quick detach scope and all, or making it “scope dedicated” for nailing Central California hogs at slightly longer range. California mule deer are usually longer range challenges, which I usually deal with using a recently acquired Savage 7mm Mag or my much used battery of Winchester/Remington/1903 Springfield rifles in .30-06. Some things are so good at what they do, that they become almost eternal, and the .30-06 is a prime example of that, as is the .44 Magnum.