The New DeSantis Outback Holster


Looking for a single holster to do all things? DeSantis thinks they have designed the carry rig for you.

The new Outback rig can be used as an inside the waistband or outside the waistband holster. DeSantis uses a removeable polymer clip to hold the leather holster when used as an IWB rig. The clip allows you to tuck a shirt over the top of the gun, and can be rotated a full 360˚ to get the proper position for your need.

If you prefer to carry OWB, there are slots at either end of the leather scabbard to run your belt through.

Another way the company is trying to make this a universal holster is that it is generic in fitting. It comes in two sizes. The smaller of the two sizes will carry “most small autos and 1911s.” The larger of the rigs should fit “medium to large autos and small revolvers.”

The pouch area that holds the weapon is shaped like a funnel with both the leading and trailing edges having the same slope. According to the company, this allows you to wear the rig on either side of the body.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of holsters that try to do too many things. In my experience, they tend to fail in doing anything really well. It appears the Outback lacks any retention beyond the friction provided by the non-fitted leather panels, meaning that it is very important to have a good quality belt that pulls the gun in tight.

If anyone tries one of these out, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section. The MSRP of only $24.99 will be attractive to many, but I have concerns about how well this rig will actually perform in a self-defense role.

Richard Johnson

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  • Swarf

    I’ve bought a few “universal” holsters in the past, so I’m not going to be a beta tester, but I’m also interested in hearing from others. The price is certainly right.

  • David

    I have never been a fan of Desantis, but this might be heir worst product eva

  • TechnoTriticale

    Single-clip IWB won’t hold cant.

    This looks to me like an OWB holster that could be a temporary ad-hoc IWB, if you leave the J-clip on all the time.

    And not being weapon-specific conformal, I seriously wonder about retention and cant-holding even as OWB.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    As an OWB it looks mediocre. It doesnt have anything holding it even slightly open causing you to either use two hands or point the gun at yourself to get it reholstered. As mentioned in the article, it would require some serious tension to keep the gun from falling out. Also there is nothing keeping the gun from rotating forward and back within the holster. I would honestly prefer “Mexican Carry” over this holster.

    As an IWB it is much worse. The lack of any means of keeping it open is even more significant here since your belt will pull it completely closed making reholstering impossible (if not then your belt probably isnt tight enough for proper retention) Getting a specific cant will be impossible because over time the gun will keep moving back to whatever cant makes the package the most compact against your waist (thus nullifying the “adjustable cant” feature) Actually trying to tuck in a shirt with a quality tuckable holster is enough of a pain. With this it looks like it would be a nightmare if possible at all.

    If youre going to spend $300+ on a gun that you intend to carry, there are plenty of quality leather or kydex holsters for less than $50. If the prior sentence doesnt apply to you, then to answer your only remaining question, yes, your Hi Point will fit.

    • Bill

      I normally budget at least 100 bucks for a holster, though you are correct, there are plenty of good holsters for less.

      This isn’t one of them.

  • Glockwork

    The Desantis Dual Carry II. If this holster sounds like what you’re looking for, get the Dual Carry.

  • Edeco

    Almost neat unicorn logo, but the horn is too stubby.

  • Will

    Nope, nope and nope.
    I agree. Try to be all things and you will fail somewhere.
    I’m still a fan of the old style belt slides fabricated for a specific handgun.

  • Marcus D.

    No way no how. Albeit I am a fan of OWB pancakes, a fitted holster is far better at retaining a firearm than this cheap looking POS. Further, I would take a Yaqui slide over one of these as a massively better choice, even though I personally do not care for them because 1) they do not cover the front of the gun and 2) if the leather separates at all, the front sight can catch on the draw.