CZ 805 Bren SBR (11″ Barrel)

The CZ 805 Bren rifle has officially replace the VZ58 in Czech military service, and this handy 5.56 rifle is certainly turning heads elsewhere as well. Using a short stroke piston and an AR15 style rotating bolt, the 805 is an accurate and reliable rifle suitable for the 21st century.

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • thedonn007

    Yea, but it has a reciprocating charging handle. Actually i have been thinking about buying one of these with a 16″ barrel. However, my AR-15 has been serving me just fine.

    • A Fascist Corgi

      So does the AK, yet I don’t see anyone complaining about it.

      • Dan

        AKs suck because of the reciprocating charging handle…..there I complained.
        Ok I lied it doesn’t bother me at all to have a firearm with a reciprocating charging handle. The ones of times it might snag on something and take it out of battery when I try to engage ISIS in rural SoDak.

        • FarmerB

          Ok – hate coming my way. I’d rather than a reciprocating charging handle than the AR style thing (which is a pain) and save on the forward assist.

  • Tritro29

    If only Putin would agree to have a rerun of Prague’s Spring for the 50th anniversary. wink wink.

    • ReadyorNot

      Puketin is too busy tanking the Russian economy in Ukraine and Syria.. good.

      • Tritro29

        Putin has spent less money in Syria since 2015 than Saudi Arabia just lost in the last months of fighting in Yemen. We’ll be ok don’t worry.

        • ReadyorNot

          A lot of Russian trolls on TFB these days

          • Tritro29

            Facts tend to be difficult to stomach, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to them after a while.

          • ReadyorNot

            Sure thing Sermon, Uh huh, sure, “facts”

          • Tritro29

            …you got the wrong person there buddy. Kinda dumb of an assumption on your behalf, but hey “facts tend to have an anti-american bias…”

          • ReadyorNot

            You have yourself fooled pretty well there kid.

          • Tritro29

            That’s from Isaac Asimov. He wrote in conjunction with that: “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” As said before, you got the wrong guy here, I’m not sermon and you only look dumber for even calling me that way. You’re free to debate about your assumption, i’ll get the blinis and pop-corn.

    • iksnilol

      Oh yeah, because oppressing people worked so well the last time.

      • Tritro29

        They made better rifles last time. I need better rifles. ;-).

        • iksnilol

          True, the can make good rifles.

          Oh man, what if they made Dragunovs, that’d be sick.

          • Tritro29

            Nah that one has been covered quite good at home. However I’d take note of that Viking thing Alexander Arms has been selling for two years now. Degtaryov mechanism and all.

          • iksnilol

            That .338 lapua thingy? Needs a pan mag. 😛

  • Richard

    Do these take pmags? That’s what I have the most of.

    • Wyatt Allyn

      It takes pmags, USGI, and Lancers just fine in my experience.

      • Richard

        Ok thanks

  • Hbonilla89

    Scar 16s or the Bren having both what would you prefer if you could only pick one?

    • Vitor Roma

      Bren comes with a slightly better trigger and much less expensive. The Scar has the weight advantage.

      • M

        SCARs also have better aftermarket options and resale value

  • Kyle

    Great Video Alex I really enjoyed it alot especially the note on recoil. For me if I am spending more than $1000 on a rifle it has to either offer me extreme accuracy, be a bullpup, or have little to no recoil.

    I wanted to also ask if you will be doing a head to head comparison of the 805 bren and the Scar 16s. If so I would be very grateful as I am currently looking at adding one of those rifles to my collection in the future.

    Thank you for your time and always great content.
    – Kyle

    • James Young

      Head to head Bren 805 vs Scar 16s would be interesting. I second Kyle on this

    • John Doe

      Save yourself $500, buy an OEM barebones ar15 kit…..attach one of hundreds of free float tubes…handload…and enjoy 1 moa. Jeezus.

      • Big Dave

        Save $500 and loose 2+ pounds of weight. That thing is a 7.5 lb BRICK!

      • Michael Barrow

        To go with the 10 or so other Ar15s we might have… I understand nothing beats the AR when it comes to cost vs performance, but some people just like having other options, or they like to collect.

        Scar vs Bren video would be interesting.

  • Noir

    I wonder when CZ releases CZ 806 to civilians.. at least here in Czechia..
    CZ 805 is kinde meh..

    • James Young

      Why’s that?

      • Green Hell

        Really rushed underengineered gun, 806 might be a needed fix.

      • ostiariusalpha

        The 806 is more waffle-tastic.

      • Noir

        Weight and its distribution – front heavy, lack of controls (no bolt release), stock, etc..

      • iksnilol

        805 was designed to be made from polymer. They made it out of aluminium. So it is way heavier than it needs to be.

      • On top of everyone else’s comments, the 806 has a non-reciprocating charging handle. That’s the only drawback to the 805 IMO.

        • James Young

          Seems like someone could make a small fortune creating aftermarket non-reciprocating charging handles for Brens and SCARs.

    • FarmerB

      Yeah, that’s what I’m waiting on, as soon as the 806 changes come to the semi-auto version, I’m taking one.

  • AC97

    I wonder how deafening this would be indoors…

  • Big Daddy

    This looks like a really nice gun. Notice there are no sharp edges, everything is beveled. Well thought out for use by troops, especially mech troops with the folding stock. Are they going to make it in 7.62×39 also?

    • Anonymoose

      I think they said they would do 7.62×39 and 6.8SPC versions, but those have yet to materialize.

  • Gary Kirk

    Woohoo!! Another “black” rifle the wicked witch of new York will ban..

  • VF 1777

    “Solution in search of a problem!” — lol, just kidding! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Seriously though, that thing is awesome. Huge CZ fan for a reason. The price point is really makes this a winner in-class. Just as with their P09. Quality craftsmanship, smart designs, excellent QC. Man I love CZ. Wish I had the coin for one of these.

  • From that source huh:-)

  • Jim N Jenna SK

    Another modern military rifle video – keep up the great work. Keep these videos coming!

  • Paladin

    Latest word on the 958 is that it’s been delayed while CZ focuses their manufacturing on the 805 and Scorpion Evo for the US market.

    • Lee Enfield

      Can the 958 ever be brought into the US or is it a Canada only thing? Is there some turf reason between VZ58 importer of US and CZ958 that is keeping it from the US?

      • Paladin

        As I understand it the 958 is exclusive to Wolverine Supplies, the Canadian importer. The version we were slated to get would not be importable into the US without modification.

  • Bob

    To be fair though, a lot of these complaints are not very relevant to Alex C. or most civie shooters. Heavy? Weighted to the front? Mags don’t fit STNAG? Whatever. None of this matters that much on the range or hunting coyotes from an ATV.

  • Bub

    CZ seems to be one of those underrated or at least often overlooked firearms company in the USA. The products I’ve messed used are top notch. Looking forward to your full review of this gun, interested in how the trigger was.