Air Rifle. 100 Yards. Sub MOA.

It has been awhile since we have had an airgun post, so let’s fix that with something truly worthwhile. Professional air gunner and social media personality, “Ted” from Ted’s Holdover has a relaxed style that can get almost anyone interested in to the world of air gunning. He is an ethical hunter and a true marksman, making long distance shots with pellets seem truly easy. To top it off, Ted’s scope-cam videos are well put together, often catching pellets in flight and documenting seemingly impossible shots.

In this episode, Ted places 10 shots into one grouping that measures less than 1 MOA at 100 yards. Not a small feat when you consider .25 caliber pellets weighing in at 27 grains and traveling at 925fps will be moved by even the slightest breeze. If you need evidence of the shots, or just enjoy his videos, Ted’d latest upload is below.

Impressive shooting. The FX Impact seems like a solid performer in the high-end world of Pre-Charged Pneumatic airguns. I especially like the rail/bipod attachment placed near the trigger guard – I’d like to give that a try one of these days. Ted also talks about a technique similar to one used by competition rimfire shooters. Using a sizing sorter or filter, he talks about grouping like-sized pellets for better consistency.

In reality, these high-end PCP guns rival the best rimfire guns currently available.  Even when it comes to their rich pricing.


Ted’s Holdover on YouTube –


FX Airguns – Impact –


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  • thedonn007

    I have been watching his videos for a while now. Definitely worth subscribing. Yes, air rifles can be crazy accurate and precise. They are used in the Olympics afterall.

  • A.WChuck

    There is an Aussie named Harry Fuller who has done much with long range air rifle shooting. His posts are generally of high value. He posts under the name Yrrah or Yrrah down under.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Sweet. I have a Crosman that will group 1″ when shot from 10′ away.. a bit lower budget

  • Jack

    Haven’t watched the video yet but if that’s 1 MOA, over the 10 shot group that’s a much better indicator what’s possible than cherry picking a 3rd string. Sweet!

  • Old Dominion

    Ted’s youTube channel is great, love it. He’s certainly inspired me to consider one. For 50 yards and under, it’s a winner. Yes, I know it can reach out further, but I have to question the cost effectiveness of it.

    Ted’s FX Impact is running about $1,900. Add in the air tank, the connectors and hoses, a compressor, you’re looking at an easy $2,500 to get into that game from a standing start.

    Alternatively, for under $500, I can buy or build a regular rifle that will achieve MOA accuracy with the right ammo. That leaves plenty of money for a silencer and tax stamp.

  • John

    I love the idea of being able to shoot all day for pennies a shot but there is something to be said for doing the same thing with a caliber that can take down a moose. The flinch factor on an air gun is non existent compared to a .308 or .30-06 but for $1 a shot you can’t have fun all day and still pay your mortgage. Still, very nice shooting.

    • John

      One more note, that FX air gun is about $2000. Good thing ammo is cheap!

  • Jim B

    I don’t shoot PCP’s because of all the extra baggage required to keep them running. All of mine are spring piston guns, which jump around quite a bit. They will break a cheap rifle scopes in a heartbeat. Finally resorted to the Leupold VX3 6.5x20x40 AO which is made for them and they work very well.

    • IndyToddrick

      It’s funny, my Gamo is harder on the scope and mounts than an AR-15. After a lot of trial and error I found a good Sightron scope that has held zero for the last two years.

  • Ed Forney

    I used to have a Winchester Mod 70 in 243 with a 10 power weaver scope. I put an empty case on top of a steel fence post at the range at 100 yards, I took a shot, and couldn’t see the case anymore. I was pretty impressed with myself. But when I found the case, I was REALLY impressed. There was a hole thru the neck of the case, with brass on both sides. I wouldn’t even try to guess the odds on that happening again, at ANY range ! Still have it, and that was almost fifty years ago. Probably couldn’t even see it thru the scope now, at my age.

  • Gary Kirk

    Inherent problem with pneumatic rifles.. Same as Co2 rifles.. Loss of continued pressure per round.. Now most mitigate this by means of the regulator, but that doesn’t change the way compressed air acts. Different expansion rates, cooling is different, spreads can be wildly different.

    Now if you spend what this guy does.. you can make one Hell of an air rifle.. And air rifle shooting DOES make you a better shooter.. Try it

  • datimes

    In 1804 Lewis & Clark set out West to see what was there. Upon return they noted one of the most valuable items they brought was the Girandoni air rifle which was extremely expensive at the time. The Indians believed it had magical power as it could kill silently from a distance.

  • adverse4

    Have a .22 Nitro Benjamin break barrel, 4×32 mm scope. Relaxing shooting at roughly 65 feet. Would like to see how it will stretch out past 25 yds. but no room for that. Out of respect for the neighbors, I don’t turn the 12 gauge loose, or the .380. Cans fear me, no bottles, no glass.

  • kcshooter

    Home airgunner tip: oil filters make great targets. You can pick the size you want and the filter material inside captures the pellet and doesn’t allow thru and thru shots. A wrap of masking tape covers the last group, and the midsized ones are good for a couple hundred rounds.

  • Dave

    While not quite in the same league as this FX, the Benjamin Marauder is an excellent PCP alternative that can be had for around $500, and includes integrated shroud (suppression). It can be had in .22 or .25. I prefer shooting spring piston guns but PCP for sure has its place. Best of all, either can be shot in the yard with appropriate precautions.