NEW: Witt Machine 2-Piece Low Profile, Adjustable Gas Block

Witt Machine Gas Block

Witt Machine 2-Piece Low-Profile, Gas Block

Witt Machine has carved out a name for themselves in the gun industry with their muzzle brakes. Now they are trying to tailor a gas block that is better suited for integrally suppressed uppers or pinned muzzle devices. Their newest product does not have a hip buzz-word name behind it. It is simply a 2-Piece Low-Profile, Adjustable Gas Block. With a name like that its not too tough to figure out what they are going for here.

Some people might say that its not much ingenuity to create this, but they are filling a void in the market. Currently, adjustable gas blocks exist. So do 2-piece gas blocks. No one though has made a 2-piece gas block that is also adjustable.

It is offered in two simple finishes of polished stainless steel or black oxide. They constructed these from 416 stainless steel which is by all rights very durable. What concerns me is the amount of screws used to hold it in place. In my experience of mounting optics or installing AR-15 parts for customers over the years, more screws does not always equate to more rigidity. It can become a delicate balance of ensuring all the screws are evenly tightened, none get stripped, and a fun game of is one side torqued down lower than the other?

Like all adjustable gas blocks, this will be great for anyone who flips between shooting suppressed and un-suppressed often. Also, this can help fine tune reloads through gas block adjustments for better accuracy.

The MSRP right now is set at an affordable $79 and with Witt Machine’s track record it should be a decent product.

The complete product page and specification rundown can be found HERE.

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  • Matt B

    2 piece adjustable gas blocks have been out for some time now. I have had a JP Enterprises block on my LR 308 for 2 years.

    • gasblock

      Not for a .750 OD barrel at that price point. JP Enterprises does offer one but it’s 40$ more.

  • DanGoodShot

    The amount of screws was the first thing that jumped out at me. Not only for the reasons stated but also the added bit of weight.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Giant and questionable.

      The SLR block is a vastly better design.

      That said… For someone who (probably foolishly) pinned their muzzle device to their barrel, this could be an option to change gas blocks. The idea is fine, but that thing is way bigger than it needs to be.

      • Jim


  • Anonymoose

    “Low profile,” but can it be any wider?

  • wahooyahoo

    Ummmm, research a bit more. JPGS-9D. Not only is it a 2 piece adjustable gas block, but it’s detent adjustable. And instead of a sub par black oxide finish on stainless, it is a QPQ part.

  • Guesticlese

    Instead of one piece of steel, which heats up and cools off on its own when firing (which could itself will alter barrel harmonics in a negative fashion), you now have two independent pieces of steel which will heat up and cool off separately of each other. I’m not sure an extra variable (both thermally and harmonically) would be a good thing. Though, that’s not to say it’s a bad thing either, necessarily…if it’s done right. Assuming you can get all six fasteners torqued to the exact same inch-pound per fastener, it would probably not be too critical of an issue.

    I always attributed much of the poor accuracy of the mini-14 to its 2-piece gas block, though it’s not the only reason.

  • Longhaired Redneck

    I’ve been trying for the last few days to find out (without making a phone call) how this device functions. Is it infinitely adjustable between zero and full slam, or are there discrete ‘click stops’? I too think that six screws may be heavy double overkill more is too much.