D.S. Arms Gets Booted From Comic-Con Over Missunderstanding

Courtesy of Cheryl V. Jackson / Chicago Tribune

D.S. Arms, the well-known manufacturer of FAL and AR-15 rifles, was booted from Wizard World Comic-Con as a result of a misunderstanding and public pressure earlier this month. The gun manufacturer had already purchased the booth space and was all set up to display their line of replica weapons to sell to cosplayers as props when they were informed 40 minutes prior to the show that they would not be allowed to attend the show.

D.S.Arms released a statement that outlines the entire ordeal pretty clearly. You can read it below:


Re: Wizard World, Comic Con, Rosemont IL.

We know firearms and personal protection is a divisive issue. Due to pressures from online bloggers and a few uneducated antigun individuals along with unknown forces behind the scenes – we were denied access to our booth area for this event. We had already set up our booth display Wednesday the day before the start of the show in our contracted for booth space. We arrived Thursday with all of our equipment for the show and were met there by show staff and security. They stated they would not let us complete the setup of our display and wouldn’t let us know a reason why, however, the reason slipped out of one show officials mouth, “you are a gun dealer”. While a company like Wizard World may be able to decide who it wants at its shows – it cannot without serious consequences decide to break the contract that they made with us. We were approved multiple times over a period of months to do this show by the show management at Wizard World. They publically flip-flopped 4 times concerning our attendance after pressure from online bloggers. Only the day before they had confirmed with us that our attendance was still authorized. Then to add insult to injury, Wizard World “disinvited” us in person at 2:20 PM, literally only 40 minutes before the show was to start at 3:00 PM. Admittedly, we offer for sale both replica and real firearms. We are also a licensed manufacturer and importer of legal firearms. However, due to our agreement with Wizard World and most importantly to remain in compliance with federal and state laws, we could not sell any real firearms at the Comic Con show, regardless of the misinformation peddled by the online bloggers. The truth is that we never intended to sell firearms at the show – and Wizard World knew this. A large amount of effort and expense on our part went into this event. Due to breach of contract on the show’s side we regret that you could not see what we had to display there. We are certain our booth would have been the most popular one in the entire show besides actual celebrities. We view this as another attack on all of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. These types of underhanded attacks will continue until the silent majority breaks its silence. Until then we will continue to fight the good fight – alone if necessary! Your friends at D.S. Arms.

Without getting too political on the subject it isn’t too hard to see what happened to exclude the guys and gals over at D.S. Arms from the show. It appears that the show staff received quite a lot of pressure from bloggers and uneducated individuals about their being a gun dealer at the show and made the decision after much wavering to disallow the sale of replica weapons by an actual gun manufacturer.

The D.S. Arms booth remained unoccupied for about 90 minutes before a Wizard World staff member noticed the table cover and removed it.

Courtesy of Cheryl V. Jackson / Chicago Tribune

Courtesy of Cheryl V. Jackson / Chicago Tribune

We are not a political blog here by any means and I am not a politicly focused person, but I find that when uninformed opinion is driven by political ideals it makes it very hard to have a meaningful conversation about anything. It is unfortunate that D.S. Arms opportunity to attend the show and sell some of their quality replicas to cosplayers was interrupted by bad opinions and power wielding bloggers.

If you want to read more about the ordeal you can check out an article in the Chicago Tribune or visit the D.S. Arms website.


  • Liberals and Communists trigge

    So, are you going to censor this comment too?

  • Red McCloud

    Are they gonna take legal action or…

    Because breaking a contract is a big, big no no, especially after someone has been paid and everything has been set up.

    • garf02

      by contract, a con can more or less cancel you out at any time for any bloody reason they are given.

      same as they can kick you out even if you purchased a badge, just cause they fill like.

      • McThag

        I’m not a lawyer…

        …but. I think that DSA can claim that the contract was not let in good faith or something because of the last second cancellation.

        If they can prove that Comicon gave them the contract JUST to cancel it, they might just own a convention when it’s done.

        • Jeff Smith

          True. I’m willing to be that the contract has “we can cancel you at any time for any reason” clause in it, so I doubt they could even sue for breach of contract.

        • garf02

          not sure IF if at all cons, but one I helped once contract small letter do says they can remove your on their own accordance. part of it is so they can deal with PR easily an remove people or stands that might be problematic without gaining a legal headache

    • Slim934

      I hope they atleast do something. Lying down and taking it is essentially allowing these dumb SJW types to win, when the right course is to call them on their dumb bullshit behavior.

      This to me seems especially egregious since it was an expense for DSA to go through to set all this up.

    • John Yossarian

      DSA outta calculate all their expenses – down to every last man-hour – and send the convention its bill. If they refuse to pay, file a complain with the Court that demands lawyer’s fees as well.

    • Otm Shooter

      I would guess this would be hard to fight in the Chicago courts tho.

    • Fox Hunter

      We can do our part by boycotting the entire comic industry/comic fandom, they are the not the only ones who can target entire industries. we can boycott marvel, dc, disney, wizard and everyone else in this libturd infested comic crap industry, and the entertainment industry in general. Guns are way more important than the entire entertainment industry put together. Even if the entire comic industry and entertainment industry disappeared tomorrow, as long as we have our guns, we will be perfectly alright. Guns are way more fun than any stupid comic book cartoon movie or tv show anyway.

      • Pontificant

        Ever since Marvel has been selling the globalist agenda in their movies (see: Civil War), I’ve given them the heave ho.

        • HollowTs

          That was a series of comic books from the early 2000s that lead to the death of Captain America. It was written to show the deviciveness of government control over anything. As Marvel has always done they put wrote real world problems into their comic books. It’s the same as the Xmen books often portray the hatred of mutants as a metaphor for the bias of color, creed or religion. While I don’t agree with these idiots at this event. I don’t believe Marvel should be punished as they’ve always pushed the envelope. Even to include anti heros like the Punisher. Who gun guys love to put on their kits and spout his slogan! Just saying…

        • Suppressed

          That’s interesting you saw it that way. I took Civil War as being anti-globalist, showing how the UN is too powerful and often misguided, as was the case with them wanting to register and control the enhanced humans.

          I also saw Winter Soldier as being anti-surveillance and pro-individual.

          I suppose there’s probably stuff you could find in either one to support your own opinion, I’m just surprised we could each take away such differing observations.

          • Pontificant

            You are correct in that Civil War did have an anti-globalist side to it and Winter Soldier was absolutely anti-surveillance, but the original story of Civil War (comic books) has Captain America surrender, for the good of the American citizens, and is ultimately assassinated.
            I think Winter Soldier is a good cautionary tale about surveillance, but the anti-Russian theme seems a bit too convenient given the U.S. Government’s current globalist leaders desire to provoke the Russians into some kind of fight over (spin wheel) Syria.
            I apologize, if I sound a bit paranoid, but in today’s surveillance state, coupled with the existence of false flags, does paranoia even exist? I’m happy that folks enjoy the Marvel movies, I like them too, but there is an awful lot of political correctness coming out of Marvel (contrived character demographic changes) for my tastes. IMHO – Leave the classic characters alone and develop new characters if they want to widen their target market. Arbitrary changes in major characters to gain market share or be politically correct is pandering for profit and lacks integrity.
            Of course, my opinion and a dollar will only get you two apple pies at McDonalds… 🙂

  • BattleshipGrey

    They should post up the blogger’s sites so we can state our mind to them. I grew up reading comics, which I would guess 95% of comics feature vigilante and/or government agents using violence and guns in them. It’s the draw of justified violence that people love and even dress up in tights themselves to attend these conventions to personify the violent heroes they read about.

    How is it that the bloggers in question don’t see their hypocrisy when they petition to ban a company that can provide fellow comic book fans props to play with and if they so choose, real guns to defend themselves and their families with?

    • garf02

      it was SJW dont remember his name that mailed to the con that he would not go to the con (even on paid expenses) due to the gun thing

      con response was more or less “ok, bye”

      he published the mail on the best Shaming style SJW are known for so all his White Knight started to harrass the con till they gave in and banned the guns replicas stand

      • Ondřej Tůma

        Interesting story, thanks. So maybe DSA could sue this SJW instead for defamation or at least lost profits? A bit of personal responsibility is just what all the SJWs need.

        • David Harmon

          They need to be kicked out into the street by their parents and forced to grow up and give up these marxist delusions.

    • Pontificant

      The “violence” in comics is meant to give the sheeple a method of vicariously venting themselves… They’re not supposed to be inspired, Silly.


  • Cytoxan

    What would the Punisher do?

    • john huscio

      Leave a smoking crater

    • David Harmon

      Kill all the leftists.

  • Bill

    They have a point, but it irks me, and demonstrates either a fundamental misunderstanding of the BoR or manipulating their meaning, but the First Amendment and Second Amendment applies to the government. A private party is under no Constitutional obligation to entertain someone else’ freedom of expression or right to bear arms.

    Breach of contract, probably, without having read the fine print. Constitutional violation: no. Classless and bad business, absolutely.

    • Jeff Smith

      True. I’m willing to be that the contract has a “we can remove you at any time for any reason” clause in it, so I doubt they can even sue for breach of contract.

    • Ondřej Tůma

      I think the reference to the 1st and 2nd Ammendment breach was meant as per the social media pressure which forced the Wizard World organizers to cancel DSA’s booth.

      • Bill

        The organizers chose to take the actions they did. Does whomever it was on social media have a right to express their opinions? Apparently the organizers valued their position over DSAs, and that’s the organizers’ right.

        • Ondřej Tůma

          Sure they do, yet that doesn’t change a thing about this being an angry mob assault on the 2ndA.

    • De Facto

      I’m not a legal expert by any means, but I always assumed that ideally, everyone’s constitutional rights were supposed to be respected by all people/organizations/governments in the US, just as the law must be obeyed by these same aforementioned entities.

      • J.T.

        Nope. Just government entities.

        • De Facto

          Well.. that’s depressing. Had the opportunity to do some research on it, Relevant link: http://www (dot) npr (dot) org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=123024596

        • gunsandrockets

          Nope. Not just government entities.


          As we have seen in an earlier chapter, the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits most discrimination on the basis of race and gender (and also alienage and national origin), but only when practiced by the government. The Supreme Court held in The Civil Rights Cases in 1883, that Congress did not have the power under the Fourteenth Amendment to prohibit discrimination practiced by private parties. Similarly, it would be illegal for a state to discriminate on the basis of a person’s religious belief, but this prohibition under the First Amendment (which was made applicable to the states under the Fourteenth Amendment), would not apply to private conduct.

          Therefore, as late as 1960, an employer could refuse to hire a woman, a restaurant owner could refuse service to a black person, and a landlord could refuse to rent an apartment to a Jewish person. Although individual states were free, using their general police power, to prohibit these kinds of discrimination, very few had done so. Starting in the 1960’s, however, Congress has been able to prohibit many forms of private discrimination using its power under other sections of the Constitution.

          The three main sources of power that Congress has used to this effect have been: its power under the Thirteenth Amendment (which prohibited slavery), its power over the federal purse, and its power to regulate interstate commerce. Congress’s powers under each of these sections is different, both in terms of who may be prohibited from discriminating and also what kind of discrimination may be prohibited. Some of the statutes passed by Congress under each of these powers have overlapped, so that certain conduct is controlled by several different statutes. There are also certain kinds of private discrimination which Congress either may not constitutionally reach, or has chosen not to. The next sections will examine the coverage of various statutes passed under each of these powers.

      • Bill

        Ideally, sure. Ideally we wouldn’t need the BoR at all.

        The .gov can step in when an individual’s or organization’s behavior is so egregious as to be illegal, but obviously they don’t do that often, otherwise there wouldn’t be the Westboro Baptist types and women would make the same pay as men.

    • Joshua Spears

      You are wrong in that assertion. All American citizens and entities, private or otherwise, are obligated to abide by the Constitution and may not infringe upon or deny any other individual their rights as proscribed by the Constitution for any reason or by any means.

      If this were the opposite, as you suggest, the government would have built up a large-scale privatized military asset and used it to enforce it’s own ideologies without recourse or legal consequence, as could any other individual or entity.

      This also means that technically speaking, those silly little “No Guns” signs are unlawful and unconstitutional, and should not carry the weight of law, but unfortunately some backwards states recognize them and enforce unconstitutional laws and rulings.

      I will never go to a Comic-con due to several factors, but the biggest of which being that I would be forced to relinquish my personal defence firearm and obey their victimhood mandate to gain access to the premises. If I don’t trust trained LEOs with my safety for every day security, why would I trust a bunch of rent-a-cops with mace and metal sticks who are paid barely above minimum wage to keep a massive gathering of people from being fatality statistics by way of domestic or religious terrorism?

      I’ll pass.

      • FarmerB

        Really? I find that hard to believe, because I definitely forfeit 1st Amendment rights (and many others) in the workplace (for example).

        • Joshua Spears

          Freedom of Speech simply means you cannot be punished under federal or state law for what you say or express, under most circumstances. The exception is slander and libel.

          Private entities CAN suppress your right and get away with it because we do not have Constitutional Sheriffs who enforce Constitutional law. As such, while it is very much unconstitutional to suppress an individual’s rights, private entities do it all the time and get away with it. Does this mean they are entitled ot do that? Absolutely not, but finding a person who will enforce the Constitution as it should be is like finding an atheist in a foxhole in the middle of a war.

          • Aramaki

            1) you do not forfeit 1st Amendment rights when you go to work: you entered into a contract that says you will do what the employer tells you to do (and not much else) while the employer is paying you.

            2) WTF is a “constitutional sheriff”, the word “sheriff” doesn’t appear anywhere in the US Constitution

          • Joshua Spears

            Try doing research instead of asking me “WTF” questions you can easily answer yourself.

          • Aramaki

            It’s a rhetorical question: there is no such thing as a “constitutional sheriff”; the word “sheriff” appears nowhere in the US Constitution.

          • Bill

            A “Constitutional Sheriff” is a really freaky scary thing that decides, independent of the Legislature or Judiciary, what laws they will enforce, or not, or make up their own.

            They pretty much run counter to purveyors system of governance.

      • Bill

        The government can ONLY interfere in the private rights of individuals when the violation is so egregious as to rise to unlawful.

        • Joshua Spears

          Suppressing or infringing on Second Amendment rights or the removal of such rights IS illegal according to the Constitution, yet people still get away with it.

          Isn’t that the whole problem?

          • Bill

            Not exactly. Your house, your rules. And vice versa. You don’t want the government mandating how you act in private, non governmental actions with another private individual or party.

          • Joshua Spears

            Up to the point of infringing on the rights of others.

            You can’t run a company and refuse them pay and call them slaves. You can’t open a bar and tell patrons they are not allowed to speak while on the premises. You can’t unlawfully detain people on your property without them being in the act of commission of a crime such as criminal trespass, burglary, attempted murder, vandalism, theft by taking, harassment, etc., it’s called “kidnapping” or false-imprisonment.

            So no, you cannot do “whatever you want” in your house or on your private property that affects the rights of others. Denying people a Constitutional right like the Second Amendment is no different than quartering soldiers and military personnel in your home without your consent, or forcing submission to an unlawful search and seizure.

            What I want is irrelevant, but since you presume to know, I’ll set the record straight: I’m actually against government involvement or enforcement of laws, regulations, or the Constitution up to the point of invasion or defense of the country as a whole from foreign oppression. All laws, every single one of them, should be scrutinized by the public and enforced by non-federalized state-run, state funded entities, and only within the confines of their respective state jurisdiction. State laws should always supercede and exceed federal mandates, and the state itself should be the supreme law of the citizenry within it’s borders.

            That’s when you will see Constitutional Sheriffs come into play and America move away from this faux democratic ochlocracy and become a democratic republic which it was always meant to be.

          • Bill

            Make your own license plates much?

            You CAN open a bar and prohibit speaking, but you’ll be in business for about 3 days max. You CAN open a business without paying employees, but you’ll be the only employee there, so you will face a moral and philosophical quandary regarding paying yourself.

          • Joshua Spears

            Make my own license plates? The hell is your problem?

            Stop being a dickbag and we can have a discussion,

            And you CANNOT refuse pay to employees in this country, period. Even interns cannot legally work for free. That stems from the abolishment of slavery. You also cannot be indentured, imprisoned, or forced into servitude for debt.

      • kyphe

        The constitution is designed to limit the power of government and as such private citizens are not under obligation to abide by it according to the Supreme Court.

        • Joshua Spears

          Site your source, exact case file and date please.

          I am aware the SCOTUS ruled that law enforcement is under no specific obligation to protect the public from danger or harm, but the Constitution as it stands is a standard from which most of our laws are built and SHOULD adhere to.

          The only people who don’t believe we should follow the Constitution are extreme leftists, globalists, and permeable sovereign citizens who disavow political obligation and embrace ideas of blending church and state.

          • kyphe

            This is not a belief of some left loonies, this is uncontestable fact. Unfortunately as the concept and implementation of rights is not taught in schools people like yourself develop your own pier enforced interpretations.

            The principal duties and responsibilities of a US citizen are thus.

            To obey laws that are constitutional!

            To resist and oppose laws that are unconstitutional!

            To defend and support the institution of the constitution! via all legal means and by force of arms if necessary as part of an organized militia! (the word uphold is often used and this means confirm or support not obey as is often thought)

            To bare arms in defense of nation, as part of the national military or as part of as part of an organized militia under civil control!

            A simple example would be that your right to bare arms does not superseded another right to determine who enters their private property. They have absolute right in that regard baring a law enforcement officer with a legal warrant and the government has no right to dictate in your favor.

            Very little of the constitution can be applied to regulate private individuals. The 13th amendment does allow congress to legislate directly against individuals in relation to racial discrimination, but not other forms of discrimination such as age or gender. This power has only existed since the 60s where the supreme court decided that racial discrimination was linked to slavery and that section 2 of the 13th amendment gives
            Congress the “power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

            That is a vital little piece of wording right there! The constitution directly applies to all branches of government! to congress to the president! and to judges! but without that phrase above it can not be directly applied to private individuals. Only indirectly applied through the mechanisms of constitutionally valid civil law!

            This is the basis of the supreme court rulings and no I am not going digging for case numbers.

    • RICH

      Definitely a Civil ‘ issue.

  • Sasquatch

    What has America turned into….

  • Bruce Wayne

    This is why Mr. Grayson and I left the show. Shows like this should be boycotted when they try to get political and interfere with our first and second amendment rights.

    • Fruitbat44

      It is also didn’t help the staff asking, “Mr Wayne and is there anything we can get for you and your . . . err . . . ward?” 😉

  • Brocus

    Their 1st amendment rights? Wizard World isn’t a government agency and exhibiting there is a paid for privilege and not a right.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Meanwhile “Deadpools Booth of Exposed Organs and Chimichangas” is open for business.


    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      And he’s the guy with the two Desert Eagles.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Thats my point.
        Whats with these stupid, hippie millennials?
        When I was a kid guns and comics were my two biggest interests.

    • Matt Taylor

      Same with all these fools going crazy about Deadshots AR and wrist Glocks… lol.

  • Cliff Owen

    Then maybe you should be more politically active if not just more aware. The time of being politically passive has passed. If you love firearms then you must become an activist or it will be too late.

  • john huscio

    Why would any normal person be caught dead at one of these gatherings of basement dwellers in the first place?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      • john huscio

        I’d guess she’s not representative of the larger body of comic book readership……..cosplay can be….. interesting….

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          No but you asked why all these nerds show up and she is a big reason.
          Ive actually gone to Comicon in SD and it was fun.
          Hot girls everywhere.

          • KestrelBike

            And a big reason many of those hot girls go is because they salivate for the attention.

            Beats me why dudes who otherwise wouldn’t get a second of their time out on the street are happy to feed into that.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Very true, those girls love having all those nerds drooling over them and taking pictures. Its a way for them to pretend to be famous.
            Hey, I dont mind.
            I think actual hard core nerds are way too socially awkward to approach those girls but an average yahoo like myself will give it a shot.

      • Gus Butts

        Here’s your answer in the form of a picture. Do you have more?

      • M-dasher

        yeah…..for every one hot girl……there are 40 ham-beasts sausaged into their costume….

        that coupled with the smell of B.O. from all the neck-beards is more than enough to make seeing that one hot girl not worth it.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      For a thing called fun, possible maybe?

    • DIR911911 .

      so you’re admitting to being prejudiced against a whole group of people you don’t know . . . not helping anyone’s cause with attitudes like that. did a cosplayer steal your girl?

      • john huscio

        I will readily admit that my attitudes towards comic conventions have been colored by my interactions with people who were deep into this “scene”….. some of the most awful people I had the misfortune of sharing a building with. As to the other portion of your comment, I’d never date someone from that scene….. the probability of crazy is extremely high.

    • C. Her

      I used to be bitter like that too until my son was old enough to go with me for the first time. It is a really really really fun environment and nostalgic. Put me back at ease and reminded me of my childhood days of Transformers, Thundercats or anything super hero-isque. The smile of your kid taking pictures with Superman, Batman, Spiderman is priceless. If one comes near you I would take a day and go check it out. A majority of people that go to these events don’t even have kids. They’re the kid, just bigger now.

  • C. Her

    They should of banned Ultrasabers too since their products (stunt lightsabers) are much more deadly than a replica gun prop.

    • Phil Hsueh

      Or any of the various sword and knife vendors that I see at cons too. While most of them are just cheap wall hangers they are still are heavy and metal and could be used to hurt someone much more effectively than a replica gun.

  • Fruitbat44

    Oh dear. Nice reply from DSArms about the situation, and about respecting the con organisers right to invite, or not, whom they choose. But really. Wizard World needs to get their act together.

  • DIR911911 .

    hopefully one of the next articles will be about ds arms suing them into oblivion

  • USMC03Vet

    “We know firearms and personal protection is a divisive issue”

    Not in sane America it’s not.

    • Disarmed in CA

      Yes it is. Watch: 9MM is the best defensive round ever!

      • Jeremiah Thompson


        • A bearded being from beyond ti

          i want that in 10mm

          • Joshua Spears

            .40 S&W you bastard!

        • Ben Warren

          .44-40 or bust!

          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            .500 nitro for concealed carry.

        • Pontificant

          40 Watt Range!

        • iksnilol

          I prefer 7.62×25 Tokarev.

      • Matt Taylor

        .22 is more than capable. If you have a 9mm or .45 you’re just a scared pansy.

  • Vitsaus

    Once again we see that firearms and politics are inseparable.

  • valorius

    Sue ’em til they can’t see straight.

  • John Yossarian

    “Wizard World / Comic-Con Hates America Meme” – Spread it, people! Freedom haters deserve no sleep, no quarter, and not a penny of our productivity.

    • Fox Hunter


  • Ondřej Tůma

    This is Social Media pressure: they’re able to fire you from your job and destroy your career over one remark on a conference (this happened at PyCon), one misunderstood bad joke (L.S.), one inaccurate quote (J.L.), one 4chan thread (A.R.) and more. Whole book has been written on this topic, with slightly inaccurate title “So you’ve been publicly shamed”.

    It’s simple: angry crowd gathers on Twitter and forms a sh*tstorm tens of thousands strong, which then floods the Facebook page, Twitter and email of the employer with angry posts, demanding they succumb to the crowd’s demands or else, bad reputation.

    Managers then give up and have the crowd get their way. And politicians as well: it took mere 20,000 Twitter and Facebook posts orchestrated by Germany’s marginal Green party to force chancellor Merkel to stop enforcing immigration laws.

    Unless we find a counter-mechanism, democracy AND our rights are at stake, because these “virtual demonstrations” or, more precisely, “virtual lynches” could quickly create an appearance of “democratic majority” by drawing like-minded people from whole world.

    • FarmerB

      Amen. Outrage(tm) is a registered trademark of Twitter. Just about every day I read articles about “outrage” on social media. It’s a definite threat to our way of life.

    • nadnerbus

      How about Matt Taylor from NASA. Landed a frigging robot on Mars, but got a feminist lynch mob after him because he wore some goofy, over-the-top shirt with scantily clad amazon women on it, “Heavy Metal” style.

      He literally broke down and cried, apologized to the public for something that is a total non-issue, they came after him so hard.

      The worst part is it works, so they will keep doing it more.

      • Matt Taylor

        Matt Taylors deserve better treatment!

      • iksnilol

        Worst part is that his wife made it.

  • Road

    On a brighter note, DS Arms makes solid rifles. I’ve had my SA-58 for about 15 years now, and it’s still running strong.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Seriously, what were the comic nerds going to do- not dress up as their favorite gun-toting comic hero? Not come to nerd-central where all their comic heroes were on pseudo-display? It really is a CON

  • Chris laliberte

    I was intrigued by the mention that D.S. Arms makes replica firearms that would be on display/for sale, so I went to their website. Not a mention of anything of the sort. Has anyone actually seen or acquired these replicas? Are they blank firing or just inert props? I’d be interested in a good blank firing replica for training, if it was metal/identical in weight/form/operation to a real AR or FAL, and would trust an actual firearm manufacture to make a good one (I’ve been curious why this hasn’t already caught on for sales to police and other agencies that have training as a required part of their operations).

    • Roy G Bunting

      I did the same thing and got the same result. Maybe someone could link DSA’s replica page?

      I could imagine the confusion when a (federally licenced) gun dealer purchases a vendor booth, says they are only going to sell replicas, but a perusal of their website shows no replicas at all.

  • TDog

    So let me get this straight – a convention devoted to comics and pop culture ostensibly didn’t want to advocate guns or violence by allowing DSArms to present their wares.

    Has anyone picked up a comic book or watched a movie lately? Those things are full of guns and violence! Sheesh… this schizophrenic baby society needs some serious meds to get off this trip it’s on…

    • forrest1985

      As a Brit i find alot of the anti-gun rhetoric confusing on both sides of the pond. I know someone whose sister is anti-gun yet happy for her son to play call of duty…Comics and Comic movies are getting more violent, in fact BVS was the most violent version of Batman i have seen on screen & yet DS Arms were not allowed to display/sell replicas to fans of violent films…the mind truly boggles!

  • J0shua

    Not sure how many of you understand how insanely hypocritical this is of Comic con if you are not into the comic scene. There are so many violent, military based comics with gun weilding heroes i cant count and levels of violence that make a Tarantino movie look like Mr. Rogers. Not to mention the CosPlayers that will build their own gun replicas to take to the show. The disconnect is stunning.

  • MrEllis

    When you have to say it’s not political like five times…

  • Samael527

    Why are you guys so intent on being apolitical? I fail to see how taking a stance that 99% of your audience agrees with will have any negative consequences. Unless of course you’re all closet gun-grabbers, which I seriously doubt.

    • Fox Hunter

      Like most people, they are scared of the libturds. Well this Christian is not.

  • jamezb

    I just took a look at their website at he link.. I didn’t see any replicas, nor did a search of the word “replica” in their search box return any results. Perhaps this figured in the Con’s decision…I realize fortune passes everywhere, but is it even a good PR move to try to market at such an event all the while realizing it will be divisive?

  • gunsandrockets

    What do you expect. Forget it Jake, it’s Illinois.

  • Joe Schmo

    While its true that a private organization/company can deny someone a booth at a convention, its really stupid to approve a company’s booth and then deny it last minute.

    I would hope DS Arms gets compensation for all of their expenses. DS Arms has to pay to move all their items, set up the booth, have their staff/reps at the booth, pay for hotels for their staff/reps, pay for transport for their staff/reps, etc.

    I wish the best for DS Arms and hope this raises some awareness of the level of hysteria and ignorance of anti-gun people and organizations. I’m sure there are many others in the community that support DS Arms in this matter.

  • anonymous

    ** gays = 2% of the population
    *************** gun owners = 15% of the population (low estimate)

    ****************************** gun owners = 30% of the population (high estimate)

    So it’s illegal and immoral for a private business to refuse to bake a gay-wedding cake, or refuse to photograph a gay-wedding, regardless of the business owner’s personal beliefs; but it’s perfectly acceptable for a private business to discriminate against gun owners?

    • Fox Hunter

      It is in fact the other way around, gun ownership is a God given right, but sexual anarchy is a grave wrong born from the evils minds of freaks and sickos. That they behave in total contradiction to this truth is evidence once more that these libturds are twisted sick freaks who always think backwards. They call good evil and they call evil good. God warned us about them in the Bible. They are like invaders from the twilight zone dimension.

  • RICH

    I hope Dave & the team at DS Arms sues the hell out of Wizzard World and also the venue that hosted the show, Rosemont Horizon ! I am sure he will win ! A friend of mine who is an FFL Dealer in Florida that was ‘thrown out’ of one of large Gun Show venues down here because he was selling a certain Ruger pistol at about $10 or so less then 3 or 4 of the other dealers attending the show. The dealers complained through emails and the owner of the venue caved in to the ‘complaining dealers’. My friend was told that his contracts would not be renewed for any of the other guns hows hosted by this particular ‘venue’ ! A suit is pending for several hundred thousand dollars against the venue and each of the complaining dealers independently.

  • Fox Hunter

    Never trust these liberals/progressives/socialists/statists/humanists/democrats, they are evil incarnate, they are followers of satan. These are the same people who propagate fake “marriage” and the sickos who participate in these fake “marriages”. These are the same people who removed God from their party platform these are the same perverts and crooks who think they are smarter than God and reject human biology and anatomy and worship the false idols of consent, equality, pleasure, diversity and tolerance. These people are the face of the anti gun movement, and it is time gun owners realized that.

    • Fruitbat44

      If a particularly rabid anti-gunner was to write what their idea of what a post by pro-gunner would be like, I would expect it to be nearly identical to the above post.

    • Brett

      Who hurt you?

    • lets leave out the politics and religion please

  • Fox Hunter

    hahaha, cry-bullies, i like that term, i;m gonna use it.

  • greensoup

    They aren’t being very transparent. DS Arms was apparently planning to advertise and sell firearm services and other firearm related items as well as advertising.

    They were intentionally trying to spin their booth to avoid the show rules and got caught. Big deal.

  • David Harmon

    This is exactly why I refuse to give comic *insert whatever* any of my money. I would rather go shooting.

  • Nicholas Trueblood

    wow with that breach of contract, looks like comic con is getting sued. That would fix their little commie wagons.

  • Glenfilthie

    Well boys, you may not be interested in politics – but politics is very interested in you. Especially if you are a gun owner or enthusiast.
    When I was a kid, shooting sports were considered more healthy and wholesome than comics. Times have changed.

  • Niguana

    Liberal cry babies hit again.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Comicon has been run by comic hating hipsters for a decade.

  • Aramaki

    why a sheriff?

    • Joshua Spears

      Law Enforcement. An individual that heads up a local or state law enforcement division is supposed to pledge to uphold the Constitution anyway, and has the resources and man-power to do so.

      The only other entity capable of “enforcing” Constitutionality for laws and regulations would be the Organized State Militia, but is rarely, if ever, mobilized except in the cases of natural disasters, search and rescue, or relief efforts.

      Basically, CSs would be the ones to uphold and enforce Constitutional law on every entity within their jurisdiction day-to-day, and would be immune to federalized forces or federal prosecution for pursuing or arresting those found to be abusing or guilty of unconstitutional laws or corruption within government.

      The only way it works is with the support of the people. Sure it’s ideal, but it will never happen because no legislator or bureaucrat wants to be held accountable for their actions, and not enough people feel that the Constitution is important enough to uphold or protect.

      • Aramaki

        Again, why a sheriff? Also, not all states have Sheriff’s at the county level. In fact, not all states have counties.

        • Joshua Spears

          The only states that don’t have traditional counties are Louisiana and Alaska. Louisiana has parishes, that for all intents and purposes, function the same way as a county does. I’m from there, which is why I know that.

          Alaska has boroughs, which again, function similarly to counties.

          Nearly all states within the continental US have local law enforcement and sheriffs at the helm of authority. By compartmentalising state governance and having a force of Constitutional sheriffs working together, they can maintain peaceable forms of assurance that only Constitutional laws are enforced and upheld, as well as the rights of the individual at large. They also have the power to remove any state or federal official found to be guilty of treason, or unconstitutional behaviour, or refusing ot uphold or defend the rights therein.

          A Sheriff in the US is also usually a county or city official, which are traditionally elected. There are exceptions, however, the Sheriff of New York City is directly appointed by the mayor. The duties of the Sheriff are relatively static, and usually uncoupled from the efforts of appointed law enforcement officials.

          Not all states or counties have one, but the sheriff, an elected official, is usually known as the highest law enforcer of the county and has law enforcement powers exceeding that of any other state or federal official. the public, as well as the feds, seem to have forgotten that authority resides in the sheriff, and being an elected official, is directly held accountable to the people.

          The system has a lot of merit, and should be an active and viable talking point of any conversations regarding laws or the enforcement of them in this country.

          • Aramaki

            “the sheriff has law enforcement powers exceeding that of any other state or federal official” cite please, as counties are not sovereign entities, and sheriffs, as county officers can only exercise those powers delegated by the sovereign. Only the States and the Federal Government enjoy sovereignty; all municipal or county authorities derive their authority by grants from the State legislature, and as such cannot exceed the authority of the state.

  • Joshua Spears

    You said it. No conversation to be had.


  • krinkov545

    Comics? Grow the F Up and be a MAN!!