New Ruger LCP with Viridian Laser

Ruger LCP Viridian

Sturm, Ruger & Co announced a new LCP variant that uses a Viridian red laser supplemental aiming device. The announcement comes on the heels of an announcement by Viridian that the company introduced a new series of laser products for OEM partnerships.

The new Ruger appears to be the first firearm manufacturer to take advantage of the new Viridian lasers. The E-Series lasers are designed by Viridian to offer “a high-quality AND value-priced laser sight¬†designed to flawlessly integrate with firearm manufacturer’s highest-volume pistols.”¬†The LCP certainly seems to be a good seller for the company, especially with street prices on the base model going below $200 in recent months.

The E-Series laser matches the lines of the LCP very well and looks like a natural part of the gun. Even with the laser attached, the unloaded weight of the gun is still very light: 10.4 ounces. As with the standard LCP, this model is chambered in .380 ACP and takes six rounds in the magazine. This model has a MSRP of $349.

Virdian LCP

Recent LCP pistols have improved sights as compared to the original guns that rolled off the line. However, they are still fairly small and tough to pick up in low light and when under stress. This gun may be the perfect use case for having a laser on your gun.

Of course, the whole thing begs the question: does this move have anything to do with the recent Smith & Wesson purchase of Crimson Trace?

Ruger already offers a LCP with a Crimson Trace laser that is very similar to this gun. The activation is different, but the mounting and function are very similar. In the past, Ruger did make an LCP with a green Viridian laser as a TALO exclusive.

If I had to guess – which is what I am doing now – I’d say Viridian is looking to take advantage of some uncertainty in the market by offering a low cost alternative to Crimson Trace. This will allow companies like Ruger to continue to offer OEM laser models, but without writing a check to their competitor in Springfield, MA.

Richard Johnson

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  • Swarf

    Looks like the Lasermax I have on my LCP.

    Only gun I own that I feel warrants a laser.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Is that the slide release under the serrations? Looks useless.

    • Hoplopfheil

      Isn’t that the safety? I thought the LCP didn’t have last shot hold open.

      • Brian

        It’s a slide lock, not a slide release or safety. I’ve had issues with the LCP going into battery by using this as a slide release. From the manual: “Manual slide hold open allows the slide to be locked to the rear to positively view the cartridge chamber. The hold open is spring loaded downward so it is released by pulling the slide slightly rearward.”

        Aside from the heavy trigger, there is no manual safety on the LCP.

        • A bearded being from beyond ti

          If it’s not supposed to be used as a slide release, why does it have that grooved (or whatever you wanna call it) surface? Wouldn’t it be better to just make it flat?

          • flyingburgers

            That slide lock is so tiny and the slide is so small versus the spring force, that it’s hard enough to get it to engage as is. Especially if you’re at a range and need to keep it pointed downrange.

  • valorius

    Do yourself a favor and get a crimson trace laserguard. It is by far the best self defense laser on the market- no buttons or switches to hit, just grip the gun and it’s on.

  • luke

    Looks like the LCP is still offered with Crimson Trace for $80 more.. I don’t think Ruger is cutting ties with CTC, just offering a lower cost option.

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    Here’s a question begging for an answer: Why did Ruger quit offering the LCP w/the Viridian Green Laser? I have one and so too does my brother.

  • Jerry Rowlett

    The Viridian ECR green laser works fine, but the laser in this article is different. Viridian ECR laser (instant on) as it uses a magnet sewed in the holster to shut off the laser while its in the pocket holster provided with the laser. Pull it out of the holster and the laser instantly comes on. There are some other holsters available for the Viridian ECR laser. The green laser shows real well. You might also want to buy the newer 7 round magazines for your LCP (just saying one more round).

    • 2ThinkN_Do2

      My Green Laser is the Original Instant-ON Viridian on the LCP. I even have a magnet set purchased from Viridian to make any holster an instant on. Yes, the 7 round extension mag is great and the addition of the Hogue rubber grips make the LCP a less than wicked little pocket pistol.