Daniel Defense Braces For “Unprecedented” Demand

Thanks to a more polarized Presidential election than normal it is no secret that gun sales are anticipated to go through the roof. While some people are genuinely fearful that a type of firearm is going to be banned, there are others that use the panic for other reasons ranging anywhere from an excuse to get the wife to agree to a purchase all the way to those looking to make a profit.

Daniel Defense sees the coming storm just like many retailers and is taking steps to ensure they are able to handle the demand better. Due to a noted drop in Daniel Defense’s inventory Marty Daniel, Daniel Defense’s founder, president and an all around cool guy, is taking some pretty drastic steps to make sure that buyers looking for the iconic Daniel Defense name won’t have to look too hard.

Marty was quoted as saying the following:

We understand the frustration this may cause, and I want to assure our customers and potential customers that our efforts are hyper-focused on increasing the supply of our products … Our manufacturing facilities are currently operating 24/7 to maximize output of DDM4 and DD5 firearms, and we’re doing everything humanly possible to get our products to market and in the hands of buyers. I want to thank our loyal customers for their patience and understanding. I’m truly humbled by their loyalty, and I personally guarantee that a Daniel Defense firearm is well worth the wait.”

Daniel Defense is planning on increasing their manufacturing capacity 100% in the month of September until the storm has settled.

I love seeing this kind of commitment to the customer base that has propelled Daniel Defense to being one of the top choices for those looking for a high-quality AR-15. If I were in the market for an AR-15 a DD M4A1 like the one I tested a while ago would be on my short list for sure.

You can learn more about Daniel Defense on their website. You can also read about their reaction to Academy Sports pulling all AR-15s from their shelves after the tragic attack earlier this year in Orlando by clicking HERE.


  • Mike

    So it begins…

    • Leigh Rich

      Don’t stick your heads in the sand. Vote republican

  • Vitsaus

    I’m a Daniel Defense fan, but its sort of sad the way that companies have caught on to fanning the flames of panic. I get it, they run a business, panic buys save them on marketing costs. All they have to do is put out a statement that the end of guns is nigh, and that might save them $3-5k on an ad somewhere. The more the panic trail rolls on, the more they can ask for their products. Not that DD would cut corners, but I saw more than a few gun companies crank out some really rough guns knowing full well people would still buy them at full pop rather than go with out.

    • Bill

      There’s a sustainability issue that I’d be worried about if I owned or had an interest in an AR manufacturer. DD’s willingness to make the capital and personnel investment to boost production is I believe a solid sigh that the end Isn’t nigh – no smart businessman is going to throw money at short term profits if they believed their mainstay product was going to be “banned.” But when nothing happens, and an already saturated market is absolutely flooded, then what?

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Then someone will have to really think an innovate if they want your money.

        You should hope for a saturated market.

      • PK

        “But when nothing happens, and an already saturated market is absolutely flooded, then what?”

        Innovation to gain sales over competition, price drops to gain sales over competition, easy availability in more stores to gain sales over competition, widespread use due to all of those… nothing bad, basically, unless you’re a manufacturer.

    • n0truscotsman

      I disagree. They’re learning a lesson from the last time we had an election shortly followed by a controversial, post-mass shooting environment. It took a good 2 years before the market normalized again.

      DD is being pragmatic and prudent.

  • Purchased my first firearm Aug 2012. It has spawned, well…

    Somehow I’m not worried about ammo shortages or banned firearms after four short years. (Not so) Slow and steady, they say…

  • PointyHead0509

    I don’t think a ban is likely, but I do think there will be one or two years where prices on ammo, powder, primers, magazines, AR-15s, etc. will be inflated because demand will exceed supply. As of today, supply has caught up or exceeds demand, so everything is reasonably priced. It’s pretty obvious that Hillary will win, so get ’em while they’re cheap. If there’s something you want, it’s either buy now or wait one or two years after the election.

    • Gambler X

      She will ban them…unless Bubba suddenly gives a six figure speech to Glock or Colt employees. Clintons love bribes.

      • tts

        No Democratic control of House of Reps = no gun bans.

        They got a shot at the Senate this time around and realistically that is about it and even that isn’t a sure thing.

        Democrats have a shot at the House of Reps + Senate in 2020 so maybe a gun ban is possible then but even then it’ll be a long shot.

        • This is the real concern, is in either the 2020 cycle, or in her second term. By then she will have appointed one or more new supreme court Justices, upending the fragile 5-4 Heller coalition.

          Ban goes through, gets challenged in the courts, gets kicked up to SCOUTUS, and they interpret it as constitutional.

          As unbelievable as it is, our future is really in the hands of Donald Trump, proving that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

          • tts

            I don’t think you guys understand what the SCOTUS really does or how it goes about its business at all. A flat out ban would probably be ruled unconstitutional even in the most liberal SCOTUS. Individual states might be able to get mag limits or increased wait times through a SCOTUS ruling so long as either wasn’t done in a overly onerous fashion but federal law is a whole other ball game even if it could get through the HoR. Which it can’t.

            The most professional legalistic liberal reading of the 2nd Amendment that I know of (by certain ACLU types) that even approaches a ban is that you’d have to have some sort of training and/or be a part of some sort of local club or state organization/militia to own a gun. And that interpretation has essentially zero chance of being accepted by the SCOTUS.

            I think you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you’re pinning your hopes on Trump. The guy barely has any state organizers out there at this point and most of their effort is being wasted in states where Dem’s have a large advantage in votes. He’ll get plenty of Repub votes of course, around 40% of the voters at least, but every bit of good data out there right now suggests he’ll lose in a Mondale vs Reagan-esque landslide. He has spooked to many independents and riled up too many Dem voters for their turnout to be low.

          • Most of us are just concerned really with a new AWB being ruled constitutional, not an actual all out ban on firearms (which is not going to happen.) However an AWB would be possible, if some of the lower court rulings (Maryland I believe?) are any guide.

          • tts

            On a Federal level a new AWB isn’t a possibility until after 2020 though since the Dems would need the HoR to pass it.

            Individual states can certainly pull off some sort of neo-AWB but in most the political will just isn’t there and the SCOTUS/Hillary wouldn’t come into play there anyways.

            It’d be local politicians doing that and most state legislatures are either controlled by Republicans or heavily influenced by them both now and for the foreseeable (at least until 2020 too) future.

            2020 and 2024 are where all that might go out the window due to the Census/redistricting that will take place. If the Dems get the Presidency, Senate, and HoR they can break the gerrymander that is currently in place which heavily favors Republicans (R’s have a approx. built in +10 vote advantage on a national basis, which is gigantic).

            The guy who rigged that gerrymander doesn’t think the Dems can break it before the late 2020’s though so its probably a long shot the Dems can pull it off.

          • Todd

            It seems your trying to look at this very optimistically or validating your political views (firearms aside).
            You do know there was an “AWB” in 1994 right?
            Trust some of the other posts it can happen.

          • tts

            Optimism has nothing to do with it. Political beliefs not based on fact in some way are worthless.

            Its a simple fact that you won’t see a gun ban since one would have to get through the House which is Repub controlled and Repubs won’t pass a gun ban. Or much anything else Clinton will probably want.

            Repub reps are already publicly talking about stonewalling + ‘witch hunts’ for Clinton.

            And what happened in 1994 has no bearing on what will happen in 2016-2020. That was a very different time politically.

          • Todd

            Ok , we will see.

            I believe Massachusetts AG just basically banned an entire class of firearms virtually overnight.

          • tts

            But Hillary/SCOTUS have nothing to do with state laws. They’re federal.

            That is a goal post shift to bring that up since it is an entirely different political dynamic at play. One that will still only possibly effect a few states since, as noted above, Repubs control most state legislatures too.

          • Todd

            So AG Lynch or who ever Hillary says is AG decides to challenge any 2nd Amendment ruling with newly appointed SC justices ???

            At minimum if not an awb then all “AW” fall under the NFA ….instant registration. I don’t believe an act of congress is needed for that to happen.

          • tts

            The US AG’s office generally can’t do that (SCOTUS decides what and how case law is effected by a given case, a prosecutor can try and craft a case such that certain laws get called into question but that is a gamble and not a certainty) + that has nothing to do with state level legislation which is what you were talking about before.

            The NFA category re-definition of the sort you’re talking about requires Congress’ (so HoR too) vote due to later laws + SCOTUS ruling’s which isn’t going to happen either. This is why the Dems have had to introduce legislation (google HEART act) which has of course failed to go through Congress (its stuck in subcommitte hell).

            Until they get control of the entire Congress such attempts by Dems are pure theater. There is no point getting worked up over them.

        • Amplified Heat

          Senate equals SCOTUS pick approval, you know, the one reason left people can point to with The Donald? With SCOTUS on board, legislation is no longer necessary, semi autos treated as NFA machineguns, you name it.

          • tts

            That is nonsensical fearmongering a long the lines of Obama’s executive orders which were also supposed to have banned all guns sometime in his 1st or early 2nd term.

        • n0truscotsman

          On top of that, there have been multiple instances where strengthening gun control laws in certain states have backfired on the politicians that implemented the laws. Colorado is one example. There are many others.

          I dont fear a ban, although I expect further proposals to come down the pipeline.

          • tts


            Gun bans/restrictions are a “third rail” for Democratic politicians. Just as SS/welfare reform is a “third rail” for Republican politicians.

            Trying to get them through makes them very popular with Democratic voters but tends to lose them their seats or backfire in other ways that blow up their legislation.

            Whatever you might feel about Clinton as a person as a politician she is shrewd operator and I half expect she won’t make any serious pushes for gun regs during her 1st term since she doesn’t really want to rock the boat. Riling up Republican voters just increases their vote turn out right now, especially during mid term elections, and that isn’t to Dem politician advantage at all.

          • n0truscotsman

            I expect her to either do two things:

            1.) relentlessly pursue an AWB, magazine limit, and other measuers by any means necessary, like her husband did.


            2.) Do what obama did. Wait until an opportune moment.

          • PacksA9

            Colorado may have dispatched three Democrat gun grabbers, but the laws they shoved down our throats are still in place. Can’t buy standard capacity mags in the state.

          • n0truscotsman

            Yeah thats the problem with laws. For example, how long did it take for prohibition to get repealed? the worst of the damage had already been done by then.

    • Leigh Rich

      It depends who goes into to the supreme court for our 2nd Amendment rights. Vote Trump

  • PointyHead0509

    I think it’s a myth that gun companies are fanning the flames of panic. When they increase production, buy more very expensive CNC machines, hire new people, and so on, what happens when the panic is over? Now they’re stuck with more manufacturing capacity than they need and have to lay off employees. They might have several good months of sales, but then several months of very poor sales when the panic is over and supply exceeds demand. Put yourself in their shoes. You know demand will exceed supply, but for how long? Do you ramp up production for a year? If the panic only lasts six months, now you have excess supply and will be losing money for month after month after month. Gun stores are also hurt. If you sell all your inventory in one month, what will you sell in the following months while you wait for the manufacturers to catch up to demand. While you might have a great month, you have to spread that profit over many months to make ends meet while you have nothing to sell.

    • CruisingTroll

      See, you’re looking at it all wrong. Solid quality companies like DD win no matter what happens in this election. Why? Because either the Gun Grabbing Murderous CorruptoCrat wins, and goes after guns, thereby sparking a civil war, B) the Buffoon wins, and next thing we know we’re in a serious shooting war with a need for a LOT more M4s. Feel free to throw in C) the Foreign Policy Savant, Madame Secretary (what, Hollywood is biased, perish the though) works more wondrous magik that has the Middle East in flames, only this time we’re directly involved. Or D) ANY one of the Four Horsepuckies of the Apocalypse screws the Chihuaha and we’ve got a full blown shooting situation on the southern border.

      Now, fly-by-night boneheads like BubbaRump’s Righteous Zombie Whacker Armaments ( trust me, they have a really cool rollmark) who do nothing but cobble together parts that have been rejected by Bushmaster, THEY are going to have a problem after the cycle swings back down. DD though? Methinks they’ll be okay.

  • QuadGMoto

    I was recently in one of my local stores that’s pretty busy. I overheard one of the counter guys showing a Daniel Defense rifle to another customer. One of the interesting things he said is that they’re getting a lot in, but they’re being sold almost as soon as they come in the door.

  • Wolfgar

    During the last panic everybody was complaining the demand outstripped the supply. There was a waiting list for Certain AR parts going as long as 8 to 10 months. Now a great manufacturer of a top end AR is planning for such an event and some people are complaining they are creating a panic or doing it for greed. Whats wrong with you guy’s?

    • iksnilol

      Grass… greener…. something, something… one’s a mallard and the other one is your mother or something.

    • Budogunner

      I don’t think they are greedy. This shows foresight.

      However, “unprecedented”? Either people don’t know what that means our they’ve had their head in the sand for the last 8 years.

    • n0truscotsman

      Meh cant make everybody happy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • jonjon7465

    DD, #1 in overpriced ARs !

    • John L.

      And your manufacturer of choice would be?

      • CruisingTroll

        I’m guessing that it’s probably NorInco.

        • FarmerB

          Yeah, nothing you can do to an AR manufacture that should make it more than $599.

        • iksnilol

          Norinco is pretty decent quality.

          • Leigh Rich

            Maybe in Canada

          • iksnilol

            In Norway as well.

            Doesn’t look good, but works.

      • jonjon7465


  • plumber576

    I wish they’d ramp up barrel production.

  • CruisingTroll

    And to think, I just bought a DDM4 V7 today…. methinks the retailer had the new M-Lok units marked at the same price as the previous (likely clearanced out) V7’s. $1,369. I didna want to take the chance of missing out on that, given the DDs don’t seem to run under MSRP very often, especially not 15% under. Whoooohooo!!

    First AR.

    • John L.


      Now. Under no circumstances buy a stripped lower and a basic LPK so you can “just put it together to get a better understanding of how it all works” for $150 or so. Because, then you really should get an inexpensive upper for it, and well, now you can try a drop-in trigger.

      Because now, you see, you have enough parts to put together another lower, so you might as well, and then it just makes sense to get a third upper, maybe in 6.5 Grendel just for the heck of it…

      • CruisingTroll

        Actually, earlier in the week, I ordered a billet receiver set which I’ll use to build a 20″ SPR/DMR type of build… down the road, accumulating top notch components for it over time. And bought an inexpensive forged set for a “whatever build” to, as you say, get a better understanding of how it all works. The DD is to a) have it now rather than taking a while to gather bits. B) have QUALITY to establish a baseline for the builds. I have been turning back the urge to “just lay in a AR-10 receiver set for later.” At least I’ve been turning it back for now…….

  • I spent a couple days in the Daniel Defense factories last week, they were VERY busy but I saw no signs of any corners being cut whatsoever. In fact, I was incredibly impressed with the quality control standards and processes I saw.

  • Lee Attiny

    Whose still buying guns at this point. After all the other gun ban scares I’m pretty well stocked at this point. What else is there to buy?

  • Frank Morris

    DD is the “good stuff” regardless of where the market goes.

  • C. Her

    Another over priced, enhanced run-of-the-mill mil-spec AR’s. But yet I own 2 of them and they are my favorite AR’s out of my collection to go pew pew with.

  • valorius

    My brother bought 10 AR’s for cheap, and is sitting on them to sell after the election.

    He’s going to make a killing, most likely.

  • Gus Butts

    I really really don’t like it when you guys in the states are panic buying because it is then very hard to find magazines and bolt-carrier groups up here for us Canucks. Please don’t panic as hard as early 2013… I wish to build a new AR-15 soon and I don’t think I can handle the few months wait to get a complete BCG again.

    • Leigh Rich

      Hillary scares a lot of people.

  • J.E.Walker

    Already banned for sale in Massachusetts and not because of a new law passed by the legislature. Our mental case leftist Dim AG did it all on her own. No warning. No debate. No votes. Happened literally overnight. No nothing but a big “F-you” to licensed gunowners. That’s how fast it can happen folks so beware!!! DimocRATS are the enemy.

    • Juanito Ibañez

      “Our mental case leftist Dim AG did it all on her own. No warning. No
      debate. No votes. Happened literally overnight. No nothing but a big
      “F-you” to licensed gunowners.”

      …and the MA state Democrat Party is shaking in its boots – fearing a voter backlash over her overstepping her authority.

      Trump/Pence 2016 🙂

  • Jason Lewis

    I think most people are already set from the last panic. Ammo. That’s where it’s at.