LAV Blasts Away with Dutch AR-10 (With Gratuitous Slow-Mo)

Often overlooked due to its smaller-caliber sibling, the original AR-10 was a fantastic weapon systems. In fact, if not for the thin barrel (later fixed), it may have likely supplanted the M14 within the US arsenal. For better or worse, it did not come to pass.

What is often and truly forgotten is how the AR-10 was manufactured over in Holland as a direct competitor with the FAL and H&K/CETME offerings. There were a few successes including sales to South American including Guatemala. Other sales include Sudan, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

A few of the rifles were able to make it back to their design home and made it back to the USA, two of which have made it to Larry Vickers, who puts them through the slow-motion treatment. At full speed, the weapon is quite the recoil bear, with Larry’s compatriot showing why shoulder-fired .308 is not as common these days.

Larry did drop some knowledge on the masses with the tidbit on why the AR-15 was ultimately SAFE-SEMI-AUTO versus the originally spec’d SAFE-AUTO-SEMI that Stoner designed. The reason? Solders accidentally turned the weapon off safe and it was then safer to have the weapon go Semi than full-auto in case of a dischage.

Enjoy the video below!

Nathan S

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  • noamsaying

    Notice how uncontrollable it as after the first shot?

    • yodamiles

      That’s what happen when you have very light weight rifle firing 7.62 NATO. Semi auto should be fine though (and preferable anyways)

      • I’ve shot one of these guns, and it’s not fun even on semi.

        Muzzle rise in full isn’t bad because of the straight line stock, but the recoil sends you into the next district. You get a real firm idea of the difference between “controllable” and “low recoil” after shooting one.

        • John Pate

          I completely disagree, I’ve shot more than one original AR10 and the recoil on semi is certainly no worse than a FAL or G3. A great rifle to shoot and comfortable to hold.

          • Gus Butts

            Having fired an FN C1A1D (full-auto FAL variant that the Canadian Navy had) and an FN C2A1 (full-auto squad automatic weapon variant with 30 round magazines, heavy barrel with integrated bipod and rear drum sight with settings up to 1,000 meters that eventually got replaced by the FN C9) I agree that I do not find the recoil bad at all on semi-auto. On full-auto, though… Let’s just say that I liked to use the C2A1 on its bipod in the prone position.

          • I… Dunno what to say, man. That hasn’t been my experience.

          • John Pate

            Only on semi-auto though. Full auto might be a different story, i’ll agree.

          • Rocketman

            John, I think your wrong. I shot a G3 some years ago and I remember it being at least somewhat controllable on full auto and the recoil on this appears to be worse. Probably because of the extra weight of the G3.

        • Uniform223

          You get a real firm idea of the difference between “controllable” and “low recoil” after shooting one.

          > I like that

  • SGT Fish

    I don’t think that is what they were saying about the selector switch. It sounds like it used to be 180 degrees opposite of what it is now, but with auto in the middle. The standard way to crawl is to hold your rifle by the FSB and drag it. anything that drags over the switch will then take it off safe. Im sure the uncontrollability of it on Auto was a good enough reason to put Semi in the middle. I didn’t hear him say anything about it being because of NDs. And anyone who has carried one slung long enough will tell you, they switch themselves off safe all the time depending on how you are carrying, especially now with the Ambi levers

    • On the original ArmaLites, the Safe position was in the current Semi position, at 6 o’clock.

      • Here’s a photo to illustrate.

        • SGT Fish


      • Kivaari

        12-on the pointy end.

  • adverse4

    I never, other than orientation, put my M16 on anything but safe or semi. Fast trigger pull was better at cover fire. Those early M16s would empty a mag before you could even begin to sweep. The M14s we were issued after basic did not have selector switches, again, rapid fire semi auto gave better coverage. We moved thru heavy jungle with them like deer with antlers thru heavy brush. We were mostly small men, and mostly pissed off. Recoil was never an issue.

  • schizuki

    Too bad 7.62 ARs aren’t standardized. Would love to see someone manufacture these uppers new. Cool factor is off the charts.

    • Anonymoose

      Armalite released a top-charger AR10B like 10 or so years ago, and .308 ARs are kind of separated into DPMS, RRA, Armalite, and KAC patterns.

      • ostiariusalpha

        The DPMS GII small frame design has the most promise to me as a semi-standard model. DPMS and Remington are sister companies, but Adams Arms and Mega Arms also use GII compatible receivers.

        • Stan Darsh

          I was excited about the Adams Arms Small Frame 308 using what seems like the G2 receivers, but the sales rep claimed the lower is only compatible with the AA upper and not any DPMS G2 upper.

          • ostiariusalpha

            LOL! I don’t know if the sales rep was ignorant, or actually lying to you. They are completely compatible, people have mixed the GII and SF-308 receivers and they work fine together.

  • roguetechie

    They truly are beautiful guns!

    Really too bad they made the call to send the gun with the funky swaged composite barrel that burst in for the tests with the military.

    I’ve always been curious about the exotic muzzle devices on the earlier precursor guns, and whether any could have helped tame the recoil.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Composite aluminum barrels were a dream destined not for the waking, sober world. Those muzzle devices were a hybrid muzzle brake/flash hider, and they worked fantastically when they worked. Unfortunately, they tried to use aluminum on the first series, which fairly quickly distorted under the heat of full auto fire. The next batch were made of titanium, and they were wondrous in making that light gun controllable in automatic. And also wondrously expensive to make, so they were never going to end up on any actual service rifles. They are extraordinarily valuable collectibles now and are worth… well, let’s just say that if you have to kill a man to get ahold of one, don’t let scruples get in your way.

  • Anonymoose

    It wasn’t a thin barrel- it was an aluminum barrel, which is only really okay for .22LR.

  • noob

    I wonder how history would have turned out if a refined AR10 (like the kind that served Portuguese troopers dependably in africa) had been adopted instead of the M14.

    Could 5.56 have happened anyway, but we’d just have these weird long magazines that plug into an AR10 sized magwell after an upper-swap?

  • Gus Butts

    The constant slow-mo in his videos is exactly why I can’t endure them. I just want to see how the very unique and interesting firearms that he has up on his channel shoot in full-auto but it always gets slowed down like a really bad movie. It’s kind of annoying, really.

  • James Kiser

    Is this weapon similar to the AR10 made by Armalite?

  • claymore

    They should read and follow the manual and the recoil wouldn’t have as much of an effect . when using the new tactical forearm stretched way way out on the barrel you are just adding to the inability to control upward recoil. when using the recommended hand back close to but not on the magazine well, elbow tucked into the body, recoil forces upward are mitigated substantially more the the tacticool hold.

  • jcitizen

    I wished I had picked one of these up as a kid, even though there were probably dealer samples. I was enamored with M14s only, and lost the opportunity. After being tutored by a LRP from Vietnam on how rotten the M14 was, I lost my love affair with that one.

  • Pedro Marcos

    Hammerhead, TFB seems to do his best avoid anything Port related. A cultural thing, I guess…