Hunting Gear: ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Bag

To some hunting season is right around the corner and for others it’s year-round; whenever and wherever you hunt, this new bag might interest you. This is more than just a bag for toting stuff around, though. It’s the ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Bag, and if it delivers as promised it would be a welcome addition to my own must-have hunting gear.

The BigMOUTH Bag is designed to replace the old standby plastic totes many hunters use for storage. Perhaps its greatest feature is that it doesn’t just store gear, it kills odors. Scent control is important whether you hunt deer, hogs, or bear, hence the success of the scent-blocking industry. Now there’s something beyond the sprays, detergents, and deodorants. Simply drop your boots, gloves, and other items into the bag, plug it in, and leave it to remove potentially hunt-harming odors from your gear. According to the company scents are actually removed, not masked.

Transporting your gear in the BigMOUTH Bag is simple, so there’s no need to open it up until you’re ready to use the gear inside. Once opened the bag stays open thanks to an internal frame. The bag measures 24″x17.5″x12″ while closed with height increasing to 18″ when open. Plugs are included for the wall outlet at your home and an adaptor for your vehicle. MSRP $130.00.

*ScentPURGE has a number of products available for scent removal including a plug-in for vehicles and a unit for home use designed to remove odors from areas up to 400 square feet.

Visit the ScentPURGE website at

From ScentPURGE:

“ScentPURGE™ produces odor eating ozone at levels that are below EPA and OSHA standards. Ozone seeks out odors and neutralizes them and the odor is gone! With no filters to change or clean, our ScentPURGE™ products will give you years of odor killing service at a great price.”

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  • Tyler McCommon

    So much for TFB not becoming ads.

  • Nocternus

    In all my many years of hunting I have never noticed scent to be much of an issue when hunting. Never found Camo to be all that useful either. I have killed deer while wearing a brown Carhart jacket and blue jeans eating crackers and sardines out of a can before. I find that movement and noises they are much more sensitive to than scents and color patterns on your clothes. I will say the industry has done a phenomenal job convincing hunters today they need all this junk though.

    • MzUnGu

      As with deer, I would agree with ya. Hogs, however, I find to be very different, way smarter, can smell ya miles away(exaggerating a little) 😀

      I just toss all the gear in a trash bag, with a handful of baking soda all around..tie a knot. but as I tend to hike miles and sweat like an fat pig, I really doubt that make any difference to some careful flat snout after an hour of hiking. 😛

  • Anonymoose

    Their website looks like it was written by someone who is still in high school. Of course, if the product works, I would probably use it for hockey, kendo, and other sports where my equipment gets really stinky really quick.