Venezuela Crushes 2,000 Firearms

A police officer hammers a pistol during an exercise to destroy seized weapons in Caracas, Venezuela August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Marco Bello

In a futile attempt to curb the rampant violence in Venezuela, the National Guard and local police destroy 2,000 firearms that were seized or traded in for electronic goods. Reuters’ Article mentions that most firearms that criminals get are acquired from corrupt law enforcement. The new Interior Minister Nestor Reverol has publicly stated that they will bring about “disarmament and peace”.  Not sure how they plan on doing that other than by force. According to Reuters, Venezuela also purchased a laser engraver and plans to mark ammunition and somehow register ammunition.

I wonder if Interior Minister Reverol plans on addressing the real problem, corruption?

Below are some photos of the destroyed and seized weapons.

A weapon is being destroyed during an exercise to disable seized weapons in Caracas, Venezuela August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Marco Bello

Cutting down a single shot break action gun.

A pistol is being destroyed during an exercise to disable seized weapons in Caracas, Venezuela August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Marco Bello

A pistol is being destroyed during an exercise to disable seized weapons in Caracas, Venezuela August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Marco Bello


Sure, look down the barrel. That is a great idea. Looks like a Luger.

An official holds up a pistol during an exercise to disable seized weapons in Caracas, Venezuela August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Marco Bello

An official holds up a pistol during an exercise to disable seized weapons in Caracas, Venezuela August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Marco Bello


Can anyone identify the overly decorative pistol in the foreground?

Seized weapons are displayed before being destroyed during an exercise to disable confiscated weapons, in Caracas, Venezuela, August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Marco Bello

Seized weapons are displayed before being destroyed during an exercise to disable confiscated weapons, in Caracas, Venezuela, August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Marco Bello


Also the top photo of the police woman using what looks like a hobby rock hammer to smash metal handguns is comical.

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  • George

    Astra A400?

  • Joseph Goins

    Venezuela has two problems:
    For the people, figuring out where the next meal comes from.
    For the government, figuring out how to stay in power.

    In all seriousness, Venezuela’s murder rate is 62.0 per 100,000 people. I’ll take the US murder rate of 3.9 per 100,000 any day of the week. An armed society is a polite society.

    • Major Tom

      Venezuela also has the problem of overspecialized economy. They put all their eggs into the petrostate when oil traded north of 100 bucks a barrel. (A similar problem grips Russia.) As a result their economy has been in shambles and their so-called socialist utopia has driven away anyone, anything, everything and everybody who might have the ideas or ability to change that.

      If we’re still lucky, Venezuela is about one month from being a failed state not unlike Somalia. If we’re not, it’s already become one.

      • Sermon 7.62

        A similar situation is in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. Friends of the US. Don’t see similar problems there. Keep talking about socialist “utopias” but I am coming from one and I liked it.

        • caleb

          Could you possibly be persuaded to go back? We dont want that crap here.

          • Sermon 7.62

            Here? We?

            Son, in that slum built by a bunch of criminals and prostitutes, Freemasons and slave traders, merchants and crooks, there is no thing as “we”, since there is no nation, just a flock, segregated by fences of race, religion, fake religion, color of skin, sexual orientation and economical cast.

            I’d go back in a second, but I don’t need to. I am in a Yankee Free zone.

          • caleb

            Please do. WE Americans value our freedom here. Please take your socialism back to whatever hole you emerged from. Much obliged.

          • Sermon 7.62

            You, Americans, are not free. Look around. First on the list of incarceration rate. Fake elections. National debt largest on the planet. Free are the riches, and most Americans are poor. You can’t even see this!

          • caleb

            Incarceration? Good. Nobodys asking for the freedom to be a criminal. Criminals belong in jail. Fake elections? Hows that then? You must mean because Bernie didnt win. Yea, the fix is in. Debt, our debt is caused by big govenrment liberals pissing away money we dont have on things we dont need. Americans are free because we dont want a socialist government telling us how much TP to use when we wipe. Rich and poor has nothing to do with it.

          • Sermon 7.62

            A socialist state means FREE medicine, FREE education, FREE choice of profession. You don’t have these freedoms, hence, Americans are not free. You depend on the banks, on the people that hire and fire, mortgages, insurances and cops. Free are the riches, since the riches do not depend on all these people. The riches are these people. And it’s about 1% of population.

          • ShootingFromTheHip

            Lol, handouts are not freedom, Commie! You are all much more obliged to your overlord state than Americans who can rise and fall as they choose. A meal earned will always taste better than a meal given.

          • Sermon 7.62

            Is that a reference to Russia? In that case, Russia is a liberal capitalist state.

          • MNOR

            Jesus christ!

            Socialism and Communism are NOT the same thing, Get it trough your skulls dimwits.

            And yes. Canada isnt labeled as a socialist country, neither are most European countries. They do still have socialist elements in they’re government structure that do work.
            Free education(not really. but the state hands out student loans at very beneficial interest-rates, and tax-cuts for said debt).
            Free Healtcare(thats a nobrainer. I really do not want to be at the mercy og insurance-companies if something happens to me. we do have private specialist clinics but treatment there is substidiced by the state(good use of taxes and a great model for the private and public sector to work together.).

            And the US could do that to, if it you didnt have a higher millitary expendature than the next 11 countries on the list COMBINED.

            Shut-up pay you’re taxe, other than that do whatever you want.

          • Sermon 7.62

            Jesus Christ help you! I haven’t even mentioned Communism, and what relevance does it have to the topic, fool?

          • MNOR

            Wasnt really responding to you Sermon. I meant to representanter to the “in America we value our freedom”-80’s fossil above.

            Guess what: so do most of the rest of the world.
            And no, Canada is a socialist country, neither is germany, France, GB, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Belgium and probably another 30+ European countries.
            Despite this they still manage to have free healtcare(many innledning dental), free or state substidized universities among other elements stemming from socialist-DEMOCRATIC ideas.

          • Sermon 7.62

            I thought it was a bit strange. You supported me and at the same time insulted me.

            Socialism is a generic term that has more than one definition and there is a number of variants of socialism. In essence, one common denominator among all of them is a principle of “social ownership and democratic control of the means of production”, such as natural resources.

            The state, and thus the nation, possesses all of the strategic economical outlets and citizens of the state share the benefits acquired through them, in the form of social programs like free higher education for all, free health care, etc.

            It can be implemented in various degrees and in various manner. From extreme right, like National Socialism to extreme left, like the USSR used to be and to something moderate and modern, like Norwegian “mixed market” state.

            There’s nothing bad about it.

          • Wolfgar

            Your wasting your time talking about true freedom to these programed minions. Most people today do not even know what true freedom is. It scares the hell out of them.

          • caleb

            Ha! Seriously? Free medicine? Free education? Thats not freedom. Thats free stuff, and its not even free. Taxes pay for it. Taxes forced on everyone even though not everyone benefits or even wants it. Government social programs can not make you free. Freedom is the lack of government interference, not the other way around. Freedom to make your own choices and live your life however you desire. Freedom FROM government.

          • Sermon 7.62

            That’s freedom of a chained dog. You are as free as long the chain is. In a socialist state, there is no chain.

          • Nicholas C

            All the free things you mention are in Canada and they are not Socialists.

          • Sermon 7.62

            Not just in Canada, but in some European countries, too. That is called socialism. See “Nordic model”.

          • 40mmCattleDog

            Wow and I thought it was just your comments about guns and calibers that were downright asinine. Guess your political beliefs follow suit.

          • Sermon 7.62

            Beliefs are for Yankees. We have opinions.

          • 40mmCattleDog

            Pseudo Intellectualism at its finest.

          • Sermon 7.62

            Sure, son. You are all real, I am all pseudo. Sleep tight.

          • Sermon lets not go there. Politics and talk of one country being better than another isn’t on topic. politics is a no-no on TFB.

          • Sermon 7.62

            No problem, Phil. As soon as I see the same thing told to all the others here I’ll shut up. Because I didn’t start this argument. Be fare.

          • David

            Curious to why you deleted the comment about politics you disagreed with but kept the other comments about politics untouched….the subject of every other comment replying to this one is political and the tfb is guns not politics its so obvious you delete the political comments you disagree with and leave the ones you like i dont think thats fair

          • ReadyorNot

            No sense in responding to Sermon, he’s a classic Russian web propagandist.

          • Kl0ss

            Don’t even bother in replying. He must be one of those guys who thinks my country is paradise. When their model fails their excuse is always the same: “that wasn’t the real thing blablabla, it’s never been tried blablabla”

          • billyoblivion

            Oh, but there is.

            You won’t change HIS mind, but you can have an impact on the people he’s trying to convert.

        • Major Tom

          You are aware that petroleum products have differing grades for their sources in much the same way there’s differing grades (and quality) of ammunition for a firearm right?

          In the Middle East in places like Iraq, Syria, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and a couple others the grade of petroleum found in the ground is some of the cheapest on Earth by grade. Very few impurities or distillates, aka very clean stuff. The cost of break-even in the oil fields of northern Saudi Arabia is something on the order of 3 bucks a barrel for extraction only. Factor in refining and it’s still less than 10 bucks a barrel. For the Middle East in total, the break even point for oil extraction and refining is something like 12 bucks for the entire region. No matter how low oil gets on the London Brent or New York markets in recent, they haven’t been losing money on it in many decades.

          Now in other countries and regions, this is not the case. In Russia much like the United States, the break even point for extraction and refining is somewhere around 50-60 US dollars per barrel. Not the super cheap easily refined stuff you find in the Middle East yes, but it’s far from the worst. The US owing to largely untapped potential plus wider markets both domestic and abroad comes out a little better than Russia in this regard from a strictly economic standpoint. A comparative advantage if you will. In addition, unlike Russia the US has a much more diversified economy that can handle the volatility in the petroleum commodities markets.

          In Venezuela by comparison, the stuff is barely better than tar in terms of grade. Very expensive stuff to extract and especially to refine and that’s not counting other factors such as political corruption. The break even point for Venezuelan heavy crude is something like 70-80 bucks a barrel, thus without significant subsidies by the Venezuelan government, petroleum as export is wholly unprofitable under most trading conditions. And since the Venezuelan economy has shifted to a complete petroeconomy with little diversification, the bottom falling out of the price of crude several years ago caused a complete crash of their economy and their revenue streams. If you think the revenue starvation the Russians are experiencing right now is bad, you know nothing of what that is until you read the Venezuelan accounting books.

          The grand socialist experiment in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela was wholly dependent and reliant upon the price of crude on the commodities markets staying elevated significantly above that break even point. With a complete marginalization and/or eviction of any other economic activity (especially those that might politically run counter to the Chavista regime’s socialist ideology), the Venezuelan economy had no real diversification that could handle when the price of crude finally comes back down.

          • Sermon 7.62

            Thanks. This is an intelligent comment. But I’d like the Norwegian socialist experiment to be put into the same context also.

      • DChrls

        It didn’t help that they seized the property of companies working in Venezuela and then had to be forced to repay those companies they stole from.

      • AirborneSoldier

        Their people are already starving… gotta love Socialism. Central bureacrats always know best.

    • Wetcoaster

      I’d think the Middle East would be more polite and Asian countries less so if that were so.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Murder rate outside of war zones in the middle east isn’t crazy. Asian governments without an armed population also have their issues. It’s not a clear cut matter.

      • Joseph Goins

        It is true for most of the earth.

        https://upload . wikimedia . org/wikipedia/commons/c/c9/Map_of_world_by_intentional_homicide_rate.svg

        https://upload . wikimedia . org/wikipedia/commons/0/0d/World_map_of_civilian_gun_ownership_-_2nd_color_scheme.svg

  • HKmaster


    • Tim Pearce

      Probably too late. It’s rare that LE agencies that are hell-bent on enforcing these failed ideologies will care that they’re destroying what amounts to a historic relic or an extremely valuable piece of machinery.

  • iksnilol

    I’d wager an Astra pistol, I don’t know what specific model tho.

  • Wolfgar

    This is how a totalitarian state reacts to its failed policies. They should be encouraging firearm ownership and training , if crime prevention was the true motive.

    • Sermon 7.62

      Totalitarian state is North Korea. And all of the puppet states of the US in the Middle East. Venesuela is a democratic state.

      • Wolfgar

        Any state which does not allow an individual the right to bear arms is a totalitarian state, in my opinion. Venesuela is just another socialist septic tank that is on it’s death bed like the former Soviet Union, but hey you can dwell where you wish, .

        • Sermon 7.62

          By such a definition, most European countries are “totalitarian states”. Foolish.

          • Wolfgar

            You will get no argument from me about most European nations. You obviously have never lived in a truly free nation or lived as a truly free person. I have.

          • Sermon 7.62

            You are so brainwashed, to such a point, that can’t understand the basic, fundamental things about life.

            Free is the man that is independent. That means he doesn’t depend on someone or something. He is not bound by obligations, not bound by loans, mortgages and insurance contracts. He is a free man.

            In the capitalist countries like Russia or US a man has to be rich in order to be free.

          • crackedlenses

            Yes, most European countries are “nice” totalitarian states.

          • Wolfgar

            On August 22 1999 ,Tony Martin of Emneth Norfolk England was sentenced to life in prison for shooting one of two burglars with a shot gun late at night outside his bedroom door in his home. The surviving burglar was released. This fits my definition of a totalitarian state.

          • Sermon 7.62


          • crackedlenses


  • M.M.D.C.

    “Reuters’ Article mentions that most firearms that criminals get are acquired from corrupt law enforcement.”

    They should just cut out the middle man and crush all the cop’s guns. Problem solved.

  • Arie Heath

    The decorative pistol appears to be some form of Astra, or a copy thereof.

  • Micki

    It’s an Astra Model 4000, “Falcon”; a blowback in .22, .32ACP or .380.

  • ShootingFromTheHip

    If you want to destroy a gun irreparably, all you gotta do is clean the barrel from muzzle to breech.

    Source: Guys on the gun forums.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I think it was a Luger in the 4th picture down.

  • Sianmink

    I don’t understand what that officer in the first pic is trying to accomplish with that pocket hammer. If she wants to crush firearms with that thing, she’s going to be there a while.

    Also the best way to check to see if a Luger is loaded is to look down the barrel.

  • Cattoo

    The toy hammer is for breaking toy guns.
    She is just there to move the air around.

  • UCSPanther

    And meanwhile, Venezuela’s food situation is in dire straits. Maduro must be really paranoid to be making disarming his subjects a priority here.

    He’s probably afraid of sharing the same fate as Nicolae Ceasescu, hence his bizarre antics of late…

    • Sermon 7.62

      Maduro is not a good leader perhaps but he is not like Ceaușescu. That corrupt bastard sucked the blood of his people. Maduro is just incompetent.

  • Sasquatch

    No…. Why…..

  • Martin M

    I just got sick.

  • Kl0ss

    Venezuelan here, (living in Caracas) here.
    Most criminals in here get their guns and grenades (Yes, grenades) from the PNB (Bolivarian National Police), the National Guard and our Armed Forces, and If you got the balls and decide to go to a slum, you can rent a pistol or a rifle from the local gang (the gangs even list the prices on facebook/Twitter and what will happen to you if you don’t return it), and the worst part is that our police and military officers know this, but they won’t do anything because, either:

    1-Some officers are involved in it.(Which is no surprise at this point).
    2-The government won’t let them act according to the law because they use those gangs when convenient .

    The whole “Gun Ban Law / disarm law” that was approved when Chavez was alive was nothing but an excuse to disarm new legal gun owners (mostly middle class and of course, people who oppose the government) because our government doesn’t like the idea of an armed opposition. In my case, in order to avoid getting my pistol taken away, I always leave my pistol and gun ownership license at home. If you bought your gun between 2006 – 2012, you’ll be “asked”, to hand it over or you’ll spend sometime behind bars if you refuse to hand it over.
    Almost forgot, both Concealed and Open Carry are forbidden after the law
    was approved, and getting caught carrying a gun means spending 10 years
    behind bars…

    Anyways…Sorry for my bad English, blogging (?) and turn this into politics. Just wanted to provide some information regarding the crime and gun ownership situation in my country.Hope you guys don’t give up on your right to own and use guns.

    • Nicholas C

      Thank you very much for the local point of view. Very interesting.

    • avconsumer2

      Better English than many native speakers. Vaya con dios compadre’. Thanks for the insight.

  • Anonymoose


    • Nicholas C

      Where is that?

      • Anonymoose


      • AHill

        I hate this thing with a passion. The phony reverence of it on the net irks me to no end. The guns for this were “donated” by the RCMP. Guns of which some were no doubt stolen from law abiding citizens or their families to be sacrificed on the alter of progressiveness and “safety”. I will admit some were no doubt taken from criminals (real criminals, not fiat criminals for owning once legal property the state is offended by) and I have no qualms with that, but this thing is a monument to demonizing gun owners.

        Also, can you really donate something you don’t own and acquired by theft in the first place?

  • oldman

    The overly decorated hand gun is an Astra 400 or 600 not sure which.

  • Guys lets drop the political garbage.

    • Wolfgar

      My apologies, the guy got under my skin but I did get off topic. I wont do it again.

  • AirborneSoldier

    Astra 600…