Russian Diplomat Kills His Mugger In Rio

The news are talking about Ryan Lochte and the claims he made about being robbed at gunpoint along with some other US Olympian Swimmers. However there is a story about a real mugging at gunpoint that was thwarted and resulted in the death of the mugger.

According to Yahoo 7 News, the Vice Consul of Russia, who is a Rio native, was robbed at gun point during a traffic jam. Two men on motorcycles pulled up next to his car. One of them broke the window of the car and demanded the Vice Consul’s watch. The Vice Consul is an expert in Jiu-Jitsu, possibly BJJ, and pulled the mugger into the car through the broken window. Reports say that they struggled and the mugger was shot inside the car. The second robber fled. The Russian Embassy denies that any of its staff were involved.

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Nicholas C

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  • john huscio

    The picture you have is from a guy getting stuck up on a bike in Sao Paulo a year or so go (I think). The thief with the wheelgun got interrupted by an off duty cop mid-stickup and got shot….. he died in the street.

    • Nicholas C

      Yeah I couldnt find a photo of the actual story. I did not intend on misleading anyone. But the photo fits the story.

      • Cory C

        So, what? You think all Brazillians look alike? Typical.

        (Totally kidding).

        • Biggus Dickus

          Every Brazilian I’ve ever seen looks the same. Just 2 slick pussylips waiting to be kissed. Like if you agree.

    • Sianmink

      It’s always an off-duty cop in every Brazil video.
      Where are the on-duty cops? Busy shaking tourists down for their wallets?

      • john huscio

        There was even one of those Taiwanese 3d cartoons about it.

      • According to every Brazilian I’ve ever known: unironically, yes.

      • Ebby123


  • Giolli Joker

    According to several sources the “victim” of the mugger was a Brazilian lawyer with fake Russian ID.

    • Care to share any of those sources?

      • Giolli Joker

        If I paste links it takes a while to get them approved… it was on The Guardian of Aug 5th and other news websites in the first page of a Google search…

        • Tritro29

          Not Fake, it was his Russian credentials for the consulate.

    • Sermon 7.62

      I confirm.

  • GhostTrain81


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Yeah, we should probably wait for more facts to come out this time.

    Guy was probably just peeing on a wall.

    • Tassiebush

      Haha it’s almost like you don’t unconditionally trust such stories!

  • Punk Tilious

    Dear TFB,

    You do such good work.

    Please don’t become a gossip/clickbait website with stuff like this.

  • SteveOOOoo

    I hear he backed over the body 2-3 times too!

  • Whatever

    Jason Bourne

  • Anomanom

    Russian embassy probably denies it because the guy was SVR or some other such person who is not there in a lawful occupation.

    • diplomatic cover?

    • retfed

      According to the story, the consul is not a foreign (Russian) national. He’s a Brazilian who works for the consulate. It’s fairly common for countries to use locals as consuls.

      • Sermon 7.62

        Nope. He is a Brazilian and has no connections to Russia. Perhaps a criminal.

    • Tritro29

      Dude was a former pro-figher from Brazil. He also got hold of the punk and his POS gun and pulled him inside the vehicle. There he shot him. Russian-Brazilian cooperation was profitable. Russian territory, Brazilian Jujitsu. 10 points.

      • Rooftop Voter

        I give him a 10 for creativity by pulling the guy through the window.

        • Kalash

          I’m imagining a cartoony thing where he gets pulled through the window and you see a big ball of dust with sound effects coming out of it.

  • iksnilol

    You could call it a “diplomatic disarm”.


  • Joe Schmo

    I went to school with some people from Brazil. I would make fun of Brazil for being 99% slums/favelas and 1% modern cities. They always said that their country is beautiful and that it is a lot better than what I would think.

    So I pulled up LiveLeak on my phone and showed them videos of people being robbed and then shot, machete fights, people being burned alive, people having limbs cut off, etc. Their claims were invalid.

    This whole story reminds me of those days, and only reaffirms my feelings on Brazil: If you have money, you live in a safe area in a modern city. If you don’t have money, you’re screwed.

    • Sermon 7.62

      Just like in the US.

      • A Fascist Corgi

        It’s not quite that bad here yet. Give it a couple more decades.

        • Sermon 7.62

          From experience I can assure that it can go fast like an epidemic. But it’s alright. You got those FEMA camps.

        • Klaus Von Schmitto

          Give it halfway through Hillary’s first term.

  • It’s just symbolic of a motorcycle robbery gone bad.

    • Tritro29

      That should be an instructional ad for proper care on firearms. His revolver failed to fire (or wasn’t even real).

      • Filin’ that one under Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes. There’s a very good reason why robbery with a fake gun is prosecuted exactly the same way as robbery with a real gun; all of those “but but but it was just a toy gun!!1!” excuses don’t fly, because people respond to a toy as if it’s real, including people who have defensive/duty guns, which puts bystanders in danger.

        • Tritro29

          It isn’t my intention to lament on the criminal’s fate. The fact that his weapon doesn’t go boom while he points it (or tries to) to the policeman, is however unfortunately true anyway for criminals and policemen/law abiding people as well.

  • So not all the happy endings in Rio the past couple of weeks involved Gold Medals. Guy tries to mug another at gunpoint and ends up dead by his own weapon. After being dragged through a broken window. An equitable outcome at least, I would say, and… medal worthy?

    • Dan

      The sloppy entry through the broken window will cost him a couple of points for sure, but so far overall solid execution. I think the judges will score him fairly high.

      • Rooftop Voter

        Dismount by the bad guy did not score too high. Performance was judged as ‘wooden and stiff.’

  • Swarf

    And nothing of value was lost…

  • Mr. Mars

    Rio: Where mugging is an Olympic event.

  • Not really appropriate material for TFB

    • Biggus Dickus

      Nobody CARES Phil. Deal with it.

      • 11b

        Actually we do care, and your comments on this thread are pretty worthless. Go to a lesser blog with that crap.

  • What an idiot to try to jack a diplomat more so a Russian diplomat, should be a lesson to all those thugs on Rio’s streets to think twice about pulling those kind of stunts.

  • kbroughton77

    “If the man didn’t have access to a gun they’d both still be alive, and why did he have to kill him, could of just shot the robber in the leg” -actual comment I read on Facebook about this story

    • Tritro29

      Rio Police said it was AD, Russian news papers said the per had two shots in the chest. I like how the Rio Police handled business

  • Gamle Aker

    Some Russian Diplomat is former KGB agents

  • T Rex

    Sounds like the deceased robber’s final crime was perpetrated on a victim who coincidentally just happened to be a Russian SVR Operator under diplomatic cover who instinctively put to use the all that hand to hand combat and weapons training he’d received.

    Fatal error, terminal bad luck, f***ing with the wrong dude, or all of the above?

  • plzstahpcallinmegay

    Ex KGB for sure

  • Kalash

    А нууу чики брики в дамке! Молодец.

  • Kalash

    Eeeyup. They took the terrorist’s brother and sent him back to his family… piece by piece.