Capitol Armory Meters The JJFU Aero Sonic Silencer

Before we get into Capitol Armory’s impromptu testing of the Aero Sonic 5.56 rifle suppressor, let’s take a quick look at the above new Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU) take-down model. Named the ‘La Bomba’, JJFU quietly (see what I did there) debuted the new silencer a few days ago on their Facebook page.


The JJFU product page has been updated with a little initial information on the ‘La Bomba’:

La Bomba – $1299

The JJFU La Bomba suppressor is a 3 piece Hiram Maxim based suppressor. It can be unscrewed and cleaned as needed, prolonging the life of your suppressor.


JJFU La Bomba

Extrapolating from the limited information we have, the ‘La Bomba’ appears to be a .30 caliber suppressor capable of handling the pressure of a .30-30 round fired from a ~10″ barreled Winchester Model 94. We will update the post with additional information on the new JJFU silencer as it comes in.

Moving on to capitol armory…

Whether you love him or hate him, Jesse James and his firearms company are here to stay. And while I have been critical of his silencers in the past, I can certainly appreciate his pro-Second Amendment stance and his love for firearms in general. And there’s no denying his artistic vision. My previous gripes have centered around the lack of test data and the price point. Sure, the styling might not be my cup of tea, but I’m not the one with the hit TV show and the millions in the bank.

Anyway, when I first caught wind of Capitol Armory’s social media posting surrounding the testing of a JJFU Aero Sonic silencer, I was intrigued and had to know more. In previous years, independent testing efforts of the Aero Sonic silencer did not to come to fruition.

The Capitol Armory team was enjoying a day at the range when a fellow shooter showed up with an JJFU AR-15 and Aero Sonic suppressor. Being the prepared silencer Boy Scouts that they are, the CA shooters whipped out a decibel meter and asked the fellow range-goer for the chance to test the unique can.

To say the results were surprising would be disingenuous: aside from numbers previously reported by the JJFU team, there was no baseline to make a solid comparison. In addition to the dB meter, the Capitol Armory guys shot the SilencerCo Specwar 5.56 as a basic control-set for the conditions of the day.

From the Capitol Armory Instagram Page:

We got to test out the @jessejamesfirearms JJFU Aerosonic LSFS can from Jesse James today. We also metered it along with the @silencerco Specwar 556. The Aerosonic averaged in the low 130s & the Specwar 556 in the 128-130dB. We will retrieve the official numbers & averages later but we can say that both cans sounded & performed great. Due to dB reduction, size, weight, baffle material & price point… The Specwar was the winner today, but to be fair some of the shots sounded the same to us. The Aerosonic impressed everyone out today with its sound & also with the way it didn't get crazy lava hot after a few mags. What can you say about the Specwar 556?… It's a Tank that can't be stopped Specwar 556: 19.5oz Weight 7.3" Length 1.5" Diameter ASR QD System Stellite Baffles MSRP $864 Aerosonic LSFS: Aluminum Clamshells Inconel & Titanium Baffles User Serviceable Direct Thread MSRP $4500 (Update: @jessejamesfirearms has now stated that he has reduced the price to around $3000)

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From the JJFU Facebook Page:

Capitol Armory Meters The JJFU Aero Sonic Suppressor

Capitol Armory Meters The JJFU Aero Sonic Suppressor

Specifications from the JJFU Aero Sonic product page:

JJFU Aero Sonic™ LSFS – $2995

We are offering a revolutionary new low signature firing system(LSFS), the Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU) Aero Sonic™ LSFS. Current testing has audio peaks of 116db at the muzzle, with no muzzle flash using 5.56 Green Tip ammunition fired from an M4 with a 10-inch barrel. While almost all suppressors on the market use the Hiram-Maxim theory of stacking baffles and shooting through them in the hopes of dampening sound, the JJFU Aero Sonic™ LSFS has reengineered sound and flash suppression starting from the ground up. Jesse James and West Coast Choppers has over 25 years of experience in making motorcycle mufflers. The theory behind that is to keep the pressure in, while keeping loud sound signature.

We have found that our approach to the field of sound and flash suppression is unprecedented, as shown by our recent patent approval for our design which shows no cited references in the last 100 years.

The JJFU Aero Sonic™ LSFS works in the opposite by letting the pressure out, while keeping the sound and flash signature to a minimum. The JJFU Aero Sonic™ LSFS is made of the highest quality, lightest materials available without compromising strength or reliability.

The clamshell is made of 7075-T6 aluminum billet, has an ultimate tensile strength of 74,000–78,000 psi (510–572 MPa) and yield strength of at least 63,000–69,000 psi (434–503 MPa). It has a failure elongation of 5–11%. The barrel extension is made of stainless steel.

Ok, so the Aero Sonic may not be my style or in my price range, but those numbers are certainly respectable for a modern 5.56 silencer. And being that Jesse himself as well as JJFU are supportive of the gun community and NFA ownership, I can’t find a reason to criticize the man for doing something he loves while providing a unique product to the consumer market.


Jesse James Firearms Unlimited –

(888) 269-0666


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  • Anonymoose

    Steve McQueen Approved!

    • Joe

      What an insult to McQueen!

      • Anonymoose

        If he was still around, I bet you he would have a suppressed Mare’s Leg.

        • ostiariusalpha

          Yeah, but not one made by Jesse James.

  • Budogunner

    I think they have priced themselves out of the market.

    • Julio

      It’s really hard to convince people that a more expensive product will last several times longer than a cheaper one, especially when its a new product, and when few of us really want to be shooting a 2016 silencer design in 2020, let alone in 2025!

      • TennTexan

        “will last several times longer than a cheaper one”

        That remains to be seen… I fully expect my great-grandkids will still be using my SiCo Saker and Dead Air Sandman-S long after I’m in the ground–both of which cost a LOT less than this thing.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      If I had the money I’d buy one mostly because they are different and it’s a cool conversation piece. I know guys that have watch collections with 5-7 watches worth 100k total and they all wear a rolex submariner they’ve had for years they bought for probably 5k. They just like owning them.

      His 1911s start are 8-10k I believe. He isn’t going for mass market he’s going for the guys that own a barrett but have never shot it. I’m sure some guys run his products hard but most are buying the name. I would personally love one of his Damascus 1911s which I think go for around 25k. If I ever get one I doubt I’d ever shoot it.

    • Zachary marrs

      Can you really price yourself out of a market you never really entered?

    • Longhaired Redneck

      With the following quote lifted from the JJFU website product information page describing this boutique can, one can learn enough to save many, many hard-earned dollars:

      “By controlling the air pressure passing through the suppressor in a gentle manner, heat is drastically reduced. This is made possible by not hyper charging the suppressor chambers with air. Packing hot air on top of hot air unregulated creates a lot of heat.”

      I for one, intend never to buy a silencer/suppressor that requires air pressure to properly function. I’m pretty sure the required air compressor would be much louder than the firearm, thereby defeating the purpose of a silencer/suppressor. Comments are invited…

  • DW

    From JJFU:
    “Current testing has audio peaks of 116db at the muzzle, with no muzzle flash using 5.56 Green Tip ammunition fired from an M4 with a 10-inch barrel.”
    I think 130dB and 116dB difference is kinda big…

    • Nick

      And that was definitely NOT a 10″ barrel they tested it on.

      So, when does marketing “fluffery” cross the line into “false advertising”?

    • AndyHasky

      They probably did get 116dB though…. out of an iPhone sound meter amp, and DEFINITELY not using any sort common testing methods. These guys are the worse, check out their instagram page and you’ll be rolling. They have a video of them getting 90dB on an iPhone app and they all think it’s legit. Then on top of that JJ’s fans defend hime to the death when you bring up the fact they used a freaking iPhone app.

      • He used a Bruel Kjaer 2209 judging by the photos that are floating around. Kind of far from an iPhone.

        • DW

          And that gives us 130dB not the claimed 116.

          • I never suggested otherwise– just took issue with the “lol they’re dumb” stuff.

        • AndyHasky

          Everything I’ve seen jjfu post on Instagram was done with an iPhone, and they act like they’re geniuses when they show the numbers. Yes, they are dumb. And their fans defend them to the death when you point out that those tests have little to no meaning compared to industry standards. If JJFU finally bought a decent sound sensor since then then maybe they’ve actually learned a thing or two.

    • Flounder

      considering the decibel scale is exponential… 130 is hundreds if not thousands of times louder than 116…

  • TC

    “Jesse James Firearms is here to stay”? Is this the same Jesse James that left California after his custom motorcycle chopper business went out of business? The same Jesse James that was seen in a Nazi Uniform giving the Nazi salute?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      All I meant was that his gun business has survived multiple years and he’s now working with the NRA… Seems like JJFU is here to stay.

  • BillC

    I don’t know why I hate it. I don’t think it’s directly from my opinions or lack there of about Jesse James. Maybe because it’s so ugly, costs so much, and has the claims of snake oil; but it can’t just be those. After all, it’s no skin of my back if it sells. It’s not my money.

    I think it’s just one of those things that people (myself) like to hate. I’m all for more suppressors and more people owning them, but I just can’t get behind this one. I’m even more perplexed that I’m giving too much thought on why I don’t like this. Usually, I just move on.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I understand for sure.

      I knew this story was going to be controversial and tried to be as neutral and diplomatic as possible.

      Everyone knew the prior numbers were “incorrect”. These are collectors pieces at collectors prices.

      I also could have easily slammed JJFU for previous comments, but what’s the point other than page views? No one is going to accidentally buy a JJFU Aero Sonic silencer.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I refuse to give money to anyone dumb enough to cheat on a woman who looks like this..

    • RocketScientist

      I’ve never understood the appeal of her… she has the squity-eyes/pointy-nose thing that makes her face like a little… rodent-like? Broad masculine shoulders, no bust, no waist, no hips… a very boyish or even masculine figure… I mean, i know to each his own, no judgement here. There are women I drool over I’m sure you’d find meh. But I just dont get it.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        • Michael R. Zupcak

          If he’s a Rocket Scientist he’s never seen a woman in real life anyway…aside from the female rocket scientists in his lab at Cal Tech

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Female rocket scientist…
            Thats hot.

      • Pro-gun guy

        @RocketScientist How does it feel to finally come out of the closet?

        • RocketScientist

          So, I like my women to have definable waist and hips, and an actual chest and look like, ya know, women, and that make me gay? And you being attracted to a woman with the figure of a 15 year old boy, and that makes you straight? Its a weird weird world we live in today.

          • Disarmed in CA

            She is very cute and petite which does not show well in photos like this. Stacked? no, but not everyone likes that.

          • RocketScientist

            Right, which is why I said “I mean, i know to each his own, no judgement here”

          • Pro-gun guy

            I bet you worship at the alter of BBW’s. Whatever floats you boat. I think your a mixed up guy that isn’t sure what you like. No need to respond, it’s all just noise anyway.

          • RocketScientist

            So wait, am I gay? Or do I worship at the altar (sorry, “alter”) of fat chicks? Make up your mind. I said originally to each his own, she’s not my cup of tea. You’re the one who immediately went all homophobe as a result. If anything it makes me wonder about you… Likes women that don’t look like women, gets all worked up about other people’s sexuality… Sounds like someone is a little confused themselves. It’s okay man, it’s the 21st century. No one cares if you’re into dudes or chicks or Catelyn Jenners. You do you.

          • Evan

            When you use ridiculous Newspeak like “homophobe” for “decent person”, you lose.

    • Nicks87

      Show me an attractive woman and I will show you a man who is sick of ****ing her.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Stolen from King of the Hill.

  • TennTexan

    “those numbers are certainly respectable for a modern 5.56 silencer.”

    There’s nothing “respectable” about those numbers at that price point…

    • BillC

      Pretty much. Average numbers for a $3k can.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      That was a price-independent comment…

      • TennTexan

        Not when that football-shaped monstrosity costs nearly three times as much as a better-performing can, it isn’t.

        The “Aerosonic” is a complete joke. Outrageous price, mediocre performance.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          You realize you don’t have to buy it, right? No one is “accidentally” going to buy one anyway.

          There’s obviously a market because they are still making them.

          Am I going to buy one? No way.

          • TennTexan

            “You realize you don’t have to buy it, right?”

        • joshua neff

          It has better than mediocre performance… it is indeed a very good sounding can. It preforms better than, dare I say, the majority of dedicated 5.56 cans on the market now.

          • TennTexan

            “It has better than mediocre performance…”

            Not for a $3,000+ can, it doesn’t. You simply cannot evaluate this thing without taking into consideration how much more expensive it is than competing designs.

  • Sasquatch


  • Joshua

    Why did they use two different guns?

    • RocketScientist

      Did you read the article? They were at the range to test their rifle/can, and happened to run into a guy with the JJFU can on his gun, so they asked if they could do an improptu comparison. If the guy was nice enough to comply and let them meter his gun, I think it’d be a bit much to further ask “Hey, can we unmount your non QD $4000 can, and mount it on a gun you didn’t build, have no knowledge of, and have not verified the bore concentricity of?

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I’m glad that the JJFU can metered well. I’m not surprised that it was outperformed by one of the leaders in the industry, but so many people hated it and expected it to completely fail.

  • gusto

    why does it look like a fish?

    if I am gonna shell out 3grand on a can, I want it to be integral, and come with a rifle

  • Disarmed in CA

    That is one of the fugliest lever guns I’ve ever seen. They call that spray-can diarrhea-cote?

  • Isn’t Jesse James a felon? Why is he allowed to even be anywhere near firearms?

    Hahahahaha, just kidding– he’s rich and famous, “the law” doesn’t apply to him.

  • Ur.. the “La Bomba” isn’t new. In fact it’s the first can JJ made, well before the Aero Sonic. The lever gun pictured he stuck one on is new, but there have been a number of firearms floating around with the earlier can for years.

  • uisconfruzed

    For that much $ I could own a TBAC Ultra-7, 9 and a SiCo Hybrid… wait, I do.
    I won’t wear them out in my lifetime.