Archangel 35 Round SKS Magazines, Because 10 Rounds is Never Enough

Archangel Magazine

When the SKS began appearing in large quantities, many US buyers snapped them up. The SKS is a solid rifle chambered for the same intermediate power cartridge as the AK-47 rifle: the 7.62×39. Unlike the AK, the SKS used a more traditionally shaped stock and lacked a detachable magazine.

Companies like Tapco introduced a variety of drop in systems that added features to the SKS like adjustable stocks and increased capacity magazines. Some systems paired a stock with a detachable magazine, though I found some of these to be a bit spotty on the range.

Earlier this year, ProMag introduced a new 35 round SKS magazine in its Archangel line that seems to improve the UI of the feeding system quite a bit. These new magazines have an AK-like release lever built into the mag body rather than in the stock. The result looks pretty darn functional.

According to the company, the lever is made of steel, so it should stand up to a beating fairly well. Additionally, when the magazine was designed, special consideration was given to make sure the body could stand up to abuse as well.

The magazines are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. While ProMag’s online reputation has been less than stellar in years past, I know that the company is building quite a few fans around its Archangel line of products. This product looks to be better than the other SKS magazine options I have seen.

Richard Johnson

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  • Giolli Joker

    It looks cool and functional.
    Waiting for the 14.5x114mm version. 🙂

  • Jayste

    The guy in the video was changing mags very quickly, wonder if the rifle in video has been “modified” in some way? I just can’t bring myself to take a grinder to the bolt of my sks in order to “modify” it. But the new mags sure look promising, if you wanna go that route.

  • Anonymoose

    Seems kind of overcomplicated, but when it comes to modernizing the SKS, I guess things have to be overcomplicated…

    • Major Tom

      There are detachable mag versions and derivatives of the SKS. The Type 63 Chinese weird-up and the M56/63(?) I think from either Yugoslavia or Slovakia uses AK/AKM mags to name two.

      • Andrew Miller

        Neither AK magazine using SKS is common, or has been imported for years.
        They command AK money when available.

    • noob

      how do people feel about using these detachable mags with the Center Balanced Rifle Platform Systems SKS bullpup conversion? is it a worthwhile idea?

  • J.T.

    Between the cost of an SKS and the cost of all the 922r compliance parts that are required when using a detachable mag, you might as well have just bought an AK.

    • Ken

      A lot of gun owners would rather buy a gun at a cheap initial price and customize it piecemeal over time than to buy once at a higher price with all the features they end up wanting.

    • Maxpwr

      Most guys with detachable mag SKSs have zeroidea what 922r even means and even less intention of complying with it.

  • Evaris

    Cool, now where can I buy two?

  • Vitsaus

    Wait is this 2016, or 1996?

    • Twilight sparkle

      If it were 96 this would be a 10 round magazine

  • iowaclass

    So can you still recharge the magazine with stripper clips? Or is it either/or?

  • Just say’n

    Interesting they sunk $100k+ into tooling for that mag, and how many SKS fans are out there?? Ok, I’m one- but I don’t know of many more. Haven’t been able to buy them new for twenty years or something. I guess a few Yugos pop up now and then but it’d be a shame to mod those.

  • Blake

    Very interesting.

    So far, we’ve stuck to the factory built-in magazine & stripper clips in our SKSs, because word on the street is that most everything else available is junk (or little better).

    These appear to be the first quality aftermarket mags available…

  • Gary Kirk

    Idk about them now, but my only ever experience with ProMag was just over a decade ago. What I learned, ProMag + Beretta 96FS = disaster.. Only malfunctions said pistol has ever had, and she’s well up into the Ks of rounds.. Stopped counting at around 7.5K.

  • Martin Buck

    In New Zealand you can buy a bunch of SKSs in one go, but they all come with the mandated 5 round steel fixed magazines. We have 16″ as well as 20″ barrel lengths. Prices are between $NZ399 to $NZ599 depending on supplier and configuration. They weren’t included in any gun ban here, and are available on the most basic and cheapest license. You can also buy AKs, but they cost a lot more and need a higher level (dearer) license and storage facility. & x 39 is still the cheapest centrefire ammo you can buy.

  • skusmc

    This actually looks like a really cool idea. That failure to feed at :32 though…

  • 1inidaho

    Sorry to be ignorant on this subject. I have a Norinco SKS all stock, no mods. Is this magazine intended to be a straight replacement for the fixed 10 round steel mag? Can you legally do this? Is attaching a bayonet to it still a federal crime?

  • Billy

    Will they work with a wooden stock SKS?

  • Jamie Clemons

    Dang I was hoping it was for a Mosin.