Kim Rhode Has Won A Medal For Six Consecutive Olympics

Everyone is amazed at Michael Phelps’ staggering medal count in just 4 consecutive Olympics. From 2004 to 2016. However there is another US Olympian who has gone to 6 straight Olympics and has won a medal every time. Since 1996 and on to the current 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Kim Rhode has won a medal every time she has gone to the Olympics.


1996 Atlanta – Gold Medal Double Trap

2000 Sydney – Bronze Double Trap

2004 Athens – Gold Double Trap

2008 Beijing – Silver Skeet

2012 London – Gold Skeet

2016 Rio – Bronze Skeet

That makes Kim the most successful female shooter at the Olympics and the only triple Olympic Champion. Kim is the only woman to have won two Olympic gold medals for Double Trap. She is also the first Olympian to win medals on five different continents.



Here is an interview filmed before the London games.


What an amazing record. While Phelps has an impressive medal count, There are other Olympians also worth our admiration and respect. Congratulations Kim.

Nicholas C

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  • AD

    That’s pretty amazing!

  • G.m.w

    So why is this the first time I’ve heard about it since this Olympics began? Are the media anti gun? I’ve watched all the televised Olympics since day one and no shooting sports are mentioned. Not the air rifle stuff or anything.. very sad and disappointed.

    • TheSmellofNapalm

      “Is the media anti-gun”

      I see you’ve awoken from Cryo-sleep, welcome to the future!

    • Anonymoose

      Not only because guns are involved, but also because she’s voiced support for Trump.

      • Tim

        Yes, but that’s a good reason.

        • Anonymoose


    • Giolli Joker

      In Italy we definitely have a more anti-gun general approach compared to USA, yet we got most golds from shooting sports… media could not overlook.
      It’s good publicity though…. too bad many shooting competitions aren’t in the Olympics.

      • Just say’n

        Yeah, the IOC should add 3-gun!

        • gusto

          that is actually a good idea, it is very TV friendly, action packed

          heck I am into shooting sports but they are all very bland honestly
          from pistol to double trap they are all so static

          other good shooting sports could be PRS type “sniping”

          3-gun or IPSC could be like a modern updated Pentathlon

          • Blaze TV (Glenn Beck radio TV) has aired some ISPC/IDPA matches or something of the sort. Swore I saw a 3-gun before.

          • Tritro29

            They would have to modify the Olympic Charter to get any of the IPSC disciplines since they’re basically war games, while since 1920 the charter (it’s stupid I know) bans any sport related to the promotion and reenactement of armed conflict. This was the main cause for some of the fundamental changes in sports like fencing and Pentathlon for the summer Olympics and Biathlon for Winter Olympics.

          • MichaelZWilliamson

            That’s why Military Pursuit with packs and battle rifles became Biathlon with no packs and .22s.

          • Tritro29

            A sad day for Winter Olympics. Many ballistic wonders were achieved during those few years. F***** Norwegians. 😉

        • Nicholas C

          I agree. I would like to see Action shooting and or 3Gun int he olympics. Sort of like the Biathalon but instead of Skiing then shooting. Moving AND Shooting.

          • Daisuke0222

            Seems like they should be able to take something like Modern Pentathlon and turn that into a more integrated, action-oriented sport. After all, that event is supposed to represent the skills needed in a military courier, or some such thing.

      • Tritro29

        Same here in Russia. But that has to do with past glory in both cases and with both nations having huge “sponsors” behind the sport (Marocchi, Benelli, Beretta, Perazzi for Italy), (Baikal and Molot in Russia). This kind of support is simply not present in the US and for a cultural reason.

        • Giolli Joker

          Probably there’s to add the fact that the USA team gets a gazillion medals per event in several sports; Russia used to, but was gutted in this edition, Italy takes only a fraction of those medals: in these cases each and every medal has to be publicly celebrated.
          American shooters have firearm related, big, sponsors as well, they’re just ignored by other big names (I honestly do not know if this applies in Italy and Russia, but I would suppose so).

    • Very much so and you’ll never see any coverage of shooting events of any kind.

      • Nicholas C

        It is on NBC Sports app. I was watching the men’s double trap finals on my Apple TV.

    • Charlay Murphay!

      They don’t show them on prime time network television, but I watched the gold medal rounds for trap shooting on one of the more obscure national broadcasting channels.

    • Jim

      It is because the Media is Anti-Gun. They are huge supporters of Clinton and Obama both of whom wish to ban firearms in the USA. The very first medal won in Rio by an American was a young lady in Air rifle competition but it never made it to the news.

  • gusto

    One more olympics and she will rival Ragnar Skanåker in games participated in
    7 straight olympics from 1972 to 1996
    Gold in 72 and Bronze in 92
    he hasn’t got her medalcount thou

    • Nicholas C

      There is also that 41 year old woman in Gymnastics. I think she is from Uzbekistan?

      • gusto

        41 in gymnastics? what is she there as a grandma?


        I just checked wikipedia,
        one dude has got 10! appearances, a horsejumper

        there are several 7,8,9 times olympians from shooting sports
        but also sailing and other sports

  • gusto

    How does her points stack up vs the men?
    because in 92 double trap was coed and a female won!
    and rifle was coed in 76 and a woman took silver /split the gold

    shooting sports should be coed

    if Skanåker can medal at 62 years old a fit woman can to in shooting sports

    • John Yossarian

      Maybe shooting sports aren’t co-ed due to the possibility that women have an innate advantage? It sounds odd, since firearms are in many ways “the great equalizer”, but men and women are built differently both in body and brain.

      • iksnilol

        Same experience.

        From what I see it stems from it being easier to teach girls to shoot than guys. More guys (I’ve taught and seen taught) have that “I got this” attitude than girls do. Which makes them nod along to your instruction whilst applying little to nothing of it.

        • gusto

          nail on the head you hit it

        • c4v3man

          While you bring up a valid point, I believe women typically have an advantage due to physiological matters such as different sized organs that can affect balance such as the heart. Your assumption is probably correct in the 0-90% performance field, while the 90-100% performance that world class shooters operate in may be less influenced by ego, although I’ve only been around a few internationally competitive shooters so I can’t really say.

          • iksnilol

            I haven’t been in contact with the 90-100% performance field much so I can’t really talk about it.

      • gusto

        One thing I know is biological is that we have pretty different eyesight

        men: we have better detail vision and movement. women have better colordistinction and field of view.

        • John Yossarian

          Awesome – Thank you!

        • Jayste

          Hhhhmmmmm interesting

      • Daisuke0222

        All the shooting events (with the poss. exception of Biathlon) could be mixed gender competitions, but that would halve the number of opportunities for medals.

  • belan

    Clearly crippled by mental health issues due to her ptsd sustained while firing that shotgun for so many years.

    • Ryfyle

      By that guys account of AR-15 trauma, he would turn into ash from a Mosin firing.

      • L Cavendish

        imagine him firing a Barrett .50? or a mini-gun?

  • Ron

    That is awesome

  • Edeco

    I particularly admire athletes with longevity. Luck, conditioning, and the sport in question have a lot to do with it. Also tho, it hints at a nexus of mind and body.

  • Trey

    I doubt she is crippled by PTSD, as she wears ear plugs. This also prevent her from having to hear liberal left wing crap too.

    • Humpy


  • Harry’s Holsters

    Congrats to her! I hope she gets the gold at the next summer olympics!

  • Some have expressed confusion why they haven’t heard or seen any media coverage of the olympic shooters. I think this news story explains it well.

    The title of the article: ‘Little Known’ Olympic Shooters Snubbed by Sponsors While Media Play Dumb”

    • mc

      I don’t think mainstream media can be blamed for their coverage. There are many sports that aren’t widely covered…weight lifting, badminton, canoeing, archery, etc. For better or worse, not every sport is “high profile” like gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball, so on and so forth. Now, one can make the argument that it is hypocritical that she isn’t being highlighted and covered from feminist perspectives, and it could be attributable to the nature of her sport. The bias among the sponsors is indeed problematic.

      • Nicholas C

        I have yet to see Cycling.

        • Aardvark

          Then you weren’t watching. Cycling was on for hours one day I was watching.

      • Ranger Rick

        Canoeing in the “cess pool” was on MSNBC, but I believe only so they didn’t have to air Trump’s speech from Michigan.

      • David169

        I think the MSM need their butts kicked. In the US more people participate in shooting (estimated 150,000,000) than any other sport. As far as women you only need to go to a range to see how many women participate and also carry concealed.
        I personally consider being competent with a pistol, rifle and shotgun as necessary a survival skill in the city or the woods as swimming, driving, using basic tools or cooking.

      • Daisuke0222

        I agree. While broadcast network coverage was limited to the marquee sports, every event was streamed live online, and many of the more obscure events were covered on other NBC networks. Prime time is a fairly small slice of the overall broadcast, and while I’d like to have seen more of the shooting sports covered (including Archery), I do recall that Virginia Thrasher was interviewed on NBC after her gold medal Air Rifle performance, and that interview was shown a few times, at least once in prime time.

        Not saying that NBC (and all the networks for that matter) couldn’t do a lot better, but it doesn’t feel like they set out to snub anyone.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Shooting does get shown. It’s just that for most spectators, shooting is even less interesting than golf. It’s a sport for aficionados.

      I’ve seen she and Ms Thrasher mentioned in several major media.

  • Blake

    As if the media’s ignorance of US shooting sports athletes wasn’t enough, someone stole her competition shotgun right after the 2008 Olympics (police eventually found it).

    Also, Rio 2016 is the first time the USA men’s shooting team hasn’t medalled in I don’t know how long. Vincent Hancock took Gold in Beijing & London. Not sure what happened there…

    Huge congrats to Ginny Thrasher, Kim Rhode, & Corey Cogdell.

  • jess

    I get it. Many people seem to think that the media is anti-gun and they never see/hear of these types of things. That was the case w/ the first medal winner, sorry I forgot her name. This though, it was on NBCs main website and on the NBC nightly broadcast that night as I was flipping channels. I also saw it mentioned in the local NBC stations website coverage, she is (was?) local IIRC though, so maybe that’s why. I do believe though, that it was because of her 6/5 achievement and not because she’s holding a shotgun.

    So if you’re saying that there was absolutely no coverage, you aren’t looking hard enough.

    • Nicholas C

      Show me where I said anything about no coverage?

      • jess

        That was a general “you” and not specifically directed at you (the author).

  • smitty26

    In Holland we have mutch “olympics” shows on the daily tv channels.
    But NON that show us sports with guns involved.

  • mazkact

    I have not been able to watch much this time around as I cannot abide Costas, Bob Costas is an ANTI and a twit. After his anti rant a few years ago during a football game I cannot take one second of him. I’m getting old and when these celebs expose themselves for the hippocrates that they are my options for entertainment gets smaller by the day. Can’t watch most any action movie anymore due to hypocrite actors playing leading roles, heck can’t listen to so called country music much either,Reba,Tim Mcgraw,Florida Georgia Line and many others are just Libtards masquerading as country folk.. Rant over. Congrats to Kim , She is Our Action hero.

  • GMW

    If you look at how much the USA pays their athletes who get medals you would think we dont give a damn about them. Some other countries pay their athletes who medal close to a Million dollars per medal not including endorsement or anything else.

  • Nomar Abdiel Vazquez Vazquez

    I didn’t even knew skeet shooting was an Olympic sport.

  • Bob

    I just bought my first functional shotgun with the intent to try some trap and skeet. Having watched that video I now know not only must I try to hit the target, but have to master catching the empties too if I want to be one of the cool kids.

  • Ranger Rick

    Our lady shooters deserve at least a smigen of the time devoted to the swimmers and their antics.

  • LiberalsRCommies

    Corporate America should be ashamed for not supporting her. They’l support criminals and degenerates but not an accomplished female in 6 ………thats SIX OLYMPICS!!

  • adverse4

    If I am watching the Olympics, it’s because I got bored with watching the grass grow. Grass growing never bores me.

  • trapman

    While not as cardio as swimming, running…trapshooting is as mentally draining and emotionally debilitating as any other Olympic sport.

  • silvestris

    I would have loved to see Julius Petty and his brother, J.B. shoot in the Olympics. I doubt that trapshooting was an Olympic sport in the early 50s. Those boys could shoot. I believe Julius was the first shooter handicapped back to 27 yards on the 25 yard course.