Breaking: Photo Of The New FBI Glock 17M Leaked

It appears that someone finally got their new Glock 17M duty gun in from Glock! I am inclined to believe that it is a genuine photo because our source is an officer with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, one of the first agencies to receive the new guns. The officer that this 17M belongs to is one of the first to get the new Glock, there is no new information at this time and it appears that many of the rumors have been confirmed. Glock has not released any information as of yet; we will update as we learn more.

At a glance, we can see that the rumors that the gun will be sporting a magwell appear to be confirmed. There was talk that the Glock mothership in Austria wasn’t too keen on adding a flared magwell for whatever reason. I would love to hear the rationale behind that one. The most interesting thing about the 17M below is that it appears to be a Gen 4. This seems to give the rumor that we will see a Gen 5 around SHOT 2017 more weight. The list below was leaked by an officer attending the Glock 17M/19M training, it appears that he hit the nail on the head.

  • A new tougher finish
  • Changes in the rifling
  • Longer recoil spring assembly
  • Reinforced forward notch for the recoil spring assembly
  • A smoother trigger similar to the G42/43
  • Flared magwell
  • No finger grooved
  • Changes in the safety plunger
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Magazines have an extended front lip
  • Magazine well cutout

Keep a look out for more information on the 17M and 19M pistols. I imagine that there will be some better photos surfacing as well as a good statement from Glock regarding what changes they made.


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Patrick R

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  • Paul White

    for a split second I thought it was 17mm and got actually excited, in a “holy crap how” sort of way

  • Giolli Joker

    It looks like… …a Glock.

    • Art out West

      That is what I thought – “boring”.
      Glocks are great and all. I’ve got a Gen 3 G19, and a Gen 3 G22. I like them, but this really doesn’t look all that different.
      These are just slight modifications on a boringly practical firearm.

    • James Young

      So ugly…

      …Do we have to wait for Gen 6 for Glock to make a good looking gun??

      • Swarf

        With A Name Like Glock It Has To Be Ugly.

      • Gern Blanston

        Thats why ive moved over to hk – a gazillion times better looking and every bit as good reliability, accuracy etc… the trigger guard REALLY needs redesigned bad…. always hated the trigger guards on my glocks…

        • James Young

          Agreed, I just cannot bring myself to buy a Glock because of the looks. It seems like such a dumb reason, but I want a gun that looks good, is that too much to ask?

          • El Mac

            To Gaston, yes, much too much to ask.

          • jerry young

            I don’t like the Glock because of the trigger safety so what did I do? I bought a Springfield XD Mod2 go figure right, now I may have to try a Glock, still think the trigger safety is wrong! by the way where are you from you have the same name as my late brother?

          • Vanns40

            So, you don’t like that safety because you haven’t learned to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot? And you blame the gun for that?

          • jerry young

            No I help teach a CCW class, I’m a certified range safety officer and a shooting coach, in our classes we show examples of accidents that happen to others why because of trigger contact and not only because of someones finger on the trigger, an example an Akron Ohio police officer shot himself in the hip because of a faulty holster that made contact with the trigger as he got into his car, I could go on but I wonder since you didn’t understand the ill fated logic of a trigger safety I feel you wouldn’t understand anyway, and I never said I blame the gun just I’m not a fan of the trigger safety, I also said that I may have to try a Glock

          • Kivaari

            I’d have to blame the person tha bought a defective holster. I have never seen a Glock go bang except when a perosn pressed the trigger or did something stupid that pressed the trigger. I have yet to see anyone produce a duty holster that would cause the trigger to be depressed. I wonder if the APD officer actually had the correct holster. I’ve heard of departments that issue several types of guns and holsters to issue non-matching gear. And that newby officers not knowing any better not knowing enough to comment on the sloppy fit.
            For that matter I’ve seen older members that simply didn’t care enough to notice either.

          • jerry young

            It was an off duty incident and a leather holster that was less than 1 year old, it became deformed, there is also one where a guy was holstering his gun and the draw string from his jacket snagged the trigger and fired the gun, there are many incidents like this, if these guys had a gun with an external safety and it was used then things like this should not happen, yes it’s the fault of the person because it was not a gun malfunction but my point is putting the safety on the trigger that you have to press to fire the gun is not any better than no safety at all.

          • Kivaari

            I like how they are ready to use just like a DA revolver.

          • retfed

            I dunno if a grip safety is really “better than no external safety.” I worked in a city whose PD authorized personally-owned guns off a big list (it didn’t, and still doesn’t, issue guns). In 30 years, the only two fatal NDs I know of were done with 1911s. Safety is between the ears, not on the gun.

          • jerry young

            I have to agree with you there about the safety, a safety is nothing more than a devise that can fail but in some instances it can save a life, the best safety is always being aware and keeping your equipment in good operating condition, I’ve carried both types with a safety and without, I carried a 1911 for 11 years in the Army the thing I do like about it over my Springfield XD Mod2 is the external safety the reasons I don’t carry one now is the weight, the cost and the capacity my 9mm holds 17+1 way better than 7+1 and carrying an extra mag or 2 and costs on the average half that of a 1911

          • Vanns40

            “….ill fated logic of a trigger safety”. Yup, so ill fated that more than 70% of law enforcement in this country carry them today. And how many decades has this “…ill fated logic” been in use around the world? Hmm, ever wonder who, exactly, has the ill fated logic here? Naw, that would be logical, wouldn’t want to do that!

          • El Mac

            Nothing like having a brake on the gas pedal…or is it a gas pedal on the brake? Wow. Brilliant.

          • jerry young

            Yea you’re right Glock is so great that the’re in the middle of a recall after the police stopped issuing them for defects like the slide falling off, and I still don’t like the safety on the trigger!

          • Vanns40

            And your point would be? Any new model can have bugs in it. Beretta and Sig have certainly had theirs. If you want to focus on that fine but at least admit you’re doing so because of your prejudice and not for any logical reason.

          • jerry young

            I harbor no prejudice against Glock, I just find the trigger safety dumb why put a safety on the part of the gun that you have to press to fire? why put the safety on the part of the gun that because of either intended or unintended contact makes the gun fire? if Glock had another safety like the Springfield does it would be different , most accidents happen because of trigger contact! I also said I may have to try a Glock I’ve never shot one I might like them who knows?

          • Vanns40

            And we don’t call them accidental discharges. They are negligent discharges. The trigger is the most logical place for the safety to be. Any other location requires a separate motion which requires further training to ingrain into muscle memory and, no matter how much you train, adds to the time it takes to get the first shot off.

          • El Mac

            That is perhaps the most laughable bunch of BS I’ve heard this week. Utter shheeyat.

          • Vanns40

            An accident is defined as something that happens by chance. Negligent discharges occur through carelessness or ignorance. So, someone does something through negligence and the gun discharges and you want to call it an accident? Now, who and what is laughable?

          • El Mac

            I have no problem with what you just said. I do have a problem with what you said previously. To whit:. “The trigger is the most logical place for the safety to be. Any other location requires a separate motion which requires further training to ingrain into muscle memory and, no matter how much you train, adds to the time it takes to get the first shot off.”. That is a stupid and just patently wrong statement on several different levels. And is easily defeated by even a mediocre competitor using a true safety equipped 1911, AR, or even shotgun. For a “trainer”, you are poorly versed in reality. I feel sorry for your “trainees”. But, they get what they pay for. In this case, bullshat.

          • Vanns40

            First, you conflate rifles and pistols which I didn’t do so the “bullshit” is yours. Next, you say it’s “stupid and patently wrong” and yet offer no explanation why except to reference a competitor using a 1911. So what? Exactly what scenario does that have in common with a real life and death situation? Oh, let me help you with that answer, it bears no resemblance at all. We’re not training competition shooters, we’re training regular folks who concealed carry for self defense. Your comments are baseless and without merit.

          • El Mac

            I just used “mediocre competitor” to indicate even a knucklehead can deactivate a safety in no less time than it takes you to pull the trigger of your favorite glunk. As far as conflating rifles and pistols, only an idiot or keyboard commando such as yourself would think deactivation of a rifle safety or pistol safety is any different. Congratulations, you just failed the credibility test. Big time. Go back to mommy’s basement now.

          • Vanns40

            Well, let’s try and deconstruct the ignorance here and see if we can come with some semblance of common sense. You, obviously, have never carried either a rifle, pistol or both in self defense situations or you’d know there IS quite a difference and you do need a safety on an AR type rifle exactly where it is as opposed to not the same demands with a handgun. Now that we’ve established you have no actual first hand experience we can move on from there.

            I try and show respect for people I’m dealing with, I don’t call them names and I don’t use profanity. When people do that with me and don’t offer facts only innuendo and oblique references to pistol competitions that have nothing to do with the topic at hand I pretty much realize that 1. They’re ideologues who refuse to see any way but their own and 2. When they realize they’re not winning with their own brand of logic the resort to what they know best; insults, profanity and trying to steer the subject off course with a red herring in hopes the other person will take the bait. Sorry, far more professional people than you have tried and failed.

            I would strongly suggest you take a few years worth of force-on-force tactical handgun training courses. Go through a few sessions in a live shoot house and then, when it’s all over, learn some common decency when communicating with people.

            I don’t always succeed in that last department but I do try. I am a retired LEO. I’ve been an NRA Instructor for more than 35 years, am certified by the State Police in one state to teach everything and everyone including police officers, am certified in two more to teach the CCW class by their respective State Police Depts and even taught low light/night/shooting courses. I’ve been in situations where people were about to try and end my life (I got lucky with some help from my friends).

            My Mom died a few years back so your crass suggestion is not possible, but if she or Pop were still around I would gladly go back to have just five more minutes with them.

            My credibility lies not with people like you, but with the hundreds of civilians, military and police officers I’ve trained who are still alive and on the street and from the ones I continue to hear from. Those matter to me.

            Speaking of mattering, as you did violate those pesky little things I like to call manners and common decency you and I are finished. I know you’ll find it incumbent upon yourself to rant and rave on, possibly call a few more names or try and add another insult to make yourself feel better. Go ahead. As far as I’m concerned it’s an empty hall.

          • El Mac

            Ah, I get it now Mr. Fife.

          • jerry young

            call an accidental discharge what you will this is not the place for political correctness, so just how long have you been shooting that you need further training? I’ve been around firearms all my life and have been shooting for over 50 years now I have no problem working the safety on any gun I own and many I don’t, I coach shooters at a CCW class, I have Military and some civilian police training, the trigger safety if fairly new compared to normal safeties, where is the logic? what’s next do you want the slide release on the trigger also, it takes further training to use that too how about the mag release?, proper use of a firearm should be practiced no matter where the safety is or isn’t you should be familiar with your firearm so much so it’s function becomes second nature at least that’s the way I was taught and the way I teach, it sounds as if you just want to complain about something

          • Vanns40

            Political correctness has nothing to do with it. An accident is defined as something that happens by chance. Negligent discharges occur through carelessness or Ignorance.

            How many of the shooters you coach do you put under stress? I’d venture that most CCW courses don’t increase heart or adrenaline levels which is where we lose gross motor skills and where people start “forgetting” to remove that manual safety. That’s a problem. If you’ve taught classes then you’ve also taught that for everything we do we have to repeat any motion a minimum of 500 times to have it ingrained in muscle memory and in our minds, from drawing or picking up a gun while indexing, to keeping our finger off the trigger until we’re absolutely ready to fire. It is all repetition, hundreds of times. The more things you have to do to a gun to get it ready to run the greater the chance that you won’t do something critical under stress. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a life and death situation or not but if you have you know that it comes down to training and reaction. You don’t stop and think about this or that, it’s all reaction to how you’ve trained. With Glocks and now, increasingly, S&W and other makes, when your finger hits the trigger the gun is ready to run. It’s fast, efficient and it cuts down on time. In a life and death situation time does count.

            If you want to shoot a gun with a manual safety fine, I don’t care, but don’t disparage other guns that make use of technology that is being copied by many other manufacturers today and call it unsafe, it is not. The people handling it may be unsafe but that’s a matter of training of which you are supposed to be part of the solution.

          • Theo Martin

            I don’t see a problem with getting the XD that you think you’ll solve by trying a Glock… There’s a back strap safety on every XD that also needs to be depressed for the pistol to discharge (or even unlock the slide), thus giving you twice as many safety’s as your standard Glock, and three times as many if you count the XD’s that had/have an external thumb safety. For the ultimate in safety, get one of those.

            My XD Tactical has the smoothest, best stock trigger of any polymer pistol I’ve ever fired, and most who have shot it have remarked similarly. It can be improved, but it’s my EDC so for legal reasons, I won’t upgrade it. Certain Sigs have very nice triggers, but they’re out of my budget.

            Lastly, the grip angle of the XD series mirror that of the 1911, whereas Glock uses a completely proprietary grip angle that may or may not be familiar to North American shooters. There’s nothing wrong with an XD series pistol that can/needs to be corrected by getting a Glock.

            – XD Fanboy 😉

          • jerry young

            I didn’t mean I don’t like the XD I actually like the Springfield line I just meant about it having the trigger safety, I actually carry my 9mm XD mod2 every day, and want to get it in .45 my son has one and I like it I just will continue to carry my 9mm as my everyday carry gun, I carried a 1911 for the 11 years I was in the Army and the feature of the Springfield XD along with the fit are very similar, I went to the XD to cut a little off the weight over my Ruger P89, I just like guns in particular so trying or should I say owning a Glock would be for the same reason I have so many other types of guns just because I can, I doubt I’d switch to carrying a Glock!

          • Ringolevio

            If you want a truly good-looking gun, the way to go is CZ 75/85.

          • Gern Blanston

            I absolutely LOVE MY CZ’s!!! I don’t hate my glocks but after all these years you’d think they could have made them better looking and more comfortable around the damn trigger guard.

          • Vanns40

            Oh James, all guns are good looking guns! I have two Gen 2 Glocks (19 & 23) and a Gen 3 mod 17. I never cared one way or the other. They all shoot great and never have hiccups. What more could you ask for except to win the the lottery?

            When it comes to saving your bacon do you want a gun that looks beautiful or one that functions every time you squeeze the trigger?

          • James Young

            Can’t other guns save my bacon?

            Plenty of reliable ~$500 pistols out there that also look great while having the added benefits of modern ergonomics.

          • Vanns40

            If you can find guns that will eat all types of ammo without complaint, run through hundreds of thousands of rounds doing it and that can be rebuilt by you in minutes, with no special tools, by all means, have at it.

          • Gern Blanston

            I gotta agree, all good guns are just that – good guns. I like the glocks i have but don’t shoot them as much since i bought my CZ’s and HK pistols the one thing with me and glocks thick trigger is the top of my trigger finger and next finger under the guard starts to hurt after shooting them alot(on my 23,27,and 21 and 29 glocks)

        • El Mac

          Totally agree! The trigger guard is stunningly hideous.

        • buzzman1

          I just hate the triggers. They suck more than a milspec M-4 trigger.

          • Kivaari

            Put a 3.5 pound connector in and they are not bad.

        • klaus.ramelow

          Glock “running circles” for about 30 years.
          At the early models of 1987 there were no finger grooves at all.
          If you dont like the trigger guard, it`s no task to modify it
          using a lighter !?

          “Glock the versatile handgun.”

          • Gern Blanston

            Yeah i could do that, have thought about it. I do like that integrated magwell on this new pistol – im sure it will be a solid pistol

      • Andrew Miller

        Good looking…
        It’s a Gun.
        And I used to like good looking guns.
        I still do.

        But for something to carry around, no thanks.
        Because if, God forbid, you do have to “use” said gun, you better treat it like it sprouted barb wire and broken glass when The Law shows up.
        It may get slid across a gravel lot before getting unloaded and dropped into an evidence bag for a few months or a year or more.

        You “may” get it back, but it will be in exactly the condition it was put in the bag, at best.
        Meaning it may be full of “congealed body fluids”, because unless it actually needs to be shot by the department for some reason, it probably won’t be so much as oiled, much less cleaned up.

        Glock was, to paraphrase Tam in “View From the Porch” blog put it, “as close as one can have to a “Gun” in a blister pack hanging on a rack at the store”. It’s a Glock. Not a BBQ gun (though some people insist upon trying to make it one). In an ideal world one could buy them from said blister pack over the counter whenever needed, but this world is far from ideal.

        If said Glock ended up being “Destroyed” (suuuuure) by said PD instead of them giving it back to you, sure you’d be sad, but it was a Glock, not a Wilson or a Nighthawk.

        • James Young

          Are you implying that Glocks are the only reliable gun? Or the only gun you can trust your life to?

          What about S&W, H&K, Walther, Sig, CZ, FN all in a similar price range and all better looking guns.

          • retfed

            I don’t think you were listening. I’ve made the same point before: If you ever have to use it for its intended purpose, you will be deprived of its use indefinitely. It will sit in a plastic bag in an evidence locker for God knows how long, and any fluids that were on it (blood, water, etc.) when it was taken from you will have six months or so to eat at the finish, and maybe the bore. In some jurisdictions, you’ll have to sue to get it back. When you do, it will have someone’s initials and badge number permanently scratched into it somewhere (to preserve the chain of custody), at the very minimum.
            Would you rather subject a $1000 Sig or HK to that, or a Glock that costs half as much?

          • James Young

            M&P, FNS, and CZ 75/85 cost same as a Glock, so no extra money wasted. PPQ costs $100 more, so $100 more for a generally better gun imo. H&K VP9 and Sig P320 are $200 more, so a little more wasted but with some good other benefits (trigger, ergos, sights, interchangeability of P320).

            See? I was listening.

          • retfed

            Good. My apologies.
            I know the M&P costs the same as the Glock, and I had/have no idea what a CZ or an FNS costs. That’s why I used the Sig and the HK as examples.
            I still think that, given what happens in the aftermath of a lawful shooting (which most people either don’t know or ignore), you’re better off carrying the least expensive QUALITY, RELIABLE gun you can. The Glock fits that description for a lot of people. If you like something else, go for it. It’s America.
            (“Better looking” is subjective, and it’s a false criterion for a lifesaving tool. An A-10 is the ugliest airplane in existence [hence the nickname “Warthog”], but find anything better at its mission.)

          • James Young

            Man, I love the way the A-10 looks, so gritty. But I get your point, no reason throwing away good money if you can gets a solid product that does the job everytime.

            But with guns, most people wont lose their guns because they will likely never need to use it in a defensive manner. In reality you take them to a range or keep them in your home or carry them. So I think that having something you like is like buying a Honda instead of a Toyota or whatever car example. One gets the job done and looks like crap, but the other looks better and still gets the job done for an equivalent price.

          • retfed

            I agree with you about the A-10. It looks businesslike. But it ain’t no P-51.
            Thank you for not getting offended by my comments.

          • Andrew Miller

            6 months makes bodily fluids much more ripe.
            Saw/smelled that one once.
            Local FunStore had a guy who rented a Para 1911, went to the range and shot himself in the head.
            I went in one day and saw guy at the counter cleaning said pistol.
            “Finally getting to the rental guns? That time of year?” I teased him.

            He gave me a Look.
            “No, this is the gun that guy shot himself with, it lay in a pool of his fluids, got put in a bag for about 6 months, and we got it back yesterday. As you can see they don’t clean it for you.”

            It was reduced to components in a plastic tub….in murky liquid.
            Cleaner components were in another tub with less murky liquid, and the few “now clean” parts were on a towel.

          • Andrew Miller

            I’ve shot a Smith M&P.
            No thanks, but some people like them.

            HK doesn’t have much in the Glock price range unless it’s a PD Trade-in that is.

            Walther? Had a PPQ, but traded it off when I found out how many parts are available to the public…which is “not many”.
            I can (and do) buy pretty much all the parts for a Glock.
            I have a “Carry” and a “House” and a couple “range guns” which duplicate them.

            But mostly I was talking about “ugly”.
            You said a Glock is ugly.
            Okay, sure.
            It is.
            It won’t look like a polished 1911 or a Smith wheelgun with custom wood stocks.
            But if I dropped the Glock on the concrete I won’t cry and immediately attempt to go get it refinished before ever letting it leave the house.

      • Joe

        I don’t care about an ugly gun. I don’t show people my gun until it is time to shoot. Who cares what they think about it then

    • Boogur T. Wang

      Best. Comment. Yet.

  • thedonn007

    I do not like the finger grooves on my Glock.

    • Scouse

      In the major complaints Dept. on the new Glock Gen 4s? The bloody main spring (me included, love the old main spring) I wonder if they have gone back to it?

      I really like my finger grooved Glock 19s! Am I seeing things, but does there seem to be an extra flair at the base of the grip?
      Also, night sights?

      • Blake

        Why don’t you like the newer main spring assembly? I happen to like the finger grooves too, probably because they actually fit my hand.

        Uh yeah, it says right in the article that the 17M has a flared magwell.

        • Vanns40

          On my two older Glocks I installed Mercury filled recoil tubes on both. Makes an incredible difference, especially on the 23. Too bad EPA got involved in that.

          • Blake

            What? That sounds like the trolliest comment ever. What possible benefits could come from filling recoil tubes with mercury?

          • Matt Wilder

            Sounds weird, I know. I just looked it up and Mercury filled recoil reducers exist for everything from large bore shotguns to, well, Glocks. Supposedly the Mercury as a liquid can absorb a lot of the recoil force due to it’s density. Now, whether or not it really works? I can’t say.
            At first, I thought it was going to be something akin to naugahide coming for the rare, elusive, eastern Canadian Naugis.

          • Vanns40

            If you’d ever shot with them you would understand, especially with the Glock 23 which has a sharp recoil. The mercury filled recoil tubes absorb a LOT of the felt recoil making the 23 pleasure to shoot, especially when you’re going through 1,000 rounds in a weekend.

          • LarryNC

            In my humble opinion, the entire EPA should go straight to hell and stay there. Just another dumbass thing that tricky-dick Nixon left us.

    • Tim Bucktoo

      I do not like you fingers on my glock

      • Sid Collins

        I do not like you on my dock.
        Do you mind using a lock?
        Would you, could you, use a clock?

        • William Nelson

          I do not like them
          on my gun.
          I do not like them,
          they are not fun.
          I do not like them
          here or there.
          I do not like them
          I do not like them on my stock.
          I do not like them on my glock!

          Sorry – couldn’t help myself after I saw Sid’s post!

          • LarryNC

            That’s okay 🙂

      • Old Vet

        Is it just me or is everyone afraid/lazy to put an “r” where it is supposed to go?? You is not your. You sounds ghetto when used like that. Sorry, I guess I loved grammar when it meant something to language.

  • Rob

    The 3rd pin is missing. I wonder if there are signigficant changes under the hood.

    • Havok

      I imagine with the Ambi Slide Lock, the 3rd pin was unnecessary as it really only interacted with the spring on the top of the slide lock.

      • Dave

        It holds the locking block in the frame.

        • Havok

          The Trigger Pin also performs the same function.

  • William Nelson



    Glad to see the finger grooves go, but that is a personal preference too.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Nein. No ist sexy, ist ein Glock!

      • William Nelson


        • Phillip Cooper

          Thanks. I know my German is bad, but not as bad as my Spanish… 🙂

          • Marc

            Almost nailed the “bad English by a German-speaker” though. One little mistake: It’s “eine Glock” because “die Pistole” is feminine.

          • Billy Jack

            I thought Glock means bell.

          • ostiariusalpha

            So, putting your Glock brand Glock mags in a taco pouch makes them… Taco Glock! Illuminati confirmed!

          • Billy Jack

            Run for the border

          • Matt Wilder

            Haha, I thought that was funny at least. Glock, maybe not so much.

          • Phillip Cooper

            No, it means “hammer”. Jeeze, try to keep up…

          • normal business owner

            I thought ‘Glock’ meant Austrian polymer pistol. Geeeeez I need an education.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Joking. Come on, lighten up. 🙂

          • Marc

            That would be Glocke.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Glock also means bell, it’s a dialectic spelling.

          • “Glocke,” mit einiem “e” am Ende.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Well, wouldn’t it also be something along the lines of “Ist nicht sexy?”
            I blame that one on having spent WAY too much time in Cicso configs lately, where negating a statement merely requires “No” in front of it.

          • FarmerB


          • Phillip Cooper

            Yeah yeah, Captain Typo.

          • klaus.ramelow

            Cisco Berndt, the German countryman ?

          • FarmerB

            I’d never heard of him.

          • Die Glock ist als “sexy” Wie Rosie O’Donnell I’m winemaker Tutu!

          • Phillip Cooper

            Now you’re just showing off…
            (Obligatory Sam Jackson “Engling, Mother***, do you speak it?” meme goes here, but I’m at work)

          • Nein, mein Freund. Glock ist ein Handwaffe!
            Herr Glock wäre nicht glücklich, Sie seine Pistole rufen zu hören, “eine weiblich”

          • Bradley

            The verb form is based on the actual word being used not what the object is in general. However I’m not even going to pretend to contemplate how to conjugate a verb based on a proper name being used to identify an object. I suppose it could be assumed feminine as an incomplete statement “a glock pistol.” I would probably just stick with the neutered “ein” and forget about it though.

    • Billy Jack

      With that gone I’d finally buy a 19. With XL hands those grooves are always under my fingers.

      • Holdfast_II

        Totally agree. I’d love to do a one-for-one swap on the ones I own.

        But for now I’ll take that in a G34 please!

      • Treyh007

        You don’t Mod…….?

        • Billy Jack

          I would but I want a pro to do it. I don’t want to butcher it myself with a dremel. I haven’t had to sell any firearms but if I did nobody would want my custom crappy 19

      • Jakob

        I filed mine down…..they kept hurting my finger joints

        • Billy Jack

          Exactly my issue. Rattle goes straight into my finger bones. And if you don’t hold it tightly…

      • LarryNC

        Billy, sir, I really l liked your movies.

        • Billy Jack

          Don’t make me take my shoes off

          • LarryNC

            Yes, sir 🙂

          • Billy Jack

            I think we’re the only old timers who remember that character

      • Ringolevio

        The grooves don’t fit my size 12 hands either, but I shoot my G17 so much better than I shoot my previous EDC, a Colt Commander, that it really doesn’t matter. And, while I used to think Glocks were ugly (and the Gen 1 and 2 were), the more I look at my Gen 4, the more elegant it looks.

        [Edit:] And my improvement isn’t just because I’ve gone from .45 ACP to 9mm; I also shoot my G17 far better than I shoot my P-35.

        • Leroy Jenkins

          Wow, I’m the exact opposite. 1911’s in .45 fit me best and I shoot better than I ever shot my 4th gen Glock 17.

      • Cymond

        I’ve always read about how the 19 is the ideal do-all 9mm, large enough to shoot well, small enough be concealable.

        I had the chance to trade one of my pistols for a stock Glock 34 or a customized 19 with nice aftermarket trigger. After a trip to the gun store to feel the frame differences, I gladly went to the full-size.

        • Billy Jack

          Same here. I love full size Glocks too but when I try the 19 it just won’t work for me because of my fingers. They’re so wide there’s no way for me to hold without the grooves being under my knuckles. Every time I fire all the vibration travels through the grooves into the bones of my fingers on the grip. Can’t lighten up on the grip either because it’ll stove pipe. I’ve tried various ways of wrapping my hands and changing finger alignment but no dice.

    • raz-0

      Finger grooves aren’t personal preference. They are just wrong. They are in the wrong place for large swaths of people, and if you stick a be-fingergrooved gun in the hands of a good shooter, at BEST they shoot exactly the same as they do without them. At worst their performance decreases.

      The only people I have seen them help are people who have a poorly developed set of pistol shooting fundamentals. I say this an ex finger groove user.

      • Christopher89

        I like the fingers grooves fits great in my hands. People often worry about how the pistol feels in the hand WAY too much and should focus more on learning to shoot well no matter what gun they might be using.

        • Bill

          Maybe people should learn to work the gun they’ve got instead of whining that their fingers hurt. I’m indifferent when it comes to finger grooves. If the gun has them or not, getting hits is up to me

          • El Mac

            So if a pistol has a turd wrapped around the grip, it’s wrong for people not to wipe it off?

    • Russ Miller

      About as “sexy” as an old bakelite rotary telephone.

      • Steve Skubinna

        And just as reliable.

        • Russ Miller

          Thanks, I’ll just hold on to my Springfields, and Smiths. At least the sights aren’t made of plastic.

          • Steve Skubinna

            I have a Glock 21. I also have an SA 1911.

            Wouldn’t give up either one.

      • Kivaari

        That “retro”. It’s like finding “art deco” from the 20-30s and paying extra money for the real thing.

  • ScareBear


  • Drew S

    It also looks like the front of the slide and frame has a new tapered profile similar to the G26.

    • RSG

      Good eye. Excellent catch. No sharp corners. Easier to holster.

    • LarryNC

      I agree with RSG, good catch. This is a common sense change that has taken too damned long to happen. It also needs a better and smoother trigger. Something more like the Walther PPQ and the new KH.

  • Nolan

    I’m wondering what the thinking is behind the longer recoil spring and corresponding reinforcement. A lot of the time mechanical changes to these based off of requests can have detrimental effects on reliability. I seem to remember glock producing a version with a thumb safety, and it was NOTORIOUSLY unreliable. Hopefully the FBI’s won’t have any issues.

    • Havok

      I imagine it was so that currently available aftermarket parts could not interchange right away.

      • Phillip Cooper

        IOW, “to make more money”.
        Just like with most cars.

        • KestrelBike

          Honda motorcycles.

    • Rob

      To prevent this:
      It is a fairly common failure point at higher round counts.

  • BryanS

    Cool, they made a gen 2 glock.

    • Ebby123

      Except not… because of all the reasons carefully bullet-pointed above.

      PROTIP: The article is written so you can READ it, not skip over it on your way to the comment section after looking at the pretty pictures.

      • BryanS

        Thanks for explaining what all these cool little symbols before and after the photos are. I would have never thought that they described the changes.

        Still doent change the fact that at first glance, it looks like an older glock. Im sure the changed features are going to make up for the lack of training or poor qualification standards in police ranks. Wonder if they are going to go full potato and introduce a 35lb trigger for NYC, so officers just cant shoot the thing?

      • stephen

        LOL – Opps! Somebody missed the sarcasm train.

        Don’t worry, there will probably be another one pulling into the station soon, so keep your eyes open this time.


  • Mike Crognale

    Friend of mine showed me his Glock model 30? (I think). He was trying to demonstrate how easy it was to disassemble for cleaning. He couldn’t get it apart. Struggled for a couple of minutes then gave up. I kept a straight face.

    • David Christian

      That would be an issue with your friend, not the Glock.

      • bmrtoyo

        youre friend is retarded

    • Nathan Gray

      He forgot to pull the trigger probably…

    • Twilight sparkle

      He probably forgot to dry fire it.

    • Big Daddy

      With new Glocks they are tight and it takes the knowledge on how to get the trigger pin out. A lot of people bang on it and it won’t come out. I was sworn to secrecy on not telling what it is. You must also release the trigger to get the slide off.

      • Scouse

        Well Blake, I never did like the new Main Spring, I went through Hell when I bought my first Mod Gen4 G19. Soured me against it totally, even though it works fine now.
        Empty’s hit me in the head, got burned, more than once.

        • Bob

          How did they burn you? Contact from a bouncing round is too brief.

          My 1911 has been known to bounce empties off my face, but aside from leaving smudge marks and startling new shooters, I’ve dismissed this as irrelevant. (I wear glasses, so I’m not even concerned that I might use it in a self defense situation and hit my eye or something, besides which it always hits my cheek instead of going high.)

          • L Cavendish

            I have had rounds hit and stick…from various guns…just power through it…no problem…

  • Andrew Miller

    Seeing as how Gen 2’s are hard to find in decent condition, I’m happy.
    I look forward to having an even bigger cluster in the parts bin when this comes out and I’ve got Gen 1, 2, and 3 parts to go along with Gen 5.

    • George

      My gen 2 19 is just fine, thank you.

      One owner. 😎

      • LarryNC

        Same here. And a one owner 17L.

  • Comrade Misfit

    They’re going to a conventional rifling instead of a polygonal barrel? Is that to aid in forensics after a shoot?

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      My understanding is the rifling will be much like the Miami Glocks.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        The Miami Glocks are having a horrible season.
        I think its their pitching.

    • john huscio

      Better accuracy with the conventional rifling

  • Sermon 7.62

    Do not like!

  • Will

    IMHO it’s trying to add doodads, doohickeys and junk in order to eliminate training. Cops are HIGHLY resistant to change but they love junked up duty weaponry.
    I speak from a position of experience. I trained them for 25+ years.
    The more crap you put on a firearm the more likely it will fail at a crucial moment.
    This is simply feeding the pussification of police work.
    By the way, it’s a slide lock lever not a slide release.

    • M-cameron

      Glock specifically mentions it’s use as a slide release in the glock manual….

      Enough with this BS…

    • Michael Wilson

      what doodads, doohickeys and junk? they changed the finish, removed the finger grooves and now uses 2 pins instead of the normal 3. no add ones! they simplified the weapon from what i can see.

  • Mmmtacos

    Flared magwell and no finger grooves? You have piqued my interest, Glock…

    …now about that rail…

  • Al

    So the ladies with the FBI (of both sexes, I should add) need help with the insertion? AND their hands are too small for the existing circumference? Or was it just TOO groovy? I can see why the “mothership” in Austria wasn’t that excited 😉

  • Pete Sheppard

    I thought the Feebs would adopt the 19 for easier concealment.

    • retfed

      They did adopt the 19. The Glock pictured here is an Indianapolis Metro PD gun. The 17M and the 19M have the same features.

  • john huscio

    Was thinking of trading my vp9 in for a gen 4 17…..might hold off till these come to market.

    • Joe

      What don’t you like about the VP9? I’ve shot my dads and it seems like a far superior gun.

      • john huscio

        It shoots great, handles well, feels good in the hand, but mags, along with everything else that goes with the gun, are a fortune…… was gonna go the g17 route because I’ve already got a 19 and a small pile of mags

        • Pod

          I love my VP9 but I share your pain with regards to the magazines. $45 per mag is the “on sale” price…

      • Billy Jack

        I’ve seen complaints on the trigger pinching some people’s fingers.

  • I wonder if they’ve managed to fix the “pig nose” curved rail when they cut the new mold.

  • Hoosier Steve

    Looks nice to me. Surprised they did not double spring it

  • Ron

    Only one – trigger pin.

    • Michael Wilson

      thats what i said to…. interesting…

  • Bob


    I’ll stick with my Gen 4 Glocks.

    I look forward to everyone selling theirs at a loss to get the latest and greatest. I can go for a Gen 4 G31 and G33.

    • LarryNC

      I’ll stick with my Gen2 glocks. They used the Tenifer treatment on the metal parts back then. I don’t know why they stopped; Walther still applies it on their pistols.

    • Vanns40

      Yes, I’ll be happy to take all those nasty old Glocks off everyone’s hands the same way I did a brand new Gen 3 Mod 17 with 3 magazines, unfired for $400 because it “just didn’t look right”. It looked exactly right in my hands. :). Bring ’em on, we’ll help you out! 🙂

  • Swarf

    Hey guys, I heard they also restocked the pudding!!

    • ostiariusalpha


  • Looks odd. Going back to a 2 pin. Look at the beaver tail, it looks extended but so it the slide. So all new parts with little compatibility to other gen Glock.

  • iksnilol

    Wonder what the changes on the rifling were?

    • Ken

      Probably a Miami barrel, which is a cut grove along the length of one of the lands to aid in ballistic forensics.

      • bmrtoyo

        and a gps with a direct patch to the BLM/ SPLC ?DNC ? lol ,sorry couldn’t resist

        • Ken

          Nah, a little camera mounted in the nose of the bullet, as per that Onion article.

  • sb

    our local cops don’t need no stinking improvements to their pieces….their original Hi Points still good to go

    • Billy Jack

      And the 2016 HiPoint Revolt began when attempts were made to equip all American law enforcement officers with Hi Point firearms…

  • Travis becnel

    Straight cut pistol grip no finger groves

  • Rob Charles

    Appears the front of the slide is melted like the subcompact are,there is also night sites on it that look aftermarket,trigger gaurd also looks bigger

  • Big Daddy

    I’ve seen cops shoot at the range, police need more training not so-called improved guns. Spend the money on training especially knowing the law and how to talk with people and not try to bully and intimidate them for no reason. They also need training with self-defense and conditioning.

    • MrEllis

      Firearms training is expensive, people hate taxes. Math.

      • jonjon7465

        Federal Agencies qualify quarterly. Most locals only go once. Plus FBI scores improved significantly with 9mm, and 9mm is cheaper. I think it was a good call.

        • L Cavendish

          CBP was cut to 2 times a year…use the .40…in an H&K
          I shot WAY better with the glock… had way more rounds, too
          used to have 52 rounds available…now it is 37
          nobody I know EVER complained about having too many rounds…ever

      • Not Gersh Kuntzman

        Just went through 250 rounds of 40 S&W today before work. Why? Because I don’t get professional immunity from prosecution if I shoot at a bad guy and miss…hitting a civilian.

        • MrEllis

          Department-wide training for anything is expensive, firearms training more so. Yet firearms training makes up for the majority of post academy, and even academy, training. For most agencies. Feds, another story.

    • I’m ready when you all are

      If they only had billions of hollow points to practice with.

  • Mark

    Damn. Never thought a GLOCK could look even uglier. They sure pulled it off!!

    • m-cameron

      umm….it literally looks like every other glock…….how exactly is it “uglier”..?

      • Mark

        Dunno. Just the lack of finger groves makes it look a bit different.

      • James Young

        It looks like every other Glock but still managed to look uglier. Who knows how they do it.

        The grip looks like it putty stretched out too far. Honestly I like the boxiness of Glock slides, but it’s that dumb grip that gets me.

    • maodeedee

      Pretty is as pretty does. but it’s LESS ugly without the finger grooves and the mag well makes it less ugly as well.

  • Gregory

    What is wrong with this picture? It has two pins, not three. Why would Glock go back to a single pin for the locking block?

    • dunhillmc

      because the internals are likely to be like the G42/43

    • Tony

      Because the third pin was added for the .40? Maybe they have no intention of making this a .40 since the FBI went back to 9mm!

  • Jai S.

    Hey, only two pins!

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    No finger grooves?

  • Edeco

    So what happened with the rifling? I’ve always been a fan of polygonal.*

    Anyway, yeah, do a 17ML and maybe it will be different enough from my 34 to buy. I’ve always wanted the longer hose and spring.

    *yeah I know, Glock rifling is kind of a flower shape not exactly polygonal.

  • MrApple

    I’ll take one.

    • Not for public sale—-

      • john huscio


      • MrApple

        Glock will throw this one out the public eventually. Call it Gen5 or 6 or whatever. This model is little more than a collection of the better things about Glocks all found in a new model. The only newly broken ground is the ambi slide stop and that matters nothing to me. They can keep their “M” on the slide and just sell me a non-government model.

      • El Mac

        Trust me, it will be.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I can’t make my mind up whether I’m happy of sad if this is it. I mean it has improvements the glock could use but it’s not significantly better.

    • LarryNC

      The ergonomics need improvement, too.

      • James Young

        Yep, totally

      • Harry’s Holsters

        They could work on the hump of the grip. A good removable back strap system could provide lots of the options there allowing them to come close to pleasing everyone.

        • El Mac

          Totally agree. That ‘hump’ is obnoxious.

  • nova3930

    oh hey, another Glock with the ergonomics of a brick……good thing they’re reliable or you couldn’t give the things away…

    • David Silverstein

      Reliable or not, I don’t want one any more than I want a Hi-Point.

      • Vanns40

        We understand, you want something that looks great but wouldn’t save your ass if you preyed every single day for it to.

  • Dougboffl

    Is this the Glock being pitched to the Army for replacement of the Beretta? I understand the bid stipulates no finger grooves and other things, the M in 17M for “Military”

  • Ben

    Does no one else see that this guy is naked from the waist down?

    • DC


    • Xtorin O’hern

      no dude, he’s wearing khakis or other similar colored pants

    • Gary Kirk

      He had to test the “new and improved” flared magwell..

  • DC

    Is that a naked person…?

  • Marvin

    What does the M designate stand for?

    • Xtorin O’hern

      modern? IDK

      • Marvin

        Meow 17Meow

        • Matt Wilder

          Oh, I know..

  • Bullphrog855

    This pick is hilarious, the RFP was basically a Sig P.320 spec sheet that was written purposely to disqualify guns like Glocks. The FBI Agents didn’t want Glocks again but they’re cheep so their gonna have to deal with it.

    • Rob

      Looks like the Sig may have failed some parts of the test.

  • Joseph Goins

    Improved Glock is still a Glock.

  • Michael Wilson

    only one pin? hmmmm

  • Michael Wilson

    one pin huh? hmmmm

    looks like a new finish….

    whats the M stand for?

    • Swarf


  • RealWildBilly

    Wow! A Glock that’s just slightly different from every other Glock! Glock fans seriously get excited by the most boring things.

  • Anonymoose

    At least that flared chute looks better than any aftermarket Glock magwell.

  • John

    Why didn’t they keep the ambi mag release from the original 21 SF?

    • Rob

      Those were recalled because they would stop working.

      • John

        Thanks. Sad to hear that. I was a great concept.

  • Gary Kirk

    Yep, it’s a glock…

  • Kivaari

    That has enough appeal that I may have to buy one. I do wonder if the Gen 4 recoil spring system is needed. I never had issues with the old system. It always strikes me that making a part more complex is just a way to have more go wrong.

    • maodeedee

      I don’t like the new spring either. And I hate the plastic guide rods. Supposedly they hardly ever fail but it has happened and what CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong and at the worst possible time.

    • Except they won’t be sold to the public. At least that’s the current policy. We’ll see the gen 5 at SHOT I imagine and what it will be who knows.

      • El Mac

        They will be sold to the public.

  • Jeff

    Looks good, but I’ll hang onto my 34 with all the goodies for competition use.

  • chris lynch

    yesssss, i hate the finger grooves! Digging this. I approve.

  • USMC03Vet

    Poor FBI agents. ?

  • Paul Hacker

    Big deal… and it still shoots a 9mm bullet. Holds what most 9mms hold. Accurate about the same distance as most 9mms. And so, was there any REAL improvement over the 1st gen Glock 17?

    • john huscio

      Button rifled (conventional) barrel. More accurate than polygonal barrels.

      • uisconfruzed

        If you’re shooting soft lead.

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      nothing is stopping you from waiting until they make glocks that shoot laser beams, since that’s apparently what you’re looking for

  • CissyScum

    There is also one less pin through the frame.

  • Matt

    Meh, I’ll stick with my Gen 3 Glocks

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      thank you for taking the time to post this and let us all know. we were all waiting to hear and now you’ve weighed in

  • Bdpenn

    Just one question. The Indianna Metro Police are not listed on the government contract list of authorized buyers. Wouldn’t you think the FBI or contracting official would be the first to unveil their new handgun? Maybe even Glock since we are talking a very large contract.

    The Indianna Metro Police. Maybe the real buzz is that Glock would be happy to modify a model to fit your needs within reason. And maybe real happy if it is an earlier model for a good deal customer saving incentive.
    It’s not April, so, who knows, call me just a little bit skeptical.
    Vote wisely!!

    • retfed

      The FBI contract is only one contract. It’s quite possible that IMPD decided to contract for similar guns when the FBI got the contract. It means the gun they want already exists (it’s the FBI gun), and they might be able to piggyback on the FBI contract. It’s quite common in government appropriation.

      • Bdpenn

        Thanks for the info.

  • IndyToddrick

    Not sure why they would choose a G17 over a G19. I’m not a competitive shooter by any means, but I find that shorter barrel pistols are just as accurate, and (at least for me) noticeably quicker to aim. I’d compare the full length pistol to a 20″ rifle, whose time has gone in favor of a quicker and lighter carbine.

    • maodeedee

      Re-read the article. Apparently there is a G19M version as well. It says, “The list below was leaked by an officer attending the Glock 17M/19M training,….”

    • Martin Buck

      The reasons are a longer sight plane and less recoil, and potentially greater accuracy at longer range. Most people seem to do well enough with the 19, and it might have a slightly faster draw. YMMV. Perhaps the recent apparent Police policy of shooting people of the more colorful persuasion instead of chasing them, may have some bearing on the choice of the 17. Who knows? Remember 17 = chicken, 19 = egg.

      • DonDrapersAcidTrip

        “recent apparent Police policy of shooting people”

        Ignoring that your post doesn’t even make sense (what does a glock 17 have to do with cops shooting people?), do people really believe that this is some recent occurence and hasn’t been going on forever? social media just gave people the ability to call it out instead of sitting around reading newspapers that just dutifully repeat whatever the police report says. Not that the majority of white people still don’t just plug their ears at any suggestion that their cop hero myths are nonsense even when staring video evidence in the face

      • Well that’s insulting—- and what does it have to do with the topic—absolutely nothing.

        • Democrats: Just Lies & Hate

          Phil, you have my vote to zap this troll’s comment out of this forum.

          It’s becoming more and more difficult to separate politics from discussions on guns, but there is a limit, and this fellow came here with a not-so-veiled agenda to drool.

          The comments he made about the Glock were simply to technically “stay on topic”.

  • That’s Mr Pugnacious to you

    Oh before long, the criminals in San Francisco will have their hands on these too.

  • Matt Wilder

    And it looks just like every other Glock ever made. Hooray!

  • Jakob

    Why didn’t they put the vertical slide grooves up front like they have in the back to aid facilitation in mud or blood…..

    • uisconfruzed

      To keep folks hands clear of the muzzle.
      The ONE thing I do like about the M&P is the fish scale slide grip.

  • Thatmanoverthere

    A lot of people sure do get enthusiastic about those Glock pistols. To each his or her own. I’m not a Glock fan, but I’m just happy to live in a country where we can decide which gun to buy. Proud American here. Carry on.

  • El Mac

    And, UGH, they kept the stupid booger hook on the trigger guard. Stupid.

  • Jeff Markle

    Needs more stipples

  • kms001

    Oh wow, it’s so cool! Unbelievable! I’ve been waiting for this all of my life! It looks like …. a Glock. (Is it Ok if I go back to watching my grass grow?”

  • Tactical Tightwad

    I can see the importance of a flared mag well on a single stack pistol like the 1911, but just how important is a flared mag well on a double stack pistol? The mag well is already much larger than the mouth of the magazine, where it narrows down from double stack to single stack.

    • uisconfruzed

      They wanted it to stick out on your shirt, print, when conceal carrying.

  • DanGoodShot

    Hum, a Glock I might actually buy.

  • John Adams

    Glad to see the finger grooves go. They were the only thing I disliked about the Glocks.

  • Treiz

    Meh, looks like my M&P. Glock must have really wanted that contract…

    • uisconfruzed

      Sigma & M&P= Glock copies.

  • LarryNC

    Forgive me if this was already mentioned in the story, but what does the M stand for? Thank you.

  • dave

    Glock perfection !

    Gen. 4 or 5?

    Why would the FBI invest in new sidearms?

    DOJ won’t let them use them, and we know if your a Clinton your above the law, so why waste the money?


    What calibre is the new weapon? What is meant by 17M and 19M?

    • Mac

      It’s 9mm.

    • The M is likely short for either Modified and/or Military.

  • Imur Huckleberry

    Glock didnt set out to build a “new glock”, they simply built a gun that met the needs of a law enforcement and FBI wish list that was cost effective. Basically a lot things that Sig already had but Glock did it cheaper!

  • Tom

    Cool pictures. Can you get pictures of the new slide stop removed, trigger housing mechanism and the safety plunger?

  • Eric S

    I don’t see a trigger spring

  • Kalash

    Can anyone point to a well written, detailed explanation of each of these modifications? I’ve been looking for one. Some are obvious, but others, I’m not entirely sure about.

    • Town22

      No explanations. Writing about the upgrades needed to satisfy the FBI contract. Wait for the shooting analysis to determine its qualities if any.

      • Kalash

        You should not even bother responding if this is all you have to offer. Geesh. Stupid.

  • twr

    Congratulations on your new glock gen2+…..

  • Looks like my Gen-4 Plugloader will still fit in the grip. I swear Glock added those grooves just to ruin my day!

  • Bub

    What does smoother trigger like the 42/43 mean? I have the 43 and the trigger seems a little different, but how does that transfer to the new 17M?

    • I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that the G17M uses the same trigger housing as the G43, or one just like it.

      The firing pin safety plunger looks like the G43 too.

  • Dr. Obvious

    Wow. So basically they changed everything people pay money to fix on a glock. When is the beta test over?

  • Ken

    Looks like they definitely got rid of the Gen 4 bump in the trigger. I wonder if they went back to the Gen 3 geometry on the cruciform as well.

  • Mac

    Ironic that the FBI were instrumental in the development of the .40 cal. because they felt the 9mm had failed to perform in Miami and here they are, back to 9mm again.
    Glock released the G22 about five minutes after the FBI trotted out the new wonder cartridge and law enforcement bought them by the truckload.
    Looks like Mr. Luger’s cartridge has “9” lives after all.

    • Kivaari

      I don’t think the 9mm failed at Miami. Most of the agents were packing S&W M13 revolvers with .38 Special ammunition. One suspect took a bullet to the arm and side of the head and was out of the fight in the first few seconds of action. The second suspect took a major hit through the arm and chest. That 9mm hit came close to the heart. He bled out more than “any normal person”. Then both were killed with .38 Special 158 LSWC-HP ammunition fired from a 3 inch revolver. The prime suspect had a strong desire to live and fight. He should have sat down and died after that lung shot, but just wouldn’t.

      • retfed

        In addition, the agents in Miami were using issue 115-grain Silvertips. Nine-millimeter technology has come a long way since 1986. It’s not the same bullet it was then. The new 9s are much more efficient.
        (This from a confirmed .40-ophile.)

      • Mac

        The irony was that the winchester bullet performed exactly as advertised and penetrated 12 inches stopping just short of Platt’s heart.
        I never said the 9mm failed, the FBI did.
        The old 158 grain +p LSWCHP was a very good cartridge for it’s day.

        • Kivaari

          The 9mm did work quite well. Had it not had to pass through his arm first, had it been a direct shot into the chest, he’d likely have died much quciker. I the the “9mm failed” line was just a result of the general feeling that 9mm just wasn’t enough gun. An attitude that quite common in the big bullet crowd. Chances are had this been a .40 or .45 the results would have been the same. Platt took a serious hit.
          The failures that day were not so much with the fire power the agents had but in the failed tactics and techniques. The loss of glasses, the ubholstered 5 shot revolver going onto the floor. The failure to carry rifles or at least shotguns at the ready blew me away. In reading the report done by the local coroner (child molester French Smith IIRC) showed a really poorly thought out plan by the agents. Had I been involved I’d had more than a chief’s special or an M&P on hand. The displacement of the two agents with the MP5s blows me away. Why wasn’t there a rifle AND shotgun in each agents car?
          What the shootout confirmed is the FBI simply displayed an all too common trait of being under prepared and seemingly under trained.
          We had FBI instructors doing the firearms training at our academy in 1971. Then they were using techniques that had been shown to be less than adequate, but it was what was being taught at Quantico. Even 45 years ago, as backwards as we were then compared to today, we cadets brought newer ideas with us. That was in an era when to get hired you had to already have a working knowledge of firearms. I look back at some of the training and what amounted to “qualification” or “ceritfication”. To make it through the class you simply had to show them how to load a M870 and fire five rounds of buck shot. I understand it hasn’t gotten much more sophisticated today. We need better training in many departments.

          • retfed

            If I remember right, there were a couple of agents with MP5s assigned to the surveillance, but they were out of pocket (interviewing bank officers) when the agents found Platt and Mattix.
            Some agents had shotguns in their back seats or trunks, but couldn’t reach them in time. (Another proof of the adage, “If it’s not on your person, you don’t have it.”)
            I also heard that responding Dade County officers couldn’t do anything because they didn’t know who was who.
            The whole thing was a fiasco.

          • Kivaari

            Somewhere I have the book with the autopsies and a detailed outline of the shootout. It was so very poorly run.

          • W. French Anderson wasn’t the local coroner. He studied the case as a hobby. His specialty was molecular biology, and he claimed to be father of gene therapy.

          • Kivaari

            Thanks for the correction. I have the book some place. Despite his personal character defects he did a good job on the book.

    • FWIW: It is a myth that the FBI dropped the 10mm for the .40 S&W. When the FBI’s S&W 1076 started locking up in service, the Firearms Training Unit fell back to issuing 9mm SIG-Sauer P226, and later the P228.

      For years, the FTU resisted approving a .40 S&W load for privately owned weapons. They ultimately selected a mid-velocity load using a 165gr JHP, instead of a clone of their mid-velocity 180gr 10mm load. It would take until May 1997 for the FBI to adopt pistols chambered for the .40 S&W: the Glock 22 and 23.

      • Mac

        What I heard was that the S&Ws were indeed locking up in service and that smaller agents had a hard time with the size of the grips as well as being nearly impossible to carry concealed. The 10mm is long cartridge and the FBI wanted to reduce the overall size of the gun.
        Enter S&W and the .40 cal which was a step backwards as far as I’m concerned. The full powered 10mm is a fantastic round but a bit too much for
        administrative types. Old Gaston Glock saw the potential and managed to shoehorn the .40 into the G17 frame and the rest is history.
        I was issued a G22 in 2004 which replaced my S&W 5946.
        The Glock was huge improvement.

        • retfed

          The size of the issue 10mm Smith and the recoil problems were part of the problem, but the Smiths were locking up. The FBI 10mm round was downloaded, anyway.
          Mr. Watters is right. The story I heard was that a Miami agent drew down on a bank robber, who surrendered. Shortly thereafter, the agent took the same gun to the range, and it would not fire. The slide was immovable and he could not safely unload the weapon. In other words, he had confronted a bank robber with a paperweight. The Bureau pulled all the 10mms and issued P226s until they could find a suitable pistol.
          At the time, many if not most agents were still carrying revolvers, and quite a few of them kept them till the bitter end. When I worked on FBI task forces in the mid-to-late 90s, probably half the agents were carrying 3-inch Model 13s. In the late 90s/early aughts, most of the FBI agents I worked with were carrying Glocks. (Except for the SWAT guys, who carried 1911s. The first thing they always did when they sat down with you was take off their jackets.)

          • Mac

            The old “mine is bigger than yours” syndrome 🙂
            When I was with the RCMP, we carried 5 inch model 10s until about 1995 when we converted to the 5946. Frankly, I prefered my old revolver.
            I once read that Springfield produced a run of 1911s with FBI prefix
            serial numbers. Quite a collector if you could find one.
            If I had been given a choice while I was working, I would have stuck with a 4 inch 686 loaded with 125 grain jacketed soft points at 1450 fps.
            The soft points still expand but penetrate more reliably.

          • retfed

            Funny you should say that about revolvers. A few years ago when I went for my annual LEOSA qualification, one of the other shooters was a retired FBI agent, who showed up in a suit and tie. His gun? A 3-inch K-frame Smith, either a 10 or a 13, and he was using the old Bureau-issue tan Bucheimer-Clark pancake holster. And he was good.

          • Mac

            Neat story for sure. Bill Jordan, who was a fair shooter, advocated that the best defensive handgun out there was a 4 inch S&W model 19 loaded with some stout .357 magnums.
            Thank you for the very enjoyable conversation and I hope we speak again soon.

        • FWIW: The FBI never used the full power 10mm as general issue. I’m not even certain it was ever authorized for individual agents with their SAIC’s sign-off.

          The FBI’s decision to standardize a mid-velocity 10mm load was made months before the selection of the S&W 1076, and well over a year before they began fielding them to agents. The mid-velocity 10mm load was developed in December 1988. Adoption of the mid-velocity 10mm was approved in February 1989, and solicitations for 10mm pistols were issued in May 1989. Only two manufacturers out of 21 submitted test pistols: Colt and S&W. The S&W 1076 was selected in January 1990. While the Firearms Training Unit had received pre-production test samples as early as February 1989, field testing of production 1076 did not begin until May 1990. Issue of the 1076 to new agents started in July 1990, but general issue to field agents did not occur until December 1990.

          • Mac

            What eventually replaced the 1076 ?

          • Between the initial recall of the S&W 1076 on May 31, 1991 and the first issue of Glock 22/23 in October 1997, the FBI issued the SIG-Sauer P226 and P228 in 9x19mm.

            Around October 1992, a number of the repaired 1076 were reissued to the agents who wanted to keep them, but by that point, the Bureau had given up on purchasing any more.

          • Mac

            Thanks Dan 🙂

    • T Rex

      Significant advancement in 9mm duty loads with bullet construction/performance improvement like we’ve seen with the Federal HST and others specifically designed to meet FBI and LE requirements have been a game changer in defensive handgun ammunition. No one was bigger skeptic than I when LE began transitioning from 357 Sig and 40S&W back to 9mm, but when you actually see in ballistic testing how well the new generation of 9mm performs in terms of reliable expansion and penetration, only a hard head would continue to argue that the 9mm currently available is not potent enough for LE/defensive carry.

      • Mac

        The Speer 124 grain +p is a fantastic performer, as are many of the modern loads. The 9mm will be soldiering on for many years to come.
        Truly a success story when you realize the cartridge is 114 years old and used in more countries than any other pistol cartridge.
        I have carried .38 specials, 9mm and .40 cal in a service pistol and now that I’m retired, my “house gun” is an FNs long slide in 9mm.

      • retfed

        I agree. I love the .40, but having seen the new 9s I like them even more. The same performance and more rounds per magazine. What’s not to like?

  • The front of the slide looks more sloped to me, like a 34.

  • Kivaari

    I notice the second pin that was placed near the trigger pin (first pin) is no longer in place..It is my understanding that the second pin was to counter-act the forces of the .40 S&W. My Gen3 pistols in 9mm have them.

    • retfed

      The way I remember it, the added pin was to reinforce the frame against the added force of the .40 (in other words, you’re right), and since it’s cheaper to standardize everything, that’s what they did. The 9s don’t need the extra pin, but it’s cheaper to put the extra pin in than to have two different assembly lines.

    • In addition, some of the comparison photos shown elsewhere appear to indicate that the G17M barrel has a G19/G26-style lower cam with the corresponding G19/G26 locking block in the frame.

      • Noting the similarities of the G17M’s other small parts with the G43 (trigger housing and firing pin safety plunger), the locking block might be from the G43 too.

  • 1911a145acp

    New & Improved! AWESOME! Ground breaking! We finally changed the things customers have complained about for 15 years! Still no M-1913 type rail? Why on earth would they leave off the RMR mount? $100 bucks sez there will be the “FBI HRT Model 17M” with “NEW!” RMR mount within a year……..

  • dltaylor51

    This gun is so ugly it should be charged a hard to look at tax,Tupperware guns all feel dead in the hand to me so if i owned one it would stay under the seat of my truck so as to not be an eye sore.

    • 1911a145acp

      Agreed- that is one butt ugly GLOCK.

      • dltaylor51

        Its so damn ugly you’d have to sneak it up on your holster just to put it away.

        • retfed

          What do looks have to do with a lifesaving tool?
          And why all the hate for Glocks? If you don’t like them, buy somethng else. It’s America. This same site had a writeup on a nice 4-grand 1911 a few days ago.

          • dltaylor51

            A Subaru Forester is supposed to be a really good car from what i hear but again its ugly and I’d walk before being seen in one and that goes for the glock also. Subaru people and Glock people must have that same gene that causes them to move through life with as little class as possible.Glocks are the Subaru of the gun world and preferring something with a little more class is not a sin.

          • T Rex

            dl that asinine analogy has to rank in the top ten all time incredibly stupid opinions ever shared on a gun blog.

          • dltaylor51

            Enjoy your overseas made gun and car?

          • T Rex

            My Tundra was built in San Antonio Texas and my wife’s Sienna was built in Princeton Indiana. Both of my Glocks were “assembled” in the US, two of my four Sigs are US made as are all 7 AR’s, 5 S&W, 3 Colt, 3 Remington, 3 Winchster, 4 Ruger, and 2 Kahr, BUT, I must confess that all three Brownings were made in Belgium. dl you might be surprised how liberating it is to gather simple and basic facts and information on firearms (hint, the kid at the Gander Mountain gun counter or the dude at the pawn shop probably aren’t the best source).

          • dltaylor51

            My GMC pickup Detroit,my ford mustang Bullet Romeo Michigan,my Harley’s Milwaukee Wis.All my guns but one are AK are American Its a feel good thing with me.I’ve been collecting Colts Winchesters and Smiths for over 50yrs so I’ve probably forgot more gun facts and info then you will ever know.By American whenever you can because the job you save may be one of you kids’s.Assembled in America is really lame.

          • T Rex

            Read you loud and clear dl, you’re an old school virtual small arms expert. Is your place of employment a pawn shop? Does your kid work at Gander Mountain?

      • Kent San

        They have never made a pistol that isn’t ugly. Aesthetics aren’t part of the appeal.

    • T Rex

      Typical drivel from another virtual small arms expert spouting ridiculous bull$#it about “Tupperware” and “feel”.

      • retfed

        I carried heavy K-frame revolvers and 1911s for many years, and I have the nerve damage to prove it. The Tupperware of Death (as we used to call it) weighs about a pound less, carries more rounds, and conceals the same. What’s not to like?
        Regarding “feel,” the human hand is a marvelous thing. I’m not an expert at much of anything, but I can safely manipulate a screwdriver, a baseball, a shovel, a 1911, a fork, a Glock, and a Brown Bess (sometimes more than one in the same day). People who say, “The Glock (or the 1911 or the Beretta) doesn’t fit my hand” are really saying, “It’s not what I’m used to and I’m too lazy to learn.”

        • T Rex

          Exactly. Those virtual small arms experts also love to p!$$ and moan about how concealable sub-compacts and pocket pistols don’t “fit their hand” which means they’re too lazy or too dumb to learn how to compensate for the smaller grip surface on any subcompact or pocket pistol.

          • El Mac

            Sounds like you have a lot of experience with compensating for short and small things. Heehee….no thanks. Some of us prefer the real thing, not some sawed off runtish POS.

          • T Rex

            A more compelling argument is that an adult male with an adolescent obsession to hold something large that “fits” or “feels good” in hand is compensating for latent feelings of inadequacy about the size of his “gun”.

          • El Mac

            Hmmmmm….sounds like you know all about it big un!

        • El Mac

          Beretta is like a turd in the hand. And it has a redonkulously jacked up trigger. Glocks are equally flawed, just not quite as bad.

          • retfed

            “Like a turd in the hand” is meaningless. I’ve shot Berettas, and they’re not soft and squishy, and they don’t smell. (I’m guessing at this; I’ve never had a turd in my hand. I will defer to those who have.)
            The Beretta has a pretty decent DA/SA trigger, and the old D models had a great DAO trigger.
            I’ve shot, and I like, 1911s, too, but I carry something that was designed after the Titanic sank.
            If you want to trust your life to Taft-era technology, be my guest. It’s America. But technology moves on. (Do you only drive Stutz Bearcats and fly in Curtiss Jennys?)

  • burns

    The bullett still comes out the front right? Same old thing. Why would you want a new gun that is the same as the old gun. You can make the old Glock the same with a few parts if you simply have to have it. And who says it’s better than the Gen 2,3,4. Wait and see.

  • Dave

    Sexy? Compared to what, the fat lady in the circus? I am old & probably old fashioned as well but I have 100 or so guns & if anyone makes a better self defense gun than a Colt 1911 I will buy one tomorrow. In the unlikely event that I felt a need for a larger magazine I would take the Para Ord but I have yet to see a situation where 6 or 7 rounds of 45 ACP was not sufficient.

  • HAHA73

    My fatty fingers made the grooves disappear anyways

  • Kivaari

    The more I look at it, the more I like it. I could easily be led into buying one of these.

  • Button Gwinett

    If Glock is perfection, why do they have a parts list?

  • Hilldwler420

    The photo of the quote “longer recoil spring” looks surprising like a G19 slide. Also the slide is covered up in the photo where the model # would be. If not thats a really long G17 slide. Also the whole gun looks like a either a custom piece or a nice photo shop rendition.Dont get all bent out of shape just my opinion.

  • SS116

    I like the new finish. It’s a subtle difference, but a pleasing one.

  • retfed

    I heard that it was the fault of the Bureau-modified trigger, but I wasn’t sure enough of my sources or my memory to include it in my comment. Thank you for confirming it.

    At the same time i was told that the way to tell the difference between the two was that the factory trigger was silver, and the Bureau trigger was black. Don’t know if that’s true.

    • I believe that was the case. In addition, the FBI pistols would have been missing the magazine disconnect safety, and some can be found with a unique grip stock with a CZ75-shaped backstrap.

      There was also a separate civilian recall of all of the S&W pistols with the frame-mounted decocker.

  • LameDogButtGazer

    I love everything about it. Sign me up for a 19 and a 17…

  • ghost930

    Not sure of why all the gun media frenzy about this pistol. It’s a Glock 17 folks. Meh.

  • Big Dave

    Why not a G19? Dont the FBI carry smaller duty pistols than a city or state cop? The G17 is a BIG gun best worn in a big duty holster on the hip. Until the G19 version comes out I will stick with the Timber Wolf G19 frame which is probably better than anything Glock will produce anytime soon.

    • El Mac

      The FBI version IS the 19M.

  • Brian Mumford

    It looks like Glock changed the geometry on the trigger housing.

  • Brian Mumford

    I think Glock was getting worried about the Sig P320 which already has many of these upgrades and more. I’m a Glock guy, I don’t have a Sig, but I can see the appeal.

  • JP

    Anyone else notice the missing pin for the block?

  • TexasRaider

    Are they finally actually going to make a good barrel after 31 years? It’s Glock. Meh. The official pistol of “kB!” and about a sexy as a jar of mayo or a box of Styrofoam. I’d trade 5 of these for a mint Smith & Wesson 5906 Tactical 9mm or 15 of them for a brand new West German P228.

  • bryan beane

    So “OUR FBI” is going with a foreign made weapon. There is so many things wrong with this. But he’ll they let Hillary go why not !

  • 7 glocks, 22lr 9mm 357sig 40sw 45gap
    3 states CCW, 1 state 7 calibers licensed.

  • RugerDan

    Other than the finger grooves on the 17M I don’t see much difference between this one and mine. I personally prefer the finger grooves; they feel very comfortable in my meat-hooks. I have shot one without the finger grooves and found it less comfortable. I’m wondering if this new model was created specifically for the extra contract $$$?

  • One thing I like about the new 17M is that the old Gen 1-4 mags will still work even with the modified design. Other than that, I question the change from Glock’s standard polygonal rifling which is more of the industry standard button rifling. But either way, I will probably still get one.

  • Robert Himrod

    Finger groves are like properly sized shoes. Effective shooting is doing the constants to master your marksmanship. I guess if you have neanderthal hands the grooves won’t work for you. There are also cold weather conditions when the shooter is wearing gloves. Except for operators few train to real world conditions.

  • Looks good.