I’ll Be Back: the New Terminator from H&N Sport

HN Sport Terminator Pellets

H&N Sport announced a new pellet design that promises unmatched expansion for increased lethality on small game. Called the Terminator, these expanding lead pellets combine a tapered tip with a partitioned hollow tip to provide significant expansion and penetration through thick hides and fur.

These new pellets are available in both .177 and .22 calibers. The surface of the Terminator is treated with a proprietary process to reduce lead exposure when handling the pellets and reduce fouling in your air rifle’s barrel.

The .177 caliber pellet weighs 7.25 grains. According to the company, the recommended minimum muzzle energy for this pellet is 5.5 ft-lbs. That means you need an air rifle that will throw it at (at least) about 600 fps. H&N Sports states the optimal distance for these pellets is 30 meters, or about 32.8 yards.

The below video shows the .177 caliber pellet in action:

The larger .22 caliber pellet is heavier, weighing in at 16.36 grains. About 12 ft-lbs is the minimum recommended energy level for these. The puts the minimum velocity near 600 fps as well. The optimum distance for these pellets is also 30 meters.

Both of these should work well with the recently announced BullBoss from HatsanUSA.

The .177 caliber pellets come in 400 count tins, and carry a suggested retail price of $16.99. The larger pellets come in 200 count tins that retail at $10.99. Of course, your preferred dealer may have cheaper prices on these.

Although the Terminator is not offered in .25 caliber now, it is possible that it could be introduced at a later date. The company, for example, expanded its Hornet design to include .25 caliber earlier this year.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Weeki

    This is interesting to me! The air rifle-related niche market is sadly underrepresented, even though it’s a nice way to have a relaxing time shooting (even within the quietude of your own lands on an easy itty-bitty range), or even pellet plinking.

  • iksnilol

    Try them with nail gun blanks.

    *evil grin

  • Kyle

    I see no love for .20 cal users. Well that is nothing new but I’ll never give up my old Sheridan Blue Streak.

    • iksnilol

      Can’t you get one in .22? or .177.

      I think they make them in the other calibers. Though .20 is pretty nice.

  • Skokie

    Well color me skeptical. I’ve always had terrible accuracy with any and all of the gimmicky hollow point pellet designs I’ve tried. These things might have better expansion and penetration, but at least I know I’m going to hit the game I’m aiming at when using simple RWS domed pellets.

  • tony

    cool design, but existing lead pellets have no danger of over penetration, thus energy transfer is still 100% on target

  • marathag

    And no love for .20 cal