Remote Control A-10 With A Nerf GAU-8?

A mad scientist has put together a remote control A-10 Warthog that features a Nerf GAU-8 cannon tucked into its fuselage. You might be saying “but Patrick, this isn’t the Nerf blog.” Sure, it isn’t a firearm but sure is cool as hell.

YouTube user ajw61185 a Nerf Rival Zeus blaster into an old A-10 plane he had laying around to make something truly spectacular. The A-10’s rate of fire is an impressive 12 foam balls in less than half a second, working out to a rate of fire of about 1,440 rounds per minute. The foam balls come out of the nose of the plane so fast that it even sounds like a real GAU-8.


I don’t know about you, but I want one. Could I use it for something adult and useful? Who am I kidding, it is too cool to not want one of my own. What would you brrrrrrrrt with the Nerf GAU-8?

All screen grabs and video is courtesy of YouTube user ajw61185


  • valorius

    Very cool.

  • Anonymoose

    If I had a son, I would use this to terrorize his friends.

    • SignalFromTheRim


    • iksnilol

      Pepper balls of course.

      • Dakota Raduenz

        No that’s for the daughter’s “friends”

        • iksnilol

          Then your daughter only winds up with daddy issues… issues which guys like me might enjoy.

  • Jeff Smith

    I could use this to torment the kids on the elementary school playground behind my house.

  • garymac66

    I can’t be the only one thinking paint balls with this thing.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer


    • Ben Loong

      I was actually thinking about projectiles with better ballistic coefficient than Nerf balls.

      There’s so much air resistance on those things that the plane was basically flying into them.

    • iksnilol

      I was thinking 30mm depleted uranium shells.

    • Sasquatch

      You are not alone.

    • Glock Guy

      I was the thinking the same thing. Lol.

    • JOHNBOY11

      crowd control??? mace???

  • Evan

    I’d attack my friends with this. I couldn’t NOT attack my friends with this.

  • john huscio

    Convert it to shoot hard pellets and get paid to use it against Canada geese at parks and airports.

  • jmf552

    There is a setup you can mount on RC aircraft that shoots a net that can capture drones. There is YouTube video of it.

  • Gary Kirk

    I need this in my life

  • Thomas Weißhuhn

    Shut up and take my money, NOW!

  • sean

    Stink bombs for riot and protest control

  • Martin M

    This kid is awesome! This machine is awesome!

    The US Air Force is not awesome.

    A-10s RULE!

  • I never knew I’ve always needed this.

  • Billy Jack

    That Warthog alone is awesome.

    Found one
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    Product Information
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  • Kevin Craig

    I’ve wanted to put a BB machinegun into an r/c plane since the freon-powered LARC M19A1 was released in the ‘70s.

    • Theodore Kennedy

      You and me both, man!

    • Cory C

      I think an Airsoft setup would work much better than this Nerf ball setup.

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    When I was stationed in Germany, we had all kinds of training on the largest live fire range in Europe, at Graf. My favorite of course were the endless A10’s doing their gun runs. They would come in low and slow, fire off the cannon, and then scramble like they were taking ground fire, shooting off a few dozen flares after each pass. At the range, the distinctive BUUUURRRRRRPPPPP would follow, about 1 second after the shots, probably even less.

    This may be a toy, but it is still bad ass! He needs to find a better armament, like BB’s, white a much larger capacity, but the risks certainly go up as well. War is risky, so is war gaming, might as well go to the edge, the pay-off is worth it.

  • Jason Donovan

    Uh oh, this poor guy will be facing the same issues Austin Haughwout is by the FAA. Flee, run away, hide before they get you!

  • Rooftop Voter

    Does it go pew pew pew when firing?
    Can we call it a Nerf Hog?

  • Capn_Stefano

    What’s truly sad is that the 2nd Amendment clearly enunciates US citizen’s rights to own real A10 Warthogs with full armament

    “The RIGHT of the People to keep and bear ARMS shall not be infringed”

    A10 Warthog is armament

    • Jim

      I am a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment but not it does not allow someone to own a fully armed A-10. You can ‘probably’ own an A-10 but you cannot own a GRU-8.

  • David Harmon

    Should have used solid paintballs instead. The mass would have allowed it to actually hit a target then.

  • rangerchuck

    Acorns at a Clinton rally, you know…they’re nuts

  • Bonzaipilot

    In three weeks these will be commonplace. With that being said I never knew I needed something so badly until I saw this video.

  • Matt Wilder

    This is awesome, and being both an RC pilot and a full scale one, I love it. However, if you follow AMA rules for flying RC aircraft, you’re not supposed to launch any projectiles from an aircraft mid-flight, so he definitely wouldn’t get any high marks for safety protocol. But, saying that, I really do think this is cool as h*ll, and isn’t too much outside the realm of what some of us RC guys are used to doing. Heck, when you spend months rigging up control surfaces with real wire and pulleys to simulate WWI aircraft for instance, and even go as far as replicating every rivet, rib stitch, etc, this is one of the easier things to do. One gentleman actually has a large scale B-29 that he launches a rocket powered model X-1 from during RC airshows and some competitions. Another guy in England even made a perfect 1/4 copy of a Bentley rotary engine with total loss oil system from the WWI time period, and flies it in his Avro 504k I believe. Now THAT is awesome. I’ve always loved some of the neat things us guys and girls do within the RC field. Now if only someone could make an actual 1/6 shooting replica of the Gau-8.
    Funny thing is, being a firearms guy really helped during my last build. I built an early model 1/6 Nieuport 17, and had to fabricate a Lewis gun for it. Knowing firearms, and also how they wear really helped to complete the effect with realistic wear patterns, etc. It isn’t too often that my hobbies intersect, but when they do, it’s double the fun.

  • Matt Wilder

    Short version since my comment got deleted for no reason.
    Cool as heck and I love it, but;
    Against AMA and FAA regs and guidelines; no projectiles from RC aircraft.
    Not that far outside of what us crazy scale RC guys do on a regular basis
    Once again, I love it, but hope people don’t take it too far again, at least not in such a public manner
    FAA hammered down hard on us RC guys because of drone idiots, mandated registration, I had no choice because of my arrangements to fly RC at county sites and my full scale credentials.
    AMA backed all of us and got FAA to back down a bit.
    If AMA can take on a juggernaut like the FAA with such a small minority, it makes me hopeful our much larger group can take on inane BATFE regs, rules, etc.
    Those of us that have to deal with the FAA on a semi-regular basis know the FAA makes the BATFE look like a bunch of children in comparison.

    • VT Patriot

      I’m with ya here. Many many years flying RC planes from single channel tube radios (50’s) up thru the 90’s and all the neat stuff (like F1 Pylon racing). Since getting out, I found out the guys at my old club are required to WEAR an FAA license around their neck to fly a 2 channel glider. Insane.

      • Matt Wilder

        Insane indeed. Though, for me, it’s been a conversation starter quite a few times. I usually stop at the gas station on the way too or coming from flying to grab a coffee, and clip my badge underneath my full scale glider wings (originally my grandfather’s from WWII as he was a combat glider pilot before jumping to the cockpit of C47’s, but that’s a whole different topic) on my jacket. When people learn what it’s for, they find it ridiculous as well, so it’s almost good PR with the general public.
        And I applaud you. I’d be scared to death to try and fly with single pulse channel radios. I’ve converted quite a few older Kraft, Tower Hobbies (one made by Kraft and another made by Airtronics for TH) and Futaba Gold Box sets to modern 2.4 ghz frequencies, however they’ve all had at least proportional channels. Maybe one day I’ll be crazy enough to try single channel just to say I tried.

  • Blake

    I’m actually in the process of adding an AEG G36 barrel, solenoid, and modified magazine into my foamboard Viggen plane. Can’t freaking wait.

  • Matt Wilder

    First person to make a working scaled down GAU-8 scaled to.22 and fit it in an RC A-10 wins for life. Just don’t YouTube it and send the video to the FAA or BATFE…
    If a guy can build a 1/4 scale total loss oil system 9 cylinder Bentley rotary engine to fly in his 1/4 scale Avro 504k, and another one of us crazies can build a 1/4 Rolls Royce Merlin 12 cylinder, this should be doable.