NEW: Omega MP5SD Barreled Uppers At Atlantic Firearms

Atlantic Firearms has just announced the release of their Omega SD Barreled Receiver – basically the ‘heart and soul’ of an MP5SD patterned pistol. The receiver includes everything you need to own an SD roller-lock gun, minus the trigger group and an appropriate SD suppressor.

Offering a barreled upper for sale to consumers makes a lot of sense: for one, since there is no suppressor or short barreled rifle (SBR) involved in the sale, there is no National Firearms Act (NFA) transfer paperwork required. Second, the end user is free to choose the SD suppressor of their choice. Lastly, the Form 1 process can be used to SBR the Omega, and in the mean time, the SD can be (quietly) enjoyed as a pistol if you alread own an SD suppressor.

The Omega SD Barreled Reciever starts at $1,699 and is available to order through Atlantic Firearms website.


From the Omega product page at Atlantic Firearms:

Omega SD Barreled Receiver, 9mm Semi Auto Roller Lock Pistol built by Omega, comes with bolt and bolt carrier. This is the perfect pistol to make your 922 R compliant short-barreled rifle project or use with your full auto sear pack as a host gun. The unit transfers as a receiver and does not require any special NFA paperwork . After you take possession of the barreled receiver you can add your favorite trigger pack and suppressor . Atlantic Firearms offers a wide selection of roller lock guns for the shooting enthusiast and we were in search of a weapon that would combine High Quality parts , Awesome features and a reasonable price . We contacted the roller lock parts leader in the country HK for recommendations and suggestions on quality parts to be used in this build. The Omega series was born from this collaborative effort between Atlantic and HK Each gun is hand built with attention to detail and goes through a rigorous 31 point Quality Check including 30 rounds of ammunition fired before final approval. We are so confident in the Quality of the parts and build we are offering a 2 week money back satisfaction guarantee and Omegas 5 year factory warranty.

The SD barrel thread pitch is 18x1mm
The SD shroud has a 1.625″ inside dia.
The barrels are ported at the base of the barrel similar to the original design.

The Omega series has a impressive list of features not only with the parts used but also the build quality . A few to mention are all Tri lugs are properly timed at the 12 O clock position and laser bore sighted to insure a straight build. Receiver flats are correctly rolled and weld are proper and cosmetically appealing .Front sights are pressed on and pinned just like the Original build process in Germany and they are not welded on like some others. Head Space is checked multiple times through out the build to insure tight build specs from beginning to end . The finish of the gun is outstanding and has a base of Parkerization with an Epoxy paint final coat that is nearly indestructible .This proprietary finish coats the entire firearm inside and out with a consistent .003 thick finish that is gorgeous and rivals some custom high end guns. , Owners info and a copy of the Quality Control check list of your gun signed and dated by the builder. Please check out the QC list below and the parts list used in these builds from

image image image image image image image image

Atlantic Firearms,llc –
10337 Bunting Road
Bishopville, MD 21813

(410) 352-5183


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  • KestrelBike

    That’s pretty awesome actually. Sold out (no surprise).

    What is an “SD” suppressor, though?

    • Andrew Miller

      Patterned after the “MP5SD” SMG.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      SD Silencers are reflex-style to cover the porting in the SD’s barrel. TPM makes a great SD can for $600.

    • HH

      SD cans are single purpose cans that can be used only on MP5 SD guns. RCM also makes a good ‘un. Knights Armament – KAC cans for the SD are the bomb and were the factory cans made for the SD. Unfortunately they are spendy and rare.

      Also note that SD’s are a pain to clean. The ported barrel spews crap all out into the shrouded area. Hard to get to areas get nasty. Watch for the seals and threads on the SD guns as well.

  • **Waits for someone to shoot it without can attached**

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I know, right.

    • Gary Kirk

      One of y’all will be posting that article eventually..

  • Harry’s Holsters

    One of the coolest products I’ve seen and for $1700 bucks it puts it within near reach vs the prices I’ve seen for a MP5SD.

  • Marty Ewer

    Very nice.

  • Anonymoose

    If someone has a registered FCG, do they really need an SBR stamp?

    • Not Gersh Kuntzman

      I would say “yes.” I believe on MP5s and MP5 clones, the upper receiver is serialized as the “firearm.” And the F/A lower is serialized as a “machine gun,” although S/A lowers are not serialized and can be shipped right to your door.

      I could be wrong, but I believe this is how MP5s and MP5 clones are handled.

      • HSR47

        The federal definition of “machinegun” also includes specific language that refers to the “combination of parts” that come together to assemble a fully functional firearm.

        As it relates to this, when you attach a lower with registered sear or trigger box the upper becomes a “part” of that machinegun. Due to the way the laws are written, “machineguns” are a class of firearms completely their own — their definition does not mention barrel length, and rifles/SBRs are an entirely separate category of firearms.

        That being said, registering the host upper as an SBR seems to be SOP for a lot of people who have registered conversion devices, because they tend to have a whole bunch of hosts they switch between. If the hosts are additionally registered as SBRs, then they don’t have to worry about the configuration of their guns when the registered conversion device is in another host gun.

    • PK

      Need, no, but having a host gun SBR registered makes life less complicated. You don’t worry about exact configuration at that point.

    • Ambassador Vader

      It has to be registered as a host gun, since most registered packs need the hole and this receiver is sold with a shelf.

      • HH

        not entirely accurate statements but close.
        the shelf IS what makes this gun legal. It’d be illegal without it.
        The reg. sear packs are customized factory FA packs that allow fitting to shelf’d guns like this one.

        The host merely requires registering IF it gets a stock for use as an SBR
        the can also needs its separate stamp and registration.

        Is is possible to have a reg can on a non-registered mp5 sd when its in pistol format…but if you add a stock then it mist be either SBR’d OR have a registered sear in the firearm…as presence of a reg sear upon a host gun trumps all SBR (but not can ) issues.

  • Gary Kirk

    Paddle latch 🙂

    • Ken

      It’s MD legal as it is and in certain configurations. It’s not a “rifle” but is instead just an “other”. You can build it into a pistol, SBR, or host for full auto parts.

    • Wzrd


    • James

      Beretta is already setting up shop here in TN. We love our freedom down here. Won’t be surprised to see more mfgs moving to free states.

  • Vaughnendo

    What other parts/tools are needed to complete the project, and at what ballpark cost?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Suppressor ~$600
      Trigger group ~$400

      Tool less/push pin.

      SBR-NFA Tax: $200
      Stock: $200-$400

      Ammo fund $$$

      • Engineer

        Don’t forget to add the $200 suppressor tax stamp

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          Edited. Thanks brother

      • Dual sport

        Assuming one already has suitable can:

        SD Group – $1,700.00
        Trigger Group – $400.00

        Complete SD for $2,100.00 plus local, state and federal taxes but no NFA tax. Also transfer, shipping and NICS fees.

        Assuming one already has an MP5 AND can:

        SD Group – $1,700.00 plus other basic costs!

        • HH

          tghe SD can is not interchangeable with standard MP5 cans.

  • AJ187

    Wow, this is great. Between this and the MP5 K barreled upper receiver I can build my dream sbr’s while minimizing dealing with the marketplace snobbery from places like hkpro.

  • Core

    In my opinion that’s big money for a HK clone upper, but it sounds like a quality product.