Getting Your Stevens 320 Scattergun Muddy

Stevens Model 320 Muddy Girl

Stevens announced a pair of new model 320 Field Grade shotguns last week. The guns are “designed specifically with women and youth in mind.” These pump action scatterguns can be had in a compact size and a youth size and both come in the Muddy Girl finish, one of several non-traditional patterns from Moon Shine Camo.

Other than the finish and sizing, these new shotgun models are very similar to the existing 320 Field Grade guns. These are chambered for the 20 gauge shell and have a synthetic fore end and buttstock. They load underneath and eject to the right.

Stevens uses a rotary bolt and dual slide bars. Both of these models have a vent rib and a beaded front sight. The tube magazine holds five shells. These guns use the same interchangeable chokes as the other 320 Field Grade pump guns use.

The company’s suggested retail price is $264 for either model. The very affordable price likely has something to do with where the shotgun is made. Though the company does not advertise it, Shooting Illustrated reported that the guns are made in China. While there are additional costs associated with shipping products from overseas, the inexpensive labor in China would seem to more than make up for those increases.

Richard Johnson

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  • Willis

    They are made in the most glorious PRC.

    • Mike N.

      I have/had two Chicom shotties, currently a Stevens 350 (Ithaca 37 clone) which I’ve been very satisfied with. Prior to that I had a H&R Pardner Protector/Hawk 982, which was nicer and smoother than the 870 Express it replaced. Both of these shotguns cost me less than $200 at Academy Sports. For a utility gun, I have no problem buying Chicom.

    • China > Turkey

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Aside from the finish, what makes this gun designed for “women and youth”?

    • Mike N.

      Probably shorter length of pull. The butt stock looks very short.

    • Phillip Cooper

      The pink color, clearly.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        How could i not have seen that, i ask rhetorically.

  • Kelly Jackson

    Looking at the Stevens (Savage) website the pistol grip stock and forend look exactly like the ones used by CZ on their 612.