ARES Defense Changes Name To FightLite Industries

The manufacturer of the SCR rifle and MCR belt feed system for M4 style rifles, ARES Defense Systems, is changing its name to FightLite Industries to more accurately reflect their current product line-up as well as upcoming additions to the line.

Geoffery Herring, the President and CEO of the company, said: ” Since launching our company almost two decades ago, we’ve introduced and delivered many game-changing products to both civilian and military shooters alike.” Herring went on to say ” We’ve set new standards along the way with high-performance products such as our patented MCR belt-feed system for the M4, our patented drop-in GXS gas piston kit and our universal and patented ARES SCR to name a few. We have some new groundbreaking product announcements coming up and we’re really excited about what we;re getting ready to bring to market in both the civilian and military marketplaces”

The company will make the transition to the new FightLite brand by the end of 2016 and will continue to service spare parts, service, and manufacturer support for products built by ARES Defense.

We will be keeping a close eye on what FightLite will be bringing to the table shortly, with a name change after almost two decades of reputation I expect the new products to pretty impressive.

Click HERE to visit ARES’s website.

Patrick R

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  • BattleshipGrey

    Sounds more like a move to end the Shrike debacle and hope it’s forgotten. That said I still wouldn’t mind having an SCR someday.

    • Anonymoose

      The latest Shrike upper is available on their website for $3800.

      • nova3930

        Always thought one of those, plus a slidefire and bipod could be fun, but not gonna pay nearly 4 grand for it….

        • RSG

          Add a fostech echo trigger too, lol. Wow!!!

    • Bland Samurai

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an attempt to distance himself from the Shrike investor– err, depositor fiasco.

  • What’s in a name? That which we call the Ares SCR, by any other name would still be the only option for many in Californiastan.

    • TC

      Gov. Brown in Calif. just sign a bill into law classifying all centerfire semi auto rifles with detachable magazines as ‘assault rifles’ and forbidding sale or transfer after December 31 of this year. Oregon and Washington are working on it, compliments of huge donations of money from Mike Bloomberg.

      • Frank

        I’m doubting Oregon and Washintgon will have laws pass like that, there would be even more blowback than there was in Colorado.

        • Eric S

          I want to agree with you, I really do. But after 594, it’s hard to be confident. Getting kind of burnt out on writing my reps every 6 months. What happened to us, we used to be cool..

      • Roy G Bunting

        No, the law that was signed defined a magazine release as including “bullet buttons” or other magazine locks that allowed the magazine to be removed without opening or dissembling the action. It reopens the assault weapons registry for firearms purchased before December 31 that have a “detachable magazine” and any other “feature” like a pistol grip or flash hider.

        Rifles without these features (such as the mini 14 or SCR) are not affected.

        There was a law passed like the one you described, but it was last cycle and Brown vetoed it.

        Massachusetts recently announced they would enforce their incredibly vague ban on “clones” of “assault weapons” which effectively halts all semiautomatic rifle sales while they figure out what counts as a clone.

  • Geoff Timm

    When they start changing names you can expect bankruptcy protection to follow. Geoff Who is noting the recent history of the firearms industry.

    • James Young

      Usually it means they hired a new high dollar marketing guy who convinced the CEO that a rebrand would help better define their company to the consumer and be more recognizable.

      FightLite tells consumers what product does more than Ares.

      • derpmaster

        It also drops the “defense”, which implies .gov/.mil sales being a primary market, when this company is probably 99% civilian sales or more. I’m sure that goes a long way given that one of their goals is to skate around state laws that outlaw “military” style weapons.

        • James Young

          Didn’t notice that. Good catch. The removal of “Defense” was very intentional.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        I agree with that. For instance, I’m actually confused. Is this the same “Ares” from California who got in trouble with the ATF for 80% lowers and build parties?

        • Southpaw89

          No that was Ares armor, caused me some confusion too.

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            Thanks. According to the comments below, there is ANOTHER “Ares” company (in Ohio). I’m glad they are changing their name.

          • Bland Samurai

            The Ares of Port Clinton was Gene Stoner’s when he first collaborated with KAC on the Stoner LMG.

          • ReadyorNot

            Ares Armor also changed its name to American Weapons Components, Inc.™ last year.

          • Nicks87

            Yeah and their customer service took a nose dive. Many of the items listed as available on their website were actually on back order. I never even got the stuff I ordered.

          • ReadyorNot

            That sucks man, I bought one of their Aspis carriers years ago and thought them to be of very good quality.

      • neeela

        Also with wonderwoman film coming out, and Ares probably being the villain, they are gonna get a bad rap.

  • Anonymoose

    mfw their new abbreviation is “FL,” and they’re based in Florida…

    Also, I thought they were in Port Clinton, OH, near where I used to go fishing a lot, but it turns out that that is Ares, Inc, which makes heavy weapons and tests them at Camp Perry. I still wonder if Ares, Inc may have (had) some link to Ares Defense, since they list 5.56 rifle and LMG projects on their website. Anyone have any other information on these companies’ pasts, other than the Shrike vaporware?

  • garymac66

    Ares Defense is out of Florida I believe. I am scratching my head as to the name change. They could just market their products under the new name without changing the corporate name. Seriously, “Fightlite”? What kind of name is that?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      A unique one that no one else in the industry has. “Ares” sounds like a good name, but there are apparently at least 2 other gun industry companies with the word “Ares” in their title.

      • gusto

        Greek God of War

        so probably hard to copyright the name of your company? merch and such…

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Heck, just the confusion and lack of ability to differentiate yourself from so many of your competitors, like SGT Fish mentioned below.

      • SGT Fish

        theres more than two. heck, theres 2 in ohio alone. its the most overused company name. right up there with spartan and viking

      • garymac66

        But common on, “Fightlite”? Is there a “Fightregular” or “Fightheavy”. Is it supposed to be like Miller LIte, a piss water version of their regular product? Again, I can sorta, kinda, maybe see coming out with a product line called that but changing the corporate name makes no sense to me.

        But okay, even so, I still want an SCR.

  • Someone woke up one day and decided to wear their pants on their head…

  • James Young

    I’m glad this company exists and makes the SCR. Having options like this rifle in states like CA and NY are helpful to a lot of gun owners. It’s a good compliment to similar products like Mini14s and Saigas.

    Even though FightLite doesn’t sound as good as Ares Defense, I still think it’s a good move to avoid confusion with every other “god of war” in the gun world.

  • SDLeary

    A bit interesting… the SCR doesn’t appear on their new site.


  • 22winmag

    You can put a new shade of lipstick on a pig, but it’s still lipstick.