NEW: Remington R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide

Remington is expanding their reach in handguns by adding a 10mm to their lineup. Their new R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide is an understandable choice given the rise in pistol hunters, many of whom prefer their hunting handguns be chambered in 10mm. The announcement of the new pistol follows quick on the heels of the reintroduction of the R51.

The R1 10mm Hunter LS has a 6″ match-grade barrel, an accessory rail, VZ premium G10 grips, andΒ  LPA fully adjustable sights. Including stock fully adjustable sights is a smart move considering the gun is being marketed to hunters looking to make careful adjustments for a clean kill. The new gun also has a stainless steel frame and slide which lends it the heft necessary to hopefully absorb some of the recoil it’s bound to create.

There will undoubtedly be comments regarding its similarity to the Para Ordnance Elite LS Hunter, which is also chambered in 10mm. While the new R1 does bear visual similarities to the Para, similarities in performance have not yet been seen. And frankly, if the R1 is as capable a pig, deer, and mountain lion hunter as the Para, then it’s all good. (Yes, with the right combination of handgun and quality ammunition, you can drop all manner of game with a 10mm.)

Starting MSRP $1310.00. See it for yourself online at

From Remington’s website:

“The R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide is a handgun built with the hunter in mind. From the extremely accurate 6” match-grade barrel, to the match quality fully adjustable sights, and VZ premium G10 grips, this pistol will get the job done at distance. The 10mm Hunter has the knockdown power and accuracy to be the perfect choice this hunting season.”





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  • Ken

    Hopefully it has a feed ramp barrel to fire full power 10mm.

  • Dave

    It probably looks like a Para because Remington owns Para. I’m pretty sure their plan is to kill off Para and rebrand them as Remington.

    • Giolli Joker

      Didn’t they do it already?
      Para’s website is stuck in 2013…

    • Some Guy

      That front sight dovetail looks very much like the Para standard rather than Novak’s. If it’s a Para cut it would somewhat limit sight options. I had a Para Stainless Elite a few years back that was amazingly well crafted by the Para folks, who greatly improved the quality of their product before the Remington takeover. There was simply not a single machining error on that gun but I ended up selling it anyway because of the non-standard sight cuts. The R1s that I’ve handled since then seem to have a similar high level of attention to fit and finish. I might be interested in one of these regardless of the front sight cut, since the pictured setup already looks ideally suited to the intended task, and I know that Dawson Precisoin makes replacement sights for Para sight cuts should the need arise.

      From what I can tell, Travis Tomasie is in charge of product development on the Remington 1911 series. If his turn-around of Para’s quality is any indicator, he is completely committed to developing very high quality and high value firearms, and will not accept or settle for anything but excellence from his team. Somehow he seems to inspire greatness through his own exemplary gracious charisma rather than simply demanding excellence like a tyrant. As long as they keep him in charge, I have confidence the Remington 1911 line will maintain excellent quality and that they will have very good customer service. However, I would like to see them adopt Novak front sight cuts as standard to allow the consumer more aftermarket options.

      Anyone who dismisses the R1 1911s just because they have Remington printed on the side simply doesn’t understand that the way Remington is structured makes it more like several very distinct companies, in different states even, under one single brand. Sadly, when one branch of the Remington brand gets a bad reputation for making bad products or decisions, it hurts the image and value of the other branches who maintain much higher standards. I too hope that Remington can stamp out those influences that are only interested in sucking it dry for short term gain rather than increasing value in the interest of long term stability, and that they bring all of their production lines up to the standards of American consumers.

    • iksnilol

      I just wanted a good doublestack 1911.

      • Anonymoose

        Gotta go with custom models then. Para only makes Series 80s.

        • Giolli Joker

          And that’s sad… and kinda silly. I suppose they weren’t selling well enough.

          • Stan Darsh

            They actually sell (or sold) pretty well. Unfortunately, Remington wanted their own “R” branded line as well as consolidating production under one roof in Alabama, so the skilled 1911 builders in N.C. got the axe.

        • Ebby123

          Its easy to pull the linkage from a series 80, giving you that coveted series 70 trigger pull. I like having the option.

    • Remington kills off everything they buy. Even when they’re not trying to.

  • MrFN

    Drat! I was super excited, I adore long slides, but then I saw “10mm”….

    And even worse, “Remington”!

    • CissyScum

      My 1911 R1 base model runs like a top.

      • MrFN

        I don’t have much against Remington, they just seem to have a recently iffy track record. The R1s I’ve seen underprice Kimbers and seem to have the same fit/finish. They’re just an easy punching bag.

      • The Raven Returns

        As does my R1E…it’s my “go to” .45 1911. I own a RIA Big Rock 10mm and have close to 1k rounds through it. Love the gun, hate the recoil but it will drop a 185lbs hog at 70 paces. When I go out to the back 40, it’s usually what is strapped to my leg.

    • Duray

      Cuz why would you want all that power….

      • Anonymoose

        Needs moar .460 Rowland.

        • El Duderino

          Agreed. This would be amazing in .460 with ports or a comp (yeah a 6″ with a comp would be pretty darn long).

          • Anonymoose

            Integrally port it, then! .460 and .45 Super need comps on a 1911 or a Glock or they will tear the gun apart.

      • MrFN

        Cause why would you pay for all that juiced up .40…

        I’m being silly, I really like the idea of 10mm, but we both know .45 is cheaper. All about that e-kon-oh-me, bruh.

  • DaveP.

    Build it in Commander size with (say) Novak sights and I’m there. I’ve wanted a good alternative to paying a mint for a Delta or buying (another) Glock for a long time now.

    • Ken

      Perfect for appendix carry. Slide is long enough to point past the important stuff.

      • DaveP.

        Sorry my friend, I don’t do appendix. Besides I’d think the barrel would be long enough to make sitting uncomfortable. For carrying something this long and this heavy, I’m thinking a shoulder rig: a Bianchi X15 to be specific. But for CCW I’d still prefer a Commander frame.

        • Ken

          I don’t either, haha. I can’t get the grip of my Glock 19 to not print.

      • Don Ward

        Well. Maybe for SOME guys…

      • jerseydave

        This is what I’ve needed to do Mexican carry for a long time, for the same reason. Might have to add an extra compensator on the tip just to be sure.

        • Ken

          I’ve got a Glock 40 MOS that I’ve joked about appendix carrying. I haven’t done it yet, haha.

    • Ebby123

      Sadly, when you cut down the barrel length of a 10MM, you often end up with something that’s ballistically very similar to 40S&W – which is partially how the round came to be in the first place.

      10MM, Corbon 165GR, 4IN Barrel: 1209 FPS
      40S&W, Corbon 165GR, 4IN Barrel: 1164 FPS

      (remove the [DOT]s)

      • Jason

        True, but 10mm is still more fun to shoot. πŸ™‚

  • Action45

    Lol…the rear sight is actually still marked “Para-Ord”

    • Ebby123

      IIRC that specific type of dovetail was proprietary to Para. Sight makers would still refer to is as a “Para” sight cut if it was used on another platform.

      I could be wrong.

      • WCobb

        The LPA rear isn’t proprietary to Para. Para uses it, Springfield uses it, other gunsmiths and manufacturers use it.

        The great thing about the LPA cut is the adjustment screw doesn’t go into the slide, it uses a portion of the sight (in the dovetail) as the threaded portion. So you don’t have to drill and tap a slide and you can’t accidentally shear the screw off in the slide when removing the sight.

    • Humpy

      I recently had a slide crack on my Para Ordanance pistol, I was offered a new Remington R1 pistol in exchange, so Remington must have a stake in Para now, or Para is building these guns and Remington slaps their name on them?

      • Tetsu Uma

        Remington bought Para Ordnance in 2012 and decided to shut down the Para name. When I needed some sight work on my Elite, I had to send it to Remington in Alabama.

        • Humpy

          I did not know that, I know that the banner is now Para USA versus the old Para Ordanance in Canada , and gives a Michigan address.

        • Action45

          Correct, I knew it was a Freedom Group acquisition. Para used to be pretty on advertising and I haven’t seen much from them lately…figured they were headed for a rebrand.

    • CompletelyOutsane

      Yes, yes it does. Now where is the 14-45?

      • Humpy

        I’m wanting that 9 mm 1911 18 round doublestack that Para used to make.

  • UD

    I want one.

    • jerseydave

      The Longslide is… Back.

  • PXN

    Has the time finally come?

    • Redfoot

      Yes. Yes it has.

  • The grip safety fit is atrocious for the price point. Those exposed
    teeth on the bottom of the unblended tang are going to chew up the web
    of your hand with heavy 10mm loads. The worst part is that you can’t
    blend it out without trashing the PVD finish. Your only hope is to find
    another 0.250″ radius grip safety that more closely matches the frame
    tang. My first try would be the S&A model.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Jeez, Dan! Don’t you know that truly operate Operators wear operational gloves when operating during operations? I mean, who else is going to being shooting a 10mm 1911 anyways?

      • Seriously though, that is the kind of sloppy work I expect from a hack gunsmith with no real experience customizing M1911 pistols. I have seen so many Ed Brown-type grip safeties installed improperly in the this fashion. I realize not every gunsmith is willing to spend the time to get a seamless fit, nor is the client willing to pay for such detail work. However, not blending the frame tangs is unforgivable.

        • Matt Burkett

          That’s because Remmy just assembles the overseas parts and stamps them USA. The only known item on the R1 pistols that is made in the USA are the VZ Grips.

          • To be fair, quite a few 1911 manufacturers source their forgings and castings in various stages of completion from Dasan Machineries Co.

            I suspect that when Remington mocked up this version, they simply took the major components from a Para-Ord Elite LS Hunter, and then added the current Remington R1 Enhanced grip safety without any additional blending to the frame tang. The Para grip safeties were thicker in the tang area.

  • Nocternus

    I just don’t see $1300 in value in these guns when I can buy a Glock G40 for $700.

    • oldman

      Or an ARMSCOR for a little less then the Glock

    • Renegade

      You are comparing Longslide 10mm customers to Glock customers. That’s like looking at a Polaris RzR and wondering why it’s not like a Toyota Camry.

      Yes, I likened a Glock to a Toyota Camry. Prove that it’s a poor comparison.

      • billyoblivion

        I’ve compared them to Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas before.

        However IMO that’s a COMPLEMENT.

        We had a Toyota Corolla for about 10 years. I think the two worst things were that a dime got caught in the seat rail, and some manifold in the engine cracked or got loose.

        But it started *EVERY TIME* and got us where we were going EVERY TIME.

        That is the baseline of what a car should do. A gun, as a baseline should fire EVERY TIME. Ugly, plastic, uncomfortable? Ok. Cheap? Ok.

        Works every time? Ok.

        • Renegade

          I can say the same about my Prius; its bulletproof.

          The point I was making was that the Glock and Remington handguns in question are not comparable. Different markets, different purposes. That Camry ain’t gonna ford a small river, but I’m not going to start commuting to work in an RzR anytime soon.

      • Humpy

        Lol, agree completely!

    • Stan Darsh

      Glock 40 is a nice addition. Unless you prefer steel frames, then you could spend $700 on a Witness Elite Match 10MM. It has the CZ-esque quality and stellar accuracy. They also have caliber conversion kits just like a Glock.

    • Jason

      That is what I was thinking. Glock 40, and a case of ammunition. Or, Glock 40, and a reloading bench with the other $600.00.

  • 22winmag

    All the random 10mm’s are for the warmup.

    Witness Elite Match for the win.

  • Redfoot

    I am not a Glock guy…at all..but being from Remington, get a Glock 20 and call it good.

  • Isaac Arnold

    Years ago I nearly bought an AMT Javelina 10mm long slide, but AMT’s reputation for inconsistent quality scared me off. Still, I have wanted a long slide 10mm. I wish Colt would make one. Just as I passed on the AMT, for now, I think I will pass on any Freedom Group manufactured pistols (which includes Remington and Para). If time proves they solved their quality problems, then maybe so.

  • Tetsu Uma

    First the R1 Enhanced and now the 10mm Hunter, Remington is slowing converting the Para catalog. Good for me since I liked the Para 10mm hunter.

  • Bob Donegan

    Unfortunately hunting with a semi auto handgun and rifle is not allowed in Pennsylvania! only hunting with a bolt action, pump action, slug gun (pumpkin balls) and revolver is allowed. muzzle loader only during muzzle loader season

  • jerseydave

    Looks like they are visiting old school AMT territory, Javelina-style. A tip of my hat to them, this is a very nice piece. Would not mind taking one of these to the range at all. Very nice.

    Now, will they make a chromed “Terminator” one with a laser sight? Looks like the Longslide is… back. πŸ˜‰

  • Hurri Cane

    Put this against Para Ordnance Elite LS Hunter, Colt’s Delta Elite, and IraqVeteran8888’s 10mm Hi Point, see what happens. Get Jerry Midget Leg to shoot them!

  • jonp

    Or you can pick up a nice, New or used Ruger Blackhawk in 357, 41Mag, 44Mag, 45LC etc for less than half the cost

  • Tetsu Uma

    If it shoots as nice as my Para Elite target model, it will be an excellent pistol indeed. (But I’m not going to trade in my Razorback or my P220 Elite Stainless 10mm.)