Who Bought Who? Trijicon, 5.11, S&W and More

In the business world, company acquisitions happen frequently. The purchase of a company can happen for various reasons, but it is all done to help the bottom line.

It can be easy to forget that companies in the shooting industry are just businesses like any other. They develop and sell products we love (or hate,) and because of that many of us develop an emotional investment into those companies. But, these are still just business entities that have to balance the books.

As we have seen, gun industry businesses engage in the same kinds of acquisition behaviors as non-gun businesses do. Recently, Smith & Wesson announced the purchase of Crimson Trace. This was a major deal for both companies, and time will tell how it plays out for the investors and consumers.

Just this past week, Trijicon announced it was acquiring IR Defense Corp. Trijicon is well known for building both pistol sights and rifle optics. IR Defense Corp will allow the company to expand into thermal technologies as well. It will be interesting to see what new products may develop from this acquisition.

Another announcement this past week: Compass Diversified Holdings announced that it had purchased 5.11 Tactical. There is no immediate word on what effect this purchase may have on 5.11. Compass Diversified Holdings is a private equity firm that owns several companies including Liberty Safe.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Harry’s Holsters

    The interesting pat is seeing all these acquisitions right before the election. The Trijicon move makes sense to me at anytime but I have to wonder if some of these other companies aren’t making a go big or go home move.

    • Given the latest ITAR reinterpretation shenanigans, it would be plausible that Thermal Optics may face increased regulation by reinterpretation. Perhaps Trijicon is making a logical business move *and* hedging their legal bets?

      • Joseph Goins

        Trijicon was already regulated by ITAR.

        https://www . trijicon . com/na_en/store/export_compliance.php

      • David Harmon

        Thermal optics are a non-export item. The other guy cleared up their current ITAR issues.

        • So you’re saying an unfriendly administration wouldn’t seek to regulate them further within our borders?

          • David Harmon

            They are already restricted for purchase for the current gen mil spec and banned for export. Not much more they can really do without violating the law.

    • Anonymoose

      They’ve been making NV add-on scopes for a while now, but I never hear about them.

  • Mack

    An interesting post would be one where you had a tree that showed the major company and what companys are below it.

    I know quite a few are owned by bigger companys but im sure a few have sneaked by me.

    • Dickie


    • Midwinter

      Yes, please! A family tree, and maybe something to show CEOs, CFOs, etc. that have moved around in gun/defense companies.

    • SlowJoeCrow

      Offhand a few really big ones are Freedom Group which is Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, etc., S&W which owns a bunch of accessory companies via Battenfeld, including Caldwell and Wheeler Engineering, plus Thompson/Center. Vista Outdoor which is the commercial side of ATK, and includes Savage, CCI/Speer, Federal, and Bell bicycle helmets, among others. Beretta is another big one, owning Franchi, Benelli, Uberti, Sako/Tikka, and Burris. There are also some oem arrangements worth knowing like Weatherby with Howa, and Miroku with Browning and Winchester who are both owned by FN.

      • Adam Lee

        Dont forget Savage owns Bowtech amd it’s little sister Diamond Bows!

  • nimbii

    We just need to make sure Leftist globalists like George Soros or his ilk are not buying them to shut them down. Multi-billionaire gun control…