First Olympic Gold Goes to Team USA Shooter

The Olympics are in full swing in Rio, and Team USA brought home their first gold early on. The first medal of the 2016 Olympics was also the USA’s first gold and went to 19-year-old Virginia Thrasher in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event. Not only did Thrasher get the gold she made a new record, outshooting more seasoned Olympian Du Li of China. Thrasher finished with a score of 208.0; Du Li finished with a score of 207.0. It’s worth noting she was up against experienced Olympians including Du Li – who took home the gold in 2004 – and Serbian Andrea Arsovic, who was ranked No.1 in the world but who failed to make it to the final round of the event.

This might be Thrasher’s first Olympics but she’s no stranger to the world of firearms, although she’s rather new having just started shooting 5 years ago. She told members of the media about hunting deer with her grandfather,USAF-veteran dad, and brothers, and how her first Whitetail kill back in her home state of Virginia led to an addiction to “pulling the trigger.” Apparently she’s not going to let her winning gold change her college plans, though. She’ll get back home right in time for her sophomore year to start at West Virginia University – right in time being 20 hours before her first class, that is. This isn’t her only chance at a medal, either. At this time her next event, women’s three-position rifle, hasn’t happened yet. That event takes place on August 11th.

Congratulations to Virginia Thrasher and to Team USA. Having a shooter bring the first gold medal of the 2016 Olympics to our country is just that much sweeter this year.

Photos below from various public news sources:






Take a look at her Olympic bio:

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  • Big Daddy

    How ironic, spin this Hillary, a great American Women who wins a gold at the Olympics, our first, in shooting, too funny.

    • TheSmellofNapalm

      Thanks for making this political for no reason. Can I have one place on the entire internet where I can read an uplifting article without angry sobs in the comments turning everything into red and blue?

      • Beomoose

        You have my Sword

      • Sgt. Stedenko

        Red team and blue team are two sides of the same coin.
        Too bad the sheeple dont understand who runs this country.

      • There was a huge thing on Limbaugh this morning. #sigh

  • thedonn007

    Congratulations. This sport requires an amazing amount of mental fortitude.

  • TheNotoriousIUD


    • Mattie Dimes

      I concur

  • Joel

    Way to go, Ginny. So many of us are so very proud of you.

  • Anthony

    Thats a rough 19

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Youre kind of an as-hole arent you?

    • And let me guess you were dating super models at 19?

      • Anthony

        I actually am 20 years old and shes got amazing talent no doubt about shes earned it i just really thought she was about in her late 30s to 40s oops lol and dont tell me you dont think the same

        • Knox_Palmer

          So, you’re old enough to know better.
          ‘Better get girl’s ages figured out before you end up on the wrong registry.

          • Bill

            I’m stealing that line.

          • Anthony

            Happily married buddy but thanks for the concern

        • DW

          You need to go back to school.

          • Anthony

            Currently a 2 year engineering student try a again

        • I’ve seen a lot of women in their 30-40s unless they are wearing a ton of make up or got lucky with their genes they have more skin issues.

          People need to look at her cleaned up photos before they judge a photo taken on a hot range, that she was on with a stiff canvas jacket, while focusing her brains out on the sights.

        • Brett

          I remember my first beer.

    • Sasquatch


    • Tassiebush

      Pretty threatening that at 19 she’s exceeded any achievement you’re likely to make.

    • crackedlenses

      It’s the visor and the concentrated look that does it, I think; in the last shot she looks more her age.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    What in the hell are they wearing? Aluminum siding?

    • Stiff canvas shooting jackets. They dampen the movements.

    • iksnilol

      Shooting jacket. Works amazingly. Hotter than Emma Watson though.

  • Tritro29

    What is this claim? What new Record?

    Virgina Thrasher won the Half shot in the final (which is the one that matters ultimatley). The Full shot Olympic record was established by the Chinese Du Li at 420 points. Thrasher made it only at 6th place in the Full shot. 4.5 points behid the Chinese. By the way it happened, you could say luck had a part in this medal as much as skill.

    With the new Olympic rules, the Full Shot is erased and of you go to a final half shot. Which basically changes totally the competition.

    World Record is 211.something by a Chinese I think.

    • DrewN

      Is running target still gone? That’s when I quit paying attention, mainly due to the thousands of wasted hours I spent sucking at it.

  • Lloyd A Sullivan

    She was very composed, it was impressive and fun to watch.

    She also did a really good job with the media, being a gracious winner and plugging shooting sports to the audience by talking about her love of shooting and not merely how nice gold medals are.

    I’d like to bump into her at the range.

    • Bill

      Good on her, but “fun to watch?” Sorry, I’ll stick with women’s beach volleyball versus women standing very, very, very still until holes appear in paper.

  • gunsandrockets

    What a perfect name for our winner!

    • Tassiebush

      The grain knows the pain!

  • Fruitbat44

    Well done.

  • Can we note that WVU does things other than partying very, very well?

    (WV Resident)

  • YZAS

    Huge congrats, Ginny. You make US proud.

  • Woody

    She is adorable with her little green blinders, pure American with the gold around her neck. Nicely done , We are very proud.

  • what an awesome last name