NEW Haley Strategic D3CRX Chest Rigs

If you are anything like the majority of active tactical/defensive shooters around the world, you have lusted after, used and retired a plethora of ballistic nylon products over the years. Most of which now probably reside in a box or case in the back of the gear closet. Don’t be ashamed – I’m right there with you. Still, from time to time a new rig catches my eye. This month the new Haley Strategic Partners D3CRX wins my vote for the most useful yet aesthetically pleasing piece of nylon gear to hit the market.

The most notable changes from the previous models include the ‘X’ adjustment straps and the redesigned pouches and layout.

From the Haley Strategic Product Page:

The NEW Disruptive Environments™ Chest Rig X has been redesigned to improve comfort, storage capabilities and work seamlessly with D3CR accessories. The X harness was added for comfort and ultimate adjustability. The addition of 2 Multi-Mission pouches allows the rig to be more streamlined and carry mission essentials where they count. The full field of velcro allows the rig to be outfitted with the latest D3CR accessories as well as assist in the full contact connection with plate carriers. Just like it’s predecessor, it is designed and optimized for work in urban, vehicle, rural and other confined settings.

Driven by mission versatility.
When used as a stand alone, the platform is low profile enough to be worn fully loaded and not print on a normal/loose fit jacket or sweatshirt. When used on a armor platform with a quick release system, such as SwiftClips™, it can be attached or stowed in seconds, giving the end user the versatility to transition from low vis to high vis or vice versa.

The rifle magazine pouches accept AR type magazines as well as AK 7.62 x39mm and 5.45 x 39 magazines. The Multi-Mission Pouches accept 1911, Glock, Sig, M&P, XD and other standard double or single stack pistol magazines, as well as many handheld lights, multi-tools, and 37mm/40mm grenades.

The rig intentionally does not include a radio or dedicated full size medical pouch so no matter the posture, essentials such as communications and medical kits can remain on the end user at all times.

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  • Lance

    Still take my LC-2 gear over this.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I’m a Tactical Tailor guy myself, but I know Haley Strategic makes quality gear.

      • Redfoot

        I have a medical pack by them, great stuff. I also am a fan and user of High Speed Gear Inc. products. Buy once cry once.

      • Bert

        I was a tac tailor guy, but I always needed a little bit more pouch space than the split front MAV offered. I ended up switching to esstac and their load bearing boar. It allowed me to switch weapons load-outs with ease and offered enough space for all the mandatory crap the army made me carry.

  • Shrike30

    I think I prefer the basic D3CR more (trades in two of the pistol mag/multitool pouches for a bungee-scaleable pouch you can stuff random objects into) but can see why people might prefer this arrangement. I’ve got nothing but praise for the D3CR and D3CR-H as midsize chest rigs.

    I’m assuming they’re going to make the X-harness available for seperate purchase to modify existing rigs, might give that a try.

  • Devil_Doc

    Wait.. This is 782 gear.

  • mark

    Didn’t see on the product page where it was made.

  • Vhyrus

    At what point would I be operating in operations operationally and NOT be wearing a plate carrier? I’m not being rhetorical I seriously want to know when I am carrying gear like this and not expecting return fire.

    • micmac80

      99,99+% of “operators” , operate at local ranges or airsoft playgrounds.

      • Vhyrus

        I operate primarily on airsoft fields and I still wear my plate carrier! I take the plates out first, of course.

    • AK

      Chest rigs have their place, either in a stacking setup (wear a slick vest/plates under when needed), or when mobility is needed more than protection (recon, etc.).

    • David Harmon


      The only use of a chest rig I have ever seen in real world use is to be able to remove your mags and kit so it doesn’t get in the way while you’re operating from a vehicle turret. It’s a pain to try and climb in and out of Bradley, or an MRAP with your kit hanging off of you. It gets caught on everything. Even sitting inside of a Bradley and moving around is impossible with it on.

      Otherwise it’s pointless. Weave your kit to your armor and leave it be if you aren’t operating from a turret.

    • garymac66

      That was my thought as well. I’ve been struggling to decide the best way to load out with mags/ammo etc in an emergency. If I need to load out with gun stuff it would be when I was in danger, i.e, imminent threat i.e, need body armor i.e, plate carrier. So logically would I be carrying a load out of mags, ammo etc if I wasn’t expecting trouble? It that’s the case wouldn’t a plate carrier fit the bill better than just a chest rig?

    • CommonSense23

      You got permission to not wear plates due to the environment or mission. Jungle warfare, long range patrol/recon, low vis operations.

    • Blake

      Here’s why I love my D3CR: I can keep it in a bag or under by seat and go from low profile to high profile very fast. As a civilian I don’t have much of a use for that now, but in a SHTF scenario it would be incredibly useful. Without any pouches a plate carrier is very easily concealed under a light jacket. This would enable someone who’s trying to stay under the radar to do so, then within 3 seconds or so slap the chest rig onto the plate carrier and be ready to go. Same with what David said below in regards to being able to keep your plate carrier on but have your mags and other gear that might snag or get in the way down in the side of a vehicle door or something like that.

      What I use it for now is being able to go to a standard range and not look like a mall ninja (just the chest rig carrying my range essentials), or if I’m going to just shoot in a secluded area somewhere and want to be protected from accidents I can slap it on my plate carrier. Plus it’s just super nice to have a single unit on the front of my plate carrier instead of a bunch of individual pouches.

  • stephen

    I recently purchased the D3CR-H with the mag holder/clips so I can run 5.56 mags or 7.62 (both work well). Nice little system – looking to the get the collapsible backpack. HS has always had good gear.

    Next on the list is a plate carrier – I go running and would like to add some weight and I think a plate carrier would fit the bill nicely.