EoTech Fails Epically and The Best Thing For Owners

For those of you keeping up with such things, last December EoTech started offering refunds for the full purchase price for holo sight owners that experienced POI shift. Shortly after that Nathaniel F. blogged about EoTech requiring all LE customers to acknowledge the POI shift problem before shipping sights out.

After learning of the refund program, I sent in my EoTech XPS3 and 553 for a refund after experiencing constant issues with POI shift in the Texas heat. Even a few hours in my hot truck or under a metal awning was enough to get the optic to shift noticeably. The refund process took about 8 weeks, but L3 stepped up and provided a check for the purchase price of both optics.

Last week a member of the forum Primary & Secondary posted some photos of an XPS EoTech that failed in a spectacular fashion. As the original poster put it “the beam splitting cube became dislodged” causing the sight to become inoperable. EoTech approved a refund right away for the full purchase price due to the failure. The owner of the optic stated that his department didn’t have any issues with EoTechs up to this point, this should be yet another reminder that if you own an EoTech, it isn’t a matter of I haven’t had an issue yet, it is a matter of when you have an issue that puts that optic on the sideline.

No word on the fate of the remaining EoTechs in the department’s inventory, I sure do hope they replace them with something that can be relied on to work as advertised. As for the best thing for EoTech owners? Take the refund. Now. You can start the process by CLICKING HERE.

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Hat tip to Wood and Matt

Patrick R

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  • PeterK

    So I guess the eotech/aimpoint war is over?

    • Anonymoose

      Yet the Trijicon-Elcan Conflict still rages…

      • My elcan ALPS mount wobbles. Had to put aluminum shims on the QR engagement. Get a Trijicon.

        • Matt Wilder

          Reminds me of the old Simmons vs. Weaver argument my grandfather and his hunting buddies used to have when I was very small. Now all his friends are dead. He’s switched to Leupold. Haha.

      • SignalFromTheRim

        While I do not own either, I am declaring Elcan the winner! It has the cooler name!

        • Michael Pham

          But the Trijicon has three jicons! Three!

          • iksnilol

            That’s a lot of jicons.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      The Eotech/Aimpoint war is basically over, kind of like the end of WWII for Germany. The diehards are still fighting, but their numbers are waning and everyone else can see they are already defeated.

  • Dickie

    Was hoping i would find them on the cheap for sale yet they are still selling them at full price

  • Pseudo

    Wow, I had a 512 that I returned immediately after hearing of issues. I didn’t get huge temperature swing-related POI shifts (didn’t experience huge temp swings at all), but I did experience reticle dimming likely due to water damage after the seal got temperature cycled a few times. Just indicated a pretty bad QC culture. I would never have expected something like that, though.

  • Tritro29

    Wow that QC is glorious…

  • stephen

    After I retired from the Army I went with Aimpoint – glad I did.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Might want to check the epic spelling fail. lol

    • A bearded being from beyond ti


  • Sam

    Someone needs to come out with a competitor that has a similar reticle. I just love my XPS2-2 so much :'(

    Might be getting a Holosun HS503G. I highly doubt they are as tough as EOTechs and AimPoints, but… it has a similar reticle.

    • CS

      hartman mh1 is probably a better made option

    • Ryan

      If it’s just the reticle you like, the Sig Romeo 4 has it. It’s a nice sight too.

    • Treyh007

      I agree, i have the XPS2 as well and love it. Also have a AP PRO and luv it equally, 2 awesome optics that work great!

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Holosuns aren’t as tough as Eotechs, they are tougher. Look at the pictures above, and google a Holosun durability test for reference.

    • Lemdarel

      Look for a Shield SIS.

  • xebat

    Aimpoint CompM4 the Glock of the sights world. Nothing else is that reliable.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      If glock sights are so good why do so many people replace them?

      • Jared Vynn

        He means the aimpoint is to sights as glock is to handguns. Rugged durable and dependable basically.

        • iksnilol

          But aimpoints aren’t overpriced and uncomfortable like Glocks are.

          • Jason Guhl

            I didn’t realize Glocks were overpriced…..I can’t think of any gun that is better for less money.

            Comfort is subjective

          • Kivaari

            I think they represent great value. What other gun for $500 has such a record of performance? I can’t bring myself to buy a Canik, based on how poor other Turkish guns fall apart. It gets hard to pick guns, except go by name and cost. I bought a Beretta recently and it’s an OK pistol. It really feels odd in the hand after so many years of Glock use.

          • iksnilol

            Here in Norway it is pretty overpriced.

            Consider the following:
            -In Norway you need a “reason” to own a firearm
            -comp shooting is a reason (SD is not)
            -Glocks have mediocre triggers and sights outta the box
            -They cost just as much as CZs with better sights and triggers

            Conclusion: They’re overpriced from my point of view.

            Also, seriously? You haven’t tried some of those cheap imports that are like 300 bucks?

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            Try an M&P. It will change your world.

          • Kivaari

            After years of use they feel just fine. Going from one make and model to another gets in the way of what is right or not to a particular user. My issue gun was a Glock 17 for over 10 years. They feel just right after time. I pick up other pistols and they all feel odd.

    • Joseph Goins

      ACOG. There is a reason most ground units are going away from red dot optics.

      • xebat

        Actually, the ACOG and AIMPOINT serve different roles. The Aimpoint is more versatile and is much faster(target acquisition) for closer engagements but the Acog has the upperhand if you don’t have have acess to magnifiers and only engage in medium to far distances during the day, which is the case in Afghanistan for example.

        • Joseph Goins

          ACTUALLY: My comment was about durability, not utility. You turned my comment into a debate of which is better for a specific mission set.

          The ACOG’s only potential problem is the etched reticle rotating; however, it is still serviceable as the tip of the chevron will maintain zero. You never have to worry about electronics failing as it has none.

          The weak links in the CompM4 are the battery terminals and diode. Hard usage (or “normal” for the military) will cause spring issues with the terminals that cause the dot to go down. Also, the diode is susceptible to a POI shift in temperature just like EOTech.

          Every non-SOF unit keeps the same optic for every mission because they don’t have the funding to purchase multiple sets of optics for different mission requirements. That is why I said most ground units are going away from red dot optics. The Marines have had an ACOG on every rifle since 2005/2006. Individual Army units have been purchasing them at higher rates than the CompM4 even after ending the GWOT.

          (I was medically retired after eight years as an 11B and four as a 38A. I kind of know what I am talking about in this arena.)

          • SignalFromTheRim

            Are you kind of a big deal?

          • Joseph Goins

            Nope. I’m just one of the ~25million veterans in America. A lot more have done more than me.

          • CommonSense23

            Eight years as a 11B and 4 as 38A. Of course he is.

          • John

            ACOGs are notorious for fogging. Turrets are fragile and Fiberoptic also cracks in hot weather.

          • Joseph Goins

            Turrets were fixed in a design change over the last few years. It isn’t an issue anymore.

            Cracked fiberoptic doesn’t stop the light from getting to the etched reticle and it doesn’t stop your ability to see through the sight.

            All glass fogs. If you don’t want fog, use irons. Irons don’t fog.

          • Aimpoints have an almost non-existent thermal shift. Trijicon MROs have a 2.2 MOA maximum thermal shift.

            The Eotech were found to have thermal shifts in excess of 20 MOA.

            In fact the first time the cold weather issues were discovered was for the 2007 Norwegian contract that Aimpoint won.

          • Joseph Goins

            Almost non-existent thermal shift is thermal shift. Aimpoint hasn’t published what it is (at least the last time I looked).

            ACOG don’t have that problem.

          • I don’t think they publish it because it doesn’t have one. In independent testing there was no noticeable thermal shift in lab testing. I simply used the world non-existent because I am sure that there is some, but it wasn’t a testable amount.

            The Aimpoint has passed both Norwegian and Army cold weather testing that the Eotech failed.

  • Cal S.

    And the internet laughed when us ‘budget’ shooters didn’t cough up the $500+ it took to join this dog and pony show…

    • Eotech has always been a fluster cluck, if they didn’t have the large window and the circle dot, they would’ve been out of business years ago.

      But there is a difference between cheap optics and quality optics like Aimpoint. Namely durability and parallax.

      • Cal S.

        I don’t buy “Cheap” optics. I buy less expensive optics after watching a LOT of reviews to make sure I’m not buying an overpriced paper weight…

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        “Cheap” means a lot of things, and not always price. Even though those Eotechs cost a lot of money, they are a cheap optic. I buy quality for the money, and my budget dictates how much money I spend.

    • Aaron Freeman

      I have a Chicom knockoff of the EoTech… it works better than the original!

      • Cal S.

        Oh? What’s the brand? Is it waterproof?

        • Aaron Freeman

          Some generic brand I found at a store in Hillsboro, OR… it’s waterproof, and shockproof to a certain extent.

          • Cal S.

            Interesting, thank you!

          • Aaron Freeman

            It’s also important to note, that I only paid $80 for it… I’ve put it through its paces on my H&K, and it hasn’t failed yet!

  • Ebby123

    Sh*t happens. Even the best companies have quality escapes. They’re doing their damndest to do right by the customer.

    I’d buy from them again.

    • Anonymoose

      You lost. Get over it.

    • CommonSense23

      I like Eotechs. Was issued them. Ran them. Even had to write up reports on them when we got issued our surefire cans. Once we sorted out the couple bad ones we had no issues thru a variety of temps. The problem is with L3. If Eotech had been proactive and told people about the problem. Had they offered to fix it for free. Not a big deal. There are issues with lots of equipment. No one talks about the massive issue FN had with the MK17s. Cause FN was proactive and fixed them for free no questions asked. L3 had Eotech handle the sights the same way they handled radios. That is the major issue.

      • Evan

        Exactly. EOTechs are quality optics that have gotten an undeserved bad rap after an (admittedly) horrible job of dealing with a QC issue. EOTech is still one of the very few brands of optic I’d trust my life to – a list that Aimpoint comes nowhere near.

        • If it was just a QC issue they wouldn’t have paid out $25M to the DOD, and then gave refunds to any other customer that asked for it, they would’ve just replaced the product.

          Instead there was a defective design that they knew about for years before someone definitively tested it enough to force L3 to disclose the issue. Read the law suit that the government filed it is damning. What is even more damning that literally the day after the DOD’s lawsuit was filed L3 settled.

          Even today they require all government orders to sign an acknowledgement of performance limitations. Each performance limitation has a date of the affected product, the two items that the government sued over are still listed as an active performance limitation.

          And lets not forget the battery spring issue that they refused to acknowledge until the broken optics just started to pile up.

          Eotech’s issues are long standing and are not minor. If they didn’t have such a popular design they would’ve been run out of the business years ago.

          • Evan

            The upshot of your statement is in that last sentence. The design is incredibly popular, because it works, and it works well. I was in the Marine Corps in Iraq, and while I did not personally have one of the coveted EOTechs, they were praised loudly by all who managed to get their hands on one. Bad gear does not become universally popular in an infantry battalion whose lives depend on that gear. Yes, they had a QC problem, and yes, they handled it as poorly as possible. That doesn’t make them bad optics.

          • Wow must be purposely blind. The lawsuit and recall are clear it wasn’t a QC issue it was a defective design every single Eotech made from day 1 was affected. You really need to read the lawsuit the engineers knew about the issue years before they were forced to admit it. And based off their performance limitation statement they still don’t have a fix for the issue.

            Yes sometimes crap gear does get popular if it fails in a way that is hard to notice. Most people are going to blame a miss not on their optic losing zero because the conditions required for the zero shift aren’t in the conditions where the soldiers would have time to see if it was the optic or their technique.

            Knowledgeable people have been reporting for years Eotech issues. The late Pat Rogers once said outside of classes where no students were running Eotech, that he never had a class where an Eotech didn’t die.

          • Ron

            I have to assume Evan was with 7th Marines, for a variety of reasons in the 04-06 time frame they were big on EOTECHs and spent quite a bit of GWOT funds to buy them. But it is hard say it is or is not was a good sight during the time because way out west we were shooting very close to our targets, a zero shift probably would not even be noticed because almost ever shot was against a moving target and a 100 meter engagement would be considered the rare long range shot. However on more than one occasion I found a 5xx sight laying on the side of the road that had fallen off a machine gun in a convey.

          • Evan

            I was with 7th Marines. Good guess. I had a friend in 6th Marines though, and he felt the same way about EOTech as I do.

            As far as lost optics, I heard about some idiot dropping a PAS13 off a truck, and knew an idiot who lost his ACOG (not the fault of the optic or rifle, operator error from a can’t-get-right who didn’t manage to properly attach it), but never heard of anyone losing an EOTech, and, for that matter, I don’t remember ever seeing one on a machine gun.

          • Ron

            Out at Al Qiam in 05-06 most 240s and quite a few SAWs had them on them.

          • Evan

            Don’t know al-Qiam, I was in Fallujah and the surrounding area (Amiriyah, etc). If our SAWs had optics at all, they were usually what I think were Elcans, but don’t remember what we called them.

          • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

            Yes, bad gear does become universally popular. A great example of that would be the Serpa holsters that became popular in spite of known issues with the release jamming or breaking thanks to the availability in the PX.

            Just because soldiers are professional warfighters doesn’t mean that they always cling to the best gear.

          • Evan

            Don’t you think that comparing a rifle optic that your average infantryman will at least look through every day to a pistol holster that he will likely never use is a bit disingenuous?

          • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

            I am comparing sub-par gear to sub-par gear.

          • Evan

            You’re comparing a piece of allegedly sub-par gear (I don’t know the first thing about the holster, and thus can’t speak to its quality or lack thereof) that is essentially something that hangs off you and never gets used to an essential piece of gear that has a record of success and is maligned basically because of a public relations screw-up.

          • “…public relations screw-up.” It wasn’t a PR screw up, it was a defective design that they discovered in August of 2006, a cold weather flaw that they discovered in 2007, and a separate humidity flaw in 2008 but hide from the public until 2015 when the FBI independently tested the site.

            The only screw up was not disclosing the issues in 2006 and doing a product wide recalled. And then doing it in 2007 and 2008 if those issue weren’t fixed by whatever would fix the first issue.

            You seriously need to read the lawsuit, because if you did you would stop defending Eotech. There were employees that quit over this because they couldn’t ethically sell defective sights to people who might trust their lives to it.

          • CommonSense23

            How many failed serpas have you actually seen.

          • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

            Two, both locked up as a result of debris in the mechanism.

    • Kivaari

      They also paid Uncle Sam $26 million to settle the fraud case. The failure to make a good product, cover it up, and keep on making questionable products, well it left me thinking I couldn’t trust them. The military was out there with hundreds of thousands of these sights, where lives depended upon them. Yet, EOTech lied and hid the facts.

  • Joseph Goins

    Etched reticle. Virtually fail-safe.

    • Kivaari

      Who makes a really durable one? I just bought a Vortex Spitfire and love the reticle.
      I just don’t know if it has the durability of the big names. Big names like EOTech???
      They did send a refund.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I still love the EoTech design.

    I wish they would just fix the issue rather than issue refunds.

    • Evan

      EOTech still makes great optics. They had a QC issue which they handled poorly, and then apparently a single EOTech broke, which is what this ridiculous article is about. They’re still infinitely better than Aimpoint.

      • DAN V.

        “Infinitely” = subjective, butthurt

        • Evan

          Infinitely = one optic you make friends with someone in the armory in the hopes he’ll hook you up v. if you’re issued one, you throw it in the bottom of your pack so that when the battery invariably comes loose, you still have sights on your rifle.

      • Anon

        Yeah, I mean let’s just look at how the battery life is infinitely superior to the Aimpoint, right?

        In all seriousness though, how how many EOTechs did you buy to be doing all these mental gymnastics to convince yourself of that?

        • Evan

          Never bought a single one. Next optic I buy will be one though. And if you think that battery life is a good enough reason to go with a generally horrible optic like Aimpoint…just, no.

          • Sam

            I don’t like AimPoints because they have a crazy small field of view, and I like the reticle better on EOTechs…

            But dude you are stretching. Every time I see you comment on these articles, I get the feeling you were that “Senior LCPL” that always took hazing too far.

          • Evan

            I never took hazing too far…wasn’t worth the NJP. And what have I said that was a stretch?

          • billyoblivion

            “Infinitely better”.

            Or don’t you know what “infinitely” means?

      • sgt fish

        no, just no. first big issue i have with eotechs is the button operation. slow and dumb. add in battery life sucking and now all the qc issues. aimpoint is much better

      • Kevin

        Sorry Evan ,but I have two Aimpoint Pro’s and one EOTech that I still own and the Aimpoint’s are way better. I still like the EOTech and prefer the circle dot sight to the Aimpoint’s dot . But the Aimpoint’s are built better and have great battery life . Plus the Pro is cheaper in price. I’m still looking for two more red dots and before the it came out with the EOTech problem I would have considered them for the two rifles I want add them to but not now. How can you considered them when they hide the the problems for years.

        • Evan

          First, I concede that the Aimpoint has far better battery life. I don’t see how you can say it’s better built though. In my experience Aimpoints break in the field while EOTechs do not. Yes, they have had a major QC problem, and yes, they gave handled it quite poorly, but the EOTech design is far better than Aimpoint. Your Aimpoint may work fine when it’s on a rifle that you take to the range every couple of weeks and otherwise sits in your safe. It is not rugged enough to be a reliable combat optic. We can also get into the atrocious reticle and absurdly narrow field of view offered by Aimpoint.

          • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

            Evan, the Aimpoint is literally the most common combat sight on the planet.

          • Evan

            Common does not mean good. The Mosin Nagant was common. The HMMWV is common. Those junky PVS-7Bs were common.

          • Anon

            That argument also applies to EOTechs you know…

          • Evan

            EOTechs were never (to my knowledge at least) common, and are good as in “they do everything expected of them and don’t fail under combat circumstances (unlike Aimpoints).

          • Anon

            Then why are they offering refunds for an issue that was known for years by them, but they tried to hide? Face it, EOTechs suck, have you read the lawsuit?

          • Evan

            The fact that they’ve offered a refund says to me that they know they screwed up and that they’re trying to do right by their customers. Lawsuit aside, do you know anyone who has actually used an EOTech I’m combat? I knew several. I was in combat with them. And I was jealous as all hell of their optics. I would’ve used one myself, but we only had a limited number of them, and I didn’t have any friends at the armory. Funny how all this EOTech hate comes exclusively from people who have never used one in action. All the comments I’ve read here and on similar articles, to say nothing of the comments I’ve heard firsthand from people who I actually know, from people who have used EOTechs in action have nothing but praise for them. Yeah, EOTech is currently unpopular with the mall ninja community, but actual veterans with actual combat experience behind an EOTech all seem to love them. I’ve never heard anyone who I know to be a combat veteran who used an EOTech howling about how awful they are. Face it, EOTechs are good optics. Yes, some of them had some issues. Yes, the company handled it horribly – including an attempted cover-up which reflected on them quite poorly. No, they’re not as popular as other optics with the tacticool types. But hey – when Usama bin Ladin was shot, the dude who put one in his head got that sight picture on an EOTech. Because they’re good. And the type of people who get sent to kill bin Ladin know they’re good, or they wouldn’t use them.

      • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

        No. The article is about a single EoTech that broke in spectacular fashion and was returned to EoTech for the full purchase price to die next to thousands or other broken sights.

        EoTechs are not something you should be defending.

        • Evan

          That’s what I said. An EOTech (singular) broke. The company gave you a refund. Ought to be the end of the story right there. Any given product will fail spectacularly sometimes, I don’t care what it is. In this case, the company seems to have handled it quite well. Yet you deemed it necessary to write an article bashing EOTechs (plural) for what seems to be a one-off failure, which you then tied into their previous QC problem, which was entirely unrelated to this current failure.

          Since all these armchair warriors seem to feel the need to bash a good optic, I feel the need to defend it.

  • Kivaari

    I just bought a Vortex 1x32mm with an etched reticle. It may not have the durability of an Aimpoint but it has that battery free feature that is appealing. Anyone have any real world usage of the Vortex brand? I always went for the expensive sights, like Aimpoint and EOTech until this last recall. Even with those I always had doubts about batteries. A $500 ACOG seems possible. But price is much more than simply what it is worth or costs to build. It has to do with perception and what the market will bear. I guess it bears more than I am willing to pay.

    • Evan

      Durability of Aimpoint? Like when the battery comes loose and it won’t turn on at all?

      • Kivaari

        They seem to be in use quite a few places. Mine worked OK, but I never put it through tough times. Overall, the reviews I have seen, people seem to like them. I’d like to know how the army did with a couple hundred thousand of them, I haven’t heard. Then I think they called them the M68 CQO.

        • Evan

          Couldn’t tell you about the Army, but in 2005, when I was in the Corps, we had some Aimpoints in my battalion. They had a horrible reputation, and spent more time I’m the bottom of packs than on rails. By 2007, I didn’t see any more of them.

          • Kivaari

            Did you just go back to using iron sights? Or were ACOGs coming on-line. I was lead to believe the newer M4 and the PCO were reliable. I sold my last one 9 years ago after almost no use on an MP5 clone.

          • Evan

            ACOGs were becoming universal. By ’07, even the POGs had them. But in ’05, people were picking irons over Aimpoints if they couldn’t get an ACOG or EOTech.

          • Kivaari

            That’s why I insist on having iron sights of everything.

          • Evan

            Irons on everything can’t possibly hurt.

  • Treyh007

    Cmon Pat, after millions in LE/Battlefield your actually gonna say these sights are all crap……. Big words bro! Being a “Firearm Enthusiest” you should know these things happen to nearly ALL manufactures at some point. What’s really going on with you and Eotech??? Lol

    • This is not an uncommon failure.

    • iksnilol

      Most manufacturers don’t have a flaw in their product which they cover up for years and only start doing sometihng about when they are forced to.

      • Treyh007

        Like the Remington 700 trigger…… All Remington 700 suck too and the company sold millions to the public knowing.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      That is literally what I am saying. The widespread failures and the cover-up that cost EoTech millions in court when they lost a suit to the US Government is pretty clear evidence.

  • I wonder if anyone in Eotech’s accounting department crunched the numbers for how much this ongoing clusterflunk is going to ultimately cost the company both in replaced/refunded units and negative public relations, versus how much it would have cost the company to just sell a non-crapulous design that had some actual quality control. And, if anyone has, if they were immediately thrown out the nearest window for bringing it up in a meeting.

    • Rob

      L3 has a revenue of 13 billion. I think they will be okay.

      It is strange that through this mess the optics remain in use by some rather serious organizations.

  • People that defending Eotech need to read the United State v L3 Communications lawsuit.

    In that lawsuit the US Government alleges, using emails from L3 employees as evidence, that they knew about the issues as early as 2006 for one issue, and 2008 for another issue. But failed to disclose them until 2015 when the FBI independently tested the sites after noticing POI shifts.

    L3 settled with the US Government for over $25 million literally the same day.

    It was filed in the Southern District of New York, but you can also find a copy on Solider Systems.

    • derpmaster

      It’s interesting that L3 has totally scrubbed their corporate website of anything related to EOTech, when at one time it was one of their darling brands. I imagine that once the recall period is over, the entire company is going to be liquidated. Their brand has been tarnished too much. There is probably some money in their patents, however.

      • Maybe, but even still Eotech has its defenders. Look at this thread.

      • Bill

        I don’t know if you are referring to L3, but they are a mega-sized defense contractor, literally too big to fail. I’m certain EOtech was stint slice of their portfolio. If you were referring to EOtech, I think you are correct.

        • derpmaster

          L3 is one of the biggest defense contractors in the US, and it operates as a conglomerate corporation (holding corporation of many businesses that (in theory) delivers shareholder value to the shareholders of the parent through collective financing/borrowing power and management synergy). I’m talking about EOTech, which they bought as an asset in their portfolio. My take is that L3 has basically written off the EOTech division.

  • Thomas Gunn

    I think I will stick with my Shield SIS. I get to choose the brightness of the reticle, I also have options to change the reticle at the touch of a button and it performs faultlessly

  • TC

    I stopped using these huge dinosaur size scopes 2 years ago – try the Shield Mini Sight (SMS) and you won’t turn back to the bulky old designs ever again !
    Shield offer dot sizes to suit every application,4, 8 and including a brilliant 1 MOA centre dot with a 65 MoA ring. Try their CQS and SIS for the toughest smallest brightest sights on the planet.
    The Shield SMS is marketed as the JPoint in the USA. They are available online from Shield and on most online superstores.

  • Steven T Ling

    I still see Eotechs in gun shops being sold. Should I assume that they’ve resolved this QC issue?

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      No. EoTech is asking LEO customers to verify that they are aware of the POI shift before shipping units out. Consumers are not being asked to note the defect and they faulty sights are still for sale to the best of my knowledge.

  • RoadzombieB1

    I have seen that broken to an eotech at work just about 2 weeks ago. Guess what? Optics are man made things, nothing is perfect, things are going to break when you run them hard. The people complaining about how things should never break are probably the same ones who think magazines should never wear out or need replacing. You have “back up” iron sights on your rifle right? What, did you the no they are on there in the event you get bored of your optic and want to shoot irons? I’ll continue to trust my eotech on each deployment I take it on. And yew, we have options between different optics where I work.

  • Rick S.

    WOW Patrick, you’re going to be a busy guy reporting on ALL the failures of EVERY brand of optic out there. You are going to report EVERY failure from EVERY BRAND …Right? I mean, it’s only right that you bash them all. I wouldn’t want to think that you have something against a company that was stand-up enough to offer a refund to every customer whether they could demonstrate a problem or not. We certainly want to include every optic that has a thermal shift…which by the way is EVERY optic from EVERY manufacturer. Unless you’re saying that EoTech is the only optic company that has had any kind of failure.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      All of the other optics companies haven’t lost a lawsuit to the US Government. People need to stop putting the EoTech on a pedestal because some guys with cool pants used them several years ago.

  • Rick S.

    I agree with Evan, “Ridiculous Article”

  • Aaron Freeman

    Iron sights… you can never go wrong with them!

  • Friend of Tibet

    “…. isn’t a matter of I haven’t had an issue yet, it is a matter of when you have an issue that puts that optic on the sideline”

    This applies to every optic.

  • Hamma Hamma

    Can we possibly get an EoTech dissection article one day if prices drop enough, or one is considerably borked to the point that it’d be more fun to take it apart rather than get a refund?

    I really wanna know what’s inside of those things, how they work, etc. Armchair shop talk is the sort of thing I come to TFB for.

    • Matt Wilder

      This would be pretty cool, but if you can’t wait, I believe a quick patent search will cough up the info you’re interested in. Google “EoTech Patent”, and it’s the first one up, diagrams and all. Quite interesting actually, and not totally unlike the optical compensated sights in first gen jet fighters, such as the F-86 among others.

  • Matt Wilder

    Hmm, I wonder if some of the complaints that the M4 isn’t accurate enough can really be attributed to POI problems with the EoTechs? Just some food for thought. And before anyone jumps down my throat, I happen to like both the M4 as a platform, and the EoTech, as ungainly in size as it is; but I still prefer a good set of irons.

  • lbeacham

    I jettisoned my EoTech a couple of years ago when my astigmatism condition gradually got worse. The “star burst” dot became intolerable. I noticed when I bought it but later ran across info on their web site that it could be a problem specific to their product. Go figure.

    • CommonSense23

      Any red dot is going to be a issue with astigmatism.

      • Matt Wilder

        It’s very true. There was quite a bit posted about this in a previous TFB article I believe, as well as how to limit the effects. This doesn’t mean that EoTech still doesn’t have major issues, but us glasses wearers just have certain sights that will work better than others, and the results may not even be similar between us.

      • lbeacham

        I switched to a Leopold 1X4 Patrol with a daylight visible dot in reticle. The cat’s meow. I needed some magnification for over 100 yds. My range at home is out to 300yds. Really like Leopold products.

  • Richard

    It’s a shame about the issues this company has, they really had the potential to become the best optic for AR-15s

  • Bill

    I’ve divested myself of all my EOtechs and recommend others do likewise, but this appears to be an optical/mechanical failure, which any sight can suffer, even irons. I can’t think of a brand of sight that I haven’t seen at least one croak.

  • trailcamdoe

    I’ve been following TFAB for years and this is the first time I have felt the need to comment but this article is total hogwash. This is “journalism” at it’s worst. It also is apparent the author is really good at listening to whatever the media feeds him and has zero first hand knowledge of what is really goind on. I would also go out on a limb and say that he is downright lying when he said he was experiencing POI shifts because never before the lawsuit came out can we find him discussing it, just like you can’t find that almost anywhere. THE DE-LAM ISSUE WAS FIXED YEARS AGO AND IS NOT EVEN PART OF THE LAWSUIT HE IS REFERENCING. Also, he speaks of POI shifts. Every single optic in the world has parallax and thermal drift. I will give you a homework assignment @tfbpatrick:disqus :
    Have Aimpoint or Trijicon or Elcan or “pick whatever you want” SEND YOU AN EMAIL stating they have no parallax or thermal drift. I will wait.

    You may here all of them say verbally, “we don’t have that issue” but you will not receive that in writing because they are all aware they have it. EOTech will send it to you in writing as will Trijicon on the MRO (although they quote as an average, not a maximum like EOTech. It is pure physics that metals/glass/adhesives/plastics all expand and contract under temp changes and they all do it at different rates. Your seemingly beloved Aimpoint is NOT immune to this. Mark my words, they will eventually be forced to post their thermal drift and parallax numbers. Will they do what EOTech did and return everything for the good faith of the customer? Only time will tell.

    You say that Aimpoint is the most common combat optic. Do you think SOCOM has stopped using EOTechs? Have you read that somewhere? Please show us, because to my knowledge that lawsuit has had minimum effect on what optics are still being run overseas.

    Aimpoint, Trijicon and EOTech are all combat worthy optics and they have all served well in those rolls for years. Personally, I can make a case for each one of them being the best optic for the job depending on the use case. All of them have thermal drift and all of them have parallax shift. That statement is NOT DEBATABLE.

    What you did is akin to publicizing that Honda Accords suck because your buddy had one break down on the road due to a flat tire and then you blame it on a seat belt recall.
    You lost MAJOR points in my book and I will now have to approach every article you write with a grain of salt.

  • Hal Jordan

    I sent my Model 511 in on June 9, waiting on a refund.