Breaking: Academy Sports Recalling Charter Arms Lady Revolvers–Charter Arms not Informed of the Recall!

Academy is in the news again after their knee jerk reaction to remove all modern sporting rifles from their shelves following the shooting in Orlando. Shortly after, Daniel Defense one of Academy’s suppliers learned about the sporting good giant hiding the rifles from shopper’s views they placed Academy on a do-not-sell list.

Now Academy has issued a voluntary recall of the Charter Arms Lady .38 special revolvers due to customer reports, and Academy’s inspection of the alleged faulty revolvers has led them to believe that the revolvers suffer from a manufacturing defect that results in and unsafe condition when firing. The recall notice does not go into further detail about the exact condition they are referring.


Academy’s recommendation if you own one of these revolvers is that if you purchased yours between February 2012 and July 2016 to stop using it immediately. In the recall notice, they recommend that Pink Lady and Lavender Lady revolvers be returned to a local Academy Sports store or by calling the Academy Sports customer service line to set up a return if there is no store in your area. Once Academy receives the revolver, they will send it to Charter arms for inspection, if determined to be safe the owner will be compensated a $25 gift card for the inconvenience.

A Charter Arms Lady owner asked Charter on their Facebook page “Could you please explain to me better the need for a recall on my 38 Special Pink Lady and the length of this process in returning and repairing please. Very disappointed that I will need to be without my Gun!” and has not been met with a response as of yet. 

TFB also sent a request for comment from Charter Arms which was answered this morning. Charter was not even made aware of the recall and are totally unaware of any defect in the guns in question. In fact calls from customers was the first Charter had heard of a recall. Charter has no plans to recall any of these models.

The following recall notice is posted in all Academy stores as well as on their website HERE.

Charter Arms Revolver Recall Notice_7.28.16

Academy further stated this morning they have the right to conduct their own investigation of the supposed defect as well as recall the guns they have sold.

How this will play out is anyone’s guess. I would have thought Academy would have contacted Charter and let them know of any problem they may have found and work together on this. After all the point of a recall is to protect the person who owns the gun!

We will let you know of any updates as we obtain them.

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  • John

    MSRs will be back on the shelves for Christmas I would think. Its temporary. It may actually reduce public backlash against firearms to keep them out of sight for a month after a shooting. I’m not saying it’s right… I’m just saying.
    They may have already contacted Charter, but companies are sometimes reluctant to recall products. If Academy has seen multiple unsafe firearms, it’s the right thing to do even if Charter is unwilling.

    • Charter knew nothing about it and they are not happy.

    • Dakota Raduenz

      And maybe Hillary really actually likes us and will lower taxes, cut the deficit, and legalize suppressors and full auto!

      I mean, I’m a mediator by nature and hate to jump to conclusions, but goodness gracious honey child!

    • Tim Pearce

      Gun companies are reluctant to recall products, but that reluctance is negligible compared to the cost of getting sued.

      • jamezb

        In my opinion, unless there is either a video of a “dropped gun” accident, or a completely impartial witness to prove otherwise-
        (and how many of THOSE are there)
        – then the vast majority of “dropped-gun-fired-accidents” are in reality, hastily concocted stories to cover a negligent / horseplay discharge.

        • Charters have a huge hammer block plate, too. I’d suspicious if it was a UD of any sort relying in the recall.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Those guns are butt ugly.
    Get them out of circulation.

    • DaveP.

      Meh. Ugly guns work too, cheap guns work too, and not everyone can afford the extra cash. While I don’t like Charters, they definitely have a niche for people who want an inexpensive revolver.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        I assume he’s taking about the finish and not the gun itself.

        I assume…

  • JimBenton

    Apparently, Academy Sports isn’t telling anyone what the defect is and Charter doesn’t know anything about it. I would guess that the politically correct people at Academy have discovered that these things can kill people. What a surprise!

  • Twilight sparkle

    I guess academy doesn’t want to sell guns that are marketed towards women

    • Longhaired Redneck

      It’s just another front in the war on women. Keep ’em barefoot, pregnant and disarmed!

  • DaveP.

    Every other recall notice I’ve ever seen has a brief description of what’s wrong (“The boojum may come unaligned, causing an unintentional defarbulation”). Here, there’s just mention of “…a manufacturing defect…” and nothing else. Between that and the recall coming from a distributer and not from the manufacturer (who evidently weren’t even notified?! Then who’s gonna do the repairs? What about the warrantee?) this gives me a real “something ain’t right here” feeling.

    • QuadGMoto

      I think I know what the “defect” is. It produces a loud, scary noise when the trigger is pulled, frightening some hysterical women. It may occasionally also cause sore wrists or hands.

      • AMX

        Don’t forget the bit of metal flying out the muzzle at high speed.
        That’s like the definition of unsafe!

    • Swarf

      “The boojum may come unaligned, causing an unintentional defarbulation”

      That was my nickname in high school.

      • Cory C


      • Longhaired Redneck

        Why would anyone call anyone else “defarbulation”?

    • Cory C

      Giving Academy the benefit of the doubt, there may be some serious problem with the gun that the manufacturer is simply ignorant of at this point, and Academy, having been given notice of the problem by customers, is being proactive. If so, good on them.

      However, my cynical side says that the defect is going to be that it “looks like a toy” and is therefore dangerous.

      • DaveP

        Not to dispute with you, but I’ll point out that if Academy is aware of a problem with the gun of sufficient degree to warrant a recall and they DON’T tell the manufacturer. .. Academy may be in serious trouble. They aren’t the only dealer Charter sells through, after all.

        • Cory C

          That’s a fair point.

      • Kelly Jackson

        First thing I thought was the color too

  • Joe Schmo

    Academy seems like they are run by a bunch of self-righteous idiots. First they decide to pull MSRs off their shelves, not informing any manufacturers before hand. And now they recall guns with no definite reason to recall them! They are not looking good in these past few months.

    From the Charter Arms guns that I’ve handled, they are not of the best quality. I would only buy one if I had absolutely no other options. But to recall the “Lady” series for “manufacturing defects” is ridiculous. No specific reason? They can just say “Oh, the guns don’t work because they never worked. Its the manufacturer’s fault!”? That’s BS.

    Did Academy have someone qualified examine all the guns they had problems with and compare them to all the other guns of the same model to see what could be wrong? It doesn’t seem like they did.

    Anyone saying that Academy is in the right here needs to put themselves in the position of Charter Arms. If you worked for a company and produced okay products, and a retailer decided to recall your products without consulting you, you would be hoppin’ mad. It is not good business practice.

    • Tim Pearce

      Agreed. In other words, why does being pink or purple make the gun defective where those not pink or purple are fine?

      • Kivaari

        It take it these are aluminum frame guns and not steel. Type III black anodizing is stronger than purple or pink. BIG BUT, aren’t these the “lightest weight steel frame 5 shot revolvers”? If they are aluminum, I’d expect CA to use the cheapest alloy possible. After trouble with CA revolvers I stopped selling them in my store in the 90s. Charter Arms are like AMT pistols, junk at any price is still junk.

        • I purchased a six shot 5 inch 9mm revolver from Charter back in January. Timing on it has not been reliable since day 1. Forum stories of people getting their 5″ 6rd’er fixed and end up with 2″ or 4.2″ 5rd’ers.

          I feel iffy about sending it for repairs as it is such a quirky odd gun in 9mm.

          • Kivaari

            I can see timing going bad. The pawl/hand travels through a channel on the LHS of the frame. The locking-detent on the back of the cylinder peens over the edges of the channel which causes the pawl/hand to stick in the wrong position. If it makes it partway OK, then hits the peened over edges it can be misdirected creating a failure. It has been a weak point in CA since introduction.

          • Recon

            The pawl and hand are 2 separate non related parts, the pawl works with the hammer and is what pushes the hammer into the cocked position in double action, the hand works with the trigger and rotates the cylinder to the cylinder stop. I sincerely hope you no longer own a store passing on misinformation like this!

          • Kivaari

            No. They are the same. The part you call the pawl is the hammer strut or hammer catch. The hand and pawl are used to describe what we normally call the hand today. Colt, S&W and Webley have used the terms at various times over the decades.

          • Recon

            Note part number 44 = Hand part number 48 = Hammer Pawl

        • FightFireJay

          Anodizing only affects the surface of the aluminum, basically scratch resistance. The color is actually a die or pigment that gets trapped in the pores of the aluminum.

          Is there any chance this is a paint or Cerakote type product?

          • Kivaari

            While researching anodizing I found that the black commonly associated with ARs is tougher than the other colors. There was no explaination, but perhaps it is due to the amount of acid and length of time in solution and under current that effects surface strength. I doubt it is Ceracote. That is simply paint and if put on unhardened aluminum simply breaks through pretty easily. At least on guns I’ve inspected. It was weak enough that I wouldn’t trust it. The hard coating must be removed before applying the Ceracote paint. I liken it to building a road on top of sand. The surface can be concrete but if the base is soft the surface breaks apart.
            Since the CA are supposed to be steel, I suspect the finish is just colored clear coat. I go back to the bit about the central pin peening over the pawl/hand channel. I’ve seen that put CA revolvers out of time. That issue has existed since the first one made.

          • Kivaari

            While researching anodizing I found that the black commonly associated with ARs is tougher than the other colors. There was no explaination, but perhaps it is due to the amount of acid and length of time in solution and under current that effects surface strength. I doubt it is Ceracote. That is simply paint and if put on unhardened aluminum simply breaks through pretty easily. At least on guns I’ve inspected. It was weak enough that I wouldn’t trust it. The hard coating must be removed before applying the Ceracote paint. I liken it to building a road on top of sand. The surface can be concrete but if the base is soft the surface breaks apart.

        • Recon

          Charter uses 7075 aluminum, if you haven’t touched a Charter since the 90’s maybe you should do some research before opening your pie hole!

          • Kivaari

            I know that’s why they anodize them. CA remains junk at at price and using any material. The design has weak points, including the placement of the hand channel and fit and finish. I had one where it was ported and the shround blew off in two rounds. Obviously no one a Ca had test fired the little .357 before they approved an absolutely stupid design where they cut a “V” shaped cut into the barrel and then shoved an aluminum shroud over the gouge. The top of the gouge was wider than the front sight, so the ports would work. The distributor wanted me to send it in for warranty, when it should not have been on the market in the first place. That was the last one I ever bought for my store for sale to customers. I would rather see the people own a Taurus than any CA.

  • Rog Uinta

    I found the defect. It takes a sharp eye but you can see it on the right side of the barrel:


  • BattleshipGrey

    “Well, ARs became too popular and scary so we’ll just discontinue them. Uh oh, too many women are getting interested in self defense, uhhh… recall the girly guns.”

  • Tassiebush

    Academy Sports sounds like a passive aggressive joy to deal with. If you don’t know why I’ve recalled your revolvers I’m not going to tell you.

  • Oldtrader3

    Sad when a company gets the Hillarityitis infection?

  • Fox Hunter

    Boycott academy sports.

    • g box

      Been doing that for years.

  • buzzman1

    The unsafe condition is probably that a lead copper projectile exits the end of the barrel at a very high speed when the trigger is pulled and the weapon is loaded.

  • mazkact

    My problem with Charter these days is that the price is just too close to S&W and Ruger revolvers so for me it makes sense to pay just a little more and get far better customer service and peace of mind.I bought my Wife a “Pink Lady” in 2008, She loves it. I have since bought my Wife and myself each a S&W 442.The Undercover series to my mind is well designed for it’s purpose. We have well over 500 rounds down the 2008 “Pink Lady”and it still has perfect timing and lock up. No aluminum framed center fire snub nose revolver is designed to be a range toy, I do not care who manufactures it.

  • mazkact

    Academy is starting to pi** me off. Good thing we have a new Cabela’s about four miles from my house.