Strike Industries Jitter Plug Fixes Glock Barrel Rattle

Strike Industries released a video showcasing a new product for small frame Glock pistols. It is called the Jitter Plug. It is for generation 3 Glock pistols. Designed for use in STOCK small frame Gen 3 GLOCKS in Full Size and Compact configurations (G17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 37, 38). The Jitter Plug plugs into the back of the recoil spring guide rod and helps the lock up and forces the barrel against the breech face.



The Jitter Plug will work with tungsten and steel guide rods as long as they have that hole for the plug to insert into. The Jitter Plug is available now for $19.95. Go to for more information.

Nicholas C

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Fixing problems that don’t exist! Thanks 2016 gun industry!

    I’m sure removing tolerances won’t cause any issues at all and that Strike Industries has put as much highspeed, thermal, and professional lab testing in as Glock has.

    What is German for: “No, the gun is fine.” ?

    • Giolli Joker

      You have no idea how many operators got killed while moving silently around a corner* because the clunking noise of the barrel gave their position away to the enemy.

      *of department store shelves

      • Joshua

        Mall are dangerous places.

        • Billy Jack

          Change one letter and you’re in Mali.

    • Becklopedia

      Nein. Die Pistole ist in Ordnung

    • John Yossarian

      Totally agree. Only the sights need help. The rest of gun is fine.

      In fact, the rest of gun can scarcely be helped! Sorry, but Glocks never get that good. It’s the Honda Civic of the gun world.

      If comrade wanted different gun, comrade should choose different gun.

  • Bob

    If it actually improves accuracy, then for $20 I can see it being used in race guns. As for me, I use my Glock as a self defense pistol, so a tiny 1/8th inch group improvement isn’t that important to me. Besides, it might also interfere with reliability and I don’t want that.

  • capybara

    Keep the Glock stock. Too many stupid things to waste your hard earned money on.

  • BillC


  • Vitsaus

    Sometimes I think these companies are just trolling consumers, or perhaps many of these products are the result of a bet between R&D staff.

  • MarcoPolo

    This thing, the plug that fills the hole at the bottom of the grip and a fresh set of muffler bearings and your Glock will be running tip-top.

    • THE_manbear

      …and a snuggie

      • That doesn’t belong on the list; Snuggies were invented to keep patients in wheelchairs warm in hospitals and are actually enormously practical and useful.

        • John Yossarian

          My couch is my wheelchair, or at least that’s where I’m rocking the Snuggie for now – Until the sedentary life puts me in a real wheelchair!

        • El Duderino

          Snuggies are the best when you’re sick.

          Hit up a Wal-Mart after 10pm and you’ll see someone wearing a Snuggie, almost guaranteed.

  • THE_manBEAr

    I really wanna meet the person who had enough free time to think ‘Hey my Glock barrel rattle is really getting out of hand … we need to invent something to fix that’

    • Actually older Glocks with the loose lock up aren’t as accurate as they could be. For all but the most picky non-competition user that is fixed on newer Glocks.

      • The_manBEar

        Hm good to know … Like Gen 3 and older?

    • My mother’s P32 barrel has so much side to side play in the slide I thought it was a KelTec Lemon. Nope, just naturally weird and loose… and reliable as fock. Put 470 some rounds through it before giving it to her when WV went Constitutional Carry…. Not a single hiccup!

      Bought a P380 last week, and waiting for paint to cure on the grip before blondly throwing a ton of ball ammo down it. Will replace my BT380/PF9 while in non gun friendly locations.

  • Dickie

    Why gen3? Thats old news

    • gunsandrockets

      Why? For one thing in Commiefornia you can only buy Gen3 Glocks.

  • Bill

    I’m getting ready to release my new Magic Barrel Air (TM), that when poured from its container into your barrel will make you 117% more accurate and 97% faster, and completely irresistible to members of the opposite, or same, sex, depending on your preference.

  • Black Dots

    This additional point of failure is a bargain at only $20.

  • guest

    Strike Industries presents the Jitter “solution in search of a problem” Plug

    Gun is fine.

  • Gary Kirk


    • John Yossarian


  • Billy Jack

    “Man finds another hole to put something in, news at 11.”

    Gunsmith – “Looky right here. Your jitter plug is all out of alignment. Come back next week. I’ll knock half off the price. So call it $100.”

  • smartacus

    oh that’s OK, i got five Lone Wolf barrels to take care of the jitters

  • Kirk Newsted

    So its a shim. For $19. Smart.

  • Ed Forney

    I bought a factory refurbished gen 3 17 about five years ago, and it was very accurate. Not so much these days. Any suggestions ?

    • Bill

      Have somebody, of known skill, shoot it. If they have the same issue, it’s the gun. After that, it’s tough to tell; I’ve never actually found a GLOCK that’s been shot out.

      • Ed Forney

        Gun looked like new all over. Bore is bright as can be. Can’t believe it’s been shot out.

    • New springs and barrel?

      • Ed Forney

        Barrel looks new. Can”t tell about the spring, but the slide works good.