Dustin Ellermann Suppresses His Henry Big Boy Carbine

Dustin Ellermann’s suppressed Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine is nothing short of a thing of beauty. Dustin had Bullworks in Amarillo, TX modify the lever gun by threading the muzzle to accept a 1/2×28 3 lug mount from Griffin Armament, milling the front sight back a touch for clearance, and I am sure they slicked the action up a bit as well. Dustin says he didn’t have to run taller sights on the rifle thanks to the low profile Revolution 9mm suppressor that he used.

Watching Dustin shoot the suppressed lever gun with some subsonic 158 grain wadcutters is nothing short of breathtaking. He takes several shots at a 6-8″ steel plate at about 95 yards easily compensating for the massive amount of drop landing hit after hit. He even goes on to say that at 25 rounds he was getting 1″ groups out of his pet project.

The only thing that makes me not totally in love with Dustin’s Henry is the way the tube fed magazine loads. The choice of the 3 lug mount makes a lot more sense when you realize that he has to remove the can every time he needs to reload. I do like the idea of the suppressed lever gun after my Octane 45HD stamp comes in I may find a need for a threaded something in 45 long colt.

What lever gun would you choose to suppress? You can read Dustin’s post on Texas Fish and Game by clicking HERE.

Patrick R

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  • Harry’s Holsters

    Great point about having to take the can off to reload. I absolutely hate the loading systems on henry’s for anything but their 22s but this takes it o another level. Dustin can run a lever gun though!

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      That is for sure!

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    Man, him running that lever is awesome to watch.

    • tt_ttf

      not wrong!! He is good

    • Giolli Joker

      I like the peculiar shape of the lever as well.

      • gunsandrockets

        That lever is key to the quickness. It allows you to run your hand straight forward than back again, almost like running a pump-action. Much simpler and easier than twisting your wrist and moving your hand in a semi-circle.

        Regardless of the ‘gloved hand’ advertising that Marlin runs for their Big Loop lever 30-30 rifle it also can be run the same way, as its loop is just the right shape for fast action.

  • Sianmink

    Seems to me that would work better on an 1895 pattern rifle so you don’t have to take the can off to reload.

    • James

      Henry makes a rifle with a detachable box magazine, like the Browning BLR, which would have been easier to reload and would not require the removal of the can.

      • thedonn007

        Do they make it in .357?

        • Porty1119

          No, it’s a BLR competitor chambered in .223, .308 and perhaps .243.

          • Anonymoose

            I would really dig a .300BLK lever-action. Right now I would probably chop and thread a new-production 1892 in .45LC or one of those Rossi .454 92s (and install a Trapper mag tube) for a suppressed current-production lever, though.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            You might just want to research the poor quality of Rossi fire arms . Sure they are cheaper but I would not want one no matter how cheap or dseperate I mighr be. So I’ll stick to buying Browning levers , Henry or used Marlin Levers. Rossi is Known for extremely poor accuracy. Try 5- 6 inch grouping at 100 yards ,often even larger. Where as the off the shelf average for Marlin is in the 3- 4inch range at 100 yards . Henry rifles more often then not do much much better 2-3 inch 100 yard groupings . Browning BLRs are average off the shelf are often in the 1,1/4 -1,1/2 – 2 inch . range. Though My BLR 81 Wil place 3 165 grain Nosler,partions from a cold barrel in side of 1 inch. If I do my part. Presantlt I’m waiting for Henry to manufacture an sell them in their new model 41 mag with a 24 inch Octagon Barrel. Sadly Years ago I sold my Marlin 22 inch octagonal 41 mag. Needed fast money. Dam that rifle . Would place 5 – 256 grain 41 mag Buffalo Bores Hammer heads in side of 2 inches at 100 yards. That was a great woodstalking rifle. Taken many Whitetails an a couple of Hogs as well a nice 375 lb dress weight black bear, up close an personal.

          • Paul White

            I’ve heard that too but I really want the side gate, and Marlin 1894s are damn near unobtanium

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Paul about 1 month ago I had read an article,in one of the sporting magazine I subscribe to . In that article it was stated Marlin was coming back out in Business. As of this Time I haven’t heard any further discussion on that . Dam I hope it is True. After all their last 3 years in Business they where producing some very accurate Rifles . Specifically designed and engineered for accuracy. THEIR 336S SPECIFICLY .

        • I really want the rossi .357.

          • thedonn007

            I did too, but decided on a .300 blk upper for my AR-15 instead.

          • WFDT

            I have one as the duty firearm on our small farm. It’s great, shoots a variety of rounds (.38s too), including snake shot.

          • .357/.38 dual purpose is #1 reason for my desire.

          • Just bougnt a 20ga bolt action 5rd’er for that purpose ♡

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Any lever action with a gate. Doing this on a tube fed gun was just weird.

  • CupAJoe

    Not a lever, but I’ve thought about about it on my ruger 77/357… Or I can avoid hassle and expense and load some cat sneezes…

    • Swarf

      I would buy one of those little rifles in a heartbeat if their were 15 round magazines for them.

      • CupAJoe

        Yeah, the 40$ price tag for the factory 5-round mag keeps me from leveraging the all of the utility of the magazine feed… If I could only have one rifle though, I’d still take my ruger over the Winchester 94… Unless I seriously felt I might need it for a tussle…

  • Cymond

    I would definitely want something with a side loading gate.

    From what I understand, the 1873 is weaker than the 1892 design, which is why you don’t see 357 Mag in ’73 pattern carbines, but the ’73 is a faster, slicker action that is preferred by the Cowboy Action shooters.

    • gunsandrockets

      Yeah, the 1873 is a weaker action but plenty strong enough to handle .357 magnum cartridges, but you won’t see them in anything like .44 magnum. And because of the very smooth toggle locking mechanism of the 1873 and it ability to be adjusted to a shorter stroke with full reliability it is a favorite for top competitors in SASS.

      I almost picked up a barely used example recently, a Winchester carbine in .357 magnum (made in Japan of course!). But I couldn’t bring myself to pay the $1,000 price, and I would prefer something a little trimmer and lighter for a .357 carbine.

    • Disgusted Citizen

      They don’t make 1873’s in .357?!?! Then where did the two in my gun safe come from? OMG!

  • nova3930

    I see that and imagine a modern western with John Wayne or Clint Eastwood toting a suppressed lever gun with a RDS

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      I’m in!

  • David Harmon


    You guys sure that is correct? The Big Boy doesn’t come in any .22 calibers….

    I want to pick a 45-70 one of these days and obviously having it threaded…

  • iksnilol

    I think the Henrys are the worst lever actions to suppress due to the awkward loading system.

  • gunsandrockets

    The out of production Ruger 96/44 lever gun would be ideal for this!

  • Gary Kirk

    Would like to do a marlin 336 all weather

  • gusto

    have a can on a rossi357,
    I shortened the mag tube down to the forend, 14 rounds is fun and all but I didn’t need that

    silly quiet especially with 38s, but they won’t cycle well, very good when badger hunting over the dog (:

  • derfelcadarn

    Some please explain how adding 10 to sixteen inches and 11/2 to 2+ pounds to the end of a rifle can be referred to as an improvement.

  • Peter J. Kolovos

    This article, as most of the articles I’ve read here so far border on the ridiculous. Silly, silly, silly!

  • Winter

    I grew up shooting my dad’s Winchester 94 .44 magnum TE and loved it, I now own it. In a battle the side loading gate is a must but when hunting and fun shooting it’s a real pain in the butt to unload. Not to mention the painful thumb that comes with loading high capacity models. My Henry’s tube loading and unloading is WAY easier and eliminates those sore loading thumbs too. I’ve yet to handle a Henry rifle that needs even the slightest action work. They are butter smooth.

    The idea of a suppressed lever gun is great on paper, or on a decibal meter but it just feels wrong…like pulling the wings off angels.

    • Peatro Giorgio

      I agree can Suppressing takes completely away from the fast handling response time. Making the rifle far more cumbersome, much less balanced. Even with Hornady new rubber balistic tips Most lever guns a short range Brush timber rifles. Where guick reflexes an motion is a must . Adding 6,8 10 inches to over all length defeats the purpose,of a lever action rifle especially in revolver length cartridges.