Senator Manny Pacquiao Shooting A Gun On A Jetski

Some of you may recognize the name Manny Pacquiao. He is one of the greatest boxers according to some. Well now he is a Senator for the Philippines. He also likes to shoot pistol matches. He was seen shooting at the USPSA Asia Pacific Championship. I don’t understand how a USPSA match can be held in the Philippines but ok.

Apparently one of the stages at this match has the shooter start position on a jetski. It seems the jetski is the shooting area so you have to lean to see and engage the targets. Here is a video recorded at the USPSA Asia Pacific Challenge.

Nicholas C

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  • TVOrZ6dw

    Troop training for Waterworld…

  • valorius

    Manny Pacquiao- the most interesting man in the world.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Far Cry 3 is back…?

    • Gooseman

      haha! that gave me a good laugh. thanks man…
      When manny is done the shooting course, he’ll have to collect 100+ random statues littered across phillipines

  • Badwolf

    Meh. Shooting from a jet ski… on dry land.

    • onehalfheffer

      Yeah, not really impressive, is it? If it was on a wave pool it would have made sense.

      • DIR911911 .

        or even sitting in a kiddie pool would have at least made the thing wiggle a little

        • T

          Sheesh. Okay, you guys set up the stages to the next match… 😛

          • DIR911911 .

            sorry you put in all that work for nothing.

  • Edeco

    Not a fan, beclowned himself at the end of his boxing career. I mean I totally understand using the sport as an ATM, that’s OK, but he’ll have to settle for the money and not my esteem*, because it’s impossible to take him seriousely.

    *huge hardship.

    • Kjk

      Not really. He’s Still a beast. His match coming up sure as hell won’t be against someone like berto

  • onehalfheffer

    So there’s fly-by shootings, and there’s drive-by shootings, and there’s ride-by shootings (if you’re on two wheels). What’s this gonna be called then? Ride, I guess?

    • ARCNA442


    • oldman

      Ski by or waving by by. LOL

    • Twilight sparkle

      Boatercycling by?

  • TZH .

    he’s our secret weapon against the chinese navy…

  • DIR911911 .

    “he is a Senator for the Philippines” . . . in the Philippines , it’s not like he represents them here. he’s actually from there and works there now.

    • Lee

      Autism detected….

  • stephen

    So when are they going to use kiddy tricycles in matches?


  • roguetechie

    This idea makes at least a little sense to practice for, and it also makes sense that they have the wave runner the way they do. (jet skis are the ones you stand up on with the handlebars on a boom you can raise and lower while riding that have the small foot tray towards the stern… This is a wave runner)

    It makes sense that they planted it firmly for several separate but linked reasons.

    1. Wave runners and jet skis both derive their stability almost entirely from the jet pump and thus become almost log rolling unstable when floating but not under power. This is why you see the majority of incidents where you get dumped into the water and or the entire machine winds up capsized when people are in low/no throttle situations.
    Implication: shooting from a stopped floating wave runner would be unimaginably risky to spectators judges and shooters and require 200+ plus degree safe zones and berms around the stage.

    2. Wave runners have very pronounced deep V hulls that would require 18-24 inches of water or more to float them sufficiently to avoid hull contact with the bottom while not moving depending on rider weight. They also have very high center of gravity with a person aboard. Combined with the deep V hulls that means any bottoming out while shooters are using them could result in wild shots going off in anIncirection including behind the wave runners.

    Implications: Please don’t even consider firing a gun from a stopped wave runner!!! The potential for tragedy is extremely high.

    3. In many if not most circumstances people park wave runners by approaching a sandy bit of shore at least partially on plane then cut the power gliding in and up the shore to a point where when the vehicle is stopped it nearly instantly settles into the shore in a way that makes it a pretty stable platform within a few seconds.

    Implications: The way that stage was set is in all reality very realistic in how one could conceivably wind up shooting from a wave runner. Incidentally, it’s the only way that shooting from one is even remotely safe and controllable. It’s still not something I’d recommend anyone try, and for liability reasons you’re probably NEVER going to see it in a stage in the USA or Europe.

    Just saying as a very experienced user of personal watercraft, and as an experienced shooter this is pretty realistic but not something I’d do myself or encourage.

    It is wicked cool though…

    • tgom222

      You are wrong about the Jet Ski vs Waverunner designations. They are both just brand names. Jet Ski is Kawasaki and Waverunner is Yamaha. Both terms are often used generically for personal watercraft. Kawasaki sells both stand up and sit down PWCs under the Jet Ski brand.

      • roguetechie

        Go to a lake in the US where people have been riding them for 3 decades, and call a wave runner a jet ski…

        People will shake their heads and probably not correct you, but you will out yourself as the FNG.

        Also, just so you know. Originally there was basically just the Kawasaki jet ski, Yamaha superjet, and Yamaha wave runner models around. The terms quickly evolved from stand up jet ski and sit down wave runner to stand up and sit down to wave runner and jet ski…

        Bluntly, no I’m not wrong. Decades spent actually engaging in the hobby though leave me very sure in this matter.

        Like I said, We’d probably shake our heads and not bother correcting you. But you’d still be wrong.

        • tgom222

          You’re one of those people who thinks your understanding of the world is absolutely correct aren’t you?

          You’re not the only one who goes to the lake there chief. Last time I was at the lake on our Yamaha Waverunner, several people called it a Jet Ski. Go figure. I also have a buddy who bought a real nice bright green three seater with “Jet Ski” in bold letters on the side.

          All I was trying to say is that both terms are often used interchangeably.

          Be safe on the water and have fun.

          • roguetechie

            Like I said, the term absolutely grates to people who were out there banging around on these things when 30 mph was FAST and 40 was race prepped and basically unattainable without thousands in parts…

            The first time we got our hands on Yamaha fx-1’s we were just floored. Same with Sea Doo XP’s. Great fun was had by all, and many bathing suit tops came off in wrecks…(about the most fun a junior high age boy could have legally was purposely dumping one at high speed with a female passenger)

            To me and everyone I knew the naming conventions were that way for a reason. (At the time it was mostly about not being clumped in with the riders of the sit down machines that took much less skill to ride well)

            Anymore, the technology has changed quite a bit. I’d love to get back out there, but other hobbies have eclipsed it. I may get to bring an old Kawasaki 650 back from the dead in time for next summer though.

          • Repoman3737

            It’s like tissues, everyone calls them kleenex. The names jetski and waverunner have become generic and sea doo is not far behind and everyone knows what is meant. To get technical Jet skis were the first and they are stand up only or kneel on only with the handlebar connected to a long riser that pivots up for standing and stays down for kneeling and when you fall off it idles around in a circle back to you. You can not stay on one of these when not under power it will tip but stay upright with nobody on it. A wave runner like pictured above came out in the 80s and is very stable in the water when not under power. It is so stable I often stand up on mine to stretch,turn around, reach over to the very front to the hatch and I’ve even taken seat off in middle of Lake to access motor. They are hard to tip and they self right themselves. So not that I expect to but shooting off a wave runner would be no problem unless it was choppy out. They did make a 3rd type and that was a wet bike it had a mono ski upfront and had to come up on plane and it was kinda stable when not under power. My overall point is the wave runner above is quite stable in water when just floating not under power and would tilt probably similar to how the one above did when you lean on it but would not tip and in no way would it close to log roll.

  • Giolli Joker

    “Generic trademark in common usage.”
    Especially talking about Philippines, where if you want to copy a document you ask for a “xerox”, toothpaste should be “colgate”, etc…

    • iksnilol

      in the Balkans a permanent marker is usually called “flowmaster”.

      And toothpaste is “kaladont” (popular brand from ex-Yu days, that is still popular).

      • oldman

        In England Hoover is what they call vacuums regardless of brand.

  • Kjk

    Manny is the man. Even more so that he’s a gun guy. Dude also has a private army. (Jihadists have threatened his life before). There’s a few other videos of him shooting online. Seems like a cool guy.

  • Ben Wong

    let me just say … MABUHAY !

  • Dickie

    Ive been to the philipines a couple times and guns are more prolific there than one would think. I would say 50% of homeowners have one. Legal or not. They have a huge grey market of manufacturing there.

  • DIR911911 .

    if you’d have ever ridden the 2 , then you would know there is a distinct difference. wasn’t there an article or two on this website that went through the use of CORRECT TERMS for things? this is the same bs that has tried to redefine the word “literally” .

  • This guy doesn’t just do boxing, he does politics and shooting too 😀

    Though unfortunately he’s overly religious to the point where he violates
    our constitution.

  • Jamie Clemons

    It’s not even in the water lame.