Polymer80 Spectre 80% Frames In New Colors and G19 Frames on The Way

Polymer80 out of Nevada released their Spectre 80% Glock frames a few months back. In case you’re living under a rock Polymer80’s Spectre frames are 80% completed, and just like with AR-15 80% lowers you have to finish the rest of the frame or lower yourself. It’s pretty simple to do actually. Our comrades who run Commiefornia are so scared of these evil unfinished lowers that they dubbed them “Ghost Guns”.


Well Polymer80 recently announced their Spectre 80% frames will now also be available in Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and White along with Black. They’re currently compatible with the Gen 3 Glock 17, 34, 17L 9mm slides, and the Glock 22, 35, 24 40S&W slides. They’re currently selling for $159.99 on polymer80.com. They usually retail for $179.99. The kit includes drill bits, end mill bits and a polymer jig and locking block. Everything else to complete your Ghost Glock you’ll need to source yourself which you can from various sellers.


Also new from Polymer80 is something they showed off on their Instagram page. They’re working on a polymer 80% frame for the Glock 19. Not many details are known just yet and no word on a estimated release date but I’d expect it to retail for around the same price as their larger frames.

Ray I.

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  • Ambassador Vader

    That g19 looks cool, but good lord is the grip on their current 17 terrible. It feels fake, uncomfortable, and cheesy. Following the glock style grip, or stippling would have been better. Changing that up before a new type of frame would be my request.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      Does it fit in regular Glock 17 Holsters and if so how is the retention? The angle on the front of the trigger guard gives me concerns.

      • Anonymoose

        Pretty sure it does. The Timberwolf frames are supposed to fit standard Glock holsters and they have 1913 rails.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I also haven’t compared a glock rail to a 1913 rail but I believe the 1913 is wider. If this doesn’t fit standard Glock holsters it’s a failure IMO. Maybe it’ll work with the new Gen 5 glock holsters if it has a 1913 rail.

    • Anonymoose

      I was thinking about getting one and doing a grip-chop to remove that ugly magwell and take it down to 19-length.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        It’s what I roll (but on a real glock frame). Do it!

        It’s kind of odd to me that a 19L wasn’t their first release. How do they think they’re going to actually compete with Glock and LoneWolf? You need to make the product stand out, a 17/19 would have done that.

        As an aside, that texturing on grip and those finger grooves are… not selling me. I won’t say too much because I know the owner of the company is commenting here, but yikes, that couldn’t be more wrong for me personally.

        • Polymer80

          This is not meant to compete with Glock or Lonewolf. Lonewolf has since become one of our dealers and is selling our product on their website. This is a multi variant pistol frame as you can build it G17, 22, 24, and .357sig models. That is why we chose to go this way first. As far as we know we are the only ones making 80% Glock Compatible Pistol Frames in polymer.

          • BRYCE WALKER

            New products are an evolutionary process. You cant please everyone on the internet with your initial offerings. Keep up the good work, and thank you for taking a chance to do something that positively serves the industry.

          • Polymer80

            @disqus_XBsiXMjz7L:disqus Thank you for the kind words. We absolutely know that we can’t please everyone, but it is our goal to try to keep with the trends of the industry. We read everyone’s comments and suggestions regardless whether they are good or bad, and do our best to design a product that can come as close as possible to be liked by everyone. We have learned a LOT since the inception of our first 80% Pistol Frame, we know what direction we want to go with the compact and are sure most people will really like the end-result.

          • BRYCE WALKER

            Well I for one, salute you!

          • Budogunner

            How did you all incorporate enough metal to be discoverable via a metal detector? Is some compound mixed in south the polymer?

            My understanding was that this is an ATF requirement in response to 3D printing technology.

          • Polymer80

            1. These are polymer injection molded, not 3D printed. Your standard glock pistols are injection molded as well.

            2. The large locking block made Of steel Needs to be installed for the firearm to properly function.

      • Polymer80

        I recomend against it. Just wait until we release the 19 version.

        • Wanderlust

          Never mind, was addressed in another post, disregard this

    • Polymer80

      @disqus_Ot00yTz3iN:disqus duly noted, we are going a whole different direction with the G19 compatible frame, with a smaller profile on the grip but still enough meat to allow custom stippling.


        It would be cool to have an integrated mag well like the other frames and a slightly exagerated dovetail.

        • Polymer80

          You can easily install a glock-compatible magwell on our new compact frames.

          • BRYCE WALKER

            Thats cool. But Im sure you know the fitment on a lot of the after market mag wells leaves a lot to be desired.

          • Polymer80

            @disqus_XBsiXMjz7L:disqus Yes we are aware, we will use an array of the more popular magwells out there once the prototype is built to insure the best possible fitment. There will be a lot of testing done before the initial release.

      • JSmath

        I know it’s unrealistic, but it would be AMAZING if you guys left the model essentially as it is, then allowed customers to select different stippling or checkering for the sides/front/rear.

        • Polymer80

          @JSmath while we still plan to add some texture to the grip, there will be enough material left should you want to sand or dremmel the pattern off and start stippling.

      • Ambassador Vader

        Not to bash you guys over the head with it, I liked the frame. Are you planning on doing a pre order like the 17? Also any chance of seeing metal rear tabs instead of polymer? I think that’s where you are losing a lot of people on the idea. It would be really cool if they were modular. I had a glock several years back that the rear tab broke, glock replaced it, but if it was replaceable you might have something glock doesn’t have.

        • Polymer80

          @disqus_Ot00yTz3iN:disqus Yes at some point we will do the pre-order but when we have a functioning prototype from a built injection mold. The difference is that with the PF940 we really did need our customer’s help to fund the project and it took us a long time to get it right. We were just as frustrated if not more than our customers as we kept postponing the release date. This time around we have enough capital to invest in an injection mold without holding an early pre-release. Once we start the early buy, you will be confident knowing that this product has been tested and functioning as intended.

          As far as the rear rails go, we haven’t heard any negative reviews of them wearing out, as the front slide rails take the brunt of the punishment. But you have a very valid point. I can’t say too much, but I think you will be pleased with how the compact turns out.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I don’t know why they didn’t come out with a Glock 19 version first. That just seems like common sense. The colors are cool and this may be an 80% gun I actually build out if they are compatible with holsters.

    • Bill

      i’m not privy to sales figures, but the G19 appears to be the most popular GLOCK. OTOH, this product may be intended for the custom race gun market. I’d be a little hesitant to try to whittle my own duty gun, when I can glom together enough factory and aftermarket parts to make a REAL fake GLOCK.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I agree. I see most of the market for this is guys buying a frame to put back or building a gun for the worst case scenario. Not an EDC or Duty gun.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    From a shooters standpoint I’ve got some issues with the slight beavertail as it will interfere with my draw. I’ll slow it down by a couple 10ths of a second.

    • Kelly Jackson

      That could be an issue if you find yourself on the streets of Tombstone staring down Billy The Kid.

    • Why so Serious?

      I know EXACTLY what you mean – I changed out the trigger pin and that decreased my time by 2/100ths of a second.


  • Dave Y

    Run! do not walk.

    I got one of the early specters and I believe the holes for the pins were not precise enough, the resulting frame won’t function. Normally, I’d strongly suspect the ‘machining’ but by the dial calipers, the rails appear as a stock g17. There’s more. the channel for the takedown lever spring, and magazine catch springs are not quite right. The former is – or was for me somewhat too far forward, the latter is too deep and works it’s way loose so that the mag catch comes apart.

    The customer service from this company is absolutely, positively the worst I’ve ever encountered in the firearms industry.

    • Polymer80

      Hi Dave,sorry to hear about your experience with our pistol frame. Have you called our service department? There’s a really simple fix to your issue, and if we can’t get it to work we do offer the best lifetime warranty on polymer 80% products in the industry. Please call 800-517-1243 ext 907. We will take care of you. Just mention the firearm blog article, Im sending my service crew a screenshot.

      • Dave Y

        Why yes I did call your customer service department, several times. I also used the contact portal on the website, several times. I think I got a response in 14 or 15 days, but importantly, it led nowhere. I followed up several times, and again, got nowhere.

        While I certainly appreciate the response here, I can’t help but think some effort in the weeks after my contact attempts would have avoided the bad customer experience.

        To be fair, I am sure that some of the frames can be made to function, but if you have a problem, you’re pretty much on your own.

        • Polymer80

          Hi Dave, do me a favor and email me your order number and contact info, I’ll see what I can do for you. My email is alexb@polymer80.com

        • anderson

          My frame worked perfectly after a bit of smithing and firing three times, didn’t return to battery, after those shots I haven’t had a failure. Pin holes were a bit tight but I decided to a metal rear pin instead of the plastic one and I was AOK.

  • Barry

    Another issue that is cause for concern is that the frame rails are plastic versus a stock glock, which has metal. This will most likely result in reduced life in the frame and poor/wobbly fit after the rails wear. Who knows how many rounds this frame can take before it gives?

    • Kelly Jackson

      That’s not true. The frame comes with a metal locking block that has a set of rails built into them.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      The primary rails that bear the most load are in the front, and are made of steel and integrated into the locking block. The rear rails are plastic, but aren’t bearing the brunt of the wear and tear.

      Even if the frame fails, it’s an 80% that has no registration or anything else involved. There is no government paperwork showing you have one. Buy another, chuck the broken one into the trash, and move the parts over.

  • Edeco

    So one is supposed to sculpt the grip right? Cut those square things into finger grooves or remove them?

    • Polymer80

      It’s polymer, some sanding or a dremel tool will remove the decorative pattern, and give you enough meat to stipple if you choose to.

    • Ronin John

      I sculpted my grip to fit my hand. Plenty of material there to work with and I used a Dremel with sanding wheels of decreasing grit, starting with 60, getting finer as I got closer to the finished product. I was very happy with the results, feels better than a Glock now.

  • Roy G Bunting

    White frame? To the dye aisle!

    • GaryOlson

      I was thinking some of that yellow dye used on the pmag. Then I could be the man with the goldenrod gun.

  • ExMachina1

    Sooooo, seeing as Polymer80 is here in the comments…what **is** the ETA on the G19 size? 🙂

    • Polymer80

      No ETA yet 🙁 We are in the process of getting the designs worked out and mold built, and then testing…testing…and more testing 🙂

  • Normie

    Please also make the G19 in white or at least FDE. I would like to be able to dye them.

    • Polymer80

      We generally roll out with new colors at some point after the initial black frame is released.

  • Bob S

    A g20/g21 frame would be tasty too, someday.

    • Polymer80


  • Dickie

    Also polymer 80 has new slides available!! That shoulda been posted here too.

  • Gary Kirk

    21 frames please..

    • Polymer80

      In the pipeline.

  • Stephen Paraski

    How about a Gen 1 21 with a rail?

  • Budogunner

    Can anybody provide an estimate of cost for purchasing all other components of sometime wanted to Form 1 or otherwise legally gone build? I imagine it’d come in more expensive than a standard Glock.

    I do love this concept, though, as there is clearly a market for people who want to customize their Glock frames.

  • BryanS

    Maybe I missed it, but what needs to be cut out in order to make it function? Magwell and internals area?

    • Ronin John

      You have to mill off the plastic that is left on the mold on the front of the frame, to include the valley where the recoil spring rides. Then you need to mill out the rear frame rails, and drill 3 holes to accept the trigger controls & assorted pins. Everything explained in detail on the Polymer 80 website. Finished my Polymer 80 -G34 build last week. Very happy with it.

  • Sumner Kagan

    Another suggestion to consider….Sig P320/250 grip modules. Sig is always backordered and I see a potential market for you guys to get into as the gun has jumped in popularity.

    • Polymer80

      @sumnerkagan:disqus Thank you for the suggestion. We are currently looking at SIG’s though we know there’s at least 1 or 2 people in our industry currently developing SIG 80’s in metal.

      • Sumner Kagan

        nice thing about the p320/250 grip modules are that they aren’t receivers, so no need for doing 80%. You could make them completely finished.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Glock 20/40 frame, please! I want a 10mm Not-A-Glock! “Need” might be more accurate.

    A friend built a Not-A-Glock with the Polymer80 frame and I must say it’s actually very nice. No word yet on durability, and I’m a bit concerned about the rails, but time will tell. Great race gun features, it feels very good in my hand, and it points well. There’s a lot to like with the Polymer80 pistol frame. The new colors look cool, but… white? I can see pink being offered about 28 color options before white.

    • Polymer80

      @LetsTryLibertyAgain:disqus Thank you for the suggestion and the kind words. We know there is a big market for the 10mm variants, just a matter of getting the design phase started. We have a few more projects requiring immediate attention before we get to the 10mm, but it’s on top of our mind for upcoming projects.

  • Butch Nowak

    Nice but I’ll stay with the LoneWolf frame……….G19 and 17.

    • Polymer80

      @butchnowak:disqus We are happy to report that Lonewolf sells our frames on their website. They don’t offer 80% products, so we are a great alternative for them.

  • Sn SM

    BRYCE WALKER is correct so folks should be patient. With Fed’s now stripping more
    and more and more gun rights from folks products like these are more and more
    important. Buy a couple of these NOW…especially if you are a veteran or hold
    views the Fed’s might not like and toss you on the “no fly” list for. If you are in
    the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia you should have already bought a half

  • Johnny

    Glock frames are reinforced with metal along the rails. Are these frames reinforced?

  • maodeedee

    Good news on an upcoming G19 grip. My Glock 23 slide on a gen2 G19 frame is my favorite Glock. However, I don’t like the frames in the photos as much as I like the one in the drawing. The one in the drawing has a grip more like a 1911 with a flat mainspring housing which most people like better than the arched mainspring housing.

    That’s where Glock went wrong with the grip shape on their guns, they added too much of an “Arch” or a palm swell to the lower rear part of the grip and that’s why so many people say that the Glock just doesn’t fit their hand. Then when they added finger grooves in the front, that made things even worse and I much prefer gen 2 Glocks.

    The one grip shape that seems to fit everyone’s hand even better than a 1911 is the Browning H-power grip. And the CZ75 grip is almost a direct copy. John Browning was a mechanical genius but he was also an artistic genius. He made form follow function in a way that was perfectly balanced and pleasing to the eye. Life is too short to own an ugly gun.