Mesa Tactical Ditches California for Nevada

Add another company to the great California exodus, this time it’s the shotgun accessory makers at Mesa Tactical. They recently announced that they’re leaving the state of Commiefornia for their neighbors Nevada. They’ve cited California’s draconian gun laws and high cost of living as the main reasons for their departure. Mesa Tactical started in 2003 in Costa Mesa, California the same city Armalite started shop in. They’re now going to be headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

Gun and accessory manufacturers moving out of state is a fairly common thing for various reasons, from backwards gun laws, taxes to better infrastructure and logistics . Back in 2013 Steyr Arms relocated to a new HQ in Bessemer, AL. Just last year Kahr Firearms moved to Pike County, PA because it was much more gun friendly. American Tactical Imports moved from Rochester, NY to Summerville, SC back in 2013 for the same reason. Back in 2012 Remington and Colt threatened to relocate their factories in New York and Connecticut over microstamping legislation. Perhaps the biggest move by a company in the firearms industry was when Magpul moved their operations from Colorado to both Wyoming and Texas. Their corporate HQ is in Texas and their manufacturing and distribution centers are in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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  • Thamuze Ulfrsson

    California’s a shithole.

    • Liberty’s Teeth

      Yep. I was born in LA too and there isn’t enough money in circulation to get me to return.

  • TVOrZ6dw

    Except for the beach access, they are not losing anything by moving to Reno. Reno is a great area.

    • Wanderlust

      Well plenty of beach in NV just no water…

  • Big Daddy

    All free people must leave ban states ASAP. I understand they have family and jobs but eventually it will get so bad you have no choice. It took time but I did move from NYC to Texas. I’m so much happier living here.

    • GearHeadTony

      Remember when California was “the” anti-gun state? Now it’s NY, MA, CO, WA… Eventually you’re going to run out of places to run to. People need to stop running from these states and start running the liberals out.

      • Anonymoose

        NY, NJ, MD, MA. CT were always anti-gun states. We need to clear the antigunners out of DC first.

      • ostiariusalpha

        I’m sorry, GHT, but what about WA state makes you think it is “anti-gun” in any particular way?

        • GearHeadTony

          Seattle ammo tax, WA I-594, and I’m currently house hunting in western WA and EVERY single homeowners association I’ve seen has a no-firearms clause.

          • Jeff S

            A what?!? How do they enforce such a clause?

          • Scummy as they are, HOA agreements are still legal because they’re “voluntary” covenenants; nobody is forcing a prospective home owner to live in that neighborhood, after all– they could always just go live in a box behind the bus station or whatever, local gummint ain’t gotta care– so the legal assumption is that they willingly agreed to be bound by the terms of the HOA contract, even if those terms are complete garbage. It takes the situation out of the realm of criminal law and into civil law, where you can be screwed ten ways from Sunday with the click of a pen and still be considered the Bad Guy in court.

            Basically to hell with HOAs, is what I’m saying.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Bwahaha! Seattle isn’t representative of Washington, buddy, every state has their own Sodom & Gomorrah. I wouldn’t count on WA I-594 sticking around either. As for your HOA dilemma, you should take that as a canary in the coal mine that these aren’t the people you want to live amongst. Being unfriendly to gun ownership probably isn’t the only thing you’d get into conflict about. Keep looking.

          • marvin james

            There clowns are trying this in Oregon as well. My neighbors all know about my firearms and are glad I have them to help them if things get bad. So far, we haven’t had the problems that some have. As to ammo taxes, learn to hand load. Some of us already travel across state lines because Oregon has the ten ounce rule on gunpowder purchases. Bullets are easy to make with the proper tools. I have friends that have tried using shotgun primers in pistol loads. Who knows.

          • ostiariusalpha

            The tax is only for Seattle, so it’s not directly my problem, but I handload anyway because I enjoy it. No purchase limits for powder here in Washington, heh heh heh!

          • marvin james

            Your smart and more firearms owners are realizing that being a hand loader makes shooting more fun. I cross the Columbia and try to buy my gun powder as I can purchase eight pound kegs without a problem except for the hurt it does on my wallet.

          • GearHeadTony

            Already there.

          • Klaus Von Schmitto

            10 ounce rule? WTF is that? I mean how do you buy a pound of powder?

          • Baggy270

            Can’t put a shotgun primer in a pistol case won’t fit

          • marvin james

            Have drill bit will cut the correct hole size without a problem. This is a very popular mod in the the Philippines by the local bandits.

          • GearHeadTony

            “Keep looking”. Yeah, right. That’s what every anti-gunner is telling you. Grow a backbone and stop running away.

          • ostiariusalpha

            I see that I have to say it more clearly for the slower readers. “Keep looking” means to not give up, you’ll find a friendlier HOA if you don’t get discouraged. They are there, even in the west side of the state. And barring that you can just live in a regular neighborhood like a normal human being, we don’t give a crap if you have guns.

          • GearHeadTony

            Yes, because while I was complaining about weaklings who like to surrender their rights in their home state and be chased around the country by limp wristed liberals, you were stuck on some completely inane argument about HOAs. People like me wouldn’t need to “keep looking” if people like you would stop running.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Where did you get the idea that I’m running from anything? Since I’m not interested in living in a douchebag gated community, and that makes your life hard somehow because you do? We haven’t “surrendered” anything here in Washington, instead we regained our access to suppressors and eliminated magazine restrictions for hunting. We are doing diligence in the fight against WA I-594, even if Seattle is a pot-addled armpit. We defend our rights here, and we elect representatives that defend our rights. How about where you come from, Tony? You realize that there isn’t anywhere in this country that HOAs can’t say that you aren’t allowed bring in firearms, right?

          • GearHeadTony

            Still talking about gated gated communities and HOAs, huh? I guess you just can’t fix stupid. Someday maybe you’ll actually figure out what the real problem is.

          • Sig_Sauer

            How can any homeowners association take away a Constitutional Right?

            Kennesaw, GA. requires every homeowner to own a firearm and ammo! When passed in 1982 crime dropped by 89%. Can’t understand why.

      • Ryfyle

        That’s best done by having lots of money. Most of these liberals are rich hippies. You have to buy them out.

        • marvin james

          All that is needed to do is to put ALL on your states ballot. The liberals hate the idea because if it wins, the liberals will have to obey the laws they have passed. Including the TAXES!!!

      • Joe Mama

        Uh, no. Leaving for pro-gun areas will just concentrate the anti’s in one spot and pro-gun in others. It won’t convert pro to anti or vice versa.

        • GearHeadTony

          The problem with that idea is that the antis want to expand their area of concentration until pro-gun people have no place else to go. Some of them have actually stated this outright. We can’t all move to Texas.

          • Utah. God bless Utah.

  • ReadyorNot

    Battle Born! As a NV native, I’m happy to hear about this move. We still have a huge worry though among the firearm and conservative communities about the Californication of our state years from now due to all the business our state is starting to attract/generate…

    • notalima

      Question #1 this fall

      The UBCG thrust of the initiative aside, the ‘temporary transfers’ section is an absolute disaster for the average gun owner:

      Essentially, unless you are directly with someone else when hunting, or at a ‘designated range’ (and who gets to make that list?), or in immediate jeopardy you cannot even hand your firearm to someone else.

      Out in the desert shooting with a buddy? Don’t hand him your firearm (illegal as not at a designated range).

      Have a friend who does light gunsmithing, or has the tools to do repairs and upgrades? Unless you both go to an FFL and get a background check, then do it all over again when you ‘transfer’ it back, illegal.

      Have a female friend who’s a CCW holder, but her gun is in the shop for repairs? Don’t loan a pistol, as that is illegal (not imminent jeopardy).

      This legislation, which is a near carbon copy of i594 from Washington, would also make certain tools ‘firearms’ for the purpose of requiring a background check. Don’t hand the nailgun that uses primers to your buddy on the job site…that would be illegal under this legislation.

      Seriously, read the legislation. The ‘universal background check’ portion is not only part of what is bad. The temporary transfers section will make criminals out of normal everyday gun owners for activities that are common and harmless.

      • ReadyorNot

        Preaching to the choir man

      • Kivaari

        From what I hear no sheriff in WA has enforced the law. Have you heard of prosecutions?

    • Ryfyle

      I wouldn’t worry too much about that. They all seem to think we live in the Casino Resorts. They might just skip our state entirely and head to Texas or Colorado. Perhaps Lake mead might Refill again.

      • ReadyorNot

        Haha, let’s hope so. I’m currently stationed in Texas and Austin is for sure the new dumping ground for liberal transplants.

        • Ryfyle

          I’m thinking Forced integration.

        • tazman66gt

          Seems as though Austin is and has always been the little liberal meca in the middle of normal Texas.

          • BigR

            I’m a Texan! When the state needs an enema, we stick it in Austin! We’re hoping they move our capital to California. We don’t need no more stinking libs!

    • Californian metastasization has already completely ruined Denver and the surrounding suburbs and ski towns.

      • Gecko9mm

        That’s why people’s attitude of who cares about Calif. is a failure. We need help from the other states to help move Calif, HI, Mass, NYC and NJ back into free status.

        • Juanito Ibañez

          Actually, the “cure” for the Kalifornication of the rest of the country would be Lex Luthor. 🙂

  • alternator

    Bravo! What took you so long?

  • John Bear Ross

    Welcome to Nevada. Make sure you pronounce it right. 😉


    • marvin james

      I own some property in Nevada. Eventually, actually soon I plan on moving there. Great state and love the desert.

  • valorius

    How many gun companies have left Kali, in total?

    • datimes

      Not enough.

  • 40mmCattleDog

    I always laugh when my extended family from cali comes and visits and asks how can you live without the beach? I show em my gunsafe and ask how can you live without freedom?

    • notalima

      My wife’s family moved from CT to CA. They are…progressive, to be nice about it.

      They are ‘uncomfortable’ in my home (in NV) knowing that a hoard of evil firearms, including those devilish black rifles, might break out of the safe at any moment and do unspeakable evils unto them.

      So, they don’t visit.

      I am so heartbroken over that…

      • Ryfyle

        Thankfully most of my family is nothing but West Virginia Mountain folk and other rural regions.

      • Paul Patriot

        I moved from the democRAT run foreign country of CONNecticut several years ago to a free state, and do miss the liberal, progressive anti self defense, gun hating culture and mentality that exists there.

        Your comments made me smile, very good description of those who follow the pied piper of propaganda and residential “evil black guns”

        • Wondering if my orange cerakoted 16S will be deemed less scary?

    • Please don’t tell them about the over 3,600 miles of beaches in Texas, we have too dang many Califoreigners here as it is.

      • l2a3

        That is the “Damn Yankee” feelings here in the South; it includes liberal Californians.

    • Paul Patriot

      Lol!! Amen to that. I have never heard it expressed that way, very good comments.

    • Croak

      I’ve lived on a coast since the early 80’s (not counting my time in the Corps). I’ve been to a beach as a civilian maybe a dozen times at most in those 30-odd years, and half of that dozen was when I was working in Malta and couldn’t escape the beach. Don’t miss beaches at all. Oceans are the world’s toilet, and beaches are the world’s toilet seat.

  • Lou

    “Biggest move” – Magpul??? What about Beretta’s move from Maryland to Tennessee – they built a brand new $50,000,000 building?


    Botach is also moving to NV.

    • Ned Weatherby

      I just re-posted that above, then deleted after I saw your post.

    • BigR

      @SPECTRE R&D

      I posted it above! I just read about Botch moving tonight! They carry a good line of sporting goods! They’re good folks! I wish they would have come to Texas, but Nevada will do!

  • Good! More power to ’em; the more companies leave the intelligence exclusion zone known as “California” the better, and it’s eminently sensible for Mesa to get out now and avoid the rush.

    • B-b-but we’re progressive!!! we actually care about the kids!!! you don’t need military rifle in civilized country, this isn’t Afghanistan!!!

      • BigR

        I smell a little irony in your comment! But, I could be wrong! Tell me da trooth!

  • MrEllis

    Every gun company in California could go and they’d still be fine. What part of their economy is even based on manufacturing? Maybe ten percent? I doubt you’ll find a small arms company in the top 50 industries. It’s an empty gesture that won’t effect much change.

    • Dan

      They wouldn’t care even if it made an impact. They’d run right up to the podium and proclaimed they ran gun nuts out of town and to hell with that murderous mass shooting money they generate. The only positive thing in these situations is the company find a friendly place to do business.

      • MrEllis

        Okay, but if you give up on California, just give up on it and move on. You gain no political currency with empty gestures, they just appease a base that already agrees. Public opinion and money are pretty much the two deciding factors in politics. You have to realize the majority of Americans don’t define themselves by gun ownership, and that’s okay. But if you want to change things you also have to address them in a way that is persuasive to them. Half the people here are liable to go off at any given time how people who don’t like or own guns are idiots, commies, tyrants, morons, libtards or what have you. None of that garners support. Attacking potential supporters of a things with irrational, emotion driven slander does nothing to gain support. The gun culture in America is pretty toxic, unless you toe the line.

        If I already didn’t own and carry firearms I wouldn’t be swayed to come over by about 3/4s of the people here. Hardly a few can act civil and there are a rare few who even try to understand both sides and address issues logically. The gun culture does more to push people towards gun control than it does to persuade them otherwise.

        • Baggy270

          Amen. There is so much in fighting on these forums and insults going back and forth it’s like eating our young. Hurling insults and losing tempers only plays into the anti’s hands. See, those guys ARE all “nuts”. We should take all the guns and save them from themselves.

          I’m Canadian and am really scared what’s going to happen when Hillary gets elected in November because our “Mr. Selfie” Prime Minster Liberal will be watching too. Our rules are better than Califorina’s though….we don’t need a bullet button on our AR’s 😉

          • MrEllis

            Sec. Clinton gives less of a crap about guns than President Obama. Remember how he was going to take every gun every and kill everyone and FEMA Death Camp us as a tyrant? Yeah, not so much. If Canada is scared of Clinton taking guns from Canada, maybe we should all dial back on the internet for a bit. 🙂

            It won’t be a sitting president who takes the guns, it will be a third party who forces action with money or w wave of populism. A big enough wave of dissent will do more damage than a dedicated president, who will act, a long with members of The Hill to coattail those numbers. It’s just easier to scare people when they can shrill “IF YOU VOTE FOR CLINTON OUR FREEDOMS DIE!” It’s all about money and power combined with the path of least resistance.

  • Every Gun company should leave those Liberal states and take the jobs with them. Let’s watch and see how fast these libs will whine and complain that the jobs are gone.

    • Gecko9mm

      No. They don’t care. The only thing that would make a real difference is every firearms company NOT selling to LE in states that are against rights. The problem is they would never do that. If Glock, Sig, HK, FN and S&W did such a thing, it would get attention. But then depending on who controls the White House, they’d put themselves at risk of losing Fed contracts. The only thing to do get California back in the win column or have SCOTUS just settle this nonsense.

      • Gary Kirk

        Barrett did it

        • Gecko9mm

          Yeah, but no real impact. Colt, Smith, FN, Sig, Glock would make a huge statement.

          • Gary Kirk

            Yes it would, but I do like the way Barrett did it.. No more sales or service to the state, and on top of that, came out with a new caliber that was legal (at least at the time) for their civilian customers

          • Gecko9mm

            Yeah. That was cool. If we could get big companies to do it though…

          • BigR

            If all the gun manufacturers and after market companies moved to shooter friendly states, It would really make a big statement! In fact, I wish all manufacturing companies would move out of Californication!!!!!!!!

          • Gecko9mm

            Unfortunately, anti rights liberals would use as a point of pride.

      • I think Gun companies should boycott sales to Liberal states that are against gun rights and make it a lot harder for LE in those liberal states to buy guns.

        • Juanito Ibañez

          Harder? Let’s make it IMPOSSIBLE for any gov agency – OR employee – to purchase a new gun (or even provide repair parts or service for the ones they already own)!

          That’ll bring things to a head!

          “Goose; meet Gander.”

      • Juanito Ibañez

        It has been reported that the total amount of income the gun industry receives from governmental contracts amounts to only 40% total revenue.

        If they don’t “fish or cut bait,” the industry is headed towards losing 60% of their income – when they are prohibited from selling ANY guns to non-gov purchasers…IF these gun controllers get their way.

        Cut off the gov sales and it’ll bring the whole thing to a head. The gov wants guns, let them open up their own manufacturing armories and build their own.

  • Donald Johnson

    Why would anyone want to live where there is an HOA? When I buy a house, its mine & no one tells me what I have to do in order to live there. That is just “STUPID AS HELL”

  • themastermason

    Sadly this won’t change much of anything. California’s too economically big and diverse for this or any other firearm related company to hurt. In some of the other states east of us this would prove a major blow but for California it’s like watching that Radio Shack at the strip mall close.

  • Ned Weatherby

    I noticed that Botach moved to Nevada as well. Even distributors are moving.

  • I thought they were in Mesa Arizona.

  • John John Slade

    Just like Warpigs from SC2 Campaign say: “Marines! We are moving!”

  • Drunk Possum

    Sweet, will they be needing skilled machinists?

  • BigR

    Botach Tactical just moved to Nevada! How “bout” them apples? I hope every company in Californication leaves.