Gunbox’s New Sentinel AR-15 Secure Storage Speaker Device

Remember Gunbox? It is the fancy looking pistol box that doesnt scream “metal box with gun inside”. If not check out Chris Cheng’s review. Gunbox is now making the Sentinel. It is an upright modern looking object that sort of looks like an upright speaker. In fact it has Bluetooth speakers built into it so it is functional and good looking.

As you can see below, there is room for an AR and a side arm. Instead of shotgun shell bandoliers I would rather have Aridus Industries universal mounts and QDC if I had to have shotgun shells. Or mag pouches with extra mags.



Here is a video of the new Sentinel Gunbox.


Right now the Sentinel Gunbox is on preorder. It is $699. A bit steep when you can buy a gun safe that can hold more guns. Not sure how secure the Sentinel is but the Gunbox seemed rather robust for what it is. Unlike a traditional safe this can hide in plain sight as long as people do not recognize what it is. For more information go to

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  • lolwut

    Terrible idea, stereo equipment is some of the number one stolen crap. So basically they are going to grab this thinking its audio equipment, then open it like a crackerjack box later much to their delight and find a toy inside. This is about the same as designing a safe that looks like a bag of money.

    • BattleshipGrey

      It says you can bolt it down to the floor, but yeah not a great idea.

      • Lee Enfield

        The connection point towards the bottom of the case would never hold up to forces that can be levered by the upper section. It MIGHT prevent your 2YO from knocking it over if he bumps up against it.

    • junyo

      Is this really supposed to prevent theft? Nothing free standing and man portable is more than a tiny impediment to that. They even said in the promo ‘this is the modern day gun over the mantel’ i.e. on display.

      I think the use case here is tamper resistent accessibility in a living space. My kid is in and out of my home office when he’s home; my office is way the other end of the house from my safe, therefore there’s a shotgun in my office when I’m home, unloaded and tucked in a closet. That’s a sub-optimal situation all around. It’s pricey, but I could see something like this for more ready access to said shotgun, while allowing me to keep more secure from little fingers.

    • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

      Considering the limited capacity of this device, I doubt that it is being marketed as a ‘gun safe’ as much as it is a ‘ready rack’ for keeping a defensive firearm in a convenient, bu discrete, location.

    • Road

      I basically just posted the same comment without realizing you had already done it. Yeah, I’m not keeping any guns in an object that the average thief would salivate over.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Watch the video, it can be bolted down. I though the same thing at first.

  • Rick O’Shay

    Even if it can be bolted to the floor, I question how robust that setup would be to getting carted off. As lolwut pointed out, that looks like something that screams “STEAL ME FOR PAWN MONEY.”

  • glasswolf

    Sure, because while people would happily steal your firearms, they’d never, ever steal a speaker that looks amazingly like a KEF Reference Blade speaker, that sells for $30,000/pair.

  • I think people are misunderstanding the purpose of this thing. It’s not to prevent theft, it’s to prevent easy access by children or houseguests.

    Basically it allows you to have a rifle handy in a living room or home office, without a) appearing crazy to random suburban guests and b) preventing kids from accessing the rifle.

    I think it’s a really great idea personally.

    • gordon

      But for that price you can get a gun lock box that is less likely to get stolen as well as keep the kids out.

      • Yes, but that will look like a gun lock box, which defeats the central purpose of the project – having a ready rifle that is secure and can pass the scrutiny of a bunch of nosy soccer moms coming over for coffee.

        Theft is really not important for a single rifle; the bulk of your collection would be stored in a secure, fireproof safe. A single rifle is disposable in the grand scheme of things.

        • gordon

          I was thinking of one of those hollow mantle or under the bed ones. I imagine that kids will know what is where and tell other kids who will tell their parents ’cause it is interesting gossip anyway, however I don’t have any so that is inexperienced speculation on my part. Different calculations for different people I suppose.

        • Well, if by “disposable” you mean “can be easily sold on the street for use as a murder weapon that has your fingerprints on it and name paperworked to it”…

          • Ultimately that’s the risk associated with any readily accessible HD firearm.

            This strikes the best balance between “Rifle leaning behind the couch” and “rifle locked in a safe.”

    • Badwolf

      But stereo equipment? Could be purpose not to prevent theft, it’s to prevent easy access by children while not appearing crazy to random guests. But why not do both? There’s probably some other appliance or furniture they can disguise and that’s not as attractive to theft.

      • Air purifier perhaps? There’s really not too much that’s a narrow, 43″ tall obelisk.

        • mig1nc

          That was my thought as well. When I first looked at it I thought it looked like one of my air filters.

      • Budogunner

        I want the dish washer from Mr. & Mrs. Smith… along with all those P7’s, please.

    • Bill

      If you have to have a freaking rifle close at hand in your living room you shouldn’t be raising kids in that neighborhood, and i doubt any normal humans want to visit.

      • The Ruskies don’t provide advanced warning before they parachute into suburbia.

        • Bill

          I’m pretty lucky then – the strategic value of mouldering single-wide house trailers full of smack-addicted hillbillies sagging over collapsing, tapped-out coal mines is pretty low. My last uninvited visitors were dissuaded by my sudden appearance, looking comparatively healthy and possessing all my teeth, something they found strange and disquieting.

          • It sounds like you could benefit from the workers paradise that is the soviet union.

      • Budogunner

        Because thieves exclusively break into homes that are in such low income areas that they couldn’t possibly contain anything of value…

        • Bill

          Mostly stuff and prescription drugs stolen from other people and ex-girlfriends thrice removed.

    • BillC

      Still F’ing stupid.

    • Budogunner

      Can’t I have access protection that is also theft protection? That is my point. I don’t want to have to secure the firearm every time I head out and have place it in this thing every time I get home. That announces to all residents and house guests that you have a gun and where it is. If you choose to not move the gun into this thing when guests come home with you to be discrete, it’s value as discrete accessed protection becomes zero.

      • It does bolt to the floor, and also weights 35lbs. Do it offers a reasonable amount of theft protection, especially if you have actual theft protection in the form of a house alarm system.

  • Roy G Bunting

    I prefer those gun boxes you put into the wall, with a tapestry or something hung in front of it.

    But I guess if you couldn’t cut in to your wall, this could work.t hose coffee tables or shelves might be a better idea though

    • Something this expensive is only an option in the first place for people with enough money to cut holes in whatever they dadgum please.

      • Twilight sparkle

        There’s no reason you couldn’t cut a hole somewhere in your house?

        • Most landlords would prefer that their tenants not cut holes in their houses or apartments, and some domiciles have brick/stone/cinderblock walls; I assume those are the sorts of things RGB was referring to, but none of them seem like much of an impediment to anyone with enough money to afford a $699 fake speaker for gun storage that looks like a $30,000 real speaker. YMMV, of course, but sev’n hunnit is decent AR money, and this seems like a product calculated to appeal to people who can drop that kinda scratch all casual-like. They can usually cut holes in whatever they feel like.

          • Twilight sparkle

            Ahhh I feel quite dumb. I never really considered any apartment “mine” so I didn’t consider that possibility. If a wall is my wall I better be able to do whatever I want to it.

            Sorry meant to reply to the original post and messed up but I’m sure you’re answer is what they meant.

          • Cymond

            We’ve lived places where the rent for 1,000 sqft was around $2,500. Yeah, we could have cut holes and then paid to repair them, but I’d rather spend the money on something we can keep when we move out in a few years.

  • Everybody knows that Real Men™ keep their guns between studs in the wall, so they can just punch their way through the drywall and pull out a BFG any time they need one. That way your guns are accessible from two rooms at once, where any rugrats or weak sisters won’t be able to reach them.

    …Seriously, this is a windowlickin’ stupid idea; burglars will steal high end stereo equipment as readily as loose guns, and kids will just knock it over like a piñata full of ammo. If you want to hide your guns in plain sight in the living room, put a safe in the cabinet of an old rear-projection TV; they’re already too big and heavy to move and they’re not worth a dimebag on the street in the Age of The Flatscreen anyway, so burglars won’t give ’em a second glance.

    • I hide my guns, hooker phone book and narcotics in the HVAC air handler. Ain’t nobody’s looking there.

      • Duct tape that shiznit right up next to the spinnin’ blades, vato– it’s only gettin’ stole by another Real Man™.

        Used to know a guy who left a bunch of kid’s toys laying around his house and kept his .45 taped under the lid of a diaper pail, and his (completely legal and above-board as far as you know) wad of cash in a baby wipes tub in the bathroom.

        • Road

          I saw that episode of Breaking Bad too™.

      • Bill

        Mine are in ziplock bags in my hot tub filter compartment, so when I’m tubbin’ nekkid with the babes I can get medieval…

    • Budogunner

      When I first saw the picture I figured the article would be about the table, as it looks totally normal and discrete. When I read about the speaker and liked to the right I was like, “Uh, no.”

      Is never leave a gun in there when I wasn’t home, which makes for inconvenience. I don’t know what is store in there, actually, as I wouldn’t keep anything valuable in there at all.

    • iksnilol

      I was thinking old school TV, with the screen replaced with a flat screen. That way a modern TV with bunch of space in the back (that from the outside just looks like an old school fat TV).

      • I’ve seriously considered doing that to the old CRT that’s currently serving as a table for the wee flatscreen that replaced it.

  • Joel Thompson

    Only if it talks to you in the voice of one of the turrets from Portal.

    • Phil Ward

      i sEE YOu!

  • gg5k

    i’d say it looks more like some fancier tower fan to me.

  • Don Ward

    I came here to read the comments about how jaw-droppingly stupid this product was.

    Was not disappointed.

  • Realist

    Who ever designed this turd must’ve been a fan of “Let’s Make A Deal”…”not only did our Contestant make off with a home speaker system, Monty, but as a bonus they’ll soon discover a BRAND NEW AR-15 FULLY LOADED!”

  • uffdaphil

    If I am a burglar with more brain cells than a meth head, I regularly serch the web for new products with hidden storage compartments. Your fake leather bound book, fake rock, oddly fat shelving, etc make for a fun game of I Spy.

  • Road

    Unless this thing is securely anchored to the floor, I don’t see why a robber wouldn’t just take it and run. High-end audio equipment is very appealing to thieves, which is exactly what this thing looks like.

  • Lee

    Let me just hide my gun in this box that looks like a $10,000 futuristic stereo system…

  • Ned Weatherby

    “Unlike a traditional safe this can hide in plain sight as long as people do not recognize what it is” – which went out the window with the first advertizement…

  • Treyh007

    My luck they would take the speaker with my rifle inside……. Cool idea but No thanks

  • Almost as bad of an idea as making your big screen TV into a gun safe.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    OK INSANE just to hold two weapons. And of course you would need TWO just so it actually looks like a PAIR of speakers.
    Of course we will advertise it on Youtube banking on the concept that most criminals really are total idiots. Perhaps we should also be looking at the instances of “high quality speaker systems” also being stolen? (As in highly stolen) along with flat screen TVs and Surround Sound systems. Well at least the expected weight would be right. . . . .
    I can see these in my house looking all ultra modern up next to my hand carved wooden German Bronk and the cuckoo clock on the wall.
    Instead how about buying a sleeper sofa, pull pull the guts and modify it for multiple weapons storage using high density foam as the seat bottom. Additionally you can modify the frame using gas filled struts like on your vehicle hood to make the sofa easier to lift from the back and then you have instant access to weapons underneath. Just a suggestion..
    Other options include cutting a concrete slab floor and installing a sealed weapons “well” followed by the same strut configuration and a carpeted 3/8 inch steel plate which also acts as a safety barrier. Placed in the home in front of the picture window.
    When the shtf tossing the setees out of the way and opening your barrier well gives you a place to jump down into and a storage area with ready access weapons and ammo to do what is necessary to survive.
    Just remember if things get that bad, survival is the only option. Might make for a nice tornado shelter as well . . . .

  • Core

    Very original.